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Mark Sherman is a Renaissance soul, a guy with so many interests that he's never made it to the top in anything. Got a PhD in Psychology and taught it for 25 years, but always preferred being funny to anything else. As "The Kvetching Professor" he'll have you laughing, but learning at the same time.


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Mark Sherman is a Renaissance soul, a guy with so many interests that he's never made it to the top in anything. Got a PhD in Psychology and taught it for 25 years, but always preferred being funny to anything else. As "The Kvetching Professor" he'll have you laughing, but learning at the same time.




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Snippets of Fun

In this episode I first talk about how there are potentials for humor all around us constantly – in what we think, see, and hear. So for the professional in the comedy biz, his or her workweek is never done. Of course, for the rest of us, it’s fun to notice funny stuff and hear people laugh when we share it. Hope this episode gives you at least a chuckle or two, if not a full-fledged guffaw.


The Joys of Discontent

After a shout-out to Jordan Peterson for his book, "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos," I talk about my own proposal for a very different kind of self-help book. Mine will tell you how to be more discontent in life. For example, I urge readers not to do meditation or yoga. Why stress yourself out trying to be happy? It’s so much easier to be miserable.


Saying So Long to Your Shrink

This episode starts off with some serious stuff about why therapy is so valuable. What I read in the second half of the episode is something I wrote more than 20 years ago, and while I wrote it with humor, it was way ahead of its time in its commentary on feminism, men, and traditional masculinity. Listen to find out what I wrote!


Marital Minefields

Marriage is great. (I’ve been married a long time and I’m a big fan). But I recognize that it has its pitfalls – and the biggest is the stuff we say. In this episode you’ll learn how lines like “Who’s that?” can get you into big trouble. And how the word “honey” is sometimes not so sweet.


Some Fun Thoughts

After a brief discussion of the meaning of “kvetching,” and how annoying optimistic people can be, the Kvetching Professor makes some humorous observations on life - including the basic principle of child-rearing, and also why we need professional apologizers.


Throwing My Hat in the Ring

No one I know is really happy with the choice of presidential candidates right now, so I feel it is my patriotic duty to announce my candidacy! In this episode I do that, and tell why I’d make the best choice in 2020. My campaign slogan will be “Isn’t it time we had a psychologist in the White House?”


Becoming a Professor - Part 2

In Part 2, I talk more about becoming a college professor – including my realization of how humor is so important in the classroom. In fact, I point out some parallels between college teaching and stand-up comedy that help explain why some very smart people could never be college teachers. There’s this and much more that will be of interest to past and present college students, professors, and those thinking about a college career.


Becoming a Professor

Why did I become a psychology professor? I started out loving math ... so what happened? In a humorous way, I tell you about what led me to choose the psychology field, and what my best and worst professors in college did that showed me how to be a good teacher. Every college student, teacher, or aspiring teacher should give this a listen!


Pet Peeves

Join the Kvetching Professor as he kvetches about "pet peeves" ... no, not talking about things your pets may do that bother you. These are things people do that he, and no doubt others, find annoying – starting with drivers who don’t use their directional signals, or put them on after they’ve already started making their turn.


Beautiful Women - Part 2

Although this episode (like the previous one) focuses on the fascinating topic of female beauty, a highlight here is a lively performance of a folk rock song I wrote and recorded in 1977. And then there are 15 engaging minutes of me, as the Kvetching Professor, talking about the politics and reality of beauty.


Beautiful Women - Part 1

Years ago, as a psych professor, I did a research project where I interviewed beautiful women on what it feels like to be the subject of so much attention based on looks. That was back when it wasn’t politically incorrect to describe a woman as beautiful or, God forbid, tell her that she is. But whether it’s PC or not, my interviews showed that being beautiful is real and is complex. I talk about all this here.


Teacher Stories

I admire the teaching profession, and I remember many of my teachers – some terrific ones, and some not so terrific. We all have our teacher stories, and here are a few of mine: a grammar school teacher who used behavioral principles all wrong, an unforgettable third grade substitute teacher, and one of my professors in college who had a great way to get us to do our homework.


The General Quiz

Do you lack self-esteem? Join the crowd! Listen in as the Kvetching Professor talks about his own issues in that area, and the long-term pain of narrowly losing in a competition. It’s 15 minutes of fun about stuff most of us can relate to – and features a story of a memorable experience from his youth about that quiz!


Hassle-Free Fame

So many of us want to be famous, but fame does have its drawbacks. In this episode I talk about some of the dilemmas, but I also tell you one way that fame can truly be hassle-free! And tune in as well to learn about what I call “humorous license” and “age math.”


How to Start a Conversation

Though texting has made speech unnecessary, some of us still enjoy this antiquated means of communication. But sometimes the problem is starting a conversation. In this episode, you’ll learn how to do this! And it doesn’t involve alcohol. It’s all in fun, though, so I wouldn’t advise doing most of what I suggest here.


Dear Dr. Mark

In this episode, the Kvetching Professor first talks about two of the most famous advice columns ever — “Dear Abby” and “Ask Ann Landers.” And then it’s about his own altogether fictitious contribution — “Dr. Mark.” Unless you wanted a good laugh, you probably wouldn’t want to write in to ask Dr. Mark for his advice.


My Life As a Renaissance Soul

A rare treat! Hear one of my most popular songs in an episode where I humorously discuss the pros and cons of having a bunch of passions rather than just one. This is what it means to be a Renaissance soul — which is a problem when it’s 400 years after the Renaissance.


Fudgsicles Anonymous

The very smart and funny Howard Sachar joins me for his third appearance on the “The Kvetching Professor.” As usual, a variety of unforeseen topics comes up, including a great idea for a consulting business, what happens when you call a doctor’s office these days, a beautiful European city not a whole lot of Americans have visited, and my addiction to fudgsicles.


We Can Laugh Now

Mark Twain once said, “Humor is tragedy plus time.” In this episode I talk about an example of that, focusing on something that happened before any of us were born. But then I discuss a couple of experiences I had that were not at all tragic, but very awkward – and yet soon became really funny stories.


Door Dilemmas

In a time when civility so often seems to be missing in everyday life, it’s great that there’s still a place where we can easily practice it and brighten the day for our fellow human beings. I’m talking about doors and doorways. But what are the rules about opening doors or holding them open?