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These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things!

On today's episode, we discuss some of our favorite things. With today's LidoFacts, we manage to mention Titanic (yet again...) and share some of our stress relief tips during the mental health check in. We then dive into our favorite things, including clearance aisles, lipstick vs. chapstick, astrology, spa days, peppermint essential oil, and Uber driving experiences. Is it just us, or does Target use subliminal messaging to make you buy things you don't need? We also share our personal...


All That And A Bag Of Chips: Bringin Back The 90s

Our first guest is on today's episode, our friend and colleague Josh. He brings his smooth therapist-like voice along on the journey where we talk about the 90s and things from our childhood. We also touch on adulting, and how we all thought it would be when we were kids. Jess tries unsuccessfully to talk about JNCO jeans, and tells an embarrassing story about a childhood celebrity crush. We discuss Furbys, Tamagotchis vs GigaPets, The Disney Channel, Ahh!!! Real Monsters, and so much...


Sensory Deprivation Pods or Galactic Travellers? You decide.

For this episode we took a field trip to a local sensory deprivation pod and let's just say, we lived to tell the tale.....listen to this weeks episode to hear all about the experiences we had. It was an experience to say the least and we're still not sure if we went to the sensory deprivation pods or now famous Galactic Travellers. Lets get down to it.


Could you survive?

Starting off right with a mental health check in and daily Lidofact. Then posing the question, "Could you survive?" Touching on subjects such as Titanic, a Zombie Apocalypse, The Hunger Games, Catastrophic Levee Failure and Sharks in the Water. Also why the F*** is Game of Thrones not coming back until 2019??


Episode 1: Kevin and Jess's Grand Introduction

This first episode is an introduction to who we are and where we're heading with this podcast. It's a little disorganized, very impulsive but ultimately what we wanted, a candid conversation between two veterinarians. Future episodes will feature more organization but will still be just as raw and real and we're open to talking about whatever is on our mind or what followers want to hear.


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