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Two self-conscious hippies lost in the desert analyze pop culture through the lenses of nostalgia, feminism, and existentialism.

Two self-conscious hippies lost in the desert analyze pop culture through the lenses of nostalgia, feminism, and existentialism.
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Two self-conscious hippies lost in the desert analyze pop culture through the lenses of nostalgia, feminism, and existentialism.




Love, Light, and Physical Woo Woos

This week the Girls bring the woo as they talk about aliens and their field trip to the metaphysical fair. Find out about the Roswell UFO Festival and which cosplay alien was chased by police through they event. Find out why Melissa was unable to control herself at an alien abductee panel and why Julie is prime for the picking to be abducted. Learn about why a trip to the Roswell crash site lacked the level of information and shenanigans that the girls were seeking. Listeners are warned...


It Was the Worst of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

This episode is a little heavy on the existential dread this week. It was a tough week as the Girls get serious about the recent mass shooting in their community of Odessa, TX. Then, they delve into the dark world of Munchausen by proxy as they discuss the book Sickened by Julie Gregory and the documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest. The listeners receive a good talking to about following directions when the winners of "That Terrible Woman Book" contest are announced. The girls give their...


Take Your Podcast Partner to Work Day

It's a long strange trip when Julie introduces Melissa to the world of the Grateful Dead. The Girls break down the Spinners, Phish plague, and time machine Bob Weir. They also consider what their acid test names would be and discourage fans from infiltrating the Twelve Tribes Cult. Find out the important answers to the questions, was the OJ Simpson Bronco Chase the first trumpet of Revelations, did Melissa channel Jerry Garcia, and most importantly, is Julie in a cult. Also enjoy the...


The Day That Our Dreams Died

Is it true that you should never meet your heroes? This week, the Girls share their own celebrity encounter stories as well as celebrity encounter stories from our listeners. Melissa relives the trauma of being dissed twice by her childhood hero. Julie nonchalantly discusses her appearance on Jeopardy . Melissa has a soul connection with "Foxy Davy" Jones, and sharing means caring for Julie when she meets Vanilla Ice who was generous with his Jagermeister. Also, Dave Coulier reveals to a fan...


See You Next Tuesday, Lila Fowler

Are you wearing severe brown skirts and eating muesli for breakfast? Do you find yourself wandering Cedar Street, the roughest neighborhood in Sweet Valley, California? Chances are, you might be involved with the Good Friends. This week, the Girls jump into the world of Sweet Valley High as they examine book number 82, Kidnapped By the Cult. Highlights include discussion of tofu beauty product pyramid schemes, bougie 1990s mall cafes, and the oh so potent milkshakes served at the Dairy...


99 Problems, but a Cat Show Ain't One

Everything is terrible, so this week, the Girls cheer themselves up by delving into the cutthroat world of the Canadian cat show circuit. Join the Girls as they provide an in depth analysis of the Netflix documentary, Catwalk: Tales From the Cat Show Circuit. Find out why the Girls need new cats, their dreams for the perfect cat show, and why cat shows are a lot like scuba diving. Come for the cat nip; stay for the riveting discussion of Cats the Musical. Julie's cat, Gnocchi, makes an...


That Terrible Woman Book

The girls dissect the seminal pick-up artist text, How to Succeed with Women, and discuss how it and other cultural phenomenon have shaped toxic masculinity and nice guys finish last culture. Highlights include the riveting world of dog lecture dates, the intrepid technology of emailing potential paramours, and playing the numbers game that is dating in the 1990s.