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019 – The “Only Two” Tunnel

After procuring some horses from the old residents of dewhurst our friends began the march back to the ravaged town. On the way they encountered a group of Druids that learned of their pyromania and sentenced them to death. Then one of the druids turned on his own cutting down his mates. Once the druids were killed the traitor druid turned out to be none other than the wretched one, Mr. Kevo! With the help of Claude the group used a covert nature path to sneak back to Dewhurst preparing an...

018 – These Arent the Druids Youre Looking For

After shopping in Darkfall to get some more legit items our friends made it to the old Mayors house to investigate the disappearance of the gnomes. With some scrappy detective work and Olivias sweet amulet they have discovered the location of an old nemesis... Bortok the goatman! So its time to gather the troops and return to Dewhurst on this new episode of The Lost Tales of Adventuring.

017 – How Much For the Nature Rod?

After escaping the overrun town of Dewhurst our heroes returned to Darkfall. Now with its new leader, and princess, our friends may have a new home base. Dewhurst residents needed a way to integrate into the town so Andrea conducted intense bureaucratic maneuverings with Irving Black and her two oil boy servants... much to the shock of her compatriots. Skylers determination to find Kevin and rod now drives our friends to examine the crime scene where the gnomes disappeared.

016 – The Battle of Dewhurst

With the help of a healer and the incredible accuracy of Skyler, Olivia was saved from certain death by something referred to as a sprout. Chris made enemies with a local of the village and Olivia quickly recovered from her injury. Once given an opportunity to relax for one moment our friends learned much from Irving black only to be interrupted by underground dwelling monsters who burst from the ground.

The Lost Tales of Adventuring 015 – The Village of Dewhurst

After surviving they all found out they were duped by a fake Crandon who Olivia decided to murder in cold blood. Now Olivias been infected by something and the forest fire is nipping at their heels. Will they meet friend or foe in the distant silhouette? Find out now.

The Lost Tales of Adventuring 014 – Crandon The Chill

Recovering from a multitude of betrayal our heroes were thrown in the torturous dungeons of the goblins. A kind gesture from Livi came back to help our heroes with Graug the troll. Then they escaped, then went back for more, then escaped again! Finally to encounter Crandon the wizard!


The Lost Tales of Adventuring 013 – The Underground

After arguing to take the long way our gang and Thaddeus force Smithys hand into taking the long way to Darkfall yet again. Is it wise to be traveling at night? Will the loss of Kevin the wretched one leave our friends without a brutish thug? Whats chanting and rumbling in these trees!? Time to […]


The Lost Tales of Adventuring 012 – Is It Greg or Graug?

After making it to Thaddeus the paladin our heroes now face their biggest threat ever… The Bog Troll.. Is their friend Smithy up to something? Is Andrea lost forever? Is the bog troll going to kill one of our loved ones!? Time to find out in this new episode of The Lost Tales of Adventuring.


The Lost Tales of Adventuring 011 – Negotiating with Smithy

After getting to know each other Olivia has found her place in the crew. Smithy the salesman has made an impression and distrust is brewing. Are they ever going to make it to Thaddeus the Paladin!? Can they save Andrea? Time to find out in this new episode of The Lost Tales of Adventuring.


The Lost Tales of Adventuring 010 – A New Friend

After cornering themselves in a stable barn Kevin and Skyler don’t have any easy way out. After the death of the stable boy, do they deserve redemption? Will Andrea be able to help them escape? Are they ever going to make it to Thaddeus the Paladin!? Time to find out in this new episode of […]


The Lost Tales of Adventuring 009 – 50 Shades of Demonology

After the toughest battle of their lives, our characters are still no closer to home. Can the gnomes help them find a way back? How long can this demon be held? Time to find out in this new episode of The Lost Tales of Adventuring.


The Lost Tales of Adventuring 008 – The Demon of Darkfall

One of our new gnome friends has found a demon! What will our characters do!? Die brutally? make sexual advances? Will Darkfall be destroyed? All of the above? Tune in mofo!


The Lost Tales of Adventuring 007 – 3 Gnomes

After the shitshow that was Aegoniks castle, our heroes meet a trio of gnomes that may lead them down another path.


The Lost Tales of Adventuring 005 – Aegoniks Dealings

Kevin, Skyler and Andrea remain in Aegoniks castle spinning deals and taking part in ill advised exploring. What does this crazy drunk magic guy want?! Listen now.


The Lost Tales of Adventuring 004 – Aegoniks Castle

Our characters dig deeper into the mysteries of why the hell theyve been brought to this world, and graphic violence happens!


The Lost Tales of Adventuring 003 – Aegonik & Fizztan

Our characters have made it to the castle of Aegonik the mage and have some more digging to do if they’re ever getting home.


The Lost Tales of Adventuring 002 – Darkfall

Our lost characters have made it to the village of Darkfall, and theres now a celebration happening in their honor. What happens next? Listen and find out…


The Lost Tales of Adventuring 001 – So it Begins

So it begins! Jump into the new adventure in an unknown land, as your worldmaster Mitch Stockton shepherds Kevo, Skyler and Andrea through an interactive adventure that can go any where and anything can happen. They can even die never to return…