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032 – The Land of Cenorias LIVE From The Whiskey Barrel

On the very first live recording of The Lost Tales of Adventuring, or friends have just been transported to a far away land in Skuldar by the drunk wizard Aegonik. Where do our friends go now? What ever happened with those cannibal elves? Time to find out


031 – Escape From Darkfall

On this episode of The Lost Tales of Adventuring our friends keep finding themselves in the town of Darkfall but with danger surrounding them will they escape the riotous civilians of Darkfall and wake up Aegonik? Tune in NOW


030 – Time To Recover

On this episode of The Lost Tales of Adventuring the old bastard of a mage Aegonik is back and why is he back? Our friends havent slept for over 2 days... what will happen next? Tune in, right now..


029 – A Firey Send Off

After being save by Thaddeus the Paladin Olivia finds herself trapped beneath the body of the Drakin Maja. Will our friends return to Darkfall? Will Thaddeus tap that sweet Livi ass? Time to find out on another episode of The Lost Tales of Adventuring.


028 – Drakin Majah

In this episode our friends are still reeling from the loss of their friend, but have they hit rock bottom yet? What else can be taken from them!? Tune in and find out now.


027 – The Aftermath of Kevo

On this episode of The Lost Tales of Adventuring our friends find themselves still in Darkfall surrounding the body of their friend. With a dozen druids dictating their destiny, will they live or die? Find out NOW.


026 – Karnac’s Vengeance

On this episode of The Lost Tales of Adventuring our friends have escaped the dungeon of Arshlochs horde, and are still no closer to home. Where do they head next? Tune in now to find out.


025 – Cocolo & Sins Revisited

Last time! Our friends were trapped in a sacrificial chamber. With some investigation and looking around the cube of Zionic is rediscovered. Soon after Skyler provides the revelation that Bortok was possessed by the demon Killakee. Chris later slices his hand completing a ceremony opening a portal allowing them to finally escape the dungeon of Arschlochs horde. Just before the portal closed the gang saw an incorporeal form come together in the chamber and then blink out of existence. Now...


024 – Skyler, Go in the Corner

After regrouping and our heroes clumsily make it through an episode where Skyler got so drunk he blacked out. Will our friends ever get out of this underground? What is Bortoks end game?


023 – Bortoks Thousand Strangers

Last time! Chris plummeted from 50 feet in the air but somehow managed to survive. With or without Chris the gang had to fight on to stop this evil ceremony. Unfortunately Kevo was left to do much of the fighting himself while Skyler and Guy got into a dick punching fight. Mid fight the arch nemesis of Kevo Bortok reveals himself and they have a battle of taglines, to which we all lost. With some yelling and arguing Livi and Plop find a health potion and attempt giving it to Chris to...


022 – Is That Smuckers!?

With a completely unexpected intelligent decision our friends discovered archers protecting the ceremony from high above, but not without Chris attempting an overzealous drop kick that sends him over an edge 50 feet off the ground. Is Chris falling to his death? Will this battle be our heroes last? What kind of evil is happening here. Time to find out.. in another episode of The Lost Tales of Adventuring.


021 – Do You Have Any Pubes We Can Use?

Last time! Our friends took their sweet ass time going down some stairs where Kevin ruined a stealth attack. After getting some new armor, jewels and other belongings our friends came across a prisoner shackled to the wall. Cautiously approaching they came to meet Guy Dumonde a soldier sent to clean up the mess of Aegonik the mage.

020 – Sooooo Racist

Previously our friends attempted an ambush of guards protecting a dungeon Livi had visions of. Once eliminating everyone above, the group heads to the dungeon below. With caution, experimentation and dumbass luck our friends found a way through. There is still more dungeon to go but will they make it? Can Kevin ever touch his rod again?

019 – The “Only Two” Tunnel

After procuring some horses from the old residents of dewhurst our friends began the march back to the ravaged town. On the way they encountered a group of Druids that learned of their pyromania and sentenced them to death. Then one of the druids turned on his own cutting down his mates. Once the druids were killed the traitor druid turned out to be none other than the wretched one, Mr. Kevo! With the help of Claude the group used a covert nature path to sneak back to Dewhurst preparing an...

018 – These Arent the Druids Youre Looking For

After shopping in Darkfall to get some more legit items our friends made it to the old Mayors house to investigate the disappearance of the gnomes. With some scrappy detective work and Olivias sweet amulet they have discovered the location of an old nemesis... Bortok the goatman! So its time to gather the troops and return to Dewhurst on this new episode of The Lost Tales of Adventuring.

017 – How Much For the Nature Rod?

After escaping the overrun town of Dewhurst our heroes returned to Darkfall. Now with its new leader, and princess, our friends may have a new home base. Dewhurst residents needed a way to integrate into the town so Andrea conducted intense bureaucratic maneuverings with Irving Black and her two oil boy servants... much to the shock of her compatriots. Skylers determination to find Kevin and rod now drives our friends to examine the crime scene where the gnomes disappeared.

016 – The Battle of Dewhurst

With the help of a healer and the incredible accuracy of Skyler, Olivia was saved from certain death by something referred to as a sprout. Chris made enemies with a local of the village and Olivia quickly recovered from her injury. Once given an opportunity to relax for one moment our friends learned much from Irving black only to be interrupted by underground dwelling monsters who burst from the ground.

015 – The Village of Dewhurst

After surviving they all found out they were duped by a fake Crandon who Olivia decided to murder in cold blood. Now Olivias been infected by something and the forest fire is nipping at their heels. Will they meet friend or foe in the distant silhouette? Find out now.


014 – Crandon The Chill

Recovering from a multitude of betrayal our heroes were thrown in the torturous dungeons of the goblins. A kind gesture from Livi came back to help our heroes with Graug the troll. Then they escaped, then went back for more, then escaped again! Finally to encounter Crandon the wizard!


013 – The Underground

After arguing to take the long way our gang and Thaddeus force Smithys hand into taking the long way to Darkfall yet again. Is it wise to be traveling at night? Will the loss of Kevin the wretched one leave our friends without a brutish thug? Whats chanting and rumbling in these trees!? Time to […]