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Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday and Thursday as they pull on the threads of the universe and revel in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, The Luke and Pete Show is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.

Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday and Thursday as they pull on the threads of the universe and revel in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, The Luke and Pete Show is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.
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Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday and Thursday as they pull on the threads of the universe and revel in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, The Luke and Pete Show is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.




Episode 116: Pete Assange

Pete has decided he'd quite like to visit the Japanese embassy, which is pretty handy as he's recently been cordially invited. Better pack the Ferrero Rocher. More details to follow on later episodes (hopefully), but Luke is keen to see him move in there permanently, preferably with the odd visit from Nigel Farage. During this episode we also hear from Stewie Donaldson and his new best mate Crypto Dave (!), a woman actually carries out an urban myth, and we hear about a truly rare beast - a...


Episode 115: Mushy pea sandwiches and Japanese KitKats

Which of our two eponymous heroes has the most tragic life? Pete has a pretty good idea, but is he correct? Having said that, both Luke and Pete spend a portion of this episode eating different flavoured KitKats Pete found in Japan, so no-one is really winning in the cool stakes anyway. But, there *is* time for Cliff the Distance Runner, the real reason WH Smith try to sell you chocolate, and what happens when you wake up drunk on a flight back from the Faroe Islands... Tell us about your...


Episode 114: The Curse of the Colonel

Why are baseball team curses so prevalent? Luke and Pete wonder that as they learn all about The Curse of the Colonel, a superstition that combines baseball team Hanshin Tigers, KFC, and the bottom of a river. During this episode we also learn of a frankly bizarre marketing ploy by the good people at Ribena, hear all about clown phobias, and welcome a long overdue return for Mencarta centred around a man that had no fewer than seven near-death experiences. To tell us all about your...


Episode 113: I'm a locksmith, and, I'm a locksmith

Hello everyone. Strap yourselves in because Pete is back from Japan with more tales of getting run over, seeing the tallest Japanese man he's ever seen and trying to stay on the plane to watch the end of a film. We also try to solve the Zimbabwean Fruit Mystery, wonder over a case of mistaken identity after a listener bizarrely suggests that Luke and Pete actually go drinking together (would never happen), and chat a tiny bit more about Pink Floyd. There's plenty of your emails too, and...


Episode 112: Weetabix? Or Shredded Wheat?

Hello again, it's lovely to see you! Hope your week's going well. Allow us to try and brighten it up a bit with half an hour more conversation between two manchildren, punctuated by your stories, suggestions and observations. This time around, there's a lake on the top of a mountain in India with a load of skeletons in it, so we discuss the nature of death and how it affects us, Pete entertains the idea of having his own personal daemon, and we wonder why the people at Weetabix thought it...


Episode 111: Two frogs in a sock

Did you know the number 111 is unlucky in cricket? You do now. We talk about that on this episode, and lots more. Lots more like: - Eating raw chicken out of politeness - Interviewing Hans Zimmer but forgetting to press record - The finest double agent of the Second World War Listen in to hear Luke and Pete, like two frogs in a sock, wrestle their way through half an hour of unplanned nonsense. You won't regret it! is where you get in touch. Come on, don't be...


Episode 110: Helping someone obtain a chicken mask

Pete packs today's episode full of startling revelations including helping a woman in the street with a badly needed item, a very particular type of dream, and his own very sensitive familial situation. None of this is related to an elephant whip he was suitably impressed by in Zimbabwe either. You'll need to listen to find out more. We also take a quick excursion to the Faroe Islands courtesy of a listener, reminisce about our first beer, and hear all about the effects of fig rolls,...


Episode 109: Tape based solutions

109 is the atomic number for meitnerium, and don't you ever forget. Got it? Good. Now that's out of the way, let's all listen to chat from Pete about his recent visit to Zimbabwe, and let's all wax lyrical about musical subjects including Prince, Jeff Lynne, Pink Floyd and, just to keep Pete happy, punk. Elsewhere there's chat about who's got the deepest voice, prizes to be won on Bullseye (again), some emails about mystery energy drinks and yet more parental lies. What fun! To get in...


Episode 108: Stevie Trousers

Let's talk weightlifting, let's talk Wario, let's talk a mystery man from Nicaragua who is changing currency on a bus (much to the confusion of one of our listeners), and why is Pete staying in a budget hotel in a rough part of Portsmouth? Elsewhere, there's confusion between US and UK shower setups, and we hear more call centre-based tales and obviously much, much more... To take Pete for a pint: ***Please take the time to rate and review us on iTunes or...


Episode 107: Holloway Road shops I admire

Could Pete Donaldson or Luke Moore ever run an Ironman Triathlon? I think we all know the answer to that already but let's explore the prospect anyway. During this episode we also run the rule over Pete's finest parody songs (and you'll be forgiven for not knowing they exist), Jim Bowen's contribution to TV, magicians, Tintagel Castle (again), and swords. Yes, swords. To buy us a sword: ***Please take the time to rate and review us on iTunes or wherever you get...


Episode 106: A straw-based Godzilla

This time around on your all-new edition of The Luke and Pete Show, we're talking queueing, we're talking fetid herring, we're talking Foo Fighters, we're talking listeners emailing us while high, we're talking everything guys. It's a jamboree. The Wicker Man also makes an appearance, as do Netflix-based crime documentaries and Nordic travel, so as ever there's something for everyone. Don't skip it. To send over a dinghy: ***Please take the time to rate and...


Episode 105: Biting a kidney

Welcome back to The Luke and Pete show, where your two eponymous antiheroes wait in situ to waste another 35 minutes of your time. It's tough work, but someone's got to do it. This time around, it's a protein-heavy edition as Pete tucks into eggs and spinach while talking about diets. After that an actual real-life doctor gets in touch to discuss the best way to transport and transplant a kidney (clue: don't take a bite out of it), and then we get into the realms of Jurassic Park with a...


Episode 104: Clowning about

Remember when that guy swore at his mum during Christmas dinner? Well, another listener gets in touch with a similar bout of behaviour along the same theme, while another is getting stuck in an isolated toilet block in eastern Europe. Meanwhile, a man is hit in the face by a seal carrying an octopus, a listener has a present from NASA brought home from work by father, and Pete has been taken aback by a hotel in Macau. Just the usual then, something for everyone. And if none of that takes...


Episode 103: Antibiotics from India

A man has attempted to flag down a plane at Dublin airport, and miraculously, that man is not Pete Donaldson. He is however on hand to comment upon it, as well as many other issues including rappers eating too many Cheetos, kidneys being transported for transplant, and how much he enjoyed his parents' recent trip down to see him in London. We also welcome a return for Crisp Andy, revisit the famous shower curtain debacle with a man that knows his onions, and marvel at Pete's resourcefulness...


Episode 102: Jimmy White's brother

Welcome back! Pete decides that there wasn't quite enough complaining last time round for his rather dour tastes and so we revisit Room 101 (which I suppose for the purposes of this episode will have to be referred to as Room 102), including airport behaviour, lion poo, the downing of spirits and horrendous punk roustabout GG Allin. Elsewhere, there's Pete getting fed with tongs (again), and two frankly remarkable tales about crisps and Jimmy White's brother (separately). Join us and...


Episode 101: Tale as old as time

As we speed down the conversational highway past a century of Luke and Pete Shows, episode 101 is a chance to pull into the rhetorical lay-by and take some time to assess which things in the world our listeners truly hate. That's right, in a format that is in no way ripping off a previously popular TV show, Luke puts all our listeners' gripes to Pete and the pathologically strange man decides whether or not they're worthy of entry into Room 101. Expect 3G mobile reception, Bono, Caffe...


Episode 100: We actually made 100 of these shows

START THE FANFARE! It's time to celebrate our 100th episode! We do this by counting down the top five stories, incidents and discoveries of the past 100 shows, all the while finding it hard to believe we made it quite this far. Stay tuned for all your favourite moments (well five of them anyway), and in addition to that, as ever, Pete has a whole load to get off his chest including a remarkable segue into something that he witnessed at kids' camp when he was about 9 years old. Thanks for...


Episode 99: Hunter S Thompson v Mark Wahlberg

Hello everyone, we're back and we're talking about daily routines after Mark Wahlberg released his last week to much derision and confusion. There's more fuel to the crucifixion debate, and some time to dissect Pete's strongly held views on veganism and the environment. Strap yourselves in, plant fans! Elsewhere there's time for a Man v Lemurs incident, the lid is lifted on Pete's worst habits, and a startling revelation rears its head regarding an 80s Page 3 girl... If you want to...


Episode 98: Flavour Dad

Let episode 98 be forever known as the time we finally discovered the best Dads ever, including a tour manager for the Rolling Stones and a father who literally brought home 20 different types of milkshake for his kids to sample and rate. Incredible. We also hear about the most expensive brandy in history, village fetes, rhubarb, and why Pete had never been asked back to the BBC. All your usual favourites are also included: Pete's Dad, Pete's tattoos, Pete's opinions on food etc. You know...


Episode 97: The podcast Mick Hucknall

Happy Monday! The Puke and Leek show is back once more for no other reason than we've got nothing better to do, so why not spend half an hour talking about bad poems at tube stations, Keith Moon, listeners stealing Techdecks and video game re-releases? We also take in a few other bits and pieces from *you* the listener, including an extremely insightful missive about crucifixion. What larks! If you want to contribute, you'd be very welcome: ***Please take the...