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What Am I? A Woman?

Today on M&L we actually get to everything Mark has planned! We've got the Top 10 greatest rock stars, would you marry a robot, what are you hiding from your family, and the Top 5 songs Mark hated to play on the air. A tale of Where You Going With This, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and much more!


Getting It In The Chicken

Today on M&L you asked for it and we give you the hit song by Matt and Katie Thompson, we've got some popular conspiracies, and of course, the latest on sex dolls. Lynda probably knows what to get Mark for Christmas by now. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more!


I Want More

Today we don't have much but we've got plenty of crap to discuss! Walker's in the house, we play quite the cheesy song from Matt, Mark shares his doctor visit, Lynda's got a crush on a certain Marvel star, and new music from Donny Osmond. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more on M&L! Have a happy and safe 4th 💥


McFlurry & Apple Pie

Mark had a day out in California, without Lynda, and you can only imagine the shenanigans, what would you give up to keep your Social Media, they found what where, and there's a reason Mark doesn't get to share dessert on Walker's birthday. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with where-would-the-RG-be-without-her Skeeter, and more today on M&L!


Clubbing and Blowing

Today on M&L Mark shares what kind of Grandpa etiquette he thinks he will take on, the boogers topic comes back, we have a shortage, best acting by a singer, and the biggest Summer Blockbusters in history. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more! Happy Father's Day!


Good Quick Hit

We're back! And Mark never made it to Arizona. We give you the run down of our California return, Walker's travel experience, being out in the world, and Mark getting to talk face to face to someone besides Lynda. A bad summer look for men and women, the smelliest states, identical twin sisters who do everything together, and do you pee in the shower. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter, Cool Stories and much more!


Bystander Crap

Today on M&L Walker does not seem to be affected by his travel drug, Mark seems to think he will end up in Arizona, Lynda is praying they will be a united front as they embark on their trip to California, and today will be the last show for a bit. So we leave you with the Top 10 Elvis movies, what 3 in 5 women have a problem with, how you can know if a guy has a huge member, and the Mother's Day message. What Year Is It, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more!


Extreme Redneck

Hair, cut. Eyes, checked. Teeth, cleaned. Mark's eyebrows... waxed! Today on M&L we share our Top 10 TV lists, did anybody watch the Oscars, you may have a problem visiting Hawaii, what do Canadians have over us, and your biggest worry on a first date. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more!


Let It Be Naked

Today on M&L Matt won't let Mark get away with his false Beatles information, some crazy stuff with a bobcat, the Top 10 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees, and we remember Prince. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, What Year Is It and more!


The Seepage

We're running out of movies, we ate some crap cupcakes last night, but we're 2 for 2 on what style grandbaby is it!!! Today on M&L we find out your lucky day based on your sign, are you a pimple popper, the most popular drink in America, and Michael Keaton movies ranked. On This Day, Comments with your girl, What Year Is It and more!


I’m Street

Spring has sprung and we've been introducing Walker to the outside world! Mark has some online shopping issues but what else is new, what's just as addictive if not more than alcohol, fast food and money, what is the #1 thing you dislike about yourself, and guess what kind of summer is predicted. On This Day, What Years Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more today on M&L!


Rock Hard

Today on M&L we've got our shots, we've got grandbabies on the way, we've got a quarantine dog who doesn't know what other dogs are, what is your go to late night snack, a contestant loses a Wheel of Fortune contest on a technicality, and a movie has the biggest opening of the COVID era. On This Day, Cool Stories, What Year Is It, Comments with your girl and more!


Nana Squared

Today on M&L Walker is going through a 2am playtime phase but that's not slowing us down as we have some news, Mark challenges Matt to join in on the latest fashion trend for men, how much weight did you gain during the lockdown, no more Twitter for Teigen, and we have the perfect song for Greek Independence Day. Cool Stories, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and much more!


Record Or Record

Would you like a pickle? Beware. Today on M&L we've got celebrities who have been married the most, how to guarantee you will be homecoming queen, the Razzie Awards, Mark picks from the bottom of the stack, and a debate if you would keep an engagement ring or give it back if you break up. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more!


Thank You Lou

Today on M&L there are no squeaks or whining from Walker (sadly) as he is being crate trained, we touch on a bit of the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan, the Masked Singer has taken a turn, there's something about Radar Love for On This Day but Mark didn't print it out, and no more Pepe Le Pew. A solid 5 for What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter, some really really bad jokes and more!


Series Of Bad Decisions

Today on M&L the real boss is taking a trip so we come to you previously recorded with yet another wonderful show, despite Mark's whining. We've got the Golden Globe ratings, don't shop when you're drunk, our latest streamed movie review, a listen to Sting's new album of duets, and what do you do when your man refuses your sexual advances. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more!


Appreciate The Nut

After the show, there is no doubt, you will go and eat some peanut butter. Today we've got Peanut Butter Fun Facts, the top selling peanut butter brands, creamy or crunchy, Mark got his shot, Walker may get a time out, and Lynda is accused of eating dirty nuts. What Year Is It, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more!


Cody Vs Mark

Today, Mark has got a rant, and he invites Cody Decker to join him, so you can forget most of whatever else we had planned. We do get to some perfect movies, Rock Hall voting, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter, Walker struggles with the gardeners, and more on M&L!


Ha Ha

Today on M&L you'll be shocked to learn what age is too old to work out, how many push ups should a man be able to do, Chunky Monkey made Puppy Bowl history, and the 40th Anniversary of a classic. What Year Is It, On This Day, Cool Stories, Comments with Skeeter and much more!


Drunk & Pissed

Mmm soup! With the chilly weather upon us, we've got the Top 10 soups for you today, Super Bowl Top 10 Halftime Shows and Mark bets Lynda will guess 5 of the Top 15 Super Bowl foods, oh and the Top 5 dogs in America. But to hell with all that, we're having a Grand... find out the sex of Baby Bramy! What Year Is It, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more on M&L!