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The Monotone Matt Podcast Show S1E24

With Matt in good spirits, his enthusiasm about discussing Andre the Great, is contagious. We learn cashews remind Matt of a certain human body part. It wouldn't be Matt's show w/o a song & he doesn't disappoint as he belts out 'Nuclear War'.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show S1E23

Matt starts this episode off with his cover of Green Day's 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' & nails it! Then he tells us what the worst thing to happen to him this week was and also talks about mac & cheese he made that smelled like a clean woman!


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show S1E22

Always prepared, the network's craziest host by far covers the important topics like old ladies wearing pussy hats, the Donald Trump Simpsons statue, and a man fucking his service goat on a bus. Matt gets sick and pukes at beer number 5 then it's on to number 6!!


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 21

Matt talks about flat earth and NASA supposedly allegedly'faking' things i.e. moon landing. He takes some calls, shares another gas station story, and sings an impromptu song about the death of craigslist personals.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 20

This was the episode that almost wasn't with the pc problems Matt was having. Which, put him in one hell of a bad mood! But, as usual, the mood passed & soon Matt was singing & sharing crazy news stories from around the world. A twitter poll answered Matt's question for the night about incest & should it be legal if both parties are of age...Matt said yes. Twitter said No.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 19

THE INDONESIAN SMOKING ORANGUTAN: Monotone was recently abused by a gas station cashier. Maureen called in looking for Mary Carey. Matt performed a song, ran through current events and did jumping jacks.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 18

KRABDADDY CONFESSION: Monotone started this week’s broadcast with a random improvised song. Matt shared a story about playing laser tag with Reverend Rimjob. Krabdaddy called in to get something off his chest. Other notable topics included: eating shrimp, shitting in his pants and a possible date with Ashley Double F.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 17

DESCENDED TESTES: Following the drama from last week’s show, Monotone’s future at GSPN was left in question. To the delight of his fans, Matt returned with a 12pk of beer. Notable topics of discussion included: transgenders, Madhouse Agent Jack, Grandma Nazi and updates from the Olympics.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 16

MONO MELTDOWN: Monotone started his show already 9 shots down, sporting a freshly cut mohawk and looking equally stunning and disturbing in his Wonder Woman costume. Matt and Jeff ran down a list of Mono’s favorite Todd Solondz films. Topics of discussion included a tequila shortage and a possible insurance policy. Jim called in and pandemonium ensued.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 15

TEQUILA TIRADE: After a short hiatus, Matt’s 24/7 Live Stream Habitat is back up and running. A sober Monotone took to the airwaves on the heels of his birthday breakdown. Matt danced, discussed Netflix and ran down a list of his favorite transsexuals. To hire Matt for a personal appearance contact Madhouse Talent Agency.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Episode 14

THE HABITAT: Monotone announced his soon to be launched live stream. “The Habitat” will be a real time, Truman Show broadcasting Matt’s every move from inside his trailer. With hypnotic natural breasts bouncing behind him, Matt shared stories about his prostate, near death experiences and Tom Brady. High Pitch Erik checked in from Las Vegas. Other notable topics of discussion included: pizzeria panic attacks, PTSD and beer.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Episode 13

MATT THE ENTERTAINER: Just a few days after being selected by Brain to win this year’s death pool; Monotone played his guitar, sang karaoke and drank beer. Matt ran down a long list of the world’s most disgusting drinks and shared his favorite Netflix of the week. Other notable topics of discussion included: the fentanyl epidemic in America and Dan Schneider’s foot fetish.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Episode 12

WHO’S HIGH PITCH?: Monotone started his show already four beers in and rockin’ a freshly shaved mohawk. With High Pitch cohosting; the boys reminisced about Joey Boots and shared their hatred for Krystal. Matt ran through his “Top 5” TV shows (that are currently streaming on Netflix) as well as his “Top 5” porn stars. Monotone also debuted his new single “No Home” which was inspired by Uncle Jeff.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 11

HIGH 5: Monotone ran down his Top 5 favorite thrillers that are currently available on Netflix as well as his 5 favorite beers. Krabdaddy called in to run through his VHS collection while Shmad gave everyone an update on his legal troubles. Topics of discussion included: Matt’s 5 favorite songs of the week, “Top Stories of the Week” (with Uncle Jeff), and beating off to video games and anime porn.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 10

UNCLE LOUIE'S COAT: Monotone started the new year in his great Uncle Louie's pimp coat. Apparently Sweet Lou treated Matt to numerous frisky lap rides back in the day. Monotone upsets his audience by sharing Star Wars spoilers while voicing his displeasure with the Last Jedi's gravity defying bombs. Uncle Jeff debuts Matt's new single, "Leaky Parts".


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 9

BEST OF 2017: The countdown to the New Year has begun and no one is happier to have the holidays over than Monotone Matt. Matthew shared stories of jalapeño spit, turning down oral from a man (who later vandalized his 1993 Eclipse), and his fascination with hairy women. Callers shared their favorite memories of the Show’s past season. Uncle Jeff and Matt gave their views on the Scott and Drew Peterson trials. In the Christmas spirit, Monotone shared an erotic pic with his fans.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 7

CASINO NIGHT: Still riding a buzz from the night before, Monotone drank, vaped, coughed and vomited throughout his Christmas Special. Cousin Jim called in to recap the night before which included: Matt body checking a Hispanic infant after losing his money and his glasses. Monotone was surprised to learn that he sexually harassed a waitress even though he ended the night in a police car. Uncle Jeff broke in with news that High Pitch Erik was rushed to the ER. Krabdaddy hosted a wrap up...


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 8

Monotone gave his audience a Christmas bonus in the form of an extra broadcast. A sober Matt took the night off from drinking to let his liver recover. Mono discussed doing a 69 with a European social worker while listening to Nine Inch Nails and getting robbed after a week long drug binge with a Nigerian in Amsterdam. Matt covered current events and weird news with Uncle Jeff. Serial Killer Jack called in to discuss his upcoming Christmas Eve visit to Matt’s traile


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 6

Last week's meltdown left Monotone's gear in a state of disrepair. Uncle Jeff was forced to dispatch GSPN's 24 hour tech team to Matt's trailer to straighten out the audio issues. Monotone debuted a touching song entitled "Take it Up", dedicated to his much missed departed wife. Matt labored through calls, shared a terrifying tale about his father's deviant behavior during sleepovers and featured a new instrumental.


The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 5

Christmas was in the air on the Monotone Show. Matt drank tequila, sang Christmas carols and took live calls. Serial Killer Jack called in with generous invites to both his Christmas and New Years Eve Parties. A disgruntled Matt loses his mind and brings the festive mood to a screeching halt.