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Episode XXVIII: Minus The Butt Stuff

Do you enjoy laying around with other men? How about saving money on low quality food? Are you into performing seemingly menial tasks for rich businessmen? Then this is the episode for you. This week the guys question the existence of the Illuminati, count Floyd Mayweather's pockets, and even take a trip to Shaolin. Enjoy!


Episode XXVII: Ain't Got No E-Trade Account

Would you buy your whole wedding off of Google? Would you trust a man who doesn't have wi-fi at home? Why do people act like buying sex isn't lit? These answers and much more are revealed in this weeks episode. And in case you end up wondering after the episode ends..."We said what we said." Enjoy!


Episode XXVI - Dey Know

There was a minor audio issue this week which we cleaned up as much as we could, but the content is still fire. The Titanic 2? Dead Rappers? Lara Croft? We get into all of the above this week. Plus we debut a new segment, and Thug Tears returns for more traumatic behavior. Enjoy!


Episode XXV: Why Do Boys Have Nipples?

Well, well, well. Guess who's bizack. For good. We're here to stay and back even fresher than we were before. We've got a real producer now who makes sure we actually you know...get our asses in gear and put the content together. We're debuting some new segments with our same skewed view of the world in tow. Just buckle up. This ship is taking off...


Episode XXIV: Wild and Crazy Kids

So...that took a turn. But outside of things getting heated about a particular sensitive topic, the guys get into some obscure but awesome news stories that involve pulling an Ezell at a football game, dickslapping, and kids in safety tubes (kennels). Oh, and DJ really wants to know why he can't say that word he loves so much. Enjoy! Please comment, rate, and subscribe.


Episode XXIII: You Can't Always Go Home

"If any of you [podcasts] want smoke, call me Mr. Chimney. We want ALL the smoke!" That about sums it up. We go deep into the psyche of a troubled young man...a couple of them actually, we build the perfect sidechick and remind you all once again that the future is scary as hell. Please rate and review us! Enjoy.


Episode XXII: You Smoke Crack, Don't Ya!?

We're gonna miss you Mr. Clark! They got another one and it really hurts this time. DJ and Rell reminisce about a fallen loved one...but then they let the jokes fly while also giving life lessons on what to do in some very dangerous situations. Just trust need to hear this! Enjoy! And tell a friend to tell a friend.


Episode XXI: Free Pimp C

From fake high school students and get rich quick schemes, to amateur porn and Pimp C tributes; what DIDN'T we get into this week!? You tell us...and don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe. Enjoy!


Episode XX: Come On Home

Well, fancy meeting you here! Who, us? We been out here, playboy. And we're back like we never left. It's an Infinity Wars deep dive and you can't wait. Also, the doors of the church are open. Let's get it! Note: There's some audio issues we couldn't clean up in post-production but the content is still fire.


Episode XIX: Leaving with a Breezy

It feels so good to be back! This week you get the Black Panther deep dive that you so richly deserve. And somewhere in the middle of all that, DJ tells a story about how he inadvertently got mixed up in prostitution. Oh, there's transgenders kids, spotted dicks, and the reintroduction of a classic escape tactic. Enjoy!


Episode XVIII: Handy With The Steel

Welcome to the gun show! This week DJ reminds you that he shouldn't be allowed to teach children anything, the guys dissect the American gun obsession, and they even find time to take on a billion dollar corporation. Oh, and don't be a dick in the self checkout line. Enjoy! Tell a friend to tell a friend.


Episode XVII: Last Time That I Checc'd

Oh ya'll must've forgot, huh? After a week off, the Boyz are back in town with what most would consider nothing short of a classic episode. There's almost too many things going on to really give a good description but highlights include: the guys crapping on the city of philadelphia, trying to figure out how gay you can be and still be straight, saluting the finesse gawd Chris Brown, wondering why Faizon Love gets to speak publicly, there's a surprise appearance by Xhamster, and so much...


Episode XVI: The Sweeter the Barry

If you're into guys who've got beakers and bunsen burners on deck...this episode is for you. We tackle what Megan Barry's husband should do now that he's a cuck, Monique finds her way back into the show, we read excerpts from a prison diary, and even solve the mystery of the TGIF theme song...and so much more. Enjoy! [There's a few small incidents of "mic pop" and we're well aware. DJ is determined to treat the mic like...something else. You'll survive them though.]


Episode XV: A Jailhouse 10

This week DJ reminds everyone that he's physically attractive to most people behind bars, the fellas dive deep into the troubled psyche of Monique, ponder what it would take to actually make them boycott Netflix, and of course...they tackle the XFL. Enjoy! PS We hate ourselves for that disgusting pun in the episode description as much as you do.


Episode XIV: Bling Bling & Ding-a-ling

This week is full of loud pipes and big rims! We recognize Cash Money Records for their huge contributions to american pop culture, talk about "Finstas," the too big to still be any good plights of ESPN, UFC, and the WW[F], and we also examine a case of keeping the same energy going horribly wrong. Enjoy!


Episode XIII: Notes of Ajax & A Hint of Baking Soda

Its a sad day in the music city. The Titans got punked in front of a national audience, but we're here to bring you some laughs. This week the guys try to figure out when kink-aggressive is too aggressive, they meet a crack sommelier, discuss the wackitude of dirty macking, and remind you who really started this squad shit. Enjoy!


Episode XII: GOAT Talk

We're normally here strictly for the jokes, but sometimes even we have to get into the heavy stuff. From Titan-ing Up hard, to what is and isn't ok to joke about, to all lives mattering, to flexing in Walmart, this one is a doozy. Hopefully you find the conversation as fascinating as we did. Tell a friend to tell a friend. We dem boyz!


Episode XI: Bout To Glow

HAPPY NEW YEAR, YOU FILTHY ANIMALS! We start 2018 off with a bang. DJ lets the world know that breaking up with your baby daddy is the move this year, Rell hates Bright while DJ enjoyed it, and they both kind of admit to liking transgender girls if the circumstances are right. Plus so much more! Enjoy! Feel free to check them out on YouTube here -


Episode X: I Got Chose

Merry Christmas you filthy animals! Episode X is a couple days overdue, but you'll be alright. Podcasts are late everyday, B. This week, instead of doing a look-back at 2017 like every other podcast, we did a look-back at something near and dear to us: hip-hop fashion and slang. Hip-hop is now the dominant culture in America but some of it's trends have been...questionable at best. We do a hilarious deep dive. Oh, and there's butt stuff. Enjoy!


Episode 9: A Different Mental Space

As it turns out, the iPhone X isn't just a status symbol. It's also a beacon of light in a world of darkness. This week the guys come up with a good use for wayward kids, DJ declares war on NY hip-hop AND revokes Snoop's legendary status, they both realize how much they hate Donovan McNabb, and so much more. Enjoy!