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Looking for a new Nerdy Birds perspective? Listen to our rotating cast of fabulously nerdy ladies lead this comedy podcast, covering everything from pop culture to current events, there's an episode for everyone! Find us on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod

Looking for a new Nerdy Birds perspective? Listen to our rotating cast of fabulously nerdy ladies lead this comedy podcast, covering everything from pop culture to current events, there's an episode for everyone! Find us on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod
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Looking for a new Nerdy Birds perspective? Listen to our rotating cast of fabulously nerdy ladies lead this comedy podcast, covering everything from pop culture to current events, there's an episode for everyone! Find us on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod






NerdyBirdsPod - Predictions for Avengers Endgame

Excitement for Avengers: Endgame Rumours, suspicions, fan theories and the wildest of conspiracy plots. What is in store in Endgame? We discuss the things we've heard, the things we think and the things we want to see in the biggest cinema event this calendar year. And how is Captain Marvel going to fit in?! Heard something plausible or bonkers? Tell us on Facebook, search for us under Light and Nerdy; or send a quick tip to a fan theory thread on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod. We'd love to hear...


NerdyBirdsPod - Bumblebee CabbagePatch and Hopes for 2019

Looking back at the last of 2018 and 2019 so far! New Year Fads and Vegan Sausage rolls! Looking forward to 2019 including Avengers Endgame, Game of Thrones and John Wick 3 Next series of Sabrina vs the 90's Classic The Joy of The Walking (Talking) Dead US Congress and the subject of swearing (in) Bumblebee CabbagePatch and the drama of Brexit (Sherlock Special??) What we want from 2019... Going Back to Season 1's with surprise Catastrophe - Recommended watch for British...


NerdyBirdsPod - Christmas Films Top Trumps Showdown

Happy Christmas! And Happy "let's lounge on the sofa and watch films while eating chocolate" Day! If you need help choosing your Christmas film, the NerdyBirds are here to help! We have a quick-fire round of film top trumps, discussing those movies most likely to bring in the Christmas spirit, or to end in a glorious blaze of flame. Which film has your vote? Do you have a better suggestion? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod, tag us on Instagram @LightAndNerdy, or...


NerdyBirdsPod - Festive Frolics - What we love about Christmas

Festive frolics: What's at the top of your tree? We are fully in the swing of the holiday season now, and trying to decide what the best bit of Christmas is. If you had to choose your favourite part of the festivities, and design an ornament to sum it up, would it be food? Friends? Fizz? How about presents, Santa or family tradition? We come to our own conclusions, but we'd love to hear yours, so chat to us on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod. Alternatively you can send us pictures of what you think...


NerdyBirdsPod - Merry Grinchmas! - Things we hate about Christmas

What do you hate about Christmas? The relentless present buying? Trying to navigate all the xmas deals and busy shops? The work xmas party? Jess discusses all the bad and stressful bits of Christmas that we could do without - bah humbug we say! Have you got an awful (and funny) work xmas do story to share? What really grinds your gears about Christmas? Share it with us on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod, tag us on Instagram @LightAndNerdy, or search for us on Facebook "Light and Nerdy". We'll repost...


Nerdy Birds Extra - Dr Who Series 11 Review

Doctor Who - review of Thirteen. We discuss the best episodes, the strongest companion, the monsters, the writing, and the Doctor herself. We also hold a little Doctor Who quiz and reveal our live reactions immediately following the broadcast of episode 10, The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos. That's it until the New Year's Day episode... Have you enjoyed the latest series of Doctor Who? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod, tag us on Instagram @LightAndNerdy, or search for us...


The Nerdy Birds Podcast - Telling Lies to Children

Fibs, tall tales or white lies - are any of these acceptable? Does the story of Father Christmas count as a lie? How about the idea that storks bring newborn babies? The NerdyBirds discuss if, when and how to lie to children, including some stories of their own... Have you got a good story about a lie told to you as a child? Share it with us on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod, tag us on Instagram @LightAndNerdy, or search for us on Facebook "Light and Nerdy". We'll repost the best stories! For...


The Nerdy Birds Podcast #85 - Charity

Sometimes it feels like there are donation boxes everywhere you go. But what makes us give to charity? The NerdyBirds explore facts, motivations and inspirations, and share why they give to charity. From sponsored fire-walks to topping up your bill online, charity giving takes all forms. Let us know what you think about giving to charity and what makes you take action on our social channels: We are on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod, on Facebook at Light and Nerdy, and on Instagram...


The Nerdy Birds Podcast #84 - Best Horror Movie

At this time of year, we all like a good scare... This week, the NerdyBirds are talking horror films! We discuss whether jump scares or body horror are more frightening, or whether psychological horror or paranormal phenomena are where it's at. We propose the freakiest horror films to spook the most steadfast film buff - but did we miss any? Which gives you goosebumps? What is your favourite horror movie? Let us know on social! We are on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod, on Facebook at Light and...


The Nerdy Birds Podcast #83 - Doctor Who Returns

New Doctor, new season, new companions. What did we think? In this episode, the NerdyBirds discuss the return of the Doctor, including the story, the monsters and the setting. How good is Jodie Whittaker? What did we think of the big tragedy? Is it still a PG rating with such a grim monster? Let us know how many stars out of 10 you give it, tell us what your favourite bit was, and if we missed anything out of our Doctor Who review! Did we miss anything? How would you decorate your...


The Nerdy Birds Podcast #82 - There and Back Again - Hobbits!

Episode 82 - There and Back Again. This week the NerdyBirds talk all things Hobbit, in honour of Hobbit Day - 22 September. What are the best things about being a Hobbit? Is there a minimum hairy feet requirement? What jobs do Hobbits do? We cover books, films and games, across two generations of Hobbit heroes, and take a moment for second breakfast along the way. Did we miss anything? How would you decorate your Hobbit-hole? Let us know on social! We are on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod, on...


The Nerdy Birds Podcast #81 - Wear Sunscreen

Have you ever had some advice which changed your life? How about a really useless platitude which someone pretended was helpful? The NerdyBirds look for the best advice they've ever had, and particularly advice they'd give their younger selves. From family to jobs, relationships and friends, we explore the things we wish we'd known when we were younger. Do you think you have better advice to give than us? Tell us! Share your wisdom on social media! We are on Twitter @NerdyBirdsPod, on...


Nerdy Birds Podcast #80 - Words What We Say

Words what we say: is language fluid? Can we make up words? Is it cheating at Scrabble if you can define the word you've invented? Some regional words are eternally Cheesybob. And how many words do you know for a specific type of path? We know at least three! We review the best accidental words, eggcorns and errors, and cover some of the most hilarious misheard song lyrics. Did we miss any? Let us know your favourite word that you only use in front of those in the...


Nerdy Birds Podcast #79 - What is the best Geeky Food?

Have you ever tried Butterbeer? Or fancied a second breakfast? Would you like some Romulan Ale or blue milk to spice up your evening? This episode, we debate the question: what is the best geeky food in the world(s)? Covering the plausible, the ridiculous and the inedible, the NerdyBirds jump from Milliways to Giant Country, from Hogwarts to Middle Earth. Our mission? To suggest the best food and drink combo in any geeky world! Let us know if you agree with our picks, or if we missed...


Nerdy Birds Podcast #78 - Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

In honour of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, we throw a little birthday party! Talking spells and Quidditch, fan made musicals and fan fiction, the NerdyBirds detour into cosplay and characters, discussing Umbridge, Flitwick and McGonagall along the way. Book vs film? To S.P.E.W or not to S.P.E.W - that is the question! Do you have a favourite bit which didn't make it into the films? Have you been to the WB Studio Tour, or to the Edinburgh shop? Did you like this episode? Have...


Nerdy Birds Podcast #77 - Conspiracy Theories

Have you ever wondered whether aliens are out there? Do you dispute the moon landing was real? Have you seen Elvis alive and well in your corner shop? This week the NerdyBirds talk conspiracy theories. The good, the bad and the poorly evidenced... We discuss what makes them compelling, whether we need proof, and how much it matters that we sometimes feel a bit freaked by them. From area 51 to the Korean Elevator Game, covering the Mandela Effect and the power of suggestibility, we cover it...


Nerdy Birds Podcast #76 - Cartoon Animals Welfare

The NerdyBirds are all about the big issues: world peace, the environment, and the welfare of cartoon animals... So this week we talk Roadrunner, Tom and Jerry, Mustafa, Bambi, Itchy and Scratchy, and whether any child actually knows what an anvil is! Which cartoons do you remember having a terrifying impact? Do you remember all the deaths in The Animals of Farthing Wood? (Hint: there's a ton...) What impression do you have of Watership Down? All this and more in the most recent episode of...


Nerdy Birds Podcast #75 - Festivals

So it's summer, and how better to spend your time than in welly boots and shorts, hanging out in fields and tents with alcohol and music? This week the NerdyBirds talk festivals. Sustainability is becoming more of a feature of UK festivals, as well as greater investment in accessibility - we talk through recent improvements and what still needs to be done. We also tell our best festival horror stories, including those which have happened to us, and to strangers... Have you ever been...


Nerdy Birds Podcast #74 - MCU in Review

In a year which has seen some of the most amazing Marvel movies, the NerdyBirds take the opportunity to talk all things MCU. From way back when in 2008 with Iron Man, through The First Avenger, the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy volumes 1 and 2, up to Black Panther and Infinity War...we could go on. In fact, we do! We talk favourites, best supporting characters, which films we go back to again and again, and which character needs their own movie... Are you an avid fan? Are you a...


Nerdy Birds Podcast #73 - Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week!

The NerdyBirds recognise this week is a great opportunity to talk about things that often get unsaid, and so we invited a special guest, Tom from 1 in 4 relates to the proportion of people who experience mental health issues, and the platform is a community which supports people who want to share those stories. Tom tells us about his personal experiences, his motivation for starting the platform, and the evolution of the community. The NerdyBirds share their stories around...