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Friday Night Fanfiction :: Cat Noises

Link’s Queen’s Zelda fanfic: “My Inner Life” continues. We have no words anymore. Only cat noises. There's no hope. Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Val, Shawn, Mana, Jared For links and more info, head to the main episode page:


Wicked Anime Podcast :: Episode 126 :: RICC 2017 Post-Con

Wicked Anime brings you awesome animated commentary every other week! We just spent our long weekend at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017! I honestly don’t recall ever seeing so many people crowded into one con, it might be the most crowded I’d ever been to. There’s good reason for that though, the talent that was collected to put this year together was beyond words! Wicked Anime was there to cover it all (except for the majority of the stuff we didn’t see)! Join Jonstar, and his true waifu as...


NerdyFM :: Episode 002 :: November 2017

Here on NerdyFM, all corners of geeky music are at our disposal: treasures from the past, exclusives from the future, but right now there's SO MUCH to cover from the present! Join Marc as he shines a light on the wealth of sparkly new tunes. This episode leans heavy on the nerdcore hi-hop side of things, but there's still a little bit of chip, comedy and geek rock to go around. We also get a little incestuous with some of our songs choices, and Marc makes a startling confession about his...


The Orphans: Facility – Cast Interview: James Barbarossa

Go behind the scenes of The Orphans: Facility with cast and crew interviews leading up to the launch of the next series. CAUTION: Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t listened to all of Facility yet, do that before listening to this interview! Zachary Fortais-Gomm, creator of The Orphans, interviews James Barbarossa the series' composer and the actor behind GeoFFRy! Listen as the two reveal the thought processes behind the many themes that appear, how they apply to the future of the series, and...


State of the Empire :: Episode 39 :: Star Wars Novels: Retcon Artistry

Star Wars novels have long been the heart of the galaxy far, far away. This "lived in" sci-fi universe is inevitably left fans dying to know more about its mysteries and covet action figures of obscure aliens from the back ground of Mos Eisley. Now that so much of the expanded universe has been swept away, the pressure is on for new books to step up and fill in the blanks! In this episode Cap, Matt, and Doug discuss the latest Star Wars novels and how they've build on the bigger themes...


Flame On :: Episode 163 :: Take AIM and Show Your Pride

It's time for the boys of Flame ON! to gather to discuss the month in pop culture! We kick it off with a (brief) moment of silence for the death of America Online Instant Messenger by introducing ourselves by our AIM handles before diving into Orlando's Come Out With Pride festivities, Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, and the many adventures around New York Comic Con including our live show at RockBar NYC (one episode previous to this in our feed)! From there we chat about some recent...


EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 55 :: Uncut

HELLO PARTY PEOPLES! [Lugo: we can't open episode description like this.] Schaffer has decided to not lift a single solitary finger to edit this podcast in anyway shape or form to prove a point to Lugo. Hell, he's not even going to edit these show notes. Lugo, on the other hand, doesn’t care at all except to tell you that Were back at it with another heapn helpn serving of PIEcast goodness. This moth we catch up with rap tour shenanigans, Red Room Fundraisers, and [Schaffer: we need a...


The Orphans: Facility – Cast Interview: Alex Bird

Go behind the scenes of The Orphans: Facility with cast and crew interviews leading up to the launch of the next series. CAUTION: Spoilers ahead! If you haven't listened to all of Facility yet, do that before listening to this interview! Zachary Fortais-Gomm, creator of The Orphans, interviews lead actor Alex Bird about his role as Baz Guilroy and about how he sees the future of the series taking shape. This interview was recorded earlier in the year, before the first episode of Facility...


State of the Empire :: Episode 38 :: Han Solo and the Kingdom of the Crystal Porg

The suspicious shakeups in the Star Wars Universe keep on coming! In this episode we discuss Colin Trevorrow being booted off Episode IX and the return of JJ Abrams. Along with this more-publicized director change is a promising switch of writers and the reoccurring suggestion that this pivotal film is even more serious than we know - wrapping not just this new trilogy, but uniting and concluding this trilogy of trilogies. Cap, Matt, and Doug also recap all the social media teases spinning...


Nerdy Show Book Club :: Episode 14 :: A Handmade Tail

As we brace ourselves for our forthcoming dissection of the disturbingly relevant Handmaid's Tale, we first divert into greener and more peculiar pastures by talking about the other things we've read. Join Cap, Denika, Brandon, and Jess as they unload on a wide expanse of literary explorations. Discover a genre specifically about faeries being dicks, explore the world of video game translation and The Legend of Zelda to a point of fascinating minutia, learn what's the opposite of Death...


Lightning Dogs: The Official Paw’dcast :: Episode 25 :: Lightning Dogs: The Movie

Many great animated series kick off with a multi-part, feature-length storyline - Ninja Turtles, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Gargoyles... the list goes on. If Lightning Dogs is truly the heir to these awesome pillars of animated action, we must do the same. How many episodes would it be? When will the Lightning Dogs meet Glampire? How much of the Wasteland do they see before destroying their way back home? In this episode we solidify the timeline for our Dogs' multi-part adventure and...


Flame On :: Episode 162 :: Flame ON! Live at RockBar 2017

It's that time of year again... New York Comic Con! Ok, well technically it's after that time, but Bryan and Pat are back from New York Comic Con and want to share the experience with you! For the third year, Flame ON! has been a part of the programming leading into New York Comic Con and we were very excited to bring our show to New York for one night only. If you weren't in New York on October 3rd, here is your chance to relive the fun we had! We did face some technical challenges, so...


Nerdy Show 297 :: The Orville Vs. Star Trek: Discovery

This season of television you've got choices when deciding where to boldly go. Option A: Seth MacFarlane's The Orville; a Galaxy Quest-style, Roddenberry-fueled sci-fi comedy. Option B: Star Trek: Discovery; a darker slice of Trek set in the new movie continuity. Option C: BOTH?! Join Cap, boR, Trench, and Doug as we weigh the pros and cons of both series. The very fact that we have two high-caliber, space-faring shows at once after such a long time without anything Trek-flavored is...


The Orphans: Facility – Episode VIII: Suffering

Baz and Diana narrowly survive their crash only to be captured by Xavier Michael - the clone sent to inspect the facility. As the truth finally comes out, and the consequences hit, all parties find themselves fighting to survive in the explosive finale to The Orphans: Facility. Written & Directed by Zachary Fortais-Gomm Starring: Alex Bird as Baz Guilroy James Barbarossa as GeoFFRy Faye Butler as Diana Strange Aimee Kember as Nora Vass Matt Penson as Xavier Michaels Jodie Stedman as Stella...


NerdyFM :: Episode 001 :: October 2017

NerdyFM is the home of geek music from across the globe. Join host Marc With A C for a jam session of the best of geek rock, nerdcore, comedy, VGM, and every niche sub-genre in-between. Featuring tracks from legendary artists alongside up-and-comers – classic songs, new releases, rarities, and exclusives. Welcome to NerdyFM... the podcast! Yeah, we used to be a 24/7 streaming station devoted solely to nerdy music, but that chapter has ended and like all good Pokémon, we've evolved into a...


Wicked Anime Podcast :: Episode 123 :: Saiko Psychos

Wicked Anime brings you awesome animated commentary every other week! Another season of anime gone and one more is now on it’s way! This episode, Wicked Anime previews the upcoming Fall 2017 season of anime and all of the shows they’ll be watching. The outlook is more hopeful than last season, I’ll give it that! We also take some time to spotlight the life of Japanese Idol groups and their not-so-glamorous lifestyles behind the stage, and by “spotlight,” I mean spin wildly out of control...


Nerdy Show Interview: Careless Juja and the World Tour That Wasn't

VGM is a strange genre. For starters, it's a genre consisting almost exclusively of covering other people's music - but the difference between a random band covering a random song and Video Game Music is substantial. VGM focuses on rearrangement of music, sometimes drastically so; often uplifting the source material to previously unrealized heights. So quality VGM is a very special thing - for lovers of video games and instrumental compositions alike. Even more special is the rare occasion...


Lightning Dogs: The Official Paw’dcast :: Episode 24 :: Children of the Great War

We're back to laying the foundation for our pitch bible - distilling our doggy dream into its purest and most bite-sized form. Something that would both spark an investor’s imagination and make them see dollar signs. In this episode we finish off character profiles for Angela, Kid, and Kane and in the process solve a timeline mystery that defines the struggles of our characters: how long was the Great War, and how old were the Lightning Dogs when it started? For links and more info, head...


Flame On :: Episode 159 :: Marvel's The Defenders

Defenders Assem... wait! Something doesn't quite sound right there. Welcome back for another episode of Flame ON! as Bryan, BeeJay, Jeff, and Pat gather around the table to discuss the newest installment of Marvel's Netflix series', Marvel's The Defenders! Does the promise of bringing street level "heroes" Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, together to form the oft dysfunctional team to life live up to the hype? Does the series make up for the critically maligned Iron...


EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 54 :: SummerFlimFlam

Newly-minted wrestling superfan Schaffer the Darklord continues his campaign to pull co-host Nelson Lugo down into Suplex City! Thrill as Schaffer challenges the modern era WWE noob to make SummerSlam predictions based on superstars' ring entrances alone. Later, Schaffer's confidence in the entertainment value of this program plummets to new depths, inspiring the boys to conduct "market research" via on-air telephone calls to listeners (and non-listeners) for feedback. Is our baby ugly?...