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Episode 76 - Let's Make Some Musicals #2

In a year filled with sequels, Last Pint Productions is throwing its hat in the ring with follow ups to some of their most popular episodes. This week's show finds the boys once again pitching musicals based on movies. Only, this time, they didn't get to pick their own adaptations. They have meticulously prepared tracks from their opuses and you are going to be in for a treat as you listen to musical numbers from Beetlejuice, BASEketball and The Shadow!


Episode 75 - Talkback Culture & Big Ryan

Nick, Matt and Ben hit the studio this week in an episode full of surprises. While it goes a little off track, the gang from Last Pint take a look at talkback culture as well as discussing how the internet helps supplement and inform their viewing habits. plus you'll hear three tributes to fallen idols Ricky Jay, Bernardo Bertolucci and William Goldman. But the main event of the episode is a surprise call in from Ben's Beer Board Buddy Ryan who has a LOT to say about movies...especially the...


Episode 74 - The Movie Pitch Game #2

This week's episode of The New Way Podcast kicks off with a celebration of the life of Stan "The Man" Lee who passed away this week at 95 years of age. His creations have been the topic for many an episode and Matt, Ben and Nick give him a send off worthy of a prince. But that's not all! This episode might also be the funniest ever produced as the boys from Last Pint once again play the movie pitch game where they blindly have to get the greenlight on a movie, with only the title and a few...


Episode 73 - Cold Readings #2

The boys are back with another Cold Reading! With all the information on the internet, as well as trailers that show WAY too much, it's difficult to go into a movie completely cold these days. But with three avid cinephiles like the boys from Last Pint, we're experts at recommending films that are a little off the beaten path. Once again, Matt, Ben and Nick have each chosen a movie for one another. The rules? The movie has to be something the person watching has never heard of. We don't know...


Episode 72 - Sound Design

Matt and Ben give your eardrums a workout as they discuss the use of sound design in film. From the bonecracking punches heard in Indiana Jones to the roar of the T REX in Jurassic Park, get an inside look at the work of Foley Artists who recreate traditional sounds to match the action on screen as well as artists tasked with creating sound effects for things that don't actuall exist. All with the crystal clear audio you expect from The New Way.


Episode 71 - Unique Nostalgia

There are some great movies from our childhood that are universally loved...but what about the movies that were special only to you and your close friends? This week's episode of The New Way dares to discuss the lesser known hits from our past. Movies that not everyone has seen, but that we still wholeheartedly recommend. Plus, we have Kevin Thompson back in studio with his best Paul Lynde impersonations as well as a discussion of the Sears Catalogue and the upcoming film adaptation of CATS....


Episode 70 - Halloween The Sequel

It's that time of year again! It's time for The New Way Podcast's Second Annual Halloween Episode! Everything you loved about our first special is back...and amplified. More sound FX! More music! New Ghost Stories! Pumpkin Beers! Trick Or Treating! And even more surprises! Plus, we dive into some of our favorite Halloween Television Specials and Movies. Will there be anymore...treats? Will Nerd Rope be available? And does Beth still love it?!? All that and more on Last Pint Productions...


Episode 69 - Movie Previews & Hype

Matt and Ben spend an entire episode focused on what happens BEFORE a movie is released. This week's discussion is all about movie previews and hype as the boys go deep into detail on history's best trailers, marketing pushes and hype. You might not remember The Blair Witch, but you definitely remember it sweeping the nation. How about the trailer for Independence Day? We cover it all. All that and more on this week's episode of The New Way Podcast.


Episode 68 - Horror Movies

Matt, Ben and Nick talk a scary trip toward the world of Horror movies. What's the difference between a suspense film, a horror film and a thriller? You'll know after this episode. No spook is safe from ghosts to ghouls to goblins to hulking unstoppable forces hell bent on murder and or revenge. What movies made the cut? Listen to this week's episode of The New Way Podcast to find out!


Episode 67 - Sidekicks

Matt and Ben go old school with this deep dive into the world of sidekicks. What makes a good sidekick? Where are the women sidekicks? Why does the movie Sidekicks exist? And where is Nick? Find out the answers to those questions, plus a brief discussion about the death of cinema legend Burt Reynolds and the uncertain future of Henry Cavill in the DCEU. All that and more on this week's The New Way Podcast.


Episode 66 - Pop Culture Toys

Matt and Nick are joined by former guest hosts David Crespo and Greg Klein to discuss Greg's favorite topic: Toys! The group gets into the nitty gritty about toys from their childhood and how movies and pop culture were a huge part of the toy landscape. Plus, there's a great deal of reminiscing about the years Matt, David and Greg worked together. Come for The New Way...stay for the incessant plugs for Mr. GregSmash.


Episode 65 - Heartbreak Films

Matt and Ben prove why they are notable heartbreakers in this extra special episode of The New Way. Joined in studio by noted Lothario Paul Mammolito, the boys get serious as they discuss heartbreak on the silver well as in their personal lives. Place your bets now on who will be the first to shed a tear as the gang gets real about past relationships and how movies have helped them learn a little about how they have all loved, lost, and loved again.


Episode 64 - Slapstick Madcap Screwball Comedies

While Ben is on a beer assignment in Boston, The New Way taps guest hosts and identical twin brothers Kevin and Ryan (The Thompson Twins) to help them with this wacky episode. Matt, Nick and The Twins take a deep dive into screwball comedies. Or is it madcap comedies? Maybe it's slapstick? What are the rules this week? You'll have to listen to find out. But the focus is on movies that make you laugh, regardless of plot, character development or cinematic integrity. Plus, the gentelman also...


Episode 63 - Dark Comedies

The gang gets in touch with their dark side to discuss dark comedies. What makes a Dark Comedy? If you don't know after this super sized episode of The New Way, we haven't done our jobs. We discuss our favorite dark comedies and why certain movies don't qualify. Plus Matt, Ben and Nick discuss what tv shows have their undivided attention right now as well as the controversial new popular movie Oscar category. All that and the kickoff of pumpkin beer on this week's episode!


Episode 62 - The Wilma McAwesome Trivia Hour

The moment you've all been waiting for. Which of the Last Pint experts is truly the film expert. Aided by trivia master Wilma McAwesome, Matt, Ben and Nick go head to head to head to find out who knows their Ishtar's from their Dick Tracy's. It's the game show episode years in the making and fans of Wilma McAwesome will want to tune in to learn a little bit more about the perennial South Florida trivia night mainstay (hint: this isn't his first broadcast). Who will win? Who will brag...


Episode 61 - Where's The Line

The boys from Last Pint Productions delve into the world of celebrities who can't keep their mouths shut. Should celebrities be fired from jobs for what they say on Twitter? Why do they have so many dumb things to say? Was Disney correct in firing James Gunn? What if they are a comedian? What if it's a joke? What if it's the President of the United States? How can we tell the difference? Essentially, WHERE IS THE LINE? We examine the rules of what, when and how you can say something when...


Episode 60 - The Movie Pitch Game

Matt, Ben and Nick gather this week for a New Way Podcast first: The Movie Pitch Game. Each member of Last Pint Productions picks a card with a random title on it as well as two Actors and two Actresses. Armed with nothing but those 5 cards, they are tasked with pitching a movie with that title, starring those celebrities! Will they crack under the pressure or will they rise to the occasion? And...can they stop talking about Star Wars before the game begins! Tune in to this week's...


Episode 59 - The MCU

Matt, Ben and Nick have all decided to Make Mine Marvel...but why? This week's episode of The New Way finds our thirsty threesome examining the MCU...Marvel Cinematic Universe for the uninformed. Considering all three were hardcore Batman fans, from DC (Detective Comics), how did Marvel go from 0 to 60 and surpass the brand that brought us a man we could believe could fly and "I AM BATMAN!"? But be warned! This episode contains spoilers for Marvel's Avengers: Infinity don't listen...


Episode 58 - Time Period Recasting

Matt, Ben and Nick gather this week to recast some of their favorite movies? The catch? The casting has to be from another period of film. Prepare yourselves to hear what Avengers: Infinity War would have looked like in the 70's or what Beetlejuice would look like if the script hadn't come along until 2018. Best of all, this podcast could single handedly revive Alan Alda's career as he gets more discussion time than nearly any actor on our show...other than, of course, Sir Kevin Costner...of...


Episode 57 - Travel Movies

Ben and Matt pack their bags and set their sites on lands both near and far as they discuss their travel plans. Matt is scheduled to leave for China and the two gentlemen discuss how movies have impacted their world and not always in an accurate manner. They review their favorite globe trotting films, but miss the easy discussion of the actual Harlem Globetrotters...a rare miss for the team. Tune in to this week's episode and satiate your Wanderlust with The New Way Podcast!