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Episode 63 - Dark Comedies

The gang gets in touch with their dark side to discuss dark comedies. What makes a Dark Comedy? If you don't know after this super sized episode of The New Way, we haven't done our jobs. We discuss our favorite dark comedies and why certain movies don't qualify. Plus Matt, Ben and Nick discuss what tv shows have their undivided attention right now as well as the controversial new popular movie Oscar category. All that and the kickoff of pumpkin beer on this week's episode!


Episode 62 - The Wilma McAwesome Trivia Hour

The moment you've all been waiting for. Which of the Last Pint experts is truly the film expert. Aided by trivia master Wilma McAwesome, Matt, Ben and Nick go head to head to head to find out who knows their Ishtar's from their Dick Tracy's. It's the game show episode years in the making and fans of Wilma McAwesome will want to tune in to learn a little bit more about the perennial South Florida trivia night mainstay (hint: this isn't his first broadcast). Who will win? Who will brag...


Episode 61 - Where's The Line

The boys from Last Pint Productions delve into the world of celebrities who can't keep their mouths shut. Should celebrities be fired from jobs for what they say on Twitter? Why do they have so many dumb things to say? Was Disney correct in firing James Gunn? What if they are a comedian? What if it's a joke? What if it's the President of the United States? How can we tell the difference? Essentially, WHERE IS THE LINE? We examine the rules of what, when and how you can say something when...


Episode 60 - The Movie Pitch Game

Matt, Ben and Nick gather this week for a New Way Podcast first: The Movie Pitch Game. Each member of Last Pint Productions picks a card with a random title on it as well as two Actors and two Actresses. Armed with nothing but those 5 cards, they are tasked with pitching a movie with that title, starring those celebrities! Will they crack under the pressure or will they rise to the occasion? And...can they stop talking about Star Wars before the game begins! Tune in to this week's...


Episode 47 - Sexist Hollywood

Matt and Ben have a slightly more serious discussion about the latest Harvey Weinstein scandal as well as the role sexism and sexual harassment have played in Hollywood over the years. It's an important discussion and one that involves some self examination as well. We urge our listeners to really pay attention to this podcast and think about what they can do in their own lives to help start turning the tide against the mistreatment of women.


Episode 46 - Road Trip Movies

The New Way is still feeling that summer love and what better way to hold on to the season than a rousing discussion about Road Trip Movies! Matt, Ben and Nick debate how much of a movie has to take place "on the road" to qualify as well as what movies are more genre flicks than road trip movies...sorry Titanic. Plus, the boys spend a good amount of time celebrating the musical genius of Tom Petty who passed away shortly before this episode. Don't back down from this week's epiosde of The...


Episode 45 - Summer Movies 2017

The gang meets this week to discuss just exactly what went wrong with the summer movie season of 2017. Ben posits a controversial theory that may destroy the universe as we know it. Plus, we pat ourselves on the back for producing four straight podcasts in a row, a feat we haven't achieved since our inaugural season in 2013! Go us!


Episode 44 - Disaster Movies

Matt and Ben are joined in studio by Ben's wife, Beth, as the three discuss their harrowing journey to escape hurricane Irma. Having just undergone their own disaster scenario, the three dive into the genre of Disaster Movies and their place in popular cinema. Plus, each of them describes what kind of character they would most be if they were in a disaster movie. So, huddle up in your safe room and listen to this week's disastrous episode!


Episode 43 - Disney

The New Way Podcast welcomes guests Phil Jackson, David Crespo and Daniel Kenny to the show to discuss Disney films in the depraved manner you've come to expect from Last Pint Productions. Ben and Nick may not be in the studio, but their spirit carries on as we discuss whether Goofy is a top or a bottom and muse about our shared love of The Emperor's New Groove.


Episode 42 - Parodies

Matt and Ben discuss the world of parody movies from the early days of Laurel and Hardy to present day geniuses like The Lonely Island. Surely, we must be joking. We're not. Stumble upon some hidden gems like MacGruber, Seven Days in Hell, and a classic, Top Secret!


Episode 41 - Back to School

It's back to school time and Matt, Ben and Nick wanna take you to school with their picks of flicks set in the world of academia. If you thought our other podcasts were pretentious, just wait until you hear our picks dating all the way back to the 1950's! Ben even tosses out a hit that first screened on a caveman's wall. Plus, with the eclipse looming, this might be your last chance to listen to our greatness! So put on your school uniform and listen to three men in their mid 30's try and...


Episode 40 - Action Movies

You may not have time to bleed, but you better make time to listen to the one...the only...GREG KLEIN who joins us in studio for this action packed episode of The New Way where we dissect the nature of a true action movie. Matt and Ben pick the brain of our superfan, Greg, who brings more testosterone than 6 Matt's combined. Ladies, a word of warning, this episode just might get ya pregnant. Plus, we pay tribute to Reginald VelJohnson, who thankfully, is still alive, and co-stars in what...


Episode 39 - Weddings

Matt and Ben (AND A SURPRISE CALLER...who may or may not just be a buzzed Nick SantaCroce dialing in from Philly) discuss the holy union of marriage and the big ole parties that kick them off: Weddings. Fresh off back to back destination weddings, the discussion veers slightly away from wedding movies and into some reflective musings between the married Ben and the perpetually single Matt. Break out the hankies, this one's a tear jerker...if you're cutting onions or otherwise crying already.


Episode 38 - Let's Make a Musical!

If you're a fan of mediocre musicals (and who isn't?), you're going to love this episode of The New Way where Matt, Ben and Nick each pitch a musical version of a famous movie. Are the songs good? Of course not! Will you laugh till you cry. Of course you will! Plus, listen to a special intro to the episode recorded by none other than SPACE GHOST! How much more fun do you want! We've got vampires, giants and John McClane. It's the most packed episode ever. Listen now!


Episode 37 - Double Features

Tune in to hear Ben, Matt and Nick as they are joined in studio by a MSYTERY GUEST! They will have you seeing double as they discuss their favorite picks for movies that go together like Peanut Butter and Chocolate. This is the episode that had one fan saying that the podcast is even worse when you have to listen to it live. And you'll discover Matt's magical Hodor like ability when he combines alcohol and animal feed. You won't want to miss a single second!


Episode 36 - High Concept TV Shows

The boys from Last Pint Production go off topic, off script and off road as they discuss, deflect and debate what exactly qualifies a property as High Concept. Also, you'll hear more than you ever signed up for about some of their disturbing sexual habits. High Concept indeed! You'll find it all in this week's rousing and AROUSING episode of The New Way.


Episode 35 - Double Secret Probation #1

The New Way sometimes has a little trouble finding the time to meet, so we prepared this special DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION episode to help tide you over. We've got some clips, some song parodies, skits, and even the debut of Nick SantaCroce's new hit single, Hotline Fring! Basically, it's Matt talking to himself for 35 minutes. Who doesn't want to listen to THAT?


Episode 34 - Space

Join us as we discuss our favorite flicks that take place in OUTER SPACE! On this episode, we find out that when you play The New Way at half speed, the results are hysterical. Matt rants about his fancy new mixing board and its limitations. Ben proves that saying Ron Eldard and Minnie Drive can be hysterical. And Nick proves once again he's just Matt in disguise by picking two of the same space movies and somehow after recasting Space Jam, does not include it in his list. All that and more...


Episode 33 - Ensembles

The gang discusses their favorite ensemble film casts. Learn about Ben's difficulties naming the correct Scatman. Listen to Nick's "better than his Adam Sandler" Woody Allen impersonation. And hear about Matt's dream cast for a Clue: The Movie remake. Plus, hear which movie all three of us had on our list, unbeknownst to one another. Could it be the greatest ensemble movie of all time? Tune in and find out on this episode of The New Way Podcast! And be sure to check out our brand new album...


Episode 32 - Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Tape Vol 2

The New Way once again rises from the ashes like the mighty Phoenix! We have returned and it's ALMOST worth the wait. While we've likely gotten worse at actually talking, our equipment and studio have gotten an upgrade. That means quality sound, far exceeding our basement grade content. This week we attempt to hold your interest by sprucing up the podcast with some tunes; specifically the songs we think might be on the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 soundtrack. So sit back and enjoy...