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Episode 105 - Asian Cinema

Matt, Ben and Nick head to the Far East! With Nick just returning from Japan and Matt about to head to China, the boys from Last Pint gather this week to discuss Asian Cinema. From the dark and brooding Korean films, the action movies of Hong Kong and the horror films from Japan, they cover the must watch films from Asia. You will be surprised at how many American favorites were heavily inspired by films from the East. So put on your headphones and be transported across the world in The New...


Episode 104 - Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is on the rise and the boys of Last Pint are here to weigh in. With more and more celebrities finding themselves in hot water, Matt, Ben and Nick have a lot to say about the matter. Should the envelope get pushed at all costs, or is there a sliding scale of offenses. Tune into The New Way Podcast: Episode 104 - Cancel Culture to find out!


Episode 103 - The Movie Pitch Game #3

It's that time again! The boys have gathered for another Movie Pitch Game this time with twice as much Mammolito! The game is deceptively simple. Over several rounds, each contestent will pick cards. 4 actor/actress cards and one title card. They will then be given 60 seconds to use those cards to pitch a movie to the studio who will decide if it gets greenlit or not. What could go wrong? As usual, the pitches go off the rails, but we might actually have a couple of super watchable movies in...


Episode 102 - Childhood Films Revisited

Fan Favorite Beth Wilson joins Matt, Ben and Nick this week as the group revisits some of the formative movies from their childhood. How do these films hold up? Would the gang feel comfortable showing them to their kids today? Why was Matt the only kid who knew what a hooker was? These burning questions will be answered! Plus, a new Slurred Sophisticate and feedback on our 100th episode! All that and more on this week's episode of The New Way Podcast: Episode 102 - Childhood Movies revisited.


Episode 101 - Great Performances #1

Matt and Ben come back down to earth after the overstuffed 100th episode of The New Way to discuss roles in cinema that really resonate with them. Aided by call in guest Ryan, they discuss roles that could only have been pulled off with the actor or actress who played them. Some of their choices might surprise you, so strap in and check out this week's episode of The New Way Podcast: Episode 101 - Great Performances #1.


Episode 100 - The New Way Podcast The Musical

Ben, Matt and Nick gather in celebration of a New Way Milestone: 100 Episodes of The New Way Podcast! From our humble beginnings in Matt's old apartment with one microphone to our new studio set up, we celebrate the history of The New Way. Montages? We have plenty! And we even each pitch our own New Way Musical! Plus, erotic readings for those of you with an affinity for the sensual! It's a wall to wall celebration of everything you love about The New Way in The New Way Podcast: Episode 100...


Episode 99 - Genre Favorites

Matt, Ben and Nick introduce another new guest host as Ben's Dad, Scott, joins the podcast to discuss 6 genres of films and some of our favorite examples of each. Scott has a wealth of film knowledge, as well as some fun anecdotes from Ben's youth. We tackle Dramas, Action Movies, Horror Movies, Comedies, Suspense and Sci-Fi, so you KNOW Alien is going to show up here somewhere...right? You'll just have to listen to find out on The New Way Podcast: Episode 99 - Genre Favorites.


Episode 98 - Director Richard Linklater

Matt and Ben take a deep dive into the films of one of their favorite directors, Mr. Richard Linklater. He has a relatively humble filmography, but it's full of films featuring flawed and interesting characters, great music, and a true look at life as we know it. From the alright alright alright Dazed and Confused to Boyhood, a movie shot over 12 years, Linklater truly loves to tell rich stories that you can often find yourself lost in. Hear more about some of Last Pint's favorites on...


Episode 97 - Food in Movies

This episode is making the boys of Last Pint Hungry...and you wouldn't like them when they're hungry. Matt, Ben and Nick are back with a scrumtrulescent episode of The New Way as they discuss the tasty topic of food in movies! Whether it's a film about food or a movie with a famous food scene in it, the boys will make you drool with their delicious diatribes. Plus, get their hot takes on the comic con announcements and a rousing discussion of the newly released CATS trailer. It's more than a...


Episode 96 - Wasted Talent

Matt and Ben meet up this week to discuss how people can make movies while drunk. Wait, no! That's not it! This week's episode is actually about what happens when talented entertainers make bad films. It's happened to many actors, actresses and directors. They go in with good intentions but the product comes out wrong. Plus, some feedback on Stranger Things Season Three and lots more on this week's episode of The New Way Podcast: Episode 96 - Wasted Talent.


Episode 95 - Patriotic Movies

Matt, Ben and Nick reunite just in time for the 4th of July to discuss patriotism in cinema and television. From Sports movies to War movies...from the Cold War to Sony Pictures, the gang isn't afraid to get a little bit political and topical in this episode. There are discussions about what true patriotism is and how the current political landscape often shapes what kind of movies are released. It's a deep dive that does well below the surface to unearth some major truths. Plus, we bring...


Episode 94 - Bars in Pop Culture

Ben and Matt leave the confines of the studio and venture to the outside world in a special edition of The New Way! This week's episode was recorded in person at Robot Brewing Company in Boca Raton, Florida. It provided the perfect location to enjoy some amazing brews and dig into a sudsy discussion of bars and their role in movies, TV, pop culture and beyond. This is an episode tailor made for beer nerds, Cheers fans and anyone who's ever wished they could order up a Flaming Moe!


Episode 93 - Organized Crime

With Nick back in town, Last Pint gets in on the double feature game with back to back viewings of Road to Perdition and The Untouchables. Fresh off their watch, the gentlemen (including guest host Ben Wilson) also discuss organized crime films as a whole and whether or not they have an affinity for such films. Plus, Nick breaks out his pitch for the live action Cats film and Ben exits the studio early to fight off a panther. It's more episode than you can handle, so heed our advice and...


Episode 92 - Expectation VS Reality

Nick is back in town to join the lads from Last Pint Productions, Ben and Matt, in a high and tight discussion about what we THINK a movie is going to be and how it actually turns out. Nowadays, it's almost impossible to go into a movie without some king of preconceived notion on whether we are going to like it or hate it. But what happens when a film completely subverts our expectations. When a movie we were positive we were going to hate winds up becoming one of our favorites or those...


Episode 91 - Party Like It's 1999

The year was 1999. Y2K was looming closer and nobody really cared. Why? Because there were far too many amazing movies coming out that year. It was unprecedented and has not yet been repeated. That's why The New Way is devoting an entire podcast to the wide array of hits, sleepers, cult classics and true classics that were released in 1999. From big hitters like The Matrix to smaller classics like Being John Malcovich, from Election to The Mummy...The New Way covers all the Duece Bigalows...


Episode 90 - Game of Groans

Ben, Matt and Nick tackle one of their biggest podcasts yet as they discuss the finale of Game of Thrones. They are joined by a reader of the books (and licensed physician!), Dr. Rick who has some strong opinions about this controversial last season of one of the most watched TV series of all time. On The New Way Podcast, you either talk louder than the person you're debating...or you die. If you're a fan (or used to be before this season) of Game of Thrones, you'll want to hear the...


Episode 89 - Writing for TV

Matt and Ben are joined by Nick SantaCroce, calling in from the West Coast, to discuss television writing. But that discussion takes a bit of a backseat as the boys can't hold back discussing the polarizing penultimate episode of Game Of Thrones. With one week to go before the series finale, the trio weighs in on the pros and cons of this pivotal episode that has the internet up in arms. Just wait until next week's series finale podcast where they will finally be able to let loose their full...


Episode 88 - Docudramas and Biopics

Matt and Ben fly solo as a duo this week in an episode ripped from the headlines. Not really, but the two do discuss the world of make-believe movies about REAL subjects. They will cover everything from the tried and true musical biopics to hard hitting docudramas about some difficult subjects. Plus, there's a spoiler filled discussion about episode 4 of Game of Thrones (it's been out for over a week, if you're not watching, you deserve to be spoiled). This episode has everything...other...


Episode 87 - Endgame of Thrones (SPOILERS!)

It's finally here! The biggest back to back geek event weekend of all time. That's right, last weekend saw the long awaited release of Avengers: Endgame as well as a crucial final season episode of Game Of Thrones: The Long Night. Nick joins Matt and Ben via Skype for a riveting and SPOILER laden discussion of both of these incredible properties. What did we all think? Well, for the first time, we watched them all separately (mostly) and withheld any conversation until the podcast, so even...


Episode 86 - Movie Franchises

Matt and Ben are back this week with a spirited discussion about franchise movie making. What ingredients have to be in place to create a long lasting and lucrative franchise? Where have franchises gone off the rails? And how are franchises now making their way solidly into the TV and streaming universe. Plus, a review of the first episode of the last season of Game of Thrones!