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Conversations and monologues about the obscure and interesting. A real mess.

Conversations and monologues about the obscure and interesting. A real mess.
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Conversations and monologues about the obscure and interesting. A real mess.




Season 1 Episode 19- Depression Confession

Well hello there, I can't believe its you. Why I dare say its been a thousand years if its been a day. Thanks for listening in on The Obscure Curio, the podcast that was voted "Most likely to incite a riot," in high school. I've got another intolerable solo episode for you guys today and I can assure you, it is depressing. If you're looking to really sink into the dark and abysmal winter season, look no farther. I mostly just recount the various negative situations I've experience through...


Season 1 Episode 18- with Doug Dempsey

Hello my friends and thank you for coming back to The Obscure Curio, the only podcast that can get you a suite at a children's concert. On today's episode I am joined by my truly good friend and musical collaborator, Doug Dempsey. Join us as we recount the long lost days of the music scene, our days playing together in bands, what its like being a truck-driver, and which state of water is best (newsflash asshole, it ain't solid). Check out What Dreams Are Made...


Season 1 Episode 17- with Bethany Riley

One large greeting to you all, please share it. Thanks for coming back to The Obscure Curio- the only show with a 99% success rate in clinical trials. Our guest today is a social worker, therapist, and friend of 16+ years- Bethany Riley. This might be one of our more informative and interesting episodes. We got to talk about mental illness and trauma, the nuances of working in the social services field, the difficulties of dealing with addiction, and quite a few other subjects. I think ya'll...


Season 1 Episode 16- Happy Halloween with Joey McIntyre

Hello and Happy Halloween, my friends! Thanks for joining us on this very special episode of The Obscure Curio, the only show that hands out full-size candy bars! For me, Samhain night wouldn't be complete without a visit from The WampusCat himself, Joey McIntyre. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the holiday than with a good friend, a glass of cider, and my feet inside of two hollowed gourds. Strap in and join us as we kick off the festivities with a solid conversation covering:...


Season 1 Episode 15- with Mikayla Law and Synjen Carter

Welcome to All Hallows Eve-eve. Thanks for joining us again on The Obscure Curio, the only podcast guaranteed to bring your credit score down by 50 points! Have quite an interesting one for you lovely folks this time. My guests today are Mikayla Law and my bubby, Synjen Carter. Mikayla joined me this evening to specifically toss some ole scary stories around. We're talking ghost, ghouls, spectres, and sprites ya'll. Periodically my brother Synjen and my lovely partner Ana pop in and out of...


Season 1 Episode 14- Close Encounters/Halloween Big Timing

Blessed be, my dudes. The week of All Hallows is upon us and we couldn't be more stoked here at The Obscure Curio. Make sure your brain is nice and stiff, cause this episode is about to blow your mind. To kick of the festivities of the season, I give a detailed account of the numerous experiences I've had in my life which I consider to be related to Extra-terrestrials and UFO phenomenon. It's not a tradition Halloween jam, but it sure as hell frightens me. So bring on the ridicule and the...


Season 1 Episode 13- with Nick Dermon and Uncle Chris Buckley

Hello, my friend, hello. When I tell you that this episode is one for the books, you better believe that I mean it. This is an episode that was difficult to end, as I wanted it to go on forever. I am joined today by none other than the minister of girth, Nick Dermon, and my foster Uncle, Chris Buckley! I literally could not be more excited for this one, its downright impossible. It would be equally impossible to try to condense down the contents of this show into a worthy synopsis. So...


Season 1 Episode 12- Covered in bees/Live Action

Thanks for joining me again on this journey, my dudes. On today's episode of The Obscure Curio, we do another excruciating solocast. But I assure you, this one is just plumb full of the good shit. You get to hear a recount of the Tiny Meat Gang show, Cody Ko and Noel Miller, and I even pontificate at length about the role of festive gourds in the holiday season. Come with me, won't ya buddy? As always reach out to the show at:


Season 1 Episode 11- with Ana Grant

Let me offer you a warm hello and a warmer jello! Thanks for joining us again on The Obscure Curio- the only podcast with a 100% mortality rate. Today I am joined with the absolute guiding light of the universe, Ana Grant. We had our usual wind-down after a long weekend and did a good old courtroom-style recap. Buddy, it was one hell of a good talk. This is a great chance to get to know a little about Ana. She tells a wild story about getting stranded in the woods, trapped in a creek bed by...


Season 1 Episode 10- with Zeke Breeck

Welcome back friends and thanks for joining us on another episode of The Obscure Curio. I could literally not be more excited for the episode we have today. My long lost brother, Zeke Breeck, will be joining me for one hoot of an episode. We dive pretty deep into tales of addiction and get significantly open and honest about overdoses. If you are sensitive to these topics, this may not be the episode for you. We also dive into the different nutjobs out in the world and how to properly whip...


Season 1 Episode 9- Louder Than Life/Brokeneck Betty

Greetings and thanks for coming back for another episode of The Obscure Curio. We've got another pretentious solocast for you all today. Boy is it a doozie. I give a play-by-play recap of my visit to the Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, Kentucky. I talk about the music, the people, and the festivities. I also talk about the implications of turning 30, which I will personally be experiencing later this month. I appreciate you all so much, I hope you enjoy. This is the last week to...


Season 1 Episode 8- with Ryan Kelley and Brandi Ashpaugh

Say there partner, how the heck do ya do? Thanks for coming back for another episode of The Obscure Curio. We've got an excellent one for y'all today. I'm joined by my long lost friend, Ryan Kelley, and his girlfriend Brandi Ashpaugh. We get way into it about the local music scene of past and present, we talk hobbies we talk plants, we talk about the wonders of life on good old planet Earth. Hope you enjoy. Reach out and submit to the show at:


Season 1 Episode 7- Solocast Subtle as a brick

Hey there, pal. Thanks for checking another another rootin' tootin' episode of The Obscure Curio! We've got a hot one for you in today's solo episode. Can you separate the art from the artist? Can you separate the wheat from the chaff? Do I even know how to read? This and probably more on today's show. Don't forget to submit those scary stories to: If you like the show make sure you subscribe so you don't miss an episode. Also, leave us a rate and review!


Season 1 Episode 6- with Joey Mcintyre

It's the long awaited Return of The Wampus Cat here on The Obscure Curio. Recorded on a lovely Friday the 13th full moon. Joey is back and better than ever. We get to talk comedy and comics, movies, conspiracy theories, and Joey thrills me with some of his impressions. This is an episode you are not going to wanna miss. Don't forget to submit your paranormal encounters for the Halloween serious a: If you like the show- subscribe and leave a review!


Season 1 Episode 5- Spooky season engage/Daddy Issues

Hello and thanks for tuning in to another episode of The Obscure Curio. I'm back today with another self-indulgent solocast that you're just absolutely going to hate. I talk about some horror movies, a ufo that I saw (getting you primed for spooky season, don't forget to send me your scary stories), and a long awaited reunion with my dad! Interested in beginning the dive into every mundane detail of my life? Well boy howdy, have I got the show for you! Reach out to the show and submit...


Season 1 Episode 4- with Henry Fremin

This week we have a real treat for you guys, just an absolute unit of an episode. That is correct, the notorious and glorious Henry Fremin joins me for The Obscure Curio. Call me X, cause I am really gonna give it to you with this one. We talk drugs, addiction, conspiracies, bands, Pepsi Cola, and much more! We had to use a hydraulic press to get everything into this short episode! Sit back and enjoy. Don't forget to submit your scary stories at Leave us a rating...


Season 1 Episode 3- with Ana Grant

Thanks for tuning in to The Obscure Curio! We're back today with the wonderful and beautiful Ana Grant. Ana joins me in the place where we both live to discuss the moral implications of hiring a hitman, The Shining, working in a pharmacy, and good old sexually transmitted diseases. Follow Ana on Instagram: @ana_gram_ Twitter: @lajacKILL And be sure to submit your scary stories for the Halloween series to: Rate, Review, and Subscribe


Season 1 Episode 2- Apathy

Thanks for tuning in to The Obscure Curio. This is the first solo episode of the show. Listen in and hear me talk about the best brands of bottled water and my new guitar pedal. Connect with the show at:


Season 1 Episode 1- with Joey Mcintyre

Hello and Welcome to The Obscure Curio! Today you get to hear an introduction into Season 1. For this episode I am joined by one of my oldest friends, Joey Mcintyre. Follow Joey on Twitter: @wampuscatjoe Reach out to the show: