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The Cult Of Odd is a live broadcast radio show and podcast aired on It's a mix of talk and music, filled with comedy and commotion. Join us live every Friday night at 8PM ESt or join our Patreon at

The Cult Of Odd is a live broadcast radio show and podcast aired on It's a mix of talk and music, filled with comedy and commotion. Join us live every Friday night at 8PM ESt or join our Patreon at


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The Cult Of Odd is a live broadcast radio show and podcast aired on It's a mix of talk and music, filled with comedy and commotion. Join us live every Friday night at 8PM ESt or join our Patreon at




Episode 73: From Morality to Lunacy

The Cult Of Odd team (Odd, ACe and Ollie) are talking about #womensrights #womenshealth #roevwade #pridemonth #SCOTUSLEAK You'll also hear the story of Bill The Squirrel and hear Ace and Cory trying two new ice cream flavors. As well as my experience with the flavors. Music for this episode: Malota, Damo The Great, Wildstreet, Full Interview with Paul Long host of From Chicago To Dummast Pride 2022 Design...


Episode 72: Games, Gonads and Guidance

This episode is jam packed with stuff. Odd Man and Cory Gamsjager will be joined by friend of the show CraithTv to talk about #videogames and the #gamingindustry. Odd will try to get Cory and Craith to taste things, we'll hear about Odd's new found love of the #PouchLife as he calls it and We'll be talking about #JournalisticIntergrity as it relates to #defimation, #slander and #libel. We'll also talk a little more about the #JohnnyDepp trial and what's been going on. There is also an...


Episode 71: Not Leaving Wallen 'Nough Alone

My guest this week in studio is Harley Wallen, some of you might remember Harley from the interview I did with him. He's an Actor, Director, Ex MMA fighter...He owns and operates Painted Creek Productions, a film studio here in the dirty mitten that he and his wife Kaiti founded. Harley is a very accomplished man, when I asked him what he wanted to talk about and he said current events...I have to admit I was a little surprised. Normally with you entertainment industry people, you steer...


Episode 70: Slave To The Algorithm

Influencers, Taste Tests and Star Wars....Oh my! Welcome to the Cult Of Odd's first foray into being a slave to the algorithm. We're riding those waves of likeability, Shareability and even memeability. Yes I realize those last 2 aren't even real words. But who cares, when you getting a fat cache dump from the algorithm sugar daddy! Odd's begun the most specialist of season early, that's right he's expressing his "Airing Of Grievances"...Did we just make a Seinfeld joke? What year is...


Episode 69: "That" Kinda Show

What can I tell you about the episode? We'll were on episode number 69. If you know us, you know EXACTLY what to expect. As Ace would say, it's gonna be THAT kind of show. We'll get you caught up on all things #CultOfOdd related that you might have missed this week. We have a basket of topics to chat about. We've got news about upcoming shows. We'll also have new merch designs up soon. Music This Week Blameshift, Damo The Great, Last Call...


Episode 68: 15 Years Of Odd

Come celebrate 15 Years Of Odd and Cory's birthday! We'll be talking about the wild ride that it's been and what we hope to accomplish going forward. We'll also be talking about the #oscars and the nonsense surrounding it. Letting you know about upcoming interviews. Plus basically pumping Odd full of caffeine so he'll be able to do the show. You'll hear music from Damo The Great Wildstreet DJ Cummerbund JOIN OUR PATREON: Check out Big League Brews and Motor City...


Episode 67: The Politics of Horror

The #CultOfOdd returns from a 2 week sickness hiatus. Odd is swinging for the fences in this episode. He and his trusty cohost Ace are dissecting and discussing the social and political subtext within some of the most popular #horrormovies. Ever wonder what your favorite classic #horror movie might be hiding beneath the torture implements, splatter gore, zombies and cannibalistic families. Presented in a similar style to our Lessons Yet Learned series, They'll be giving their findings and...


Episode 66: Grinding Gears

Odd and Ace are here to bring all the news that's fit to gag you. In this episode you get to hear how Odd is pissing off twitter users, why he's saying "Fuck AMC Theaters" , his unbridled and blatant attempts at obtaining money for computer RAM, Horrific crimes against food, his upcoming venture into Twitch and a handful of other nonsense. It really was a full and fun episode. So what are you waiting for? HIT PLAY ALREADY! Music from Smiley Foot David Christ and...


Episode 65: Zaldor Joins The Cult Of Odd

We're back, with a brand new batch of our premium brand of bullshit! This time Odd and Ace are joined by Zaldor from Zaldor's World Podcast. The three of them chat about Cuphead, Odd's visit with the Holy Mother and The Royal Throne she sits upon, How you should never accidentally send Odd any audio and much much more. Seriously they cover a lot of ground in only 3 hours, this was a wind up and let them go type show. There is also new merch! Theme Song by The Chinchillionaires (Smug Filth)...


Episode 64: Lessons Yet Learned - Tulsa 1921

One the questions that came up frequently during our first "lessons yet learned" episode was "what is the sense in rioting and burning everything to the ground?" Well, we decided to try to answer that question with another history lesson. May 31st 1921: Tulsa Oklahoma...Specifically the Greenwood District, which was known as Black Wall Street. A thriving and booming African American business hub of black owned businesses. That would be decimated, when mobs of white residents, some of whom...


Episode 63: Lessons Yet Learned - Rodney King

In this episode we take a departure from the normal comedy and interviews, we're doing in order to tackle a topic that carries weight to this day. We present both fact and opinion here, but we make sure to draw clear lines between fact and opinion. We're starting a new series of episodes called Lessons Yet Learned, where we'll be covering things the society seems to be blatantly ignoring. Despite years of having it staring us in the face. Odd Man debated on this being the first one for a...


Episode 62: Hey Chilly, Get The Broads

Ace and Mr. Doctor Cookie are back again for the first time. Odd got to talk to Actor and Screenwriter Marc Sheffler, this episode has him playing a round of #InterviewRoulette with Odd. If you want to hear or see the full interview, consider signing up for the either the audio or video tiers. We appreciate the support at any tier. In typical fashion, This episode is a little lopsided. Odd had intended to cover a specific range of topics, but with Ace and Mr. Doctor Cookie on...


Episode 61: Nobody Leaves This Place Without Singing The Blues

It's a long title I know, but it feels fitting given who my guest for #InterviewRoulette is. Her name is Susan Lanier, she is an actress, blues musician, theatrical stage actor and bright ray of sunshine. Just to name off a few of her credits. Most people will know her as having been in The Hills Have Eyes (1977). Join our "Cult Of Odd" or "Cult Of Odd Plus" membership tiers to hear the full interview and get the whole story. As for our episode here, it's starts off with anti-aging cream...


Episode 60: There Is Only One Way To Do This

This week, I have Carl Gottlieb...writer of Jaws playing #InterviewRoulette...but if you want the full interview... and trust us, you do.. because Carl has done so much more than just "the fish movie" as he calls it. We cover his entire career and life...while talking absolutely 0 about "the fish movie"... Join our $10 or $20 tiers to get access. It'll be Odd Man and friends this week, as the whole House of Odd has #covid We talk about #Aliens, sunken...


Episode 59: The Rebrandening with Joe Castro and Steven Escobar

Welcome to the great rebrandening, that's not a word...or at least it wasn't until now! Zeitgeist Baby! Anyways, We are The Cult Of Odd and we're here to bring you love and joy and make you did they just say? It's The Odd Podd evolved...devolved...revolved...some sort of volved happened and here we are. This first episode of the Cult Of Odd brings with it a great round of Interview Roulette, we got dual guests and that mean twice the answers! Who says you can't get more for...


Episode 58: Dunn & Over With

The final episode of The Odd Podd is here. It's fitting that Travis Dunn (pun incoming) closed out The Odd Podd. Odd was in a lot of pain during this episode, so it's a bit slower paced than normal. We hope you enjoy it! Music From: Robert Louis: Leaving Lifted: The Chinchillionaires: Travis' Main Website:...


Episode 57: An MCL Xmas Eve

This is 1 of 2 last episodes of The Odd Podd, catch #interviewroulette with Mark Christopher Lawrence! We've got terrifying Christmas traditions from around the world and Interesting facts about Christmas you might not know. MCL is best known for his series regular role as Big Mike on the NBC TV series CHUCK. He recently completed production on the hit ADULT SWIM TV show BLACK JESUS and is recurring on The PureFlix Show Malibu Dan The Family Man. He can be seen on the Disney Channel’s...


Episode 56: Artie Hoffman Enters The Odd Podd

On this episode of The Odd Podd Artie Hoffman Enters The Odd Podd, you'll get a round of #interviewroulette and hear Odd Man talking about the interview/reading. Ollie will be joining him for this episode. Ace is off this week and we're never entirely sure when Cory is gonna show up. We got music for you from... Full Monty, Oceanhoarse, Bullet To The Heart, Be sure you check out our sponsor Motor City Candleworks for last minute stocking stuffers. And don't forget to hit the...


Episode 55: Larry Hankin Interview Roulette

First and foremost Larry Hankin Enters The Odd Podd this week. You'll hear #InterviewRoulette with him, You can catch the whole interview via our #youtubechannel. You'll get the full 2 hour interview Odd Man did with him. Cory and Odd talk about changes to the show, our #patreon and our format. We explain what we need from you the listeners. We've got music from The Chinchillionaires, The Lonely Ones and Wildstreet This episode of The Odd Podd is jam packed. So come join the...


Episode 54: Yuletide Simulation

In this episode of The Odd Podd! Odd Man has a BIG announcement about the future of the show. We're bring interviews to The Odd Podd. First one comes next week. We'll be talking about the #bermudatriangle, #reptilian #aliens, #graphicscards, #death, #paintedrocks, #DoctorWho, #paralleluniverse, and more! Music from Bliss My Heart, The Chinchillionaires, Oceanhoarse, Full Monty, Thankfrankofficial, Bryce J. Rogers Music, Leaving Lifted and more. Make sure you check out our sponsor Motor...