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The Odd Podd is a live broadcast radio show and podcast aired on It's a mix of talk and music, filled with comedy and commotion. Join us live every Friday night at 8PM ESt or join our Patreon at

The Odd Podd is a live broadcast radio show and podcast aired on It's a mix of talk and music, filled with comedy and commotion. Join us live every Friday night at 8PM ESt or join our Patreon at


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The Odd Podd is a live broadcast radio show and podcast aired on It's a mix of talk and music, filled with comedy and commotion. Join us live every Friday night at 8PM ESt or join our Patreon at




Episode 25: You Don't Have to be High to Listen

Odd and Ace are back, finally after two weeks of problems. This week Odd is frustrated with the state of Michigan and their total lack of functionality for state systems. The boys talk about Godzilla V Kong briefly, as well as Odd buying a chainsaw. Riveting stuff! The title of the show comes from the newest piece of merch up on The Little Shop of Oddities. Get yours today, the design goes up in smoke on 4-20-2021! Our Featured Artist for the month of April is Hook, a new wave rock band...


Episode 24: All Rotten

We're checking the Geneva convention rules to see if Odd subjecting Ace to certain movies is a violation of engagement. Until we have confirmation, the movies will continue. In this episode we talk about Odd's adventures Door Dashing, a video game called Wreckfest...where you can race a Sofa that's been suped up and then finally we talk about a movie starring Corin Nemec. It's based on a Source Point Press comic called Rottentail. The movie is a trip and a great addition to any horror...


Episode 23: We're Stable

The truth IS out there and Odd and the gang are going to talk about it. Whether you believe in UFO's and Aliens or not, you cannot deny the impact that the idea of them have had on our society as a whole. From radio shows, to books to movies to tv shows... The human race is enamored with the idea of beings from another world visiting us. Will they be friendly? Will they bring war and strife? Do I have to ask for the probing or just be patient? This episode, we dedicate to the idea of...


Episode 22 - Legend Killers

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends (on time). Odd and Ace are joined by Odd's childhood friend and local legend FOX. This is really just a normal show wherein we meander from topic to topic. Odd talks about a possible 2nd show he is starting. We play the last song from our featured artist Robert Louis Jr. and the guys announce the new featured artist for March Jordan Allen and the Bellwethers! It's well known that Odd and Ace partake in the Devil's Lettuce and this show...


Episode 21: 3 Guys 1 Show

Odd, Ace and Cory are back with another FUN SIZE (add your own echo) episode of The Odd Podd. The Odd Podd now has a new sponsor, BLC Events located right here in the SE Michigan area. They organize and host Craft and Vendor shows all around the area. The boys will be promoting their events in the coming weeks kicking off with an event at Elks Lodge #2246 located at 31117 Plymouth Rd in Livonia Michigan on March 6th 2021. It opens at 10am EST and they are practicing social distancing so...


Episode 20: Plumbing Your Pockets

This episode marks the 1st interview we've conducted. You'll get a taste of it towards the end of this Fun Size version. James Harrison is a Canadian based Magician and Professional Pickpocket. He's appeared on Modern Rogue, spoke at both hacker and security based conferences and has taken social media by storm with his tiktok channel. He also thanks to covid got into streaming and can be found a handful of nights a week playing Dead By Daylight with friends. He is a funny, charismatic and...


Episode 19: Mashed And Crashed

Odd found a website called The Magic Ipod, which at the time of writing seems to be shutdown now. It allowed you to use scripting to easily mash two songs together. So everything you hear beyond Ms. Carmel Liburdi was created by Odd...and that website. Ace and Cory are in studio with Odd and his wonderful new setup. It works fairly flawlessly, until the internet at the studio goes a little haywire. Fortunately for you beautiful people, you don't have to worry about that. We answer the...


Episode 18: Odd, Rob and Clueless

This episode is mistitled for you fun size folks. Odd's good friend Rob joins them just after the cut for the FS episode. Cory is clueless as usual, but is a great sport about it. They talk about video-games, Odd's book and a few other random topics. Look, we know you guys probably don't read these anyways. So there won't be a lot to gain from going into full detail. Just enjoy the's The Odd Podd, you now what you're in for.


Episode 17 - That Did Not Go As Planned

Sometimes, due to the nature of our show. Plans go out the window quickly and rather than redirect the's best to let what's organically happening run free. Such is the case for this episode. Cory is back in the co-host seat and well, he never prepares and it's always for the best because Odd can just ride Cory's clueless wave to hilarity and entertainment for you. Odd makes several announcements that are big news for our little podcast. We hop you enjoy this episode of The Odd Podd


Episode 16 - The Reep, The Creep and The Deep

Long time friend, ex co-host and brother from another mother Reep joins Odd on this episode of The Odd Podd. We cover a lot of ground in the first hour. Fair warning we do talk about the vents that took place on January 6th in DC at the capitol. We also talk about The Stand, Door Dash, Where chainsaws came from and much more. It's fun hour and you'll not want to miss it. Our featured artist is still Carmel Liburdi, so please go check out her music.


Episode 15 - The Plankman Cometh

In this episode Odd sits down with the owner of TapDetroit, a man known by many as Planky. Planky took on Odd pretty much sight unseen and seems to be grateful for it. He's an awesome dude with a wealth of music and radio history knowledge


Episode 14 - The Fox and The Odd Man

This being the LAST live episode of 2020, Odd decided to do something special and there is nobody more special than John Fox. John is a childhood friend of Odd’s and they haven’t seen each other in 2 decades. Of course they keep in contact with social media, but no face to face hangs for many years. Odd and John spend a lot of time just shooting the shit and goofing off. So it’s pretty much a normal show with Odd. Our final Featured Artist of 2020 is STORMSTRESS


Episode 13: Nerdy Nerd Nerding

Ace and Odd let their geek flags fly in this episode. They talk about the movie Return To Oz, The new Star Wars and Marvel shows coming to Disney+, Comics in general and Cyberpunk 2077. They also cover a whole slew of news stories from around the internet. This Fun Size edition is jammed pack of protein and nuts, it's sure to keep your fueled up for the day and remember you're not you when you're hungry for Odd. Make sure you check out our featured artist Stormstress too.


Episode 12: It's Best To Not Ask Why

Odd and friends are back for another jam packed show of nonsense and music. Ace is riding shotgun again, but oddly enough Cory was in the studio too. He was just playing CoD on Odd's Xbox. We have a new featured artist for the month of December, they are called Stormstress and they are amazing in our opinion. Stormstress is a vicious all-female power trio. They strike with electrifying riffs, thunderous grooves, and catchy choruses. They've just released their second single, “You Can’t...


Episode 11: Hurt Me, Hot Sauce Daddy

Listen to the show for the title to make sense... In this episode Ace and Odd converse about Odd's week and promote multiple small businesses. Odd has always had a love for the little guy in the economic battlefield, he's made it his mission during this 2nd round of collective "time-outs" to push his small business friends. Some are even given discounts just for listening! Please make sure you check out the links posted for all the businesses mentioned. Some are local businesses to Odd's...


Episode 10

It's our Friday the 13th episode and we were plagued by gremlins and misfortune during our broadcast. If fact Odd have to edit the entire show in post in order to have the music and other audio that wasn't mic'd be heard. Paul get's subjected to The Odd Podd's newest segment, Things The Internet Has Ruined For Me (Odd). We find out why Odd's wife can't take him into public and the perils of being in the dog house.


Episode 1

The long awaited retu...beginning. Welcome back my friends to the sow that never ends, after 4 long years Odd is back in the dirty mitten and creating his brand of chaos. This episode is full of nostalgia and good times for both old and new listeners. We debut with two special segments. One is called Tell Me A Story, where my guest will be given a chance to tell us a fun and interesting story. The other segment is called Gator Bumps, where we showcase the weirdest stories from Florida...


Episode 2

This time our 2nd rotating cohost is in the copilot seat. We cut a swath through a minefield of internet story finds. We have a brand new #TellMeAStory as well as new #GatorBumps segment. Full episode available at


Episode 3

My guest this week is my best friend and long time friend of the past shows...CJ AKA Music God. We rip through this week's topics and trail off topic several thousand times. We also talk about the new featured artist segment and what that will entail. Enjoy the episode!


Episode 4

Odd and Ace wax philosophical on a large cavalcade of topics and stories from around the internet and their lives. We get a Sticker-Psychosis update, and update on the weave on a hydrant and Odd unveils the Battle Of Bands. All that plus a brand new Tell Me A Story segment. Full episode available at