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Best Of Year 5

It's time to look back on TOPTM's triumphant return! Enjoy Year 5's hot-buttered moments including The Great Goat Cheese Debate, how to handle campus safe spaces, rain on Ryan's wedding day, Jack's cat hatred, the misunderstood "flaming hot line," highlights from the Dead People 2016 tribute and so much more. You're welcome, world.


Episode 216: OutCast 9

Finally, a hot and buttered outtakes show to hit you right in the husk! Yes, it's another collection of pre-show banter coupled with various mistakes and bits that didn't make it into the recent episodes. Time hasn't changed much of how the shows come together (or fall apart).


Episode 215: EscapeCast

To wind up this new run of shows, the guys all plan their escapes! This all stems from how they go about surviving the increasingly harsh winters in New Jersey. First, they all share where they want to travel within the US as well as internationally. They also choose their own personal sanctuaries and discuss places they'd never want to go.


Episode 214: SagaCast III – Attack Of The Canon

A long time ago in a...well, you know where this is going. Andrew and Jack welcome TOPTM stalwarts Cory and Metal Jimmy to join them in discussing all things Star Wars. Since Star Wars Celebration is around the corner, the guys look at all that is canon - the books, the animated series, the video games and the new films (WARNING: includes "Rogue One" spoilers). Finally, they will each rank The Saga films from best to worst. May The Force be with you.


Episode 213: WrestlingCast V – The New Era

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages....The Only Podcast is proud to present the misinformed Andrew, the pod-wife Veronica, the new comer Alonzo, and the Randy Savage possessed Jack! Listen in as the 4 discuss characters, promos, the brand split; all before you enjoy your favorite guilty pleasure this Sunday: WrestleMania. Alonzo shows off his knowledge, Veronica waxes on about the misuse of talent, and Andrew just laughs as Jack does his impersonation of every gruff...


Episode 212: TVCast 5

To join in on a discussion about all things television, Ryan welcomes back his wife Jenn as well as fan favorites Natalie and Cory. The group reflects on shows that have recently ended along with their current favorites. They also dig into the impressive evolution of streaming services, dealing with cutting the cord, Cory's devotion to the Chicago shared universe and Ryan's aversion to "Game of Thrones."


Episode 211: ArnoldCast

After loads of conversations about movies, it's time to dedicate a whole episode to one of the world's biggest stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Chris, Jack, Ryan and Dan look at the legend's start as Conan all the way to becoming an Expendable. They will reminisce about big 80's action films, how R-rated movies once had toys and marketed to kids, and all things great about the man who would be Governator.


Episode 210: FoodCast 3

It's been a while since the guys had a debate about food so there's plenty to cover. They will debate goat cheese, Thanksgiving staples, and Sriracha. They'll talk about the strangest food they've ever eaten, best brands, and what they eat for breakfast. Also, Ryan lays out the most boring foods, Andrew indulges in an extreme dessert, and the boys all share some favorite go-to spots.


Episode 209: BuffetCast

Some topics don't deserve a dedicated episode, but enough random make for quite the buffet. Learn about the Japanese police force, the legend of Pedro The Last, and the origin of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. The guys also share stories of their worst dates, the sounds of getting older, and habits they've unknowingly picked up from their fathers. Oh, and Jack complains about his feline roommate.


Episode 208: PolitiCast

These days, everything has become political. Sooner or later, it was going to affect this show too. The guys welcome Dan back to give their take on the new president's first month in office. They also delve into US history to have a second look at previous presidents along with the role of modern media and what they expect during the next four years.


Episode 207: CaliCast 2

After five long years, Ryan and Jack finally made their return to the sunshine and bliss of Southern California. The boys guide Andrew through the three-piece vacation from when they visited Chris last August. They drink beer, eat tacos, lay on the beach, see the sunset, discover accents, and so much more.


Episode 206: HoneymoonCast

At last, fifty percent took the plunge! Andrew and Ryan are joined by their wives Veronica and Jenn to peel back the veneer of marriage. Hear about the stress of wedding planning, seating arrangements and exhaustion. Then, discover the peril of living together, changing from a maiden name to a married name, and sharing a bedroom and a bathroom. Finally, witness the love as the couples share their favorite things about each other.


Episode 205: DadCast 2

One can learn a lot about parenting in two years, so Chris talks to Andrew and Dan about their recent experiences in fatherhood. Andrew briefly recounts the birth of his daughter before moving on to comparing her development to that of Dan's son. Then the guys get into the real dirty business of parenting: taking your infant to the mall, dealing with them once they learn to talk back, and what to do when they mistake you for a famous actor.


Episode 204: PhraseCast 4

Talk, talk, talk - that's all everyone does! But how often to we think about the phrases we use everyday? The boys are here to bring the analytical and the funny together. From the offensive and politically correct to the trendy and old-timey to the practical and absurd, everyone can finally get some clarity about the way we speak.


Episode 203: FilmCast 8 – Franchise Fever

The guys continue their endless conversation about movies in an episode all about the world of big budget franchises! They weigh in on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe (and their inevitable comparisons). The boys also look at the new cinematic Harry Potter world, Disney's animated-to-live action features, and sequels that came along way too late. Incidentally, there won't be any Star Wars talk because that'll get its own episode soon enough.


Episode 202: HeadlineCast – 2016 In Review

A long and drawn-out year begets a long and drawn-out show. Thankfully, the guys make 2016 funnier than how 2016 felt at the time. This double length episode begins with a sadly loaded Dead People segment before moving on to lighter fare like Playboy Magazine, corn, beer, classic albums and porn. Enjoy a look back at Chewbacca Mom, Ken Bone, Justin Timberlake and The Rock, all capped off with a summary of last year's phony outrage. At least 2017 can have a funny start.


Episode 201: ResurrectionCast

Chris, Andrew, Ryan and Jack decided they couldn't stay quiet any longer. Behold the glorious return of The Only Podcast That Matters! The boys share the details of how the success of The Guide To Life series led to the decision to keep working together, explain the new format of the weekly show, and share what's been going on with each of them during the interim. They also sift through the dirt and garbage surrounding the 2016 presidential election. Don't worry, nobody here is pushing an...


CAPE 82: The Only Podcast That Matters Sums Up 2015

As a surprise audio bonus, we give you the first reunion of The Only Podcast That Matters recorded for this week's episode of Chris Aballo's Podcast Experiment: In order to best recount the year that was 2015, Chris reunites with the original members of The Only Podcast That Matters for their first new recording since they disbanded in 2014. Andrew Rizzitello, Ryan Taggart and Jack DeFranco join Chris in reflecting on hot button topics like the death of Cecil the Lion, the cases against Bill...


An Earful Of Noyes: The Best Of Cory

In the continuing series of "best of" compilations, you are invited to enjoy a full hour and a half of Cory Noyes' funniest stories from his many appearances on TOPTM. Hear loads of tales of his run-ins with animals, experiences with his eccentric family, being the subject of college-era pranks, and his typically hilarious banter with the others.


Phartz Sounds: The Best Of Dan

You've asked, we've answered. To kick off our collection of 'best of' clip shows to be released throughout this year, we compiled the funniest conversations with fan favorite guest Dan Hemphill. Learn the proper way to handle getting rear-ended, what real bands' names should sound like, the only way a Transformers movie is a real movie, the worst way to get trapped in a public bathroom stall, and several more classic bits compiled from Dan's many appearances on The Only Podcast That Matters.