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What's In Your Box?

Oh, beloved. It's been a while -- can we talk? Monté & Toni return for an all new episode of The Outspoken Siblings Podcast. On this episode, The Sibs explore the idea of "doing the best you can with the tools you have." Inspired by recent events (and an episode of "Iyanla: Fix My Life"), there's no shortage of self-reflecting here. After an extended absence, Monté & Toni try to their groove as speech impediments, Ariana Grande, and apparently "sympathy and payola" JUMP out. It's....a lot....


Holiday Trophies

Happy Holidays? Or is it Merry Christmas? Does it matter? 'Tis the season and The Sibs are back spreading holiday cheer. Well, something like it. Fresh off (another) hiatus, Monte' and Toni return with Headlines, including a rundown of this year's Grammy and Golden Globe nominees. Plus, things get a little dicey when the Kevin Hart-Oscar controversy comes up. Did we mention how we're over the winter weather? If not, we're done. In other news, Toni loves The Temptations and Monte' thinks he...



*This episode has been updated due to sound quality issues with the initial track.* Monté & Toni are back with an all new episode of The Outspoken Siblings Podcast! Coming up with a proper title for this episode proved to be more of a task than we imagined, so we opted for Migos' favorite ad-lib -- 'Skrrt Skrrt'. #TheHitList returns as we discuss new albums from Ella Mai, Quavo, Amerie and Mario. Plus, the OG Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis is back kicking ass and winning big at the office. We...


Fuck Fear 3: Starting Over

"Freedom is no fear." - Nina Simone, 1968. Nina said it best. That quote is the basis for our Fuck Fear series. As we continue to evolve -- or at least make the attempt -- we're shedding fear. On this episode, Monté & Toni keep it real about fear and its nasty effects. From personal to professional, The SIbs discuss starting over and how it relates to fear. LIVING WITH INTENT: Oh, but darling, what if you fly? Subscribe and review the show on Apple Podcasts:...


On The Run, Too

"Dear Summer, I know you gon' miss me / For we been together like Nike Airs and crisp tees / S dots with polo fleeces." Their S dots somehow got lost in the time capsule and they've yet to puil out the Polo fleeces, but Monté & Toni are preparing for Fall's arrival by reflecting on the highlight of their summer -- Beyoncé + JAY Z's On The Run II tour. From going "Apeshit" and overeating to chamomile tea with Janet Jackson and the reality of being a black body in predominantly white spaces,...


Break the Code: Authenticity

This week, The Sibs close out season 2 with what began as a conversation about code-switching, but quickly turned into dialogue about authenticity. Are you being your authentic self? If so, how do you know? Like everything in life, being secure in your skin is a process -- and as always, The Sibs are trying to make it make sense. Please subscribe and review the show on Apple Podcasts: The Outspoken Siblings Podcast with Monté & Toni Email:...


This Is America

Under-titty sweat season has arrived and The Sibs have a lot of catching up to do. We've come out of hibernation to break down some of the biggest headlines in pop culture. From Roseanne Barr's brand of racism and Kanye West's new album to LeBron James' epic walk out and Drake early Father's Day gift, we're in rare form and ready to go. Plus, we're unpacking Childish Gambino's "This Is America," Kim Kardashian's visit to the White House and more. So, take a deep seat and grab a snack,...


Spilled Beans

Just when you thought things couldn't get crazier, you wake up and things actually get crazier. The Sibs are back for another round, but we promise we won't ask to use the restroom, unless we make a purchase first. While Baristas served up grande-sized racism with soy milk, Beyoncé made her return to the stage and set the desert ablaze in the process. Plus, J. Cole dropped a new album that left us saying no to drugs and hello to a intellectual shade, all in the name of '1985.' We love a woke...


The Sibs Are Alright

Spring is in the air! Monté & Toni are ready to leave Old Man Winter alone, even if he doesn't get the hint. It's a season of refreshing and reflection as The Sibs introduce their self-care segment #LivingwithIntent and share this week's intentions. Plus, Monté's latest obsessions; Toni processes parenting in today's uncertain world; wanted posters for groundhogs & more. Support the show by rating and reviewing on Apple Podcasts: Check out this week's intention...


Wakanda Forever

Marvel's "Black Panther" is more than a superhero movie -- it's a cultural phenomenon. From its record-breaking opening weekend to its continued domination at the box office, the Ryan Coogler-directed film is an experience unlike anything we've seen. Simply put, "Black Panther" is LIT! On this episode, Monté & Toni kick off season 2 of The Outspoken Siblings Podcast in full Wakanda mode. Unpacking the film and all its parts, its a celebration of black excellence and the return of The Sibs!...


Sips with The Sibs: New Year, New Motto

It's our first show of the new year and we're ready for all 2018 has to offer, so lets start with another installment of Sips with The Sibs. From Oprah snatching trophies at the Golden Globes and raising hopes of a presidential run to Showtime's new, must see series 'The Chi,' we're unpacking some of the week's hottest topics. Plus, there's a new motto for 2018 and beyond. It's simple and should be easy to follow — if not, are you the problem? 🤷🏾 The Outspoken Siblings Podcast with Monté &...


Sips with The Sibs - The Lost Episode Pt. 1

The holiday hangover is real, y'all. The Sibs are back with the third installment in the Sips with The Sibs minisode series. This week, Monté & Toni share part one of a previously unreleased episode of The Outspoken Siblings. Record in August 2017, "The Lost Episode" features The Sibs taking a trip down memory lane, highlighting some of their favorite moments from the show & more. From Trump checks and turkey necks to celebrity nudes and pantsuits, it's #TBT with The Sibs! Join the...


Sips with The Sibs - No Means No

Monté & Toni are back with the second installment of their "Sips with The Sibs" minisode series. This week, The Sibs talk sexual assault and the culture that surrounds sensitive yet very prevalent topic. From Hollywood to the White House to Main Street, this issue is one that effects not only victims, but all of us as a community. Join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #SipswithTheSibs.


Episode 25 - 30 Somethings

After a brief hiatus, Monté & Toni are back with an all-new episode of The Outspoken Siblings Podcast. The week, The Sibs decided to simply press record and go with the flow. What followed was a conversation about transitioning into their 30's and finding themselves along the way. As he prepares for the milestone, Monté feels liberated and ready to let loose. Firmly planted in her 30's, Toni shares her new journey following a life-altering accident and is allowing herself space to heal from...


Sips with The Sibs (Featuring Xach Anthony)

Monté & Toni are back for a new episode of The Outspoken Siblings Podcast! On this special episode, The Sibs are joined by singer Xach Anthony. Fresh off opening for R&B veterans Monica, Tank & Joe, the Philly native chats with The Sibs about the experience, his buzzing career, his upcoming EP and more. Be sure to follow The Sibs on social media: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram - @outspokensibs This episode features "Butterflies x Don't Go (MJ x Kevin Ross Cover)" by Xach Anthony. Watch the...


Episode 24 - Issa Recap

Welcome to The Outspoken Siblings Podcast with Monté & Toni! On this episode, Monté & Toni recap the season 2 premiere of HBO's hit series "Insecure." Plus, ahead of the season one finale, The Sibs break down this week's headlines and introduce a new segment called "Outtakes with The Sibs," featuring the sh!t that doesn't make the show. Connect with The Sibs and join the conversation: Follow The Sibs on Twitter: Follow Monté on Twitter:


Episode 23 - 4:44

Siblings Monté & Toni are back with an all-new episode of The Outspoken Siblings Podcast. This week, The Sibs break down JAY-Z's new album, '4:44'. Just days after its release, they discuss its early impact and cultural significance, and share their favorite tracks. Plus, on the heels of America's birthday (this episode was recorded on Independence Day), Monté & Toni keep it real about what the 4th of July means to them, and discuss the unique relationship between Black Americans and...


Episode 22 - Take CTRL

Your favorite sibling duo is back with the latest in pop culture on a new episode of The Outspoken Siblings Podcast. This week, The SIbs celebrate the *alleged* arrival of the Carter twins and the return of JAY-Z's hyphen and new album. Plus, SZA takes CTRL of the Hit List; Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors snatch trophies while Mama Durant snatches wigs and our hearts; Ice Cube schools Bill Maher; Bill Cosby gets off & more. Join the conversation and unpack episode 22 of The...


Episode 21 - Protect Your Magic

Catch the vibe. The Outspoken Siblings are back with episode 21, "Protect Your Magic". On this episode, The Sibs are breaking down the headlines as 45 continues to destroy America's reputation; Rihanna, Lupita, Ava & Issa unite for the ultimate showing of #BlackGirlMagic; Monté reflects on his first 'Bachelorette' experience, and more. Plus, Monté and Toni discuss the thin line between appropriation and appreciation. June is Black Music Month and The Sibs are celebrating #MelanininMusic all...


Episode 20 - Dear Mama

Siblings Monté & Toni are back with new episode of The Outspoken Siblings Podcast. This week, The Sibs talk Mother's Day and salute their mother. Things take a turn when Monté flips the script on Toni and "interviews" her about motherhood and more. Plus, Headlines return featuring Netflix's 'Dear White People,' Scandal's final season, Betsy DeVos' foolishness and much more. Grab a snack and unpack episode 20! Be sure to comment and join the conversation. The Sibs on Twitter:...