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Monté & Toni are the siblings you wish you had. They’re like Michael & Janet, but with less rhythm, an anti-whisper policy & a lot less money. Seated somewhere between comedy and wellness(physical, mental & emotional), these 30-somethings are simply trying to make it make sense in a world doesn’t

Monté & Toni are the siblings you wish you had. They’re like Michael & Janet, but with less rhythm, an anti-whisper policy & a lot less money. Seated somewhere between comedy and wellness(physical, mental & emotional), these 30-somethings are simply trying to make it make sense in a world doesn’t


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Monté & Toni are the siblings you wish you had. They’re like Michael & Janet, but with less rhythm, an anti-whisper policy & a lot less money. Seated somewhere between comedy and wellness(physical, mental & emotional), these 30-somethings are simply trying to make it make sense in a world doesn’t




Ep. 64: All About Love

Feburary might be on it’s way out, but the love continues…and we’re all about it. On this episode, The Sibs share their online dating journeys. Toni’s a vet in these digital streets, while Monté recently dipped his toe in the pool and damn near pulled back a nub. Their experiences are hardly one-of-kind, but they are unique to them and lead to interesting tales of two different sides of a familiar coin. Plus, is Black History Month actually for Black people? Toni refuses to give Montell...


This Is Episode 63

Happy New Year! As January comes to a close, The Sibs return for episode 63. It’s been the longest January ever - or at least it feels like it - so we’re breaking down what we missed. From canceled concerts and losing celebrities to COVID still raging and finding a solution to break the funk, there’s a lot to unpack, as always. Be sure to follow us on IG and Twitter (@outspokensibs) and be sure to like us on Facebook at The Outspoken Siblings.


Ep. 62: Holiday Hangover

With Thanksgiving in the books, The Sibs are back with a new episode and ready to see what December has to offer. Monté prepares for his 34th birthday (12/19) and reflects on his “Jesus Year” while Toni ponders how forgiveness plays into turning the page to a new chapter. Plus, The Sibs discuss Adele’s new album, “30,” and rank the British superstar’s albums. They also have a thing or two to say about the Supreme Court’s latest attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade and the unrelenting war on...


ep. 61 - Thin Ice. Thin Ice, Girl

Your favorite siblings are back with an all new episode! We haven’t spoken since our last show in July, so we’ve missed you. So, naturally there’s load to catch up on. Toni celebrated a birthday in August and has learned a thing or two since reaching a new milestone; Monte gets a bit introspective and shares his experience perched in that uncomfortable space of healing the past and growing. Life updates are always good, but comedy is where the party resides. From Monté’s call to stop letting...


Ep. 60: Loud Ass Variants

As summer roars on and we're seemingly headed toward another lockdown, COVID isn't the only thing with rising numbers -- apparently cups of DUMB are running over. For fiirst time in a month,Monté & Toni reconvene to discuss the latest happenings in pop culture. From ignorant rappers and wealthy actors unwilling to bathe themselves or their children and telling us about it to world-class athletes prioritizing their mental health, it's a sh-t-show and apparently we're all invited. The Sibs...


Ep. 59: LEGENDS ONLY (feat. Cookie Chanel from Season 2 of HBO Max's Legendary)

s #pridemonth rolls on, we’re joined by the LEGENDARY Cookie Chanel from the iconic House of Chanel. Fresh off his stint on season two of the hit HBO Max series LEGENDARY, Cookie gives us a crash course in the art of ballroom, and shares his journey to becoming legendary. From early trepidation about executing a dip to learning from losses, Cookie brings the personality and life lessons on this special episode of podcast. To learn more about Cookie Chanel and the House of Chanel, be sure to...


Ep. 58 - Two Weeks Late and a Dollar Short

Ever record something and forget to edit and post it? *scans room* Well, we have. This week, we're catching up and checking in. Under-titty sweat season has arrived, and we're here for it. Plus, the month of June pops severely with PRIDE, Juneteenth, Black Music Month, and the summer solstice. We're obsessed with the new Starz series "Run The World" & Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child book, "Checking In". This episode is filled with plenty of real talk and shenanigans, even if it is "Two...


Bonus: Middle Fingers Up

In this bonus excerpt from episode 57, The Sibs discuss the new A&E documentary on wrestling legend and pop culture phenomenon "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The documentary details his storied career in the squared circle, and how his quest for greatness led to "failures" in other areas of life. Monté & Toni talk the sacrifices for greatness and more in this minisode.


Ep. 57: RESET

Following an unexpected family loss, Monté & Toni return to the mic for an all-new episode of the Outspoken Siblings Podcast. A moment for Grams; Pose recap; Awards show catch-up; Cinco de Mayo; Mother's Day plans; OnlyFans blunders; Luna Baby Holistic Care launch & more. For more information on Luna Baby Holistic Care, visit Follow on IG and Facebook at @lunababyhc }*F...


Ep. 56- Teach Me How to Play Spades

Ep. 56- Teach Me How to Play Spades by The Outspoken Siblings


Ep. 55 - Holidays & Heaux Tales

Happy New Year, MLK Day, Groundhog Day, Black History Month, and any other holiday we've missed since the last time we talked. This week, The Sibs return to unpack the latest happenings in the world of pop culture and more. From The Weeknd's Super Bowl halftime performance to the insurrection on the Capitol and other nonesense. Plus, Black art continues to thrive and deserves its flowers. Luna Baby, Birth & Yoga presents Community Yoga: Vote for...


Ep 54: You Old, Fam

Ahead of Monté's birthday, The Sibs talk growing older and making friends in your 30s, Plus, we're fall down the rabbit hole of Hollywood remakes and other foolishness. Want to give Monté's a birthday love offering? Tip over to the CashApp $mda1219. A gift that jingles ain't your ministry right now? Solid. Share this or any episode with three people. Follow The Sibs on socials. Instagram & Twitter: @outspokensibs


BONUS: The Plot to Cancel Thanksgiving

To Thanksgiving or to not Thanksgiving, that is the question. While recording our last episode, we broke off into a chat about the holiday and how we choose to honor it. It's a tradition, but one we're willing to shatter to create something new. It didn't make the final edit of the episode, but we still wanted to share. Enjoy this bonus minisode from The Sibs.


Ep. 53: Good News

It's a socially distant Thanksgiving for The Sibs -- and we've got a lot to be thankful for. We're talking the Fresh Prince reunion, Megan Thee Stallion's new album, President-elect Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris, COVID's third wave & more. Follow our socials: @outspokensibs on Instagram & Twitter. Email us @ Be sure to rate and subscribe to the pod on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Spreaker or wherever you listen to podcast.


Spoiled Oranges

Election Day is now Election Week. Votes are still being counted, red states are turning blue, and we haven't had a good night's sleep. Wrap it up, beloved! Oh, music is cool, too.


Living with Intent: You good?

Kick off the week with a dose of inspiration from The Sibs. We show strength in many ways - some times it's physical, other times it's emotional. Are you the "strong friend"? The one everyone goes to with their problems? The constant listening ear? The one who always checks in? But who checks in on you? Toni encourages checking in on the "strong friend" because you never know what someone is going through no matter how things may appear. Get into this minisode - Living with Intent: You good?


Ep. 51 - Green Balloon

We're closing season four with an all new episode, inspired by Grammy-nominated group Tank and the Bangas' 2019 album "Green Balloon." In a week filled with many emotions, anger and frustration chief among them, revisiting "Green Balloon" offered a welcomed distraction, and was the catalyst for our discussion on authenticity and the tedious but necessary journey of self-discovery. Also, like many, the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers has left us devastated....


Ep. 50 - More Than 6 Feet

CORONA US ALONE! It's been months since the last time we spoke, and now we're in a pandemic. Oy Vey! But, we're here and making the best of it. On this all new episode, Monté & Toni recap their trip to New Orleans and get you caught up on the last two month as they've been on lockdown. Well, sort of. Music, Harry Potter & porn are keeping Monté afloat, while Toni goes back to her homeschooling roots and tries to keep her sanity. As always, there's a lot to unpack, so sit back, grab a snack,...


Ep. 49 - A Moment for Mamba

It's been a rough week since the tragic and untimely death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, along with eight others including his daughter Gianna. Monté & Toni open the show with a discussion about the tragedy and share how the situation has had an unexpected effect on them. In the show's second half, The Sibs honor the start of Black History Month and recap the Grammys. Plus, PUT SOME RESPECT ON THE NAME OF USHER RAYMOND THE FOURTH! The R&B superstar returned to the Grammys stage to tribute...


Ep. 48 - Layers

A lot has happened since we spoke last week, so let's chat. The Sibs are back with a new episode. This week, we're breaking down some of the hottest headlines. From the Netflix documentary on Aaron Hernandez and pop stars begging for streams to a Grammy's preview and picks for what to watch in your spare time, Monté & Toni peeling back the layers on this all new edition of The Outspoken Siblings Podcast. ICYMI: Episode 47 - Cheers featuring So Fab Kim: Stream The...