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Podgecast Ep 53 - Cut Those Strings

Oof. This is a doozy! We're starting our second year off RIGHT with our longest Podgecast ever. We're sorry it's so crazy long, but it's an important topic. Why do we victimize others? Why do we allow ourselves to be victims? Even worse, why do we MAKE OURSELVES into victims? The book might be 40-years-old, but the ideas are just as important today as they were in the 70's. Break this week's Podgecast into chunks if you have to, but definitely have a listen!


Podgecast Ep 52 - Podgiversary!

Maybe our math is screwy. This is our 52nd week of doing this here little Podgecast. That makes it a year, right? (52 weeks in a year) But our first episode was 9/22/2017... Maybe it's the metric system? Who knows. The point is, this is our "PODGIVERSARY" Podgecast. We talk about where we've been, where we're going and the process it took to get here today! Thank you for joining us on the journey so far!


Podgecast Ep 51 - Into The Hoods

Finally got to see BlackkKlansman and decided we needed to talk about it on the Podgecast. It's a powerful film, funny and nerve-wracking and guess what? THE STORY IS TRUE! Christina and John talk about connections to the themes in the film... gotta be careful with the hashtags on this one!


Podgecast Ep 50 - Breakdown of a System

What makes a system? Why do we adhere to so many? What is the reason these systems hang on for so long? Why do we allow it? Christina and John discuss how systems affect all of us whether we realize it or not.


Podgecast Ep 49 - Salem

A super short trip to Salem was had - only we could squeeze a two week vacation into a three day/two night road trip. It was all about history, art, food, witches, literature, walking, museums, shopping, fancy drinks, seafood and trying to navigate a vacation with two kids, an old man and a dog. Oh yeah, we brought our unique spin to the trip as well, because nothing is simple with us. Come and feel all the feels with us, won't you!


Podgecast Ep 48 - (Naughy by) Nature Vs Nurture

Psych 101 - What makes us? Nature or Nurture? This week's Podgecast explores the ideas of what makes a person in today's world. Using a new documentary as a jump off - the amazing film, THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS - about triplets separated at birth Christina and John bat around ideas about what makes a person who he or she is. Join the discussion, see the film, and ask yourself... what exactly makes you YOU!


Podgecast Ep 47 - Make Americana Great Again

Americana is defined as, "things associated with the culture and history of America, especially the United States." To most people, the idea of Americana is quaint, cute and a part of our shared heritage. On the other side, to many, it's sinister, bullying, dark and intimidating. But it's accepted because of "NOSTALGIA." This is the way things are done and it shouldn't change. Christina, John and Podgecast guest Mark discuss this dark side of Americana.


Podgecast Ep 46 - Intention, Please!

SHORT PODGECAST ALERT! Yes, this one is only ONE HOUR! We are right in the middle of a new meditation series which led to a big discussion the other day. This new episode is not about meditation (we covered that already...go back if you missed it- Podgecast Ep 27 - Sit Back and OMMMMMMM!). This one is about scarcity, abundance, self worth and how our belief systems change everything! Also, did we mention it’s ONLY ONE HOUR!


Podgecast Ep 43 - Chairman of the Board

Our good friend Mark pays us a visit to talk all about his addiction to board games. How he takes normal "meeples" the boring, single color figures that comes with most games, and turns them into miniature works of art. No crying in this Podgecast, guaranteed!


Podgecast Ep 42.5 - Remembering Dave

You may have remembered hearing about our friend Dave DeRosa in the Podgecast. He was supposed to visit on Friday, July 6. (We were hoping to talk him into recording a Podgecast WITH us!) He died Wednesday, July 4. We're trying to wrap our brains around this sudden, tragic loss. He was John's oldest friend, they've known each other since age 4. Coming off our topics of "Finding Your Peeps" and "Friends" we thought it fitting to include him in this recent theme with this bonus, SPECIAL...


Podgecast Ep 42 - Enemies over Friends

One would think an innocuous, sweet show about friendship would bring two people together... In this house, that was not the case. Christina, Ms. Sunshine and Rainbows, embraced the silliness and sweetness of the show while John, Mr. Crankypants, begrudgingly sat through the entire 10 seasons of the series in one year. (He freely admits, a moderate percentage of those episodes were spent napping...) Listen as we have a “spirited” discussion about Friends.


Podgecast Ep 41 - Finding Your Peeps

Why do families have to be our "peeps?" The only thing that brings us together? People's ages, jobs, lifestyles, families, philosophies are different but you know when your vibe matches up with someone else's. This is when you know you've found "your people." Listen as we discuss our paths to FIND OUR PEEPS!


Podgecast Ep 40 - What Makes Us Cry

Oof. Who's idea was this??? Christina and John - taking a page from the amazing CRYBABIES podcast (which has sadly shut down) - talk about what makes us cry. How many times can adults cry on a podcast? If this were a drinking game and you took a drink every time we cried, you'd be DRUNK!


Podgecast Ep 39 - Adventures In Air

When the ability to travel is limited, what do we do? Go nowhere? HECK NO! We find the way to travel, even if it's discovering a town that's a half hour away! Listen as Christina and John talk about their Adventures In Air(bnb).


Podgecast Ep 38 - Smashing Pedestals

Here's another one of society's awful constructs. The pedestal. Why are people still on them? Why haven't we smashed the hell out of them? Why do we put them on there in the first place? It's time to dust off that wooden baseball bat and get to smashing!


Podgecast Ep 37 - The Sixth Borough

Why did we move from the Bronx to the Poconos? Christina and John talk about all the reasons there was such a migration from NYC to The Poconos over the last 30 years.


Podgecast Ep 36 - The Parable Of The Broken Chair

Didn't think it was possible to record a Podgecast based on buying a replacement chair, did you? Well, we proved YOU wrong! Leave it to Christina and John to turn replacing a broken office chair into a series of life lessons.


Podgecast Ep 35 - Dark Side Of The Mom

The handwritten and colored cards are adorning the refrigerator. You’ve worn your macaroni art necklace. And you’ve accepted your chore coupon, which, let’s be honest, will never get redeemed. Motherhood is truly a miracle. But there’s another side. A dark side. In The Dark Side of the Mom, Christina and John talk about the darker, far less glamorous side of the world’s most thankless job.


Podgecast Ep 34 - A Conversation with Dr. Sandy

Dr. Sandra Eckard,(Sandy, to her friends!) a professor at East Stroudsburg University, hung out in the basement and talked with us about everything from our beloved local theater, to women on film to the #metoo movement... and especially about our mutual love of pop culture (and how best to bring that geekiness into the classroom.)


Podgecast Ep 33 - The Skinny on the Fat

We started off as two scrawny kids in the Bronx. We didn’t stay that way though. Have a listen to one of our most vulnerable podcasts as we discuss food, health, childhood stress, societal pressures, weight loss surgery, emotional eating, body changes after babies and why we hope to dump it all and be our true selves. Grab a donut and “get the skinny” on the fat.