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Actress, writer, comedian and producer Nicky Sunshine joins host Gina Savage in the red room for The Red Light Podcast Redux to talk about her upcoming solo show at Broadway Comedy Club "Confessions of a Massage Madame" and her reality show "A Question of Love" with comedian Jamie Roberts. Sunshine opens up about her early years as a performer, her decade long stint earning big money in the massage business, role playing for the government & more! There are a lot of confessions about men...


The Red Light Podcast Redux Episode 94a INSIDE YOU with Heather Fink

The Red Light Podcast Redux returns with host Gina Savage and guest --writer, director & star of INSIDE YOU--Heather Fink This is Heather's first feature film although she has directed over 35 short films! INSIDE YOU is a romantic comedy about a couple that switch bodies after the use of a magical sex toy! Inside You will be screened at the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema on August 6th and will officially premiere later this year! We talk comedy, filmmaking, women as heroes and even gay...


Episode 92 "Are We Trapped ? "with JC Best & Princess Dina Marie

JC Best & Princess Dina Marie Martin of TransTalkRadio join host Gina Savage of The Red Light Podcast Redux to discuss all things #trans #trump and if we are #trapped PLUS #freedomofspeech #snl & more!


Episode 91 Yuletide with Yamaneika (Part1)

Comic Yamaneika Saunders joins host Gina Savage for Episode 91 of #theredlightpodcastredux to talk #trump, #tipping, #bingeing, #backstabbing + the #holidays of course! #ginasavage #yamaneikasaunders #comedy #sex


Episode 91 Yuletide with Yamaneika (part2)

Comic Yamaneika Saunders joins host Gina Savage for episode 91 of #theredlightpodcastredux to talk #trump, #tipping, #bingeing, #backstabbing + the #holidays of course!


Episode 90 HOT LUNCH with Stacey Prussman

#theredlightpodcastredux host Gina Savage sits with down with actress/comedian Stacey Prussman to discuss hot topics of the, trump, sex, vaginas and more!


Episode 89 Attitude & Gratitude with Mattern, Savage & Breen!

Host Gina Savage meets with comics Alli Breen (Fox's RedEye, Forbes Podcast, Gotham Live) and James L. Mattern (Garbage Time with Katie Nolan and soon-to-be seen on Kevin Hart Presents LOL Live) for a conversation on all things comedy, sex, alcohol and gratitude & Thanksgiving!!!


Episode 88 of The Red Light Podcast Redux: IT'S MILLER TIME with Christy Miller!

Actress/Comedian Gina Savage hosts The Red Light Podcast Redux for it's first LIVE Facebook Broadcast with today's guest comedian Christy Miller! Miller is a regular at The Comedy Store and The Broadway Comedy Club & opened for Paul Mooney (12 years) and Andrew Dice Clay! She's also a roller derby queen--#45 "Bitchie Slambora" for the Manhattan Mayhem of Gotham Girls Roller Derby in NYC. Miller has also appeared on "The Best Damn Sports Show, Period" on Fox! Always outspoken, expect the...


Episode 87 Fearless and Funny with Sherry Davey

After a 3 week hiatus, The Red Light Podcast Redux returns with host Gina Savage and comedian Sherry Davey ( COMEDY CENTRAL, NICKMOM NITE OUT, FOX NEWS' RED EYE, TOUGH CROWD WITH COLIN QUINN). You're in for a comedic and brutally honest conversation about standup, women in comedy, motherhood, mental illness, autism, men, motivation and more! Don't miss it! Special thanks to AMarie Castillo, George Diaz & The Broadway Comedy Club. Follow Gina Savage on Twitter @savageinthecity or @RedlightNYC


Ep. 86 Boy Scout, Bad Boy, Bagels & Baklava" with Greg "The Greek" Kritikos

Comic, actor, writer producer Greg "The Greek" Kritikos joins host Gina Savage for this week's Red Light Podcast Redux. Originally from Greece, Kritikos came to United States with his parents at the tender age of seven. Oddly, his family moved to the only neighborhood in a Astoria that was predominately Irish and Italian. Being the only Greek in the 'hood, sooner or later this Boy Scout (who was bullied about) was bound to become a bad boy. In this episode Kritikos shares how he overcame...


Episode 85 Podcast: The Podcast with Anthony Kapfer

Anthony Kapfer is a comedian, musician, cartoonist, filmmaker, author and narcissist... and he is also friend to host Gina Savage! In this episode, Kapfer talks cartoons, crying kids, accidents, women and BOOK: THE BOOK! Pre-order Book: The Book at Download, listen, share, subscribe! Special thanks to George Diaz and The Broadway Comedy Club!


Episode 84 A BODY OF WORK with Kaytlin Bailey

Kaytlin Bailey can currently be seen in her one woman show "Cuntagious" at this year's New York Fringe Festival. For tickets go to In this episode, Kaytlin sits down with host Gina Savage at New York City's Broadway Comedy Club to discuss her unique road to stand up. Born to a military father and a hippie liberal mom, this exceptional student fantasized about becoming a courtesan. Being entrepreneurial at a young age and with natural curiosity, Bailey became a...


Episode 83 The Hope Of The Hood with Petey DeAbreu

Petey DeAbreu grew up on the gritty streets of the "Boogie Down" Bronx. This naturally funny kid took to a life of petty crimes, lived large in Miami, lost it all and became a stand out stand-up. He sits down with host Gina Savage at NY's Broadway Comedy Club and comically and positively shares his experiences!


Episode 82 Cajones with Cory Kahaney

This week on The Red Light Podcast Redux, veteran stand-up comic Cory Kahaney joins host Gina Savage at Broadway Radio Networks at Broadway Comedy Club in NYC! Kahaney had appeared on America's Got Talent, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central Presents: Cory Kahaney, The View, Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Late Show with David Letterman & more! In this episode, we cover calculated risks, crafting jokes and the cojones it takes to have a...


Episode 81 Action & Aliens with Frank Vignola

Comedian Frank Vignola (Comedy Central, Just For Laughs Festival, "Game Night" & "Tilting at Windmills") joins Gina Savage at NYC's Broadway Comedy Club for a spirited conversation on comedy, politics, aliens, conspiracy theories, sobriety, God & Science. Follow @RedlightNYC on Twitter & Gina Savage @savageinthecity on Twitter. Special thanks to Al Martin & The Broadway Comedy, George Diaz & Jim Vern!


Episode 80 The Journey & The Jokes with Subhah Agarwal

A comedy career was something Subhah's Indian parents thought was going to be a hobby! Surprise! Going on her 10th year (and considered to be one of the hardest working comics out there), hear how she got her folks to take her to her first open mic, worked crazy jobs, got attacked and made her mark on the comedy scene when she sits down with Red Light's Gina Savage! Special thanks to George Diaz for sound engineering, Al Martin & Broadway Comedy Radio!


Episode 80 The Journey & The Jokes with Subhah Agarwal.

The Journey & The Jokes with Subhah Agarwal.


Episode 79 Pennies to Punchlines with Mike Jacobs

Comedian Mike Jacobs had very humble beginnings but always maintained his sense of humor. Ultimately, Mike would land on Wall Street - so naturally he would end up with a stand up comedy career! Mike has appeared at the prestigious Boston Comedy Festival, Carolines Comedy Final Four, a laugh-off of NYC's top comedians, The Stand Up 360 Festival, is a favorite at Broadway Comedy Club and he begins his 3rd year touring with the legendary comedian Richard Lewis (Curb Your Enthusiasm). Tune in...


Episode 78 Not So Secret with Emma Willmann!

This week, Gina Savage sits down with comedian Emma Willmann of SiriusXM's The Check Spot, AXSTV's Gotham Comedy Live, OXYGEN, Investigation Discovery Channel & more! We go the gamut in this episode! From wicked stepmothers, to scary houses in Maine, to comedy management, to NACA, to abortion, to coming out, to our ignorance of current affairs and more! Don't miss it! Download, listen, share and subscribe to The Red Light Podcast Redux (RLPR) on #itunes! You can hear the RLPR every Tuesday...