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Episode 67 Y'NEVANO with Wali Collins

Simply put, comedian, actor, writer, producer and author Wali Collins is one of our favorite dudes! He's appeared on ‪#‎Letterman‬ ‪#‎TheView‬ ‪#‎ComicsUnleashed‬ ‪#‎ComedyCentral‬ #ToughCrowd #MTV #VH1 & countless other shows!!! Collins was described by ‪#‎TheHuffingtonPost‬ as "a comedian to watch!" He's also a comedian to listen to. In this episode, he'll tell you about: The Children of Do, why Y'NEVANO and just who is #EstherHicks!? You can hear #theredlightpodcastredux every Tues at 8pm...


Episode 66 Victor Cruz-ing To The Top!

How do I know that guy??? You've seen him on ‪#‎thesopranos‬ ‪#‎lawandorder‬ ‪#‎bluebloods‬ ‪#‎thetakingofpelham123‬ ‪#‎theblacklist‬ & the soon to be released film ‪#‎thestockroom‬ as well as comedy clubs nationwide!!! Victor Cruz is a writer, director, producer, actor and comedian...and he's everywhere! In Ep. 66, we talk #thebronx #puertorico, #boricua, #comedy, #nicolascage #guru's, #thestockroom #facingfears and who is the kid on the cup? ;) You can hear The Red Light Podcast Redux...


Episode 65 Canadians Are Nice, Comics Are Narcissists and Campaign 2016 Is Crazy with Daniel Tirado

Join Daniel Tirado (Montreal's Just For Laughs, AXS TV's Gotham Live) and Gina Savage of The Red Light Podcast Redux as we ponder - Why #Canadians are so nice and ask why are #comedians #narcissistic? Also, why is #campaign2016 so crazy? Hear why #TracyMorgan loves his name and get some sound stand up advice! ;) You can hear The Red Light Podcast Redux every Tuesday at 8pm on and you can follow us on #twitter @RedlightNYC! Subscribe on #itunes for free! As always, thanks to...


Episode 64 Say Hello To My Little Friend - Literally! With Angel Salazar and Christy Miller

Comedians Angel Salazar (Scarface) and Christy Miller (opener for Paul Mooney & Andrew "Dice" Clay) join us for Ep. 64 of The Red Light Podcast Redux! From #Cuba to #Comedy to #Scarface and beyond, Angel comes clean...well, sort of. Christy Miller shares how they met and uncovers what's going on in the basement (she also serves as interpreter) but that's another story! We talk #AlPacino, #Accents #YeYo, #TMZ, $31 and Angel's brush with the law! As alway, Thanks to Al Martin and The Broadway...


Episode 63 UNLADYLIKE with Irene Bremis!

Irene Bremis joins us this week to discuss being #unladylike, #masturbation, her web series #PlanB, saying "no", #Greeks, #democracy, #donaldtrump, #donalddrumpf and whether or not he has Asperger's! Bremis is an actress, writer, director, standup and radio host. She performs throughout the country and has been heard on #siriusxm, #opieandanthony and #unitedstationsradio! Check her out at: You can hear the The Red Light Podcast Redux every Tuesday at 8pm on!...


Episode 62 Stripping Stand-up and Spitzer

Standup comic Felicia Michaels joins Gina Savage in the red room and sheds light on her life as an army brat, stripper, comedian, writer, director, photographer, mother and self-described bullshitter! We also weigh in on #DonaldTrump and #EliotSpitzer. For a soft spoken comic she's actually NOT! Turn on The Red Light and also check out Felicia at: Dont forget! You can hear The Red Light Podcast every Tues at 8pm on and subscribe to The Red Light...



How did a kid from the bronx become a dentist that drove a pimpmobile, later wind up meeting Woody Allen, writing for Rodney Dangerfield, Jerry Lewis, Joan Rivers (and more!) also break bread with with Salvador Dali? Find out when The Red Light Podcast answers the question: Who the f*uk is Jeffrey Gurian? We also talk of a shared love of #spoons #spirituality and #snl! #comedymatters #makeemlaugh #filthyfunnyandtotallyoffensive #thefriarsclub #comedy #standup Please subscribe to The Red...


Episode 60 From 8-Tracks to Tracking Down a Story with Bari Alyse

Episode 60 barely scratched the surface of all the things that comic, actress, writer/producer and all around renaissance woman Bari Alyse could talk about! Alyse has fascinating stories of her comedy life & her ascent as writer and producer on such shows as: The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show, The Richard Bey Show, The Carnie Wilson Show, The Montel Williams Show, Bethenny and Comedy Nation with John Fugelsang just to name a few!!! You'll hear all about that plus how Bari chased down a story (for...


Episode 59 Comedy Cosby Capuchin Monkeys and Foot Prostitution with Stacey Prussman

What's hotter than two women talking about comedy and foot porn? I guess you'll have to join Stacey Prussman & Gina Savage for Ep. 59 of The Red Light Podcast Redux to find out! Prussman is a radio host, actress, standup & public speaker (an award winning, keynote speaker on eating disorders) who has been heard on the Howard Stern Show, The Anthony Cumia Show and several other broadcasts on SiriusXM including: The Bennington Show and John Fugelsang’s, “Tell me Everything.” Stacey is also a...


Episode 58 Keeping It Real with Prophet Teddy

Comedian Teddy "Prophet Teddy" Smith has performed standup in comedy clubs throughout the country, opened for the Isley Brothers at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, received a standing ovation at The Apollo Theater, has appeared on television on Gotham Comedy Live & Comedy Central and, recently, been featured on SiriusXM's "Tell Me Everything" with John Fugelsang! In this episode we cover #comedy, following your #dreams, #jokethieves, #sex, #marriage, #divorce, #trump, #palin, #weiner,...


Episode 57 ONE FUNNY BROAD with Janice Messitte

Janice Messitte is a veteran standup and one funny broad! You might've seen her on Letterman & Conan and she's also appeared on Comedy Central. She's also known for a spot on impression of Joan Rivers. Currently, Janice can be seen in the indie film Backseat! In episode 57, Janice sits down with Gina Savage in the red room for a look back at her career, the business of comedy, the loss of her husband (a police officer) and how she's managed to go from laughter to tears and back again! As...



Dante returns for Part 2 of our interview! More #sex, #politics, #news, #crime, #drugs #elchapo #seanpenn, #leonardodicaprio #davidbowie #art, #comedy #jokethieves #dickjokes. Tune in. Hear #theredlightpodcastredux every Tues at 8pm on Follow us @RedlightNYC on #twitter and please subscribe for free on #iTunes. As always, thanks to Al Martin, The Broadway Comedy Club & Jim Vern for sound engineering.


Episode 55 Stupid Idiots with Dave Juskow & Chris Murphy

You don't know Dave Juskow? Well, you're in for a treat! He's a comic's comic, an enigma of sorts and most definitely a troublemaker. He's an actor and writer, known for Turbocharge: The Unauthorized Story of The Cars, Hit and Runway, TV Funhouse, Men of a Certain Age and The Sarah Silverman Program just to name a few. He's also lovably annoying. Chris Murphy is on hand to keep him in line --as he's often done throughout their friendship. We have no doubt this episode will be a classic for...


Episode 54 Pt. 1 Big Pimping & Ho Ho Ho-ing for the Holidays with Dante Nero

Brooklyn born Dante Nero is a fascinating character. Nero dabbled in various fields before turning to comedy. He earned a fencing scholarship to SUNY New Paltz, studied Bio Engineering, worked at a phone company, served as a bouncer, an exotic dancer & pimp! In 2001, Dante turned to stand up comedy. Working with Tracy Morgan and Mike Epps, he quickly made a name for himself! Dante co-hosted The Black Phillip Show with Patrice O’Neal, a relationship advice show on Sirius XM Radio and now he...


Episode 53 It rhymes with "aping" with Chris Murphy

Episode 53 with Chris Murphy has nothing to do with anything really that rhymes with "ape" or "aping". This was a cheap ploy to get your attention. What this episode is is a conversation with my friend who has been in the comedy business over 20 years! Chris Murphy began his career at #theoriginalimprov and worked with the likes of #daveattell and #colinquinn. He has worked all over the country, appeared on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, The Artie Lange Show and more. Murphy can be seen...


Episode 52 Stand up StarTalk & Dict Jokes with Leighann Lord

Comedian and author Leighann Lord has appeared on Girls Night Out, HBO's Def Jam, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, The View, #VH1, #FoxNews, #MSNBC & More! She's also the author of DICT JOKES (Vol. 1 & 2) and is the co-host of the #StarTalk podcast with Neil deGrasse Tyson! She's demure and soft spoken but she packs a comedic punchline that'll knock you right out of the galaxy. Topics: #comedy #feminism #atheism, #God, #guns, #startalk, #lingeriecomedyshows & more! Download, listen, share...


Episode 51 COMEDY HUMANITY AND FARTS with Brian Scolaro

Brian Scolaro is simply one of the most clever and original stand-ups working today! He has appeared on Conan, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Comics Unleashed, The Kroll Show, Mad Men, Sullivan & Sons, Bones, The Middle...just to name a few! He regularly headlines comedy clubs throughout the country and has his own HILARIOUS podcast - aptly titled THIS IS MY PODCAST which can be heard on itunes and soundcloud! In a word, THIS episode is FUN! Enjoy! Follow @RedlightNYC on Twitter and...


Episode 50 Taking a Stand & Talking Stand-up with Dean Edwards

Dean Edwards is a multi talented stand-up comic and impressionist who is a former SNL cast member, has appeared on Comedy Central, Comics Unleashed and in numerous film and TV roles! In Ep. 50, Gina Savage interviews her long time friend (20 yrs) and they cover the ‪#‎bronx‬ #‎billcosby ‪#‎bigots‬ ‪#‎broadwaycomedyclub‬ Dean's days on ‪#‎SNL‬ #weed #sobriety ‪#‎donaldtrump‬ to ‪#‎refugees‬ and more! Don't miss it! Subscribe for free on ‪#‎itunes‬ to hear all episodes at: The Red Light...


Episode 49 READ THE BOOK, GEEN with Marla Schultz

Comedian Marla Schultz - as seen on Comics Unleashed, Girls Behaving Badly, E! Entertainment, Fox's Redeye could very well be your lifestyle coach! She was picked on, picked up and (dare I be corny?) she pulled through! She's toured wit Chelsea Handler and she wants you to READ THE BOOK (find out which one) and she might also gift you leopard pants. Download, listen, share! Subscribe for free on #itunes at The Red Light Podcast Redux and follow @RedlightNYC on Twitter. As always, thanks to...


Episode 48 Happiness Is A Choice with Sean Lynch

Comedian Sean Lynch joins The Red Light Podcast Redux! With unabashed honesty, Lynch talks about his early success as a playwright and standup, his decline after the events of 9/11 and the crazy relationship that spawned 2 great screenplays! You'll also discover that wearing an eye patch can get you laid! Sean Lynch - comedian & writer, voice over artist and editor at MTV (for 20 yrs). He is also the winner for Best Director at the International Film Festival for "Game Night" and...