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The Red Menace is a comedy news podcast, where we talk about all the weird and fun local news stories we can find. We also make jokes sometimes. Listen to Allison and Chris try to make each other laugh every Monday.

The Red Menace is a comedy news podcast, where we talk about all the weird and fun local news stories we can find. We also make jokes sometimes. Listen to Allison and Chris try to make each other laugh every Monday.
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Sydney, New South Wales


The Red Menace is a comedy news podcast, where we talk about all the weird and fun local news stories we can find. We also make jokes sometimes. Listen to Allison and Chris try to make each other laugh every Monday.






21 - O.C.

No, we're not gonna tell you why the episode is called that. It's a secret that you'll find out by listening the whole way through. We talk about a very naughty dog, name a cassowary, learn about New Zealand discrimination, find the police on Tinder, fight with PETA, and hear about the worst new music. It's a good'n.


20 - COW

You knew it was coming, and here is it: this week we talk about large cow. We also talk about some other funny stuff like mullet club, whether bangs (like Allison's) are okay, Aragorn's greasy mane, improvised Home Alone traps, and a regular-sized snake. If we're all being honest with each other though, we're here for large cow. Praise large cow.


19 - Cubee Doobee Do It

This week we talk about the best new Netflix movies, a really lame shark attack, medical Batman, our new cube overlords, the best kids TV show ever, Gwyneth Paltrow's clip-on bidet, a V8 mobility scooter, Hasbro's best new murder toy, and a really lovely story about dogs. Enjoy!


18 - Flush the Onesie

In this week's episode we give our exclusive review of the new Fantastic Beasts movie, talk about a real life Grand Theft Auto character, process our feelings about having red hair, think about which animal we'd steal from a zoo, learn about a very phallic statue, debate corporate onion ethics, and finally give a comprehensive guide to music festivals. Spoilers: don't wear a onesie. Links The Statue: The Closer:...


17 - Kiwi Egg

This is probably our weirdest episode yet. It's just weird tangent and imagined world over and over, one after the other. We talk about our daggy-dad Prime Minister, a rock that starts its own emo band, a very blunt child, an aerial-dildo attack, whether we can buy Ben Mendelsohn's leg, then take an adventure to New Zealand to figure out if Kiwi birds and Kiwi fruits are related. It's nuts. Funny? Maybe... Definitely weird though...


16 - Herbs and Spices Adaptor

This week we talk about the ghost mile-high club, the KFC of the future, Yelp vandalism, a just very bad headline, adorable wallaby rescues, debut a new spooky segment, and whether or not it's okay to murder someone over spoilers. There are lots of cool stories and lots of barely-connected tangents into dumb jokes. Enjoy! Also, fair warning, there are a fair few audio glitches in the recording this week. We discovered it too late to fix it and have edited around them as much as possible. We...


15 - Halloween Spooktacular!

This week we're doing something a little different - our first themed episode! To celebrate Halloween, instead of talking about news stories, we're instead discussing articles about Australian ghosts and ghouls that we found on the web. We talk about haunted streets, haunted roads, LGBT psychic powers, the rules for ghosts, exciting haunted objects on ebay, and ghost-hunter dating opportunities. This episode runs pretty long, but it's a special occasion, so we're giving you extra...


14 - #SausageGate

This week we talk about the Royals' weather-control powers, starting a career as a celebrity impersonator, whether it's okay to eat roadkill, paranormal marine rescue, a motivational rooster, the new bill of sausage rights, and a literally naked butcher. There are a lot of accents in this episode. They're not great.


13 - Predator is Gay Culture

This week we discuss the world's most sensual murderous alien, get hoaxed by Russian fake news, unearth what aeroplane pilots don't want you to know, figure out how to grift an ambulance, think about investing in a hotel, fangirl/boy about Shannon Noll, then spend the final 20 minutes of the show talking almost exclusively about snakes. You really get the whole spectrum of our "great" country in this one. Enjoy!


12 - Carp Sextape

This week's action-packed, thrilling topics include being a "redhead at heart", the rodeo cowhide drag, sexy police gear, modern hunting, self-vampirism, carp porn, and praying for McDonalds. Such variety! So diverse! Do you like it? Please love us...


11 - Glass Cake for Men

This week's topics include radioactive fruit, manly glass-filled cake, a flood of wine, a rain of eels, the solution to manspreading, wholesome prank calls, the legality of horse poo, and our new favourite band Eggsac. It's just as dumb as it sounds. You're welcome. Gross eel photos available here:


10 - Alien Meat by Nandos

This week got a teensy bit off the rails... We start out talking about reasonable topics like a peacock infestation, and a very pretentious film critic, but before long we're chatting about Johnny English 3, a nudity license, Nandos protecting Area 51, and the best way to make love to spiders. It's what could be described as "gleefully profane", so take from that what you will.


9 - Flesh Texture

This week we talk about the number you dial to get weed, a bad video about dogs, a ‘Logistics and Agribusiness Hub’, time-travelling cow murderers, bionic sex, a cursed goat, the Freemasons taking over the countryside, and Australia’s best ‘big thing’. It’s a jam-packed episode, since the local news gods have blessed us. Enjoy!


8 - Eat the Big Banana

This week we talk about a malicious, criminal pooper, the spinny space tree, Tim Minchin's suspicious ticket sales, "begpacking", street art made of garbage, the most overrated tourist attractions, and whether the Newcastle city council manager feels like a big boy. Fair warning, we spend most of the tourist attractions bit talking in accents that make us sound like we're from Gossip Girl, so we apologise for that...


7 - Personal Desalinator

This week's topics include an update on the bird conspiracy, toilet sitting techniques, pretzel mac and cheese, accidentally ending the world, the sexiest speeding fine, a man not fit to sell real estate, and a genuinely heartwarming tale about a boy and his teddy. It's a wild one that goes to a lot of different places, and we hope you like it!


6 - SHopwgrounds

This week we talk about getting plagiarized, negging ads, mammoth snakes, Bob Katter's crocodie duel, unpopular buses, The Maze Runner for some reason, a friendly robbery, and super-chill skydivers. Somehow all of these started with news stories. Honestly it's getting a little ridiculous.


5 - Block Ponther

This week we discuss illegal garbage sorting, prepping for the avocado doomsday, our best friend Kendrick Lamar, 'losing' your wife, very smelly cows, aerial beverages, some very suspicious fires, and the daddy heirarchy of darts. This episode is jam packed full of a lot of ridiculous stuff, and we hope you enjoy it! Apologies for the slight echo on the audio this week; TPG screwed us and we had to change our recording setting at short notice. We will be back up to our usual standard next...


4 - A Murder Most Fowl

In this week's episode we talk about a very special baby, the worst carry-on luggage ever, an impossible heist, farmer discrimination, and then we spend the rest of the show constructing a needlessly elaborate conspiracy theory about celebrity birds being murdered by an international corporation. Take from that what you will. Some will say we're paranoid. Some will say we've crossed a line. However, some - those really in the know - will say we've cracked this damned case wide open!


TRAILER - The Red Menace

A short preview of the kind of wacky hijinks new listeners can expect when listening to the full episodes of the show. Apologies to existing fans - feel free to ignore this. iTunes wanted us to have a proper trailer.


3 - Ocean's Three

This episode got a little bit wild everybody... We were both kinda sick whilst recording and now you can enjoy that literally feverish energy! We talk about burning a racist monument, long-distance farm friends, the human mating season, an aquatic heist, the Jeep NRA, new-media council meetings, and the fact that Yass is the best town in Australia. Enjoy! And Mum, I'm sorry for all the nasty words.