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The Ryan Lever Podcast Show Episode 7

In new episode Krystal, just released from jail, gave Gonzo Podcasts an exclusive interview!


The Ryan Lever Podcast Show Episode 6

On this episode Ryan is looking the healthiest we've seen him since the show first aired & one has to wonder if it has to do with Ryan's friend, Gay Redden being there at Ry's with him? The show and it's hosts are high energy tonight as we say bye for now to K, who will be in jail for the next 2 weeks, we learn that the Ryan Lever Show will be on hiatus until K returns, and then we THROW THAT BOY PUSSY! Special guest Fly Young Red, who is an openly gay rapper who's controversial and...


The Ryan Lever Podcast Show Episode 5

Tonight on The Ryan Lever Show w/K, Ryan looks like he's baked out of his mind but swears he's not and K is topless! First topic of discussion is the huge UFO looking thing seen in the phoenix sky back in December. Ryan and K review video of the object and invite the aliens on the ship to call in. An alien calls in....but he was an illegal alien so the mystery remains unsolved. Pittsburgh Pete surprises Ryan and K with a call to say hello and rip Jeff, the producer, a new asshole. AWKWARD....


The Ryan Lever Podcast Show Episode 4

On tonight's show, K interviews Ryan and we learn about his childhood and how he developed into the crazy ass motherfucker he is today. The interview is interrupted by a retard in a wheelchair known as "Chad" who yells at K to remove her her teeth repeatedly like retard. Because, he's retarded. Danny from LA was especially Mexican with his antics as he continuously contacted Ryan, knocking him off the show. As if this shit show could any worse, K come through with her shitty technical...


The Ryan Lever Podcast Show Episode 3

On tonight's show Ryan and K debut their new intro and tell everyone they are celebrating 3 years of friendship tonight! To celebrate, they agreed to live the other's life for the day. Which, explains K's weird behavior...she lived like Lever and got stoned while Lever admits he gave a few hand jobs! The two take a trip down memory lane and watch a parody K did of one of Lever's stunt videos. Highlight of the show goes to Wendy the Retard calls in from some other universe and planet Mars...


The Ryan Lever Podcast Show Episode 2

On tonight's show Lever is joined by co-host K and Ryan talks about why Alex Jones...aka Bill out to get him then Ry gets a call from his buddy Jay. Gonzo calls in and welcomes Ryan Lever to the network & someone calls in to hack up a lung until K 'accidentally' hangs up on him. K starts asking Ryan about nanoparticles and smart dust after a caller warned Ryan that Alex Jones was coming for him again. Monotone Matt calls in to spew abusive words at K, ALEX JONES HIMSELF calls in...


The Ryan Lever Podcast Show Episode 1

Ryan Lever Episode 1 Pilot