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Things to Consider When Considering Retirement

We shouldn’t have to think so hard about it- We Have Earned it…But, Planning for, and Timing our Retirement takes Some Work, and Balls of Steel… Getting Old Is Not For Wimps….It is a War Zone, and only the Strong and Well Informed Survive…. Let’s have a bit of fun though, as we Figure out the Process… As Always, Thanks For Dropping by…


Parenting-Did We Do it Better Then, or Do Today's Parents Rock it?

Today, We will Discuss Parenting, and how we did, compared to how they do it now. As is often the case, the Sarcastic Seniors Joined in with their opinions, making for a great discussion. Brian will also share a commentary on Parenting…. Then, Lisa, Starts a New Segment “Stump The Idiot”, With Brian Being the subject.. This gets truly interesting…stick around, we plan on making it a weekly giggle… Thanks for joining in…


Hardbody or Hashbrowns, and Other Things the Younguns Don't Understand

Tuesday April 17th, 2018 Today’s Show-“Hardbody or Hashbrowns Dilemna”, and other things the young’uns cannot understand” This Show, Like Many of them, Comes together, with the help of our 3500 “ Producers” on the FB page. They are always eager to discuss any relevant topic to us Sarcastic Seniors, and We are Very grateful to them. We Also Get Topic Feedback from our Resident Health Expert- Dr Newt Trition Then in the Second Half of the Show, We discuss those things, that we remember in...


"Sex in the City" For Seniors... Do We Still Love It?

Join Us For This Special Episode About a Topic That Gives Us Opinions, One Way or Another- SEX! These 3 Little Letters have so Much Power in our Relationships When We are Young- Does That Still Hold True as We Age? You Might Be “Pleasure”-Ly Surprised…. J Sex and Intimacy as We Age- That is Our Topic for Discussion. We will share not only our Personal Thoughts, but also the Conversation from Our Facebook Page. And, as We Wind Down, Brian Will Share His New Song “Sex, Sex, Sex” Thanks For...


The Sarcastic Seniors Get Sappy and Sentimental- At least Brian Does

Brian Leads us on a heartfelt journey, as he discovers what are those things that tend to make us sentimental and sappy… Our FB page folks, had a lot to say on the subject.. He is definitely the more sentimental of the two of us, and at times during the show, a cardiologist may have wondered, “Does that Lisa even have a heart?” Its there, just covered with a protective layer of sarcasm… Thanks to Brian, for jumping in the deep end of the pool on this one…


What The Whippersnappers Need To Know

What the Whippersnappers NEED to know…. Again, Our Wonderful FB page directed, and produced this episode… Their Wisdom and Knowledge is something we ALL could learn from.. How do the generations learn FROM and ABOUT each other… Here it is, in the Listener’s Digest, Condensed version. And, we have a new Sponsor- Future Glimpse Virtual Reality for Seniors….We all need these glasses… Thank you all for Joing, and for Contributing…We make the Journey Fun!


Spring Has Sprung And 1st day of Spring Through the Years...

Let Brian and Lisa Help you Celebrate all that Spring means, after a Long Winter.. Then, they will take you back to the Listeners all-time favorite years, and the music that was playing on the first day of spring in those years. The Soar into Spring Challenge has ended, but the results were amazing… Us Seniors Rocked the World with Random Acts of Kindness… There will be sarcasm, laughter, and fun….


Romper Room For Geriatrics- Growing UP IS Optional!

We start out Bald, Wrinkly, Toothless, and Wearing a Diaper.. And, we are pretty apt to end up that way… Might as well laugh about it… Join Brian and Lisa as they share their aging boofas, as well as those brave volunteers from the Facebook Group.. And, Even Get Entertained by Dr Seuss…. And, we also welcome our newest Sponsor “Paint Me Young”, by Fountain of Youth, LTD It’s always a Good Day, When We can Share a lil Time with YOU!!!


Our Guilty and Not so Guilty Pleasures- What We Need to Thrive into Old Age!

Brian and Lisa Explore the Pleasures, Guilty or not, that give our lives joy, happiness, and a Sense of fullfilment. We will also share those things that the Sarcastic Seniors folks contributed. We can not simply go into old age, with only food and shelter..Our souls need nourishment, or we are not living, merely existing. Share some laughs with Brian and Lisa as they take on this important topic, in their normal sarcastic manner...Maybe you can be inspired too!


Money Saving Strategies, Soar into Spring Challenge, and Dumb Bass Broke, Inc..

This Week’s Show is A great One.. We have packed it full of ways to Stretch our Retirement Dollars, both our tips, and many tips from Our FB Community, The Sarcastic Seniors…. We’ll also hear from our new Sponsor- Dumb Bass Broke, Inc- Creators of the Penny Pincher, and many other wonderful gadgets. Finally, we will touch again on our Challenge, “The Sarcastic Seniors Soar into Spring”. WE are going to rock the world in our own special sarcastic way- one random act of kindness at a time....


This Week- Organization Tips, and The Sarcastic Seniors CHALLENGE..

We are Working into Retirement now, as a Recent Survey of our FB Page Suggests.. Over 40% of those responding, said they are still working in some capacity past retirement. Staying organized becomes a top challenge to us. Join Brian and Lisa for some Great Tips and Talk about organization in everyday life. We will also introduce our “Sarcastic Seniors SOAR into Spring” Challenge. We ARE viable, useful, and can make the world a better place, even later in life.. Please join us for this...


Oeey Gooey Love Stuff Valentine's Show, Contest Winner's Custom Song, and MORE

Ooey Gooey Love Stuff Show This is Our Valentine’s Show, packed full of love, and Fun. First, we discuss the Origins of Valentine’s Day, it is much more than a commercialized holiday. Then, we share Lisa’s Scientific Polls from our Listeners, on those who celebrate Valentine’s Day, and also whose Celebrated the most anniversaries. I will also share a Special Valentine’s Poem, that our LISTENERS Wrote…It is SO Cute. Then, we unveil the Winner’s Song From the Valentine’s Day Challenge. IT is...


Listener's Choice Week- We Discuss Your Topics About Life as Seniors...

February 6th, 2018 Join us this week as we discuss YOUR topics. You let us know on our Facebook page those things you wish to discuss. From Traveling and meeting new people, to dealing with condescending youngins, to Kale, this show is a bit of everything. We will have a thought provoking tech corner, and also share a couple more doozies, “At our expense”. And, Brian Debuts his new song, “If I only knew.” See ya there, folks.


Men VS Women - Can we co-exist without Killing Each Other?

This is going to be a fun Episode! Men Vs Women.. We are so different, it truly is a wonder we can live together at all.. Brian and Lisa discuss all they know about the opposite sex (Should be a Short Show).. They will share how they attempt to keep each other happy.. And, more embarassing moments, with this week's "At Our Expense" minute. Lisa Has some new “Scientific Poll” Results from the Sarcastic Seniors Facebook Fans, and Brian Keeps us Cool with his Tech Corner. Last week, fans...


Laughter is the Cure for what Ales You, At OUR Expense, and "The Pee Song"

Todays Show is Focused on the Health benefits of Laughter. It is amazing the great side effects it has on our well-being. We will even share some of our most embarrassing moments, to get the chuckle train to leave the station.. New Valentine's Contest Challenge for week #2. Brian Shares some "Tech Corner" info to help us APPEAR savvy to the young uns.. And Brian Debuts hid new Song " The Pee Song" Another Crazy half hr to start your week....Thanks for joining us!


Tis the Season - All Things Seasonal, Upcoming Valentines Contest, and New Song

This is going to be a fun show Folks! Tis the Season Discusses- The Flu, Seasonal Affective Disorder, The Borneau Bloat, Scammers, and Reverse Motgages Brian introduces " The Tech Corner" To help all of us, APPEAR more savvy Lisa Gets Ooey Gooey with " The Little Things" Brian Debuts his new song, "boo hoo, I've got the Flu" AND, Lisa shares the details, of a very special Valentine's Contest, available only to our Listeners!! It's a Must Hear!


The Good Ole Days- A Fun Look Back at Life Over the Last 40 Years

Wow, the last 40 years have seen a lot of changes! As we forge ahead into this new year, we thought it would be fun to look back at the changes we have seen in the last 4 Decades. From the birth of the Internet, to cell phones, and Facetime, technology has been amazing. But, its always fun to venture back- To the good ole days..When Beaver and Wally entertained us with their antics, and the streetlights were our curfew. Join Brian and Lisa for this special walk down memory lane, with a Lot...


Another Snap Crackle Pop Morning, The Artic Winter Blast, and Sybil Drops By

Hi Folks - Join Us For our First Show in 2018.. We will discuss this Artic Winter Blast Hitting the Midwest, Things We hate about Winter, How to Beat the Winter Blues, and a Couple of Brian's Other Personalities Drop By for a visit..Brian will debut his new song, Another Snap, Crackle, Pop Morning? We hope you can Join us.... Also, Join in on the Conversation on FACEBOOK, just search "The Sarcastic Seniors: We Would Love to have you..


We Survived Christmas, Now What? New Years Resolutions- Or NOT!!!

Here we are folks...December 26th.. We have survived Christmas! (Pats on back all around) Now guess what is just around the corner? New Years, and those blasted New Years Resolutions. We will talk about our own resolutions, or lack thereof, and throw out some fun "what ifs". And, Brian, will be debuting his new song "OR NOT!", at the end of the show. Stick around, its a good one. Please leave us comments on our FB Page, "The Sarcastic Seniors", here on our Blog Talk Page, our Rate us on...


Jingle Bells, Christmas Sells, and Other Holiday Dandies...

Join Us for our 3rd episode, and the last one before the holidays..More original music, talk about Christmas Shopping or in Brian's case, the lack thereof.., Brian Bashes Lisa on her winter Driving Skills We discuss Christmas Music, internet shopping, Winter Driving and More.. It will be fun folks! Join us..Share in the conversation on BlogTalkRadio, or on our FB Page... We look forward to hearing from you-Comments, Show Ideas, and More Let's have some Fun Together, and Start these...