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Ep 041 - Diabolical Mom, Pre-Nuptial Night Terrors, Psychotic Cousin & Wedding Do-Over

In record-breaking episode 41, Lisa & Rebecca gossip for a whopping 1 hour and 41 minutes! From a mother of the bride who won’t shut up, to an insane self-involved cousin of the groom, the girls talk about the worst of the worst wedding guests! They also talk about a panicky bride’s pre-wedding nightmares and answer listener questions including ‘Have you ever shot a wedding and were convinced the marriage wouldn’t last?’ To share your story, please email or...


Ep 040 - Post-Marriage Secrets Revealed, Corporate Wedding Sponsorships & An Extra Groomsman?

The stories are flying EVERYWHERE for episode 40 this week! Lisa & Rebecca talk about everything under the sun, including but not limited to: 1970s joke throwback photos, bad hairdressers, ripped wedding dresses, shocking wtf wedding day confessions, corporations sponsoring weddings as a new trend, a surprise groomsman who nobody asked to participate and on this week’s Reddit Rip - the weirdest wedding including the funniest groom procession ceremony music in history! Hey engaged...


Ep 039 - The Unexpected +1, Face Burn, Paying To Attend a Wedding(?!) & Lisa's Most Embarrassing Moment

On the 39th episode of The Secret Life of Weddings Lisa & Rebecca chat about a listener's wedding where someone brought an unexpected +1 - the ex-girlfriend of the Groom! Next up a facial burn results in a stepmother banning her new stepdaughter from being in the wedding (that's COLD) and in this week's Reddit Rip - have you ever heard of paying to attend a wedding? Lisa ends the episode with sharing her most embarrassing moment which happened at a Flight of the Conchords live show in...


Ep 038 - Rain Storm Armageddon, Kissing Cousins & Wedding Crashing in Mexico = Jail

Live from Reading, Pennsylvania - Lisa & Rebecca chat about a myriad of wedding craziness! Everything from the most epic damaging rain storm that destroyed an outdoor wedding reception to a story about kissing cousins you will NEVER be able to un-hear, we have it all this week including The Reddit Rip and a rogue ballsack. You’ll see what we mean… This week’s episode is brought to you by Sudio Headphones! We adore our Sudio Regent headphones - they look and sound amazing. To get your own,...


Ep 037 - Bouquet Boob Flash, Commando Granny & Mother-of-The-Bride Frustrations

Do you live near Reading, PA? Come to our first live podcast show! Visit to attend the recording on Sunday March 25, 2018 in Reading, PA to buy tickets. This episode is absolutely SLAMMED with stories, including a guest's wardrobe malfunction during the bouquet toss, accidentally crashing WWE wrestler Chris Jericho's wedding, Granny's panties & going commando, one listener's frustrations with her imposing traditional Jewish mom & SO MUCH MORE! The girls...


Ep 036 - Sniping Sister, My Aunt Called Me A Slut & Hot-To-Trot Venue Coordinator

Do you live near Reading, PA? Come to our first live podcast show! Visit to attend the recording on Sunday March 25, 2018 in Reading, PA to buy tickets. SO much dirt this week! Everything from a crazy ass jealous bitchy sister, to a listener with a story about how her aunt called her a slut (seriously not cool!) and then the time a wedding venue coordinator hit on the Groom just DAYS before his wedding! Did he tell his Bride? Listen to find out! We also...


Ep 035 - Mothers-in-Law from Hell & WWE's Renee Young Dishes On Her Wedding to Dean Ambrose

This week Lisa & Rebecca chat about the world's worst mothers-in-law from hell! Then Lisa & Rebecca talk with WWE personality & all around cool funny girl Renee Young & chat everything from haunted houses to her elopement-style wedding to former WWE World Champion wrestler Dean Ambrose (aka Jonathan Good) Finishing up this episode Lisa & Rebecca tell Renee some fun Reddit wedding horror stories and Renee recalls a wild true story she read in an Anthony Bourdain book about a randy chef!...


Ep 034 - A Most Useless Groomsman, The Drunken Gossiping Guest & More!

Episode 34 begins with a story update about the Groom who couldn't police his own alcohol. In Part 2 of Destination Wedding from Hell we hear about an egotistical groomsman who earns a fun new nickname from Lisa & Rebecca! Rebecca then tells Lisa of the most epic drunken gossip of a wedding guest who not only flirted but puked herself into wedding hall of shame. This episode is brought to you by - if you love modern, clean & beautiful design, you'll love Manly Bands! Use...


Ep 033 - Destination Wedding From Hell, Bridal BJ, Heroin Husband & More!

We can't ever with episode 33! From a destination wedding where the destination was apparently hell, to reception blow jobs, heroin shooting husbands, drunk moms wrapped in bath mats & more, Lisa & Rebecca have it all for you in episode 33! This episode is brought to you by - if you love modern, clean & beautiful design, you'll love Manly Bands! Use code SECRETLIFE for 15% off any Manly Band ring. To share your story, please email or visit...


Ep 031 - Meth Head Wedding Crasher, Bitchy Virgin Bride & The Bridesmaid Who Couldn't Get Laid

Welcome to episode 31! The girls haven't seen each other for a while and Lisa catches up with Rebecca by telling her about a Maui wedding crasher who most likely was a meth head (luckily a good tempered one!) We then hear about a bitchy virgin bride who was pretty nasty to her photographer (excusssseee me?!) and a bridesmaid who was hard up but just couldn't seem to complete the hook-up. Spoiler alert: She ends up being a jerk about it. This episode is brought to you by Zola, the world's...


Ep 030 - Sexy Chocolate Dip Fun Time & The Bride Who Gambled on a Fart and Lost BIG

*Warning - if bodily functions gross you out, you may not want to listen to the second story! You've been warned. If you decide to listen, may god have mercy on your soul and your stomach...* Do you live near Reading, PA? Come to our first live podcast show! Visit to attend the recording on Sunday March 25, 2018 in Reading, PA to buy tickets. In episode 30 Lisa brings dirt but Rebecca brings DDDIIIIIRRRRTTTTT. From sexy to stomach-turning, this episode...


Ep 029 - Matrimonial Mommy Mayhem, a Potluck Reception (WTF?) & Bad Timing

For Episode 29 the girls quickly discuss their first live podcast show! Visit to attend the recording on Sunday March 25, 2018 in Reading, PA to buy tickets. In the first story Lisa tells Rebecca a listener's story from the wedding guest's point of view. That point of view? An overworked mommy to 3 young children who's had enough shit (and we can't blame her!) ...and a wedding POTLUCK? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING! Rebecca regales Lisa with a tale about the...


Ep 028 - Viking Wedding Meltdown, The Bitchiest Bridesmaid & Shotgun Weddings Still Exist?!

It's episode 28 and off the top we share some exciting news about our first live podcast show! Visit to attend the recording on Sunday March 25, 2018 in Reading, PA! It's down to business and the first story from a listener - read by Lisa - about a cheap garage wedding with a Viking theme & angry newlyweds will leave your mouth hanging open in shock! Rebecca then shares a funny listener's story about why being the bitchy bridesmaid is just plain annoying...


Ep 027 - Full Frontal Surprise, Meanest Mom Speech Ever & The Foiled Wedding Thief

For episode 26 Rebecca & Lisa welcome back their photographer friend Trayc Dudgeon, who has a couple more crazy stories to share with everyone! You won't want to miss the hilarious x-rated ending of her sitcom-worthy wedding photography tale. Lisa shares a rare story of her own about why wedding reception thieves should BEWARE and why karma's a bitch. If you like to hear about comeuppance, you'll love this instalment of The Secret Life of Weddings podcast! This episode is brought to you by...


Ep 026 - The X-Rated 'Elephant', Wedding Guests Get Nasty & The Chillest Bride of All Time

Episode 26 brings with it a new feature called 'Photographer Couch Confessions', which takes place both here on the podcast and over on the YouTube channel (link below). Joining Rebecca & Lisa on the first instalment is Trayc Dudgeon of Blue Rooster Studio, and she shares a ridiculously amazing true wedding story from her career as a wedding photographer. 'The X-Rated Elephant' story is a tale to behold... Lisa reads a story from a listener (also a photographer) about a couple of guests...


Ep 025 - Nightmare Proposal Stories - The McChicken Surprise, A Very Special STD Proposal & More!

It's episode 25 and with the holidays over and Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's officially engagement season! The girls are talking all about the world's worst wedding proposals! Find out how badly engagements can go and listen to tips to avoid such a fate yourself (or just don't propose to a jerk / be a jerk and you'll do fine.) In this show Lisa & Rebecca discuss everything from a McDonald's proposal gone wrong, what happens when guys propose to their girlfriends at sports...


Ep 024 - The Jonathan Torrens Spectacular feat. an EPIC but TRUE Chris Farley Wedding Tale!

Wow do we have an EPIC show to begin 2018! On episode 24, we have a celebrity guest for you - Canadian comedy icon Jonathan Torrens ... aka J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys ... aka Jonovision ... aka talented writer for the hilarious show Letterkenny Problems. Jonathan hangs out with us to chat everything from his views on attending weddings, terrible wedding songs, really corny speech jokes that make our skin crawl & so much more, and then we get into the real dirt! First we share a couple of...


Ep 023 - Catholic Wedding Catastrophe, First Dance Debacle & Man Splits His Pants

It's now (kinda) the future and the debut of our 2018 season with episode 23! After Lisa tells Rebecca about how she met Doc from Back To The Future (true story!) the girls discuss a listener's story about her Catholic wedding which was taken over by the Priest and some shitty bridesmaids. Next up we hear from our good friend Chef Brenden about a crazy venue owner who CUTS IN on the first dance! WTF... and last but not least, a good old fashioned splitting your pants story! Our favourite...


Ep 022 - Rebecca's 2018 Predictions, Cheapest Wedding In History aka The Infamous Pizza Wedding & More!

Happy new year and welcome to episode 22! Rebecca shares her 2018 predictions for wedding trends, especially considering the upcoming nuptials of Harry & Meaghan Markle. Lisa recounts a listener's own wedding story about a coked up wedding guest and his runaway girlfriend. We check in with Chef Brendeaux who tells us one of the weirdest stories yet (seriously, WTF Brendan?) and we hear about the cheapest wedding of all time, the infamous pizza wedding! Listen to find out how NOT to host a...


Ep 021 - It's a Wonderful Secret Life of Weddings! The Hypothermic Groom & Lisa's Ring Inscription

Merry Christmas & happy holidays everyone, and welcome to episode 21! This week we talk about everything weddings and Christmas! From schmaltzy Hallmark Christmas wedding movies to films that actually mattered (hint in our episode title), Lisa & Rebecca talk about the best and worst wedding moments in cinema. But first, we hear from Rebecca about a poor guy who was getting married and ended up more like a popsicle than a groom. Lisa then reminisces with Rebecca about her own special...


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