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Every week comedian Mike Recine SITS DOWN with a guest and they riff it out. Bonus Weekly Episode available at

Every week comedian Mike Recine SITS DOWN with a guest and they riff it out. Bonus Weekly Episode available at


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Every week comedian Mike Recine SITS DOWN with a guest and they riff it out. Bonus Weekly Episode available at






Episode 181- The Final Episode with Deb

Guys this is it. It's the last episode. I tried to upload this three times but libsyn has updated their shitty website which sucks now. Anyway yeah we are ending the show. I will have a new podcast soon. Thanks to everyone who downloaded and supported over the years. I'm not great with goodbyes so see ya later.


Episode 180- Guys and Durrs with Geoffrey Asmus

Today I am joined by hilarious comedian Geoffrey Asmus to discuss the Special Olympics, storming the Capitol, comedian merch and clean comedian Vince Champ.


Episode 179- Alphas Con with Deb

Deb and I discuss parenting, Covid, Seigfried and Roy and how I want to go to Alpha Con and get absolutely taken for a ride.


Episode 178- It's Movie Week with Steve Recine

Hey guys you know what this week is. It's that week between Christmas and New Years where we get fat and don't put effort into anything we do. But this pod episode was good. Steve and I discussed the American Film Institute's 100 Best Films of all Time; the good movies, the boomer movies and our personal favorites.


Episode 177- Dome Alone with Deb

We had a good episode I just forget what the F we talk about every time I sit down to write these descriptions. But mostly Deb and I discussed spooky TikToks, dinosaurs and the best Christmas movies.


Episode 176- The Rise of Teens with Sean McCarthy and Scott Chaplain

On today's show I'm joined by comedians Sean P. McCarthy and Scott Chaplain to talk Chuck Berry, Ben Affleck, and the Texas businessman who hired that hitman to kill his mistress.


Episode 175- Boner Crisis with Maddy Smith and Stewart Fullerton

On this week's episode I am joined by comedians Maddy Smith and Stewart Fullerton to talk about being beaten by your parents, the Great American Boner Crisis and our favorite musicals. Sorry the episode is a week late I didn't get to edit. Support the show on Patreon.


Patreon Unlocked- Steve in Person

Hey guys sorry this week's episode was late. Steve and I were able to do an episode in person together and I think it's too good to keep behind the pay wall. (And also subs are down) baby. Twenty minute show five days a week.


Episode 174- The Dad Episode with Mike Cannon

Comedian Mike Cannon stops by to talk fatherhood, Boomer parents, raising a kid with no money and keeping your kid quiet. I kept mine quiet this episode by letting him chew on a piece of paper. You know the drill, Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


Patreon Clip- Science Class

Today I realized that I might actually be a dumbass. Check out the show on Patreon!


Episode 173- What We Like the Most with Andy Haynes

Comedian Andy Haynes joins us to discuss The Many Saints of Newark, being memorialized on a bodega wall, and the glory days of the internet. Then we watch Cake Farts Together. Come see me in Atlanta this weekend, or St Louis November 26&27th! And subscribe to the patreon.


Patreon Clip

Here's a taste.


Episode 172- Curits Blow It

I ramble about the NYC Mayor Race, being an anti-vaxxer now, David Chase's "reveal", Pete Davidson and the recent Dave Portnoy allegations.


Episode 171- Buzz Aldrin Origin Story

My brother Steve is back to talk about soups, the Bible, Marvel and Merry Poppins and In the Heights.


Episode 170- We Love the Diapers with Matt Bacchus

Today's episode is all about investing. Mike chats with comedian and stock market wiz kid Matt Bacchus to discuss investing your first $1,000, picking stocks with your instincts, analyzing a company's fundamentals, and how your guess in the stock market is as good as anyone's. So get in there and let's make some money together! Speaking of money I have a baby please support the Patreon. And check out Matt's podcast Hold My Bread!


Episode 169- Punch Up (At Oprah) with Deb

On today's episode Deb and I discuss the things in life we love and the Chappelle special. Support us on Patreon!


Episode 168- Casey Anthony Investigations with Beth Bourdon

On today's episode we have public defender Beth Bourdon on the show to talk lawyer-client relationships, Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman if I can sue Deb for selling my smoker. Support the show on Patreon I have a baby to feed!


Patreon Clip

Here's Deb and I discussing drugs on the Patreon show.


Episode 167- Geoffrey Anus with Geoffrey Asmus

Today we are joined by comedian Geoffrey Asmus (Geoffrey Anus is what I call him). Geoffrey is a very funny guy who I think we should all be seeing more of. Thanks for listening and support the show on Patreon, at And follow Geoffrey on social media at @geoffreyatm


Episode 166- Bye Tom. Bye Norm

In today's solecast I talk about comedians cancelling gigs, the Catholic Church and pay tribute Tom T. Hall and Norm Macdonald, two of my heroes we lost this week.