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Comedian Julian McCullough and co-host Meg Molloy healm The Soft Spot, the world's first Easy Listening comedy podcast. Designed to counter program these stressful times, the Soft Spot will use positive news stories, hilarious and soothing guests, deep dives into cozy subjects and plenty of nostalgia to knit an audio sweater for your heart.

Comedian Julian McCullough and co-host Meg Molloy healm The Soft Spot, the world's first Easy Listening comedy podcast. Designed to counter program these stressful times, the Soft Spot will use positive news stories, hilarious and soothing guests, deep dives into cozy subjects and plenty of nostalgia to knit an audio sweater for your heart.
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Comedian Julian McCullough and co-host Meg Molloy healm The Soft Spot, the world's first Easy Listening comedy podcast. Designed to counter program these stressful times, the Soft Spot will use positive news stories, hilarious and soothing guests, deep dives into cozy subjects and plenty of nostalgia to knit an audio sweater for your heart.




Creek Porn in The USA (with Chase Mitchell)

This week we are joined by comedy writer and Twitter mega talent Chase Mitchell! Chase tells of a bygone era riding bikes, building forts, finding porn by the creek, and being generally unsupervised for hours on end. If the Stand By Me vibes weren't strong enough already, he even had an honest to gosh tree house in his backyard! We even get to hear about his first kiss and of course it was thanks to Spin the Bottle. So click that play button and let's all remember life before the world...


It’s safe now, everything’s lead lined! ( with Rhea Butcher)

This week we are joined by our super hilarious pal, comedian Rhea Butcher! We dive deep into “Back to the Future”. We love that Rhea started up an important discussion about gender roles, problematic scenes in older films, and the profound impact they had on us as kids. We also had a great time touching on the basic rules of time travel, Marty McFly’s shoe game, Rhea’s love of baseball, and how Rhea actually lived Meg’s dream of growing up in a Joann Fabrics... in a mall!


Cereal Killer Nick Wiger

Hilarious writer and performer Nick Wiger of the Doughboys podcast knows a thing or two about junk food. So we were psyched when he stopped by to tell us about his love for the filet mignon of kid cuisine...breakfast cereal. Nick lists his top five cereals, reveals his deep emotional connection to the highly marketed confection, and is generally more entertaining than the maze on the back of a box of honey nut Cheerios. Nick Wiger is part of a balanced breakfast, so listen up before it gets...


May I please remind you that it does not say ‘RSVP’ on the Statue of Liberty (with Christine Little)

Comedian and total Betty Christine Little tells us about her Soft Spot, the movie Clueless! Turns out no matter where you spent your teen years in the 90’s, Clueless was endlessly relatable. Who hasn’t lost their virginity because they finally drove on the freeway or ended up in a relationship with their step brother? So don’t jeep around on us with another podcast, or you’ll end up a virgin who can’t drive.


Feel Good Anxiety Mix Tape (with Emily Heller)

Feel Good Anxiety Mixed Tape Ever have a tough day (or a series of them) that can only be cured by music? Of course you have! Playlists are the new mixed tape, and if you are anything like us or our wonderful guest this week, you have loads of them for all occasions. This week we were lucky enough to get a taste of comedian & writer Emily Heller’s fantastic “Feel Good Anxiety Mix” and it was an absolute revelation. She showed us some incredible artists we had never heard of and shared lots...


Cap’n Geech & the Shrimp Shack Shooters(with Chris Aquilino)

What do you get when you combine 4 pillowy lipped hunks, a mid-century aesthetic, and the catchiest goddamn song of all time? That Thing You Do! Today we are joined by actor Chris Aquilino (Silicon Valley) and he takes us back to his childhood in Japan as he recalls his first time watching what could arguably be considered Tom Hanks’ magnum opus! We also talk about our first experiences in theater, high school relationships, the allure of a DILF, and how it feels to be in close quarters with...


Feeling Yacht Yacht Yacht! (with Matt Braunger)

This week we welcomed our pal, actor and comedian, Matt Braunger to the Soft Spot! Matt and Julian share a common Soft Spot, and most likely with many of you, our dear listeners, as well- Yacht Rock, baby! We dive right in and discuss the ins and outs of what Yacht Rock is (Yacht or Nyacht!), the most well known and high scoring on the Yachtski scale, the parallels between Michael McDonald and Anita Baker’s vocal stylings, and the sickest burn ever delivered onstage by Daryl Hall! Gather...


Basic Cable Bitches

It’s a solo ep with your nostalgia addicted hosts, Julian & Meg! We take it back to a simpler time- a time when we were free of responsibility and most of our social plans revolved around which of our friends had cable tv. We talk about our favorite bootleg VHS tapes, the don’t miss shows of the TGIF line up, the origins of true crime shows, and how certain shows have (or definitely have not) withstood the test of time. Join us as we revisit these memorable childhood...


There Can Only Be Fun (with Ross Marquand)

This week we welcome actor, master impressionist, and zombie killer Ross Marquand! While you may know him as Aaron from The Walking Dead, we now know him as the best (and only?) John C. Reilly impersonator. He also blessed us with (Soft) Spot-on impressions of your fav Sorprano, your favorite philosophical Texan actor, and a certain legendary Scottish silver fox. If you don’t know who We are talking about, I guess it’s about time you tune in and figure it out! And if that’s not enough reason...


On Wednesdays We Talk Pink...Flamingos (with Daniel Franzese)

Get in losers, we're going dumpster diving into trash cinema! We welcome comedian and actor, Daniel Franzese (Damian from Mean Girls!), who loves John Waters more than anything in the world. Danny knows his shit better than Divine knows how to eat it! We reminisce about the days of Blockbuster Video, the ache and effort of being a super fan before the internet, the grotesque glam of John Waters films, and getting Christmas presents from John Waters himself!


OMG it’s OMD (with Christian Duguay)

This week we welcome tall drink of water Christian Duguay to the Soft Spot! We talk about the music he loved most during the most heartbreaking years of our lives, and it’s our favorite too! If you’ve ever had a bunch of terrible feelings as a late teen, loved the Smiths, OMD or Radiohead, and had your heart ripped out through your butt, this episode is for you. If none of that sounds familiar, you probably don’t listen to this show in the first place. Enjoy!


The Femme Fatale of Skokie Illinois

Meg and Julian welcome precious lil gem Esther Povitsky, who takes us all back to a simpler time (the early 2000’s) and a simpler place (Skokie Illinois). That’s right, Esther’s Soft Spot is her hometown! The “World’s Largest Village” and proud headquarters of famed Mediterranean mall fast food institution Pita Inn, Skokie will always hold a special place in Esther’s heart. And this episode will hold a special one in yours. Enjoy!


Anthony Desamito is a Fugly Slut

Meg and Julian welcome one of their absolute favorite comedians, Anthony Desamito, to talk about his obsession with Mean Girls! Did he see it multiple times in the theatre? Yes. Did he eventually become best friends with Danny “2 Gay 2 Function” Franzese? You know he did. It’s Wednesday, so wear pink and listen to us fan girl over mean girls. Also, you can drink if you want, we’re not like regular moms we’re cool moms.


I know you are but what am I?! (with Amy Miller)

This week was a real treat! If you were a kid in the 80’s, chances are you were lucky enough to watch some Pee-Wee’s Playhouse! It was unlike anything television viewers, both young and old, had seen before. On today’s episode we talk all things Pee-Wee with comedian and lifelong Pee-Wee aficionado, Amy Miller! We chat about the incredible set, the mega talented cast, the diverse representation on the show, and Paul Ruebens’ dedication to the role. We also talk about how Paul Ruebens’...


Rock and troll (with Sean O’Connor)

The Soft Spot welcomes back our good pal, comedian Sean O’Connor. He has written for The Late Late Show, Hilarity for Charity with Seth Rogen, and has his own half hour special on Comedy Central. Sean is Julian’s best friend, Meg is Julian’s lady love, and they have 2 soft spots in common: the pop punk/emo sounds of the early aughts... and trolling Julian. Come have a listen as these two millennials trash talk Old Man McCullough (a guy who regularly listens to Steve Winwood, I mean, COME...


Hey Cool Riders! (with Sam Pancake)

The insanely talented comedian and 90's commercial King, Sam Pancake is our guest this week and his soft spot is Grease 2! We chat about "playing straight", LA in the 80's, as well as Sam's most memorable roles! Come join us as we 'Do it for Our Country'!


"Down 4 Whateva" (with Merrill Davis)

This week we are joined by our friend Merrill Davis, comedian and producer of hugely popular bicoastal comedy show “Witch Hunt.” Merrill’s Soft Spot is a 90’s R&B compilation CD that she can’t remember the name of but became her bad bitch soundtrack while she walked the streets of NYC as a drama student. Listen and let us know if you had the CD! We discuss the deeper meaning of Monica’s “Don’t Take it Personal”. Spoiler alert- she was talking about her period! (...Probably?) We also touch on...


Roz Drezfalez: Mistress of the Brunch

Prepare yourself to be dazzled by our guest this week, iconic LA drag performer, Roz Drezfalez! She does comedy, she does balloon animals, and she has the best gams in the biz!


"Hey Hey, We’re the Soft Spot!" (with Gareth Reynolds)

For this weeks episode we are joined by our pal Gareth Reynolds of the popular podcast, “The Dollop”. We discuss his childhood obsession with The Monkees and then we discuss his... adulthood obsession of The Monkees!


Sit and Beef It (with Karen Kilgariff)

Time to pop a bottle of champs and roll back to the days of the Lawrence Welk Show! This week we waltzed down memory lane with our hilarious friend Karen Kilgariff of “My Favorite Murder”. We chat about signature scents, old timey music, bad tv, and a fancy champagne lady who was wrongfully terminated. In the words of good ol’ LW, this episode is wonderful, wonderful!