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Season 1 Round-Up - Part 2

We left you last week on the edge of your seats as our beloved Porky had gone mad with power and declared himself the ruler of his own nation of Porkytopia. Join us for the thrilling conclusion in this last episode of Season 1,and going forward with us on our journey towards Space Jam in Season 2 in a few weeks.


Season 1 Round-Up - Part 1

A year of podcasts, a decade of cartoons watched, and a wealth of new information uncovered about the Tooniverse. Chris and Cal mark the end of their first year by recapping the story so far. This is a great catch-up for those new to the show, and those struggling to keep up.


50 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit LIVE

In this, the first ever Space Jam Continuum Live Show, Chris and Cal enlist the help of a studio audience in an attempt to weave the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit (a good documentary about life in 1947) into the intricate tapestry that is The Space Jam Continuum Extended Universe. This obviously throws some real curveballs into the mix, so join us on this buck wild journey through an awesome movie. HUMOUR. HORROR. DIRECT AUDIENCE INVOLVEMENT. It went alarmingly well.


49 - Daffy Duck in Mexico

In this bumper episode, our brave boys power through 8 (eight) glimpses through the portal in an attempt to close out this decade of Tooniversal research, knowing all too well that one documentary about life in 1947 is gonna change everything.


48 - Peter Lorre's Big Secret

Amongst the advent of the Hare/Tortoise feud, another assassination attempt, and a questionable account of Bugs' adolescence, we discover that Austro-Hungarian actor Peter Lorre took a terrible secret to his grave. Meanwhile Tweety, who's finally sprouted his iconic yellow feathers, has finally met his match.


47 - A Middle-Aged Divorcee Named Michael

In this particularly baffling episode, Chris and Cal struggle to make sense of what they're seeing, but a level-headed bulldog acts as a beacon of hope. An exploration into Pepé Le Pew reveals not only the extent of his desires but also may confirm and earlier theory about his true identity.


46 - If The Flash Was Out, Runnin' About

It's a mystery heavy episode this week - Who wrote the good, comprehensive tome of hypnosis? Which Porky is most likely to have an ICBM in his kitchen? What did Bugs whisper to Elmer? Whatever it was, I bet it was just right. Also, Cal says the ground went funny when people jumped into it. I don't know what that means.


45 - A Neon Noodle and a Hangry Hawk

This episode sees the arrival of a long-awaited rooster, an insight into the world of beavers, and a glimpse at some of the Tooniverse's most notorious villains, as realised by an unconscious Daffy Duck Meanwhile, Bugs' time travelling might get him into more trouble than he knows, as we see a familiar face have a run in with the last of the Toonlords.


44 - Busy Business Bunny

A returning veteran gets turned away from his former job, Sylvester gets gout, a immigrant mouse arrives on US soil, Bugs meets a potential protégé in the form of a large orange monster, and we get an insight into how Bugs funds his schemes. Alexa rudely interrupts from the kitchen, rudely seeking attention, the Porky Piggy Bank has something in it, and it's Cal's last episode with the Good Big Hands.


43 - Big Rubber Hands and an Eyepatch

As Elmer goes off the deep end and turns his hand to mad science, we begin to see the nuances of The Moment and how it reacts to stress. Meanwhile, Daffy and Porky whiff it bad when placed in charge of the Tooniverse's babies, leaving Porky IV trapped in Africa. We begin to see Porky III's doubles attempt to reintegrate into normal society, landing Daffy in court with a jury that makes Chris and Cal question the clarity of their perceptions. It's a stressful time, you guys.


42 - Mr. Duck and The Bat Boy

We get an eye-opening glimpse into Daffy's former life, Bugs Bunny's future sight, and the secret life of books in this particularly rambling and tangential episode. Also, just why ARE people from Newcastle so excited when they meet other people from Newcastle? Tune in to find out, or at least to hear us ask the question and reach no conclusion whatsoever.


41 - If Goebbels Had A Beard

In this tangent filled episode we speculate wildly on Goebbels' negligence in the facial hair department, elephants as a litmus test for mice and rats, the reason Bugs turned his back on the world, the curse of Babbit and Catstello, and just why the designated "Needle-Nose Pliers Shelf" now has hair on it. All this and more awaits, so join us in The Space Jam Continuum. Come See Us Live!


Tooniversal Glossary 4

The fourth installment in our supplementary series summing up the broad strokes of the Space Jam Continuum over the last 10 weeks. Topics this time include the Tooniversal Theater of War, Bugs' ongoing mysterious agenda, and The Agency's attempts to rewrite history after deposing a porcine despot.


40 - Good Big Hands

Cal is wearing giant latex hands for 33 days and it's grotesque. That doesn't stop us watching a bunch of cartoons, though. It's a veritable cavalcade of new blood this week, including a long-suffering rival to the Tooniverse's darkest character, a diminutive ginger bandit, plus Captain and Snooks. Who the hell are Captain and Snooks, you ask? Not a clue. Let's find out together.


39 - If You're From the Past, Write In...

As Elmer's Eggsperience escapades continue, we follow Bugs behind German lines for an encounter with Adolf himself, and a situation requiring some clever use of his Toonlord powers. Meanwhile, we meet a certain odoured sex-pest for the first time, and discover a double life.


38 - Old Friends and Benefit Fraud

Bugs and Elmer's relationship takes a turns for the strange as Bugs attempts to rewrite both future and past to fulfill his mysterious agenda. Meanwhile, Sniffles mind takes a turn for the worse, and it becomes apparent that Elmer may have crossed a line regarding his benefits allowance.


37 - The Fate of Red Hot Ryder

As Bugs grow more and more insane, we investigate the identity of the ancient ghost, Willoughby. Meanwhile, it seems that the Tooniverse has a new top murderer.


36 - Baby Blood

The time is finally upon us where we have to watch the dreaded, anti-Japan propaganda flick starring our beloved Bugs. Aside from that horror, we witness The Agency's attempts to rewrite Porky's past, and it might just work. Also we have a new recording setup and Cal has baby blood, apparently.


35 - My Good Human Friend, Ron

A. Flea is introduced, the dog currently inhabited by Willoughby The Ancient Ghost Dog has incredibly toned buttocks, Little Red Riding Hood irritates Bugs into collaborating with a wolf masquerading as Grandma (who's away working swing shifts at Lockheed), and Cal introduces his Good Human Friend, Ron. This last point breaks Chris' brain and the latter half of the episode is basically a wreck. Enjoy


34 - Daffy Works It Off

During an operation to reinstate Porky IV, Daffy fails to remain covert and spends a while trying to repay his debt to the agency. Also Hitler's there.