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The Truth Is Somewhere is a conspiracy theory and mystery discussion podcast run by a husband and wife team. Dark humor, junk science, real science, and some of the craziest stories the internet can come up with collide once a week.

The Truth Is Somewhere is a conspiracy theory and mystery discussion podcast run by a husband and wife team. Dark humor, junk science, real science, and some of the craziest stories the internet can come up with collide once a week.


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The Truth Is Somewhere is a conspiracy theory and mystery discussion podcast run by a husband and wife team. Dark humor, junk science, real science, and some of the craziest stories the internet can come up with collide once a week.






Ed Duncan & Duncan

Well, this one gets a little dense. Time travel, worm holes, black holes, speed of light, speed of sound, navy sailors, and more! Can you follow the story of Ed, Duncan, and Duncan, as they travel from the 50s to the 80s? Sounds easy enough at first, but then you have to track the body swaps they incurred during their travels. What Megan understands, Kori doesn’t. What Kori gets, blows Megan’s mind. Just like the X-Men cinematic universe, the timeline needs squared away. Interested in more...


Shipped in Cabinets

Wayfair, a commerce site that sells furniture and other home goods, is currently under accusations of trafficing persons. The accusations started a few weeks back when a redditer found an oddly priced cabinet with a female name. After further investigation it was found that there was another similar cabinet with the exact same specs that sold for thousands more; it too, had a female name. At the time, those names could be connected to the names of people that were missing. And thus a...


Coordinated Psychological Operation

Happy Independence Day! While there is certainly turmoil in our midst in the USA, with equality in question and the continuous rise in the number of COVID cases, we still can take some time to light off some fireworks, or at least talk about the conspiracies around them. Sadly, even this long tradition of lighting fireworks on the 4th of July is surrounded with conspiracy. True or false we take the time to talk about it. Please be safe, and question everything. Interested in more about The...


Sounds Like a Suicide: Sounds Like a Murder

Chavis Carter, a young black man in Arkansas, and his friends were pulled over while riding driving at night without their heads lights on. When first questioned by the police, Chavis gave the name Laryan Bowman, but the officers quickly discovered that that was in fact a false name. Chavis then gave the officers his real name, and it was determined that he had an active warrant from a year before. Chavis then searched and placed in the police car. The officers then further investigated the...


The Jelly of the Gods

Have you ever wished upon a shooting Boeing 777? If not have you ever wished upon blobs that fall from the sky. If not, keep your eyes open! Jelly Rain, also possibly know as star jelly, has been seen on the grounds in many places after a rain, and have even been recorded in times as early as the renaissance. But what is Jelly rain? Is it harmful, is it real? We explore the possibilities. Interested in more about The Truth is Somewhere? Want some cool merch? Find it here:...


Covid-19 5G World Tour

First off, I hope everyone is safe during this pandemic. Please wear you facemasks, and wash your hands when you go out into public and continue to social distance. This is a trying time for everyone, and it is important that we do what we need to keep our minds sharp and to stay motivated. In today’s episode, we are talking about the exactly what everyone of us is dealing with in some shape or form. Covid-19. We talk about a few of the conspiracies around the topic. We hope you enjoy this...


Peggy the Doll

Be warned. What can we say about Peggy the Doll? Well, for one she is a super cute doll, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and the power to give people headaches and heart attacks. She is a bit of a “hand me down,” or should I say, well loved! She has been in many hands and is known by many. She just loves to talk! She has even been known to tell people how she has died! Isn’t that swell? Be warned. Peggy the Doll has been known to affect spread her joy acrossed the lands throughout any media she...


A Haunting in Haunting in Haunting In Georgia

There once was a movie called A Haunting in Connecticut 2 which was about a haunting in Georgia 1. At least I would assume that it was the first because, I said so. The family in Georgia, not Connecticut, began to notice that their three year old daughter was walking around the yard with her hand in the air and talking to someone as if she had an imaginary friends. The imaginary friend was known as Gordy. Their neighbor claimed that a man named Gordy used to live in the house that they now...


Yay, End-Stage Cannibalism

The Franklin Expedition; a quintessential expedition for Sir John Franklin and his crew. He and his crew were well stalked beyond reason for a winter voyage that would allow them to sail the great seas of the north. Sir Franklin was known as the great hero, “the man who ate his boots,” from his previous missions into the great northern seas, that were less than favorable. Many of his men had died on this missions. But on this mission they were instructed to find the elusive northwest...


Fly Me to the Moon

It’s our 50th episode! Can you believe it? We can’t. AND…. Because it is our 50th episode and it is just after the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 missions, we think it is very fitting to talk about the United states and their most infamous mission to the moon. We talk about the history, and a few of the conspiracies around it. It’s a good 50/50. Executive Producer: Want to be an Executive Producer? Check out our Patreon page! Most Excellent Patrons: Matt Knighten, Hailee, Dean Ryan, Jake...


Men Who Experiment with Goats

Bigfoot, vampires, and werewolves all fit into a category known as cryptids. Cryptids are the spooky creatures that go bump in the night. Or in this case ‘BAAAAAA.’ Because, it is now time to talk about the legendary goatman! Standing tall and hairy, he is usually depicted wielding a large axe. He comes for your pets, and ‘baaaaas’ in the night. Executive Producer: ☹ Most Excellent Patrons: Matt Knighten, Hailee, Dean Ryan, Jake Madly II Want to help our podcast grow and get some cool merch?...


So Many Reasons To Be Haunted

Okinawa is one of the southernmost islands in Japan. Which is home to Kadena and a few other military bases. It was site to one of if not the worst battles between Japan and the USA in WWII. The Japanese forces were so afraid of the US personnel that they instructed their civilian populous to commit suicide so that they would not be captured and tortured by the US forces. It is hard to fathom the amount of un-needed bloodshed was present on this island because of this horrible accusation....


It's my ____ In a Box Pt. 2

This is it! Part 2. Now that we have an idea of what the Dybbuk box is and what’s inside of it, it’s time to explore what happened to it in the hands of Joseph. Does he become ill like the rest of those that have come near the box? Does he light it on fight or bury it like he should. No. We all no by now that the would be too simple of an answer and it would be better if more people came in contact wit it right…. RIGHT!? Executive Producer: Aife Debrick Most Excellent Patrons: Matt Knighten,...


It's my ____ In a Box

Not all boxes are created equally. Or maybe they are, it’s just that they are tainted by something so foul that, as a box should, it holds onto the essence of the evil and becomes something so horrible that people will do what ever they can to get it out of their life. While not every fabled box has the repulsive power that the box in question has, such as Pandora’s box which draws attention towards itself, one thing is clear the box we are talking about today is very evil. Executive...


The Disappearing Act of the Ireland Vanishing Triangle

The Vanishing Triangle of Ireland! Oooh! Like the other famed triangles, except it only effected a hand full of young women. It’s… well… a little less ‘aw’ inspiring than say the Bregmata Triangle. But no less mysterious, as all of the girls vanished with no trace! While there were several suspects in the disappearance of these girls there was never any solid evidence to seal the deal. Who done it!? Did the girls just vanish into thin air! Did they go join the circus? Where they abducted by...


Anastasia's Great Escape

Ah the tale of Anastasia, what a wonderful story….If you believe the Disney telling. Truthfully, the tale is a little bit disturbing and shows the corruption that the early 1900s Russia had to deal with. Anastasia Romanov’s family were at the top of the royalty tree and her father, Nicholas Romanov was known as a Czar, an equivalent to kings. Well they all died. Except maybe… Anastasia did not, and fled the country. Executive Producer: Aife Debrick Most Excellent Patrons: Matt Knighten,...


The Sharp Family and Cabin 28

In the early 1980s the Sue Sharp and her recently moved family rented out cabin 28 in the Keddie Resort, in Keddie, California, located in the Sierra Nevadas. Sheila, one of Sue’s teenagers, was staying in another cabin that night. Which may have been to her benefit because Sue, her brother, his friend, were all brutally murdered that night. “They stabbed and pounded on everything in visible sight–the walls, the people, the furniture, everything. There was blood sprayed absolutely...


The Strange Death of Jonathan Luna

Jonathan Luna, a man that against adversity strived from excellence. With a degree in history from Fordham University and a degree in law from the University of North Carolina, he landed a job in a law firm in Washington D.C, later a job with the Federal Trade Commission, and after that he became prosecutor in Brooklyn. Finally however, he became an Assistant US Attorney in Baltimore. Luna was a man that achieved much in his lifetime; however, it ended all to shortly when he was found...


Grey Ghost

Have you ever heard of the Queen Marry? She was a total BADASS!!! At one point in her life she was known as the Grey Ghost. She was so cool she had an alias. Can you say that you have ever had an awesome alias? Anyways she was really awesome, she was bigger faster and stronger then most others in her class, and served in World War II. She even had a role in many of the battles, including the D-Day invasion. Well, I mean she is a ship…. So it was a little bit easier for her. Oh and she is...


Concrete Evidence

In a mysterious house in Spain, there live a woman named Maria Gomez Camara, and her family. Nothing was out of the ordinary for this family, except for ass she entered the kitchen one day, she noticed a stain in the shape of a face was on the concrete floor. (Concrete flooring sounds horrible.) She attempted to clean this stain from her floor, but was unable and instead charge money for people to see it. Well, I mean… kind of at least. Why don’t you just listen to find out all of the...