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Batch119: Alesmith's Evil Dead Red & Hop Concept's Aloha Citra

Cheers to the Halloween beer lovers! No pumpkin here, Dan brought in his favorite October beer Evil Dead Red Ale from Alesmith Brewing. Deep red in color with a flavor to match and a 6.66% to match, how could we not? Nicole from is back, and she's talking about her field trip to the new Track 7 Brewing spot, The Other Side. Dan has a grievance about the new Halloween movie (and the entire franchise) while Greg talks about his tasty field trip to Flat Fish Brewing. Listener...


Batch118: Barley Forge Grandpa Tractor & Campanology Caco-phony Pale

Cheers and happy fall! We're anything but basic when it comes to our beers, no pumpkin here! Our beer of the week is Grandpa Tractor from Barley Forge, a Dortmunder style export lager and Great American Beer Festival gold medal winner! Greg talks about Enegren Brewing's Oktoberfest celebration and The Unfiltered Gentlemen having a booth there, people who take corn hole too seriously, and the great 14 Cannons first-anniversary party. Dan has an issue with kids in breweries, especially taking...


Batch117: Big Sky's Space Goat & Garage Brewing's Marshmallow Milk Stout

Cheers tap heads! As falls is upon us, one thing we can promise is not to be one of those basic podcasts that just drink pumpkin beers. Our Beer of the Day is Space Goat Pale Ale from Big Sky Brewing in Missoula, Montana. Greg has a big grievance to share with one of his favorite breweries and talks about his night out drinking with the enemy (Booze League), and Dan is extremely upset with the NFL and all their contractual antics. For our Bullpen Beer, we play a round of "Will Scott Pour it...


Batch116: Burial Beer’s Death in the Distance & Lost Coast’s Fogcutter DIPA

Come see us October 6 at Enegren Brewing's Oktoberfest party! Cheers tap heads, we're getting hoppy on this one! We're starting things off with Burial Beer Company's Death in the Distance IPA. Thanks to It's The Beer Girl for sending this one over. Greg talks about his trip to Paso Robles for beer drinking and wakeboarding as well as the big Oktoberfest party he went to. Dan has a grievance about the Lakers and their different themed nights. Our Bullpen Beer is Lost Coast Brewing's Fogcutter...


Batch115: Enegren Brewing's Oktoberfest & El Segundo Brewing's Cerveza Fresca Juicy IPA

Cheers tap heads! We're getting the polka music ready as we get ready for Oktoberfest! In celebration, our beer of the week is Oktoberfest from Enegren Brewing Company. We're being joined by our new friend Brian, who we let in the door because he had beer in hand. He also pours some good beer. Greg has some big news to share (hint: there are a ring and beer involved), he talks about pouring beer with Brian at the California Beer Festival, the guys discuss a new website, beating up on the...


Batch114: Renegade Brewing Company's Brian O’Connell

Cheers to the Denver beer lovers! This week, Greg is on a road trip to Denver and he's talking with Brian O’Connell, founder of Renegade Brewing. Renegade has been around since 2011 and is turning out some amazing beer. Greg and Brian discuss what Renegade's focus when it comes to beer making and what has made them so successful in the few years they've been open. They also talk about Brian's background as a beer lover and beer maker, how he left his good job one day to start a brewery (and...


Batch113: Lord Hobo Glorious Pale Ale & Home-brewed Beer Science

Cheers to all the Glorious listeners! We are conducting some important beer science on some of Greg's home-brew: it's two beers with the same recipe but different yeasts (super nerdy). Greg talks about his trip to Smog City Brewing for some beer research and his night out at the Paso Robles Winemakers dinner. And a listener calls in to leave us a VERY drunk voicemail. Our Bullpen Beer is Lord Hobo's Glorious Galaxy Pale Ale (thanks to listener Ollie) and this one is a crowd pleaser! In Booze...


Batch112: Renegade Brewing's Redacted IPA & Paradune Brewing's Belle Center Blonde

Cheers to the hop heads and easy drinkers out there. The gentlemen are back and they're drinking around the country. First up is is Belle Center Blonde from Paradune Brewing Company out of Ohio. Greg talks about his beer-cation to Colorado and the beer he smuggled back, brews a beer for Oktoberfest, and parties with some Booze League personnel. Commissioner Dan has some issues to discuss about fantasy football and running a league. In Sports News: the Dodgers are selling beer at peoples...


Batch111: Summer Beer Reviews from Around the Globe

Cheers summer beer lovers! Before summer comes to an end, we wanted to review our favorite beers of summer 2018 and find out what some of our beer friends have been drinking. Scott brings in and reviews Racer 5 IPA from Bear Republic Brewing, a classic west coast beer that has won tons of awards. Dan brings in Hazy Little Thing from Sierra Nevada, a hazy IPA that's been blowing up for the NorCal brewery. Greg is reviewing the simply named PALE, a delicious and extremely crushable Pale Ale...


Batch110: Eppig Brewing's Stephanie Eppig & Nathan Stephens

Cheers San Diego beer lovers! This week, Greg is on a road trip down to beer city aka San Diego and he is talking with Eppig Brewing Company's co-owner Stephanie Eppig and head brewer Nathan Stephens. Eppig Brewing has a very unique and fun history behind the name dating back to the 1800's. In addition to their rich history, the crew discusses Eppig's focus when it comes to beer making and what has made them so successful thus far. They also talk about Nate's background in engineering and...


Batch109: Evans Brewing The KrHopen, Barley Forge Future Tripping and Beauty & Beer

Cheers tap heads and Bienvenidos! We're getting international with the listeners and keeping things mucho hoppy! Our beer of the week is The KrHopen IPA from Evans Brewing Company in Irvine, CA. Nicole from is back and she's talking about her River Rock Brewery, hidden out in Northern California. Dan reviews Ant-Man for his movie of the week. Our Bullpen Beer is Future Tripping Double IPA from Barley Forge Brewing Company in Costa Mesa, CA. Greg talks about some beer that...


Batch108: Avery Brewing Go Play IPA & Abita Brewing Hop-On Pale Ale

Cheers hop heads! We're fresh off a weekend of staying hydrated. Our beer of the week is Avery Brewing Company's Go Play IPA, provided to us by listener Mike. Greg stayed very hydrated on some amazing beer for his birthday and went to Enegren Brewing's anniversary party to hang out with some friends. Greg also went to listener Mike's beer tasting party after he went on a road trip around the country visiting breweries. The Bullpen Beer is Hop-On Juicy Pale Ale from Abita Brewing. In Booze...


Batch107: Flat Fish Brewing's Mike Brown

Cheers to all the local beer lovers! This week Greg is in Camarillo, CA to stop by the brand new Flat Fish Brewing Company to talk with head brewer and founder Mike Brown. Flat Fish is a very unique brewery, as it's one of the few that is attached to a winery as well, Cantara Cellars. Mike is a former engineer turned winemaker and now head brewer. The guys start off discussing the uniqueness of their situation with both wine and beer, Mike's background as both and winemaker and brewer, as...


Batch106: Hi-Wire Brewing's Hazy & Juicy & Hoppy & Fresh, Beauty and Beer, and Beer Science

Cheers hop heads! The gentlemen are taking a trip to the east coast with our beer of the day, we're drinking and reviewing Hi-Wire Brewing's Hazy & Juicy & Hoppy & Fresh IPA straight out of Asheville, NC. Nicole from is back and is talking about her trip to SacYard. Scott talks about falling victim to the latest scam on senior citizen while Greg talks about his trip to Paso Robles to drink some tasty beer. There's also a big announcement of how you can listen to the show....


Batch105: Evil Twin Brewing, Artifex Feeling Colors and Beauty and Beer

Cheers and happy anniversary! We’re celebrating two years of invading your personal space with some great beer, Beauty and Beer, Booze News and more! Our Beer of the Week is Evil Twin Brewing’s I Always Felt Closer To IPAs Than I Did To People; hoppy, with citrus and fruity notes and a nice balance. In Crotch Talk, Greg talks about his beer-cation to San Diego as well as his insane brew day. Nicole from joins the show to talk about her trip to Hop Junction. In Sports Talk:...


Batch104: Live from The Local w/ MadeWest Jawing Hazy IPA, Four Peaks Kilt Lifter & Track 7 Transfusion

Cheers Tap Heads, we are LIVE from The Local Beer & Wine Bar in Camarillo, CA. The gentlemen joined the Booze Cast for the first ever Booze N' TUG Extravaganza mini podcast festival. The beer of the week was Jawing IPA, a hazy IPA from MadeWest Brewing. Wylie, The commissioner of the Booze League, joins the show as we introduce the official The Unfiltered Gentlemen/Booze League drinking game. There's also a world cup version, but it's not nearly as important. In honor of Mikey, the owner of...


Batch103: Shelter Distilling's Jason Senior & Matt Hammer

Cheers to the spirit drinkers! This week Greg is on a road trip in Mammoth, CA and he's stopped by Shelter Distilling to talk with Matt Hammer and Jason Senior, two of the founders. Matt is a former professional snowboarder turned coffee-roaster who met Jason (and Karl) while they were heading up the brewing operations at Mammoth Brewing Company. The guys discuss opening up a distillery in California, the laws that have allowed that to take place, and what physical labor went into opening...


Batch102: Cigar City Invasion Pale Ale, Port Brewing 12th Anniversary Double IPA & Beauty and Beer

Cheers beer lovers! The gentlemen are getting tropical with our beer of the week as they drink and review Cigar City Brewing's Invasion Tropical Pale Ale. Hoppy, tropical, clean and crisp just in time for summer. The gents also had to say their goodbyes to a very delicious beer that didn't make the stay in the fridge. Nicole is back from and she's talking about her trip to Track 7 Brewing's third annual invitational! Greg talks about his trip to Paso Robles, Earth and Fire...


Batch101: Left Hand Brewing's Extrovert IPA & New Homebrew

The weather is warm and the beer is cold! The craft beer of the week is Extrovert IPA from Left Hand Brewing in Colorado. It's quite hoppy and hits the spot for some IBU lovers, and the gentlemen have a full review. Greg talks about his trip to Disneyland and all the craft beer he was researching and has a grievance to share about what beer is infiltrating California Adventures. Scott has a Tales from Uber that lead him into the depths of Compton (did he see Dr. Dre?). Our Bullpen Beer is...


Batch100: Firestone Walker Sucaba & Cellador ++good

Cheers and happy centennial! For Batch 100 we decided to treat ourselves in honor of the big event. First up was Cellador Ales and their ++good Centennial Barrel-Aged Wild Ale. But one of the gentlemen is having a hard time with the tart beer. Greg has an episode 100 sized crotch talk about having to go to a baby shower. We announce the winner of the Batch 100 Craft Beer Swag giveaway. For part two of Treat Yo' Self, we had Firestone Walker's 2018 Sucaba Barrel Aged Barley Wine. This is...