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Batch140: Modern Times Orderville vs New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze

Welcome to the big show, tap heads! Get your sweatbands out because the March Madness tournament is heating up! As we open up round two, Modern Times Orderville takes on second place Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze by New Belgium. It's Colorado vs. California, and only one will move on to the finals! The gentlemen have a big announcement about an upcoming live event. Greg talks about his time at a local beer march, while Scott talks about his fun at the DMV, the police are unhappy about Waze, and...


Batch139: Firestone Walker Mind Haze vs Bear Republic Thru The Haze

Cheers, hazy lovers! How are your Hazy IPA brackets looking so far? It's game two of our March Madness Hazy IPA Tournament and Firestone Walker's Mind Haze, a newcomer to the hazy world is taking on Thru the Haze from Bear Republic. This close matchup has to go into overtime to determine a winner. Greg has a chance to test out the new Dave and Busters in his neighborhood with some Booze League friends and heads to Disneyland for the Food and Wine Festival to check out their craft beer scene....


Batch138: Sam Adams New England IPA vs Modern Times Orderville

Cheers sports fans, get your game face ready, it's time for the ultimate tournament! To kick off our 2019 March Madness Hazy IPA Tournament, Modern Times Orderville Hazy IPA is going up against Samuel Adams New England IPA: a nail-biting matchup that will come down to the wire. Greg talks about his last minute trip to have Pliny the Younger with some friends, Dan and Greg report on their field trip to Flat Fish Brewing for their big Resilience IPA tasting event. Frankie G calls in to explain...


Batch137: SLO Brew's Steve Courier

Cheers to the local beer lovers! Steve Courier, head brewer at SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo, joins the show to share his love for craft beer! We discuss the unique history for SLO Brew, from craft beer pioneer (class of 1988) to the rocky years of being purchased, all the way to now with big production and statewide distribution now. Steve also talks about SLO's history with Firestone Walker's Matt Brynildson, losing their production facility to Firestone, rebranding, opening their new...


Batch136: Sierra Nevada Brut IPA & Anchorage Brewing Lines Double

Cheers tap heads, we're drying things out this week. Our Beer of the Week is Brut IPA from Sierra Nevada: a bone dry IPA with plenty of hoppy goodness. Scott talks about the crazy that he ran in to at the airport while Greg complains about a company holiday party (yes, in February). We've also got a brand new March Madness tournament coming up, so get ready to cast your votes! Listener Mike writes in to share his experience with Red Horse Beer while he was in the Philippines. We received a...


Batch135: Port Brewing's Bacon and Eggs & Destination Unknown's For Science DIPA

Cheers and beers tap heads! Grab your lab coats and get ready for some science; we're drinking For Science 3.5 Double IPA from Destination Unknown Beer Company from New York. Greg talks about his weekend full of research down in San Diego including a big stop at Helix Brewing and Sourworx, as well as getting hydrated with Otter of Booze League fame. Jake and George of the Any And Everything Show join the show to give us their review of Sierra Nevada's Resilience IPA. Our Bullpen Beer is Port...


Batch134: Firestone Walker Mind Haze IPA & San Miguel's Red Horse Beer

Cheers everyone, time to clear your minds for a new IPA. Our Beer of the Week is Mind Haze, a new IPA from Firestone Walker Brewing Company. It's juicy, yet balanced; hazy yet clean and full of hop flavor. Greg talks about his beer research at a Firestone Tap Takeover, and the gentlemen discuss their different Super Bowl viewing parties and takes on the commercials. Listener Pablo writes in to share his experience in response to the woman getting drunk at Walmart. In Sports News: a...


Batch133: Lord Hobo's Angelica & Firestone Walker 22 Anniversary Ale

Cheers everyone, get ready to Treat Yo' Self! We're kicking it off with a unique beer of the week: Angelica NE Wheat from Lord Hobo Brewing Company. It's a New England take on a wheat beer. Greg talks about his trip to NorCal, and his pending trip to beer heaven aka San Diego. We also discuss an upcoming event at Flat Fish Brewing where Sierra Nevada and a bunch of local breweries all sampling their Resilience Butte County Proud IPA in one location. Scott has a Tales from Uber about driving...


Batch132: Second Chance Beer Blend-O-Matic & Beachwood Brewing Citraholic IPA

Cheers hop heads and science lovers! This week's Beer of the Week is the Blend-O-Matic, a collaboration from Second Chance Beer Co. and AleSmith Brewing. It's two beers that can stand alone or be mixed together to create a unique drinking experience. This certifies us as beer blenders. Greg talks about his search for Resilience Butte County Proud IPA around California, as well as Backbone IPA to support the Woolsey Fire. The breweries involved are Ladyface Alehouse, Sierra Nevada, Earth and...


Batch131: Russian River Happy Hops & Modern Times Orderville IPA

Cheers and beers to all the hop heads! For our beer of the week, we're road tripping to northern California for some Happy Hops; an IPA from Russian River Brewing. A hoppy IPA that pays tribute to an old brewery from Santa Rosa. Greg talks about his trip to Paso Robles to do some wedding research and the gross old people making out in the parking lot. Dan reviews a new horror movie for us: Aterrados. Elvia joins the show to break down the new California DUI laws for us, and what it means if...


Batch130: Sierra Nevada Resilience Butte County Proud IPA

Cheers and hoppy New Year! We're kicking off the new year drinking for a cause with Sierra Nevada's Resilience Butte County Proud IPA. It's a simple yet classic style IPA with some tasty hop additions. Greg talks about donating the Drink Local proceeds to California Wildfire charities, the guys talk about the horrible Dry January movement and Bird Box Challenge, and Scott talks about his wild New Years party. Andrew from the Two Minute Beer Review podcast stops in to counter our 30-second...


Batch129: Happy New Year 2019

Cheers! Sláinte! Salud! Most importantly, Happy New Year! We asked all of our Friendsmas friends to come back and share some more beer for the New Year so that we could ring in 2019 with all of our favorite drunks. The Booze League's Commissioner, Coley, and BDN join friends-of-the show Brian and Deb along with Shannon to play a game of "Guess that New Year Beer" (to not spoil the beer for those that want to play along, the beers will be listed at the very end of the show notes). We all get...


Batch128: 2018 Friendsmas

Cheers, Merry Christmas, and happy holidays everyone! We got together with some of our beerest friends to share some Christmas beer and cheer. The Booze League's Commissioner, Coley, and BDN join friends-of-the show Brian and Deb along with Shannon to play a game of "Guess that Christmas Beer" (to not spoil the beer for those that want to play along, the beers will be listed at the very end of the show notes). Everyone samples four different Christmas time beers while the group gives out...


Batch127: AleSmith Brewing Gregarious Nature IPA & Stone Xocoveza Mocha Stout

Tis the season...for collaborations! We're starting things off with a collaboration from Alesmith Brewing and Stone Brewing, two of San Diego's OG hop factories. The beer is Gregarious Nature IPA, a hoppy, easy drinker with notes of citrus and pine. The gentlemen start off with a grievance on holiday party menus and all the weirdo food preferences people have. Greg also talks about the annoyances of planning a wedding and his delightful trip to Arrow Lodge Brewing. Dan reviews a movie, just...


Batch126: Firestone Walker Gen-1 IPA & Port Brewing Santa's Little Helper

Happy Holidays everyone, we're getting in the holiday spirit with some of our beer reviews. Our beer of the week is Gen -1, an unfiltered IPA from Firestone Walker which is now part of their Leo V Ursus series. Scott brings up the Christmas party that he threw for himself while Greg talks about the random person that keeps throwing booze away in his trash can. We're keeping you hydrated for the holidays with some drinking games to get you through the season. In Sports News: Miami pulls one...


Batch125: Russian River's Blind Pig IPA & Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop IPA

The IBUs are high with this one. Our Batch 125 Beer of the Week is Russian River Brewing's Blind Pig IPA: a hoppy treat with flavors of citrus and pine that can give Pliny a run for its money. Alex aka LadyIPA is back with a new beer review, this time she's sipping on Ride the Fader Hazy IPA from Homage Brewing. Greg talks about his drinking trip to Disneyland, where this time he was drinking for the holidays. Now that the holidays are upon us, we have a new drinking game for when you're...


Batch124: Casa Agria Oxnard Pale & Luponic Distortion Beer Science

Our beer of the week is Oxnard Pale Ale from Casa Agria; a hazy pale ale that is hoppy, juicy, and extremely easy to drink. The gentlemen talk about their Thanksgiving holidays and how much beer they had, and Greg talks about the new Drink Local shirt with profits going to charity. Dan reviews (and has a grievance with) Creed II, the new movie in the Rocky universe. We share a new drunk story from our day at Oktoberfest. We conduct some very important Beer Science with two of Firestone...


Batch123: Firestone Walker 805 & Alesmith Brewing's Private Stock Ale 2016

Batch 123's beer of the week is 805, Firestone Walker's Blonde Ale. An extremely drinkable and widely distributed beer that also has a bit of an emotional attachment for the gentlemen. Before getting into some talk of beer trips and brewery openings, the gentlemen start off with some emotional talk about the Borderline Bar & Grill tragedy as well as the Woolsey, Hill, and Camp Fires that are burning in California. On to the beer, talk. Greg talks about his trip to Flat Fish Brewing's grand...


Batch122: Live from 818 Brewing with Bryan & Derrick Olson

Bryan and Derrick Olson sold their first keg of 8one8 Brewing in 2015, a few short years later they've opened a tasting room, expanded their distribution, and are turning out some great beer. The Unfiltered Gentlemen are live from 8one8 Brewing in Conoga Park, CA, being joined by owners Derrick and Bryan Olson. We talk with the men behind the beer about some of their tasty brews, including their Gravity Hill, Matador Red, Good Day IPA, Valley Girl Blonde and more. In addition to discussing...


Batch121: Pizza Port Party Shirt Pale Ale & Campanology Brewing's For Whom

Grab your party shirts tap heads! We're starting this party off with a pale ale from Pizza Port Brewing: Party Shirt Pale Ale. Party Shirt is easy to drink, hoppy, and ready to get the party started! In crotch talk, Scott has questions about going to a wake, Greg takes a trip to New York and does a bit of drinking, and Dan has issues with that annoying guy at the bar. We have a new drunken story from Oktoberfest, this time it's a navy party gone drunk. A listener writes in with a booze hack...