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A WNCSP Classic Shot-"The Fine Art of Loquacity"

Wrap your heads around this one fellow babies as we give you a classic episode of the WNCSP from 2017. It's Papa Dave, The Artist Formerly Knpwn As Michael Corvin and Ol' Man Jenkins making woopee as only we can. Give your ears a pre-Holloween treat with this one Sunshine! --- Support this podcast:


Panic At The Disco(rd) and More of Our Continuing Saga "Life w/ Mikey 2". A Lot Like LWM 1, Just Double the Pain.

In what may be the Inspirational episode of the 21st century, Our returnibg heros Johny Florida and Mike chop it up only as they can. We're on Discord tonight and that was a barrel of funky monkey's. Hopefully Mike got it all off of his narrow shoulders and feels lighter. Johny's Johny and on this one, we all get laid. Gear up for fun Twizzle-Britches! Check us out Live every Thur. Night on right after @WrestlingSoup Find us wherever you find your favorite podcasts....


If I Put What We REALLY Talked About on the WNCSP Tonight, They'd Put Us In Interwebs Jail, And Throw Away The Key!

In this most humdingeristic episode of your WNCSP, the crew of the good ship D@uch& Canoe navigate the fragile water's of Mike's never-ending foot-in-mouth disease. Papa Dave's new obsession w/ technology and Mucho Macho's awesomeness. Ol' Man Jenkins sailed w/ us as well for a WNCSP that was Vag-Tastic Sunshine!!! On Twitter-@WNCSouperParty On NOW ON THE WRESTLING SOUP NETWORK!!! And wherever you find your favorite podcasts. Check your app or...


We Are The WNCSP, Your Miracle Rodeo Cosmanauts w/ special guest Cheezman from @TheHighMarks

In the silliest episode of your WNCSP, our man Ol' Man Jenkins makes his triumphant, long hoped for return to the WNCSP. And chaos ensued. Fear not though, it's the good kind of chaos. Papa Dave, Johny, Jenkins and Mike (dic) along w/ guest and friend Cheezman from the Wrestlings High Marks podcast pulled off the equivilent of a podcast Christmas miracle and do over 2 hours of Seinfeldian nothing-ness. Claim your miracle. I gar-on-tee you'll love it Sunshine!!! Check out the Live Show on...


Papa Dave's MLW Fusion Report for 8/17/19

Give it a listen. It's umm-umm goood. --- Support this podcast:


A WNCSP Extra Special Friday Edition-"Real Southern Wisdom From Ol' Man Jenkins

Check out this special presentation of the WNCSP. Our favorite dude, Ol' Man Jenkins returns to the WNCSP with some real southern flavor. And Mike was there too. A really cool edition for dat ass Sunshine! Find us wherever you find your favorite podcasts-Apple/iTunes, Player.FM, Podcast Addict, Google Podcasts and many more. Check your faorite provider for availability of your WNCSP! On Twitter-@WNCSouperParty @TheWNCNetwork On --- Support this...


The 'We're Feelin' Fresh, Back From Vacation' Episode-w/ Mucho Macho and Lube Birch

In this most grapp-tastic episode of your WNCSP, long time friend and WNC alum Mucho Macho joins in. Luke Birch runs the tech and Papa Dave and Mike round out the party. We talked a lotta wrestling on this episode. Dave and Mucho do a extra-special MLW report. Mike and MM cover the G-1 NJPW tourney. Analysis is given, stars, new and old are discussed. And predictions are made. Oh and we also examined social-media goofs and their ultra-goofiness. That was a rock to the head. All-in all...


A WNCSP Classic Blast-"The Do You Feel The Love Episode"

In this classiest of classic blast episodes of your WNCSP, we let the love flow all over each other. We were young and eager. Filled. With hope. And promise. An episode you'll tell your friends about Sunshine. AND DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT DAVE'S MLW REPORT AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS EPISODE. IT'S A HOOT-N-NANNY!!! Support the WNC Network on Social and or twitter @WNCSouperParty @TheWNCNetwork Available...


The Missionary JuxtaPosition W/ special guest Anthony "Missionary" Thomas"

In a most conversational episode of your WNCSP, we are joined by legendary podcast superstar Mish (Wrestling Soup, The Frank and Gus Show) for a veritable blitzkrieg of great conversation. Many, many topics of interest were run up the flagpole, saluted, and thoroughly examined. For example, Papa Dave and Mish conversate about the triumphs and tragedies of their HS ball playing days (sorry about the ball reference Mish. ouch.) Our own Johny Florida, in his final regular appearence (at least...


Meet Mike Miserable. Jalepeno Bukkake-ist, Ego-Centrist, Good Rasslin' Killin' International Man of Misery!

In this most torturous episode of your WNCSP, Papa Dave and Johny Florida put in the work and get a big "A" for effort on this Horse-Apple. Dvae tries to offer Johny an "alternative" to his lady-problems. Papa Dave and Mike give tonight's MLW Report (as Mike was in attendence for this here show) and it was a hoot-n-nanny. Then, from the very bowels of hell itself, Mike Miserable emerges form the wasteland of bad podcast gimmicks to even further kill his dead 'n' bloated gimmick. It ain't the...


We had A Dude Named Weener and Sensible Sam on the WNCSP! We Win. Again!

In our most innuendo-filled episode of your WNCSP, Papa Dave and returning champ Johny Florida get downright wiggly with it! (I don't know wtf that means either, it just sounded cool in my head) Papa talks music, stupid laws, gives his MLW Fusion report and teaches Johny valuable life lessons. GIDC alum Weener and Yuk Nassty join in with Sensible Sam the Souper Party Sexy Time! This one practically drips with fun so what you are waiting for Sunshine!!! Listen Up!!! On...


May The 4TH Be With Us All Sunshine!!!!

On this most patriotic episode of our WNCSP, Johny, Papa Dave and Mike bring the fireworks, ID4 style. Johny gives some Independence Day factoids Papa Dave gives the weekly MLW Fusion report. Then Johny Florida obcesses about being a world champion eater, like Jimmy Twizzlebritches. Papa Dave gives johny encouragement, old-style! And Mike once again managed to come off as the normal one. Weird huh? This one is funny Sunshine. Real funny. No s#!t. Listen and Download wherever you listen to...


The Golden Buttery Pipes of Johny Florida

In the chattiest episode of your WNCSP in, like forever ya know, our own Johny Florida opens the show with "The Pina Colada Song" (apologies for that) and his Indy vs. Pro wrestling presentation. Papa Dave (book at the ready) gives a spirited MLW Fusion report. New friend Mandy (of Discord fame) joins the show to admire Johny's smooth vocal calisthenics and compliment Mike's being Mike (listen to the show, you'll get it). Old friend Yuk Nassty does a run-in. Sunshine, this is why we do what...


This One is From The Ladies w/ Sensible Sam and Dani TPCB

In our most estrogen filled episode of your WNCSP to date, Sam and Dani fill the SP with their special lady love. We also had long time friends of the SP Phil and Yuk Nassty join in on the festivities. As always our own Johny Florida and Papa Dave were there for all the wack-a-doodle fun. Dave did manage to fit his MLW Fusion report (thanks Dani) and had plenty of time for his book. A free-flowing episode Sunshine. Listen Up!! Support the WNC Network on We're on...


Papa Dave's Table Loves You Too! & May The Moist Be With You.

In this most MOISTEST episode of your WNCSP, Papa Dave, Mike and tech-savior Luke Birch join in on the unbridled tomfoolery (i think Johny Florida was there and said something important as well) of the show. Dave gives his weekly MLW Fusion report, shares the love of a new table with everyone, and teaches rodeo technique for dumbasses. Mike obsesses over tw!#ks, Luke agrees and Jenkins and CJ do a run-in for the big finish. this one was fun to do. Laughs-a-plenty Sunshine, laughs-a-plenty!...


The Greatest WNCSP Ever!?! (Ok, Maybe Not Ever, But We had Sensible Sam for a 2nd Big Week, So We Win)

In our most female-infused episode of your WNCSP, returning guest-host Sensible Sam (co-host of WNC Network podcast "The Transcontinental Project" w/ Luke Birch) joins Johny, Mike and Papa Dave for a helluva great WNCSP. We talk D-Day vets, rememberances, old phones and Mike teaches Sam some inside rasslin' stuff. You gotta hear this. Dave gives his weekly @MLW report and so much more. A winner, winner chicken dinner Sunshine! We're On Social and...


Romancing The Johny w/ Sensible Sam and Anthony "Missionary" Thomas

In our most romance-filled episode of your WNCSP, we find Johny Florida and Mish sparkin' over fine European spirits. And Johny talked. We welcome a first-timer to the SP, our friend Sensible Sam, co-host of "The Transcontinental Project" to the show. SHE RULES. And Johny talked some more. On-air personality and Mish fav Mike (the artist formerly known as Corvin) and Papa Dave were there. He did a thrill-packed 20-25 minute #MLWFusion report and went back to his book. Good book. Jenkins and...


The WNCSP Professionals

In this most super-fantastic (hyperbole) episode of your WNCSP, we discover Papa Dave has the "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie-Woogie Flu". Johny and Mike have a really good discussion about the late Owen Hart. Dave and the crew do the #MLWFusion report, And shennagins, tomfoolery, and mirth...a helluva lotta mirth. Give us your ears Sunshine! On Social Media: or @theWNCNetwork & @TheDaveSincere Listen and Download us from your favorite platforms: iTunes,...


Life With Mikey

CAUTION: THIS HIGHLY CHARGED EPISODE OF YOUR WNCSP IF FILLED WITH EMOTION. JOY, LAUGHTER, ANGER AND FRUSTRATION...A.K.A. LIFE W/ MIKEY. IT'S A ROLLER COASTER SUNSHINE. LISTEN IF YOU DARE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! We also had Johny, Dave and Jenkins in on all the "fun". We examined Mike's name change, Papa Dave did his #MLWFusion report and gave tips on anal cleanliness. And Mike lost his mind, which was fun in a "roller coaster ride to Hell" kind of a way. I guarantee ya this Sunshine,...


Life With Mikey

In this most Mike-Infused episode of your WNCSP, it's a real Mike-a-poo-looza as the dark side of Mike exposes itself for our entertainment and astonishment. Mike even out-talked Johny Florida. the world turned upside-down...with hilarity. We cut-up and manage to have some fun. Dave does the weekly #MLWFusion Report. Jenkins joins in for fun. And i repeat...MIKE OUT-TALKED JOHNY. This is the miracle episode Sunshine! Come get some. Support us on This podcast is...