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Episode 24: The Red, White, and Blue

This week the guys pay their respects to all our Veterans. They play some Toby Kieth, and shout out their military fam. They also talk Jim Carey, Christmas movies, and their Saturday adventures. They also introduce a new segment called #TakeAShot #PendejoOfTheWeek goes too Every Guy Participating in NO Nut November We are now proud sponsors of Baa Baa Brewhouse check them out @ 539 FM 359 s #7, Brookshire, TX 77423 Make sure to check out our SPONSOR Little Em Shop they have the...


Episode 23: Donnie

Its close to Midnight on a Saturday, fresh out of the Houston Improv and fueled up on craft beer, The guys decide to Introduce a new member of the team Jeremy a.k.a. Donnie. This weeks topics include Daycare Fight club, Kanye, and story time #PendejoOfTheWeek goes to Kanye West Feeling used by politicians Check Out Our Sponsor Little Em Shop Coolest the air fresheners available. Made of paper and essential oil. Hang Freely in your car, room, closet,etc Sweet Cream, Fresh to death,...


Episode 22 : Wretched Beatz

This week the Guys are joined by friend of the show, Electronic/ Hip-Hop Producer for F.A.M. Records, Coming out of Richmond, Texas Wretched Beatz Looking for more projects from Wretched Beatz? check out his band camp page Check out our sponsor For the coolest looking and and best smelling air fresheners Little Em Shop "Take a Whiff" Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @theweeklydpod check out our...


Episode 21: Life Hacks

Running on little sleep and fueled by multiple cups of cold brew coffee Daniel Blake and Danny G come up effective life hacks. Dan also tells us about his obsession with celebrating Christmas before Halloween. Furthermore they talk about planning on winning the Lotto even after taking an L . Join us for this wild ride #PendejoOfTheWeek goes to Airlines and passengers. The Flying Squirrel Lady and The racist guy on Ryanair Thank you to our Sponsor Little Em Shop Air fresheners They have...


Episode 20: Bob Has Feelings Too!!!

This week was an interesting one as the guys argue over who could knock out a professional fighter... things got heated and someone had to walk away for a few minutes. They also discuss their new favorite person Houston native Derrick Lewis (number one contender for the UFC Heavyweight championship). Luckily the guys were then able to settle their differences, continue the show and speak on important topics like Kanye West Visiting the White House. #PendejoOfTheWeek goes to 6ix9ine and 50...


Not so SOBER October

This week the guys talk about UFC 229, the fights, the interviews, and the after math of the Khabib V. McGregor fight. They also tell stories from fight night and their midnight adventures. Along with commentary on NFL games this weekend. #PendejoOfTheWeek goes to rapper Pusha T for dissing Steve Harvey and not expecting a clap back #LocalFeature of the week is rapper Kryticle check out his new music video out now on facebook Michael Kryticle Headrick Thank You to Little Em Shop for...


Episode 18: I'm Not A Pro

This week the Guys Chronicle their Saturday adventures that included showing up at a local bar to watch the Manchester United be defeated by West Ham United, with their friends from Bayou City Iron works. On top of that they dispute Bill Cosby's conviction and the #MeToo movement. Lastly, they give Brie Bella #PendejoOfTheWeek for her controversial knocking out of Liv Morgan. Shout Outs of the week go to: Bayou City Iron Works, Alex, Samantha White, Pat Dione, and Robert Barbosa Our Yeti Me...


Episode 17: Gentleman's Club

On this episode the guys take on Boxing, upcoming UFC events, and the rules of a gentleman. They also talk about Lebron James signing on to Space Jam 2, Famous Gamer Ninja trying to be the best gamer ever. They do this all while they drink whiskey and smoke cigars in the Gentleman's Club (Dan's apartment dinning area). #PendejoOfTheWeek goes to the once great Kat Williams Kevin Hart Clap Back to Kat Williams #LocalFeature of the week...


Episode 16 : Ride Along with ASVaudio and Brad

This week the guys are joined by special guest biker group affiliate and sound engineer ASVaudio and his girlfriend Brad. ASVaudio tells the guys stories about life in a biker group. They also discuss murder documentaries, favorite podcast, twitter beef, Amateur Porn and more. Check out or friends at check out our website find our guest on Instagram @ASVaudio find Us on Facebook find Us on IG and twitter...


Episode 15: Karmanized

This week the Guys talk about Karma, UFC, Kapernick, Nicki V.S. Cardi, and being Extorted. We also pay our respects and remember rap legend Mac Miller (RIP). They also bring back segments like #NetflixBinge: Follow this ep:2 Black Survivalist. #PendejoOfTheWeek goes to Cardi for walking out that scuffle with a knot on her head. LOL #LocalFeature of the week goes to electro Alt Band A Girl Named Tiger find them on Souncloud Follow them on FB:...


Episode 14 HIGHDIVE

This Week the guys are joined by Kyle Tomchesson and Zach Cox of Houston based band HIGHDIVE after a night of OFFICE Trivia with PTG. While they talk we discovered that lead singer of HIGHDIVE (Kyle) and Dan are actually 4th cousins. We talked family, depression, everyday struggles, and more.


Episode 13: The Challenge

This Week the guys talk about The Pass The Gravy office trivia night, Comedians on their comeback, ASMR, and their newest adventure a weight loss challenge. They also bring back reoccuring #PendejoOfTheWeek and #WeeklyBinge.


Episode 12: Kid.Wav and Charlie Simpson (TTDxENT.)

This week the guys are joined by friends of the show and #LocaFeature of the week Kid.WAV and his producer/manager Charlie Simpson of TTDxENT. A independent label based out of Houston. Throughout the show the guys cover topics like Papa John's president saying the N word, current era of hip hop, Nicki versus Cardi, and more. We also try to get to know Kid.Wav better and ask him about his life experiences, what inspires him, as well as showcasing Kid's new single Good. Follow Kid.WAV on IG...


Episode 11: The Technique

This week The Guys talk about the adventures they embarked on hours before they recorded the podcast, including talk about the Houston Dynamo v. Real Salt Lake, hanging out with friends, and some how ending up at a strip club. They also talk about events and topics the occurred during the week and give their commentary. #Shoutouts, #PendejoOfTheWeek, and the #LocalFeature of the week are also included. Shout outs go to Tony follow him on IG @94triggy Alex @AlexJMiddleton and @passthegravypod...


Episode 10: Jahmaiki

This week the Guys record their 10th episode alongside special guest rapper, producer, dancer, singer, and our #LocalFeature Jahmaiki. The Trio discuss music, life and Jahmaiki's upcoming music. follow Jahmaiki on IG and twitter @Jahmaiki Facebook Soundcloud and listen to his newest song New Edition or his album Condolences on iItunes Follow us on Twitter and IG...


5AM In HTX (Bonus Episode)

The Guys decided to record an extra podcast after a long night of drinking and recording another podcast episode. It's 5AM, A bottle of whiskey down, and the guys are telling stories and ranting. Some stories quickly become very personal, in fact maybe too personal. There's No Segments, No Format, Just Stories and Rants.



This week Dan and Danny G talk about their experience at the Bert "The Machine" Krieshler show. They also take on Trendy topics such as The NFL Preseason/ HOF Game, UFC, DACA, Travis Scott's Astroworld, and a former Wrestler becoming a politician. The Guys also introduce new segments like #UselessInformation and #MountRushmore, along side reoccurring segments like #PendejoOfTheWeek, #ShoutOuts, and our #LocalFeature of the week Jahmaiki. #ShoutOuts of the week go to : Chance @aka_guy12 and...


Bring Me Chips

This week the guys celebrate Danny G's Birthday. They also take on the hottest topics like, Demi Lovato's OD, SixNine being robbed and beat up on the same day he released new music, and Sports updates. They also showcase their #LocalFeature of the week Doug Westcott. Weekly #ShoutOut go to @lizz_espinoza1 and @changewithbritt follow Doug Wescott on IG and Twitter @dougwescott88 follow us on twitter and IG @theweeklydpod follow Dan @daniel_blake...



This week the guys talk about The MLB Allstart week (including the HomeRun Derby), Pappa John's, AstroWorld and more.They also react to trending topics like the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, and also play this weeks #PendejoOfTheWeek. Lastly they introduce a new segment called #UselessInformation, and then end the show with our #LocalFeature of the week O'shay J Listen to more music by O'Shay J @ follow him on twitter @OshayTh3 and on instagram @Call_me_oshay...



The Guys went out drinking before recording the Podcast and very quickly realize it was a mikstake. They talk about creating an awkward moment during their Uber ride and their misadventures of the night. As well as take on subjects like the World Cup, Prostitution, and more. They also bring back the weekly #LocalFeature and new segment #ShoutOuts.