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Community podcast where anyone is welcome and any subject is on the table.

Community podcast where anyone is welcome and any subject is on the table.


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Community podcast where anyone is welcome and any subject is on the table.




Episode 86 "Didi's World"

Welcome back! On this weeks episode we brought back Didi to continue our conversation from last week. Didi talks to us about the Great Awakening Map, she gives us an insight on what to except in these next few dark months and she gives you a mini Tarot card reading. We hope everybody stays safe. ENJOY!!!!


Episode 85 "The Awesome Didi"

Welcome back boys and girls, on this weeks episode we had the privilege to speak to Didi. Didi is a spiritual advisor, median and shaman who came by to pass on some knowledge from the other side. This is a must listen. ENJOY!!!!!!



Welcome back boys and girls and thanks for tuning into this weeks' episode. This week we brought our wives on to the show to finally have that men vs women debate. It gets really real as our wives B and J dig into how us as men just basically suck. As it is stated, "there are two side to a story. The woman's side and then the truth." Jules and Kujo were not physically harmed during this recording, not sure what happened later. ENJOY!!!!!


Episode 83 "Halloween and Torture"

Welcome back boys and girls. On this episode Jules and Kujo talk about missing Disney's Oogie Boogie, Halloween scares and torture. Thank you again for supporting us and showing us some love. Don't forget to follow us on instagram at The Words on Fire Podcast. Like, subscribe and tell all your friends about us. ENJOY!!!!!!


Episode 82 "What if"

Welcome back on this episode Jules and Kujo bring up some interesting questions about possibly moving in with your brother/sister in law, same sex besties and talk a little bit about scary movies. Thanks for all your support, don't forget to tell your friends and help spread the word. ENJOY!!!!


Episode 81 "Just Jules and Kujo"

On this week's episode, we speak about the psychology of Instagram/Facebook algorithm, Aliens and Jules adventure around the world. As always we thank you guys for all the support. Don't forget to tell a friend. ENJOY!!!!


Episode 80 "Moneyman and the Monarch"

On this week's episode we have 2 guests for you guys. First we have the man behind several new and talented artist around the Sun City, better known as Moneymann.aaron. Moneyman brought one of his favorite Dj's and the whole reason he got into the business, Monarchy. Remember you're never to young to go after your dreams. ENJOY!!!!


Episode 79 "The Jamerican in da 915, Matt U Johnson"

Wah Gwann!!! Welcome back boys and girls. This week we were blessed to have an up and coming artist by the name of Matt U Johnson, otherwise known as the Jamerican in da 915. This Staten Island (Shaolin) native is bringing his Jamaican heritage and infusing his vibes and blending it in a way that is going to take the music scene by storm. Stay tuned and keep your eye on him. ENJOY!!!


Episode 78 "Boys Talk"

Welcome back boys and girls. On this week's episode we take a poll for a possible guest, we turn you on to the illest video guys on Youtube and other craziness. We apologize for the late release on this episode. Enjoy!!!


Episode 77 "Introducing The Counselor and The Con"

On this week's episode we introduce to you a dynamic duo that make up the soon to be released podcast "The Counselor and The Con." The hosts Iggy and Kim bring to you a mix between comedy and true crime. Check out the podcast that should drop mid September. ENJOY!!!!!


Episode 76 "Welcome to Tuna's World"

On this episode we bring on a good friend and soon to be You Tube gaming sensation, Itz2na. We talk to him about the gaming world and all kinds of craziness. We apologize in advance, we killed a full bottle of whiskey during this recording. ENJOY!!!!


Episode 75 "Going down the rabbit hole with a Truther"

Welcome back boys and girls. On this week's episode we have an old time friend Rob who is a Truther and conscious traveler come back to talk some about all kinds of craziness. Keep your mind open and do some research before you call us crazy. Thanks again for all your support and don't forget to subscribe and leave a review. ENJOY!!!!


Episode 74 "Free Talk with Jules and Kujo"

Welcome back to another episode. On this weeks episode Jules and Kujo discuss "Free Talk, Jules gives his tips for hickey's and we discuss women drivers. Thank you again for all your support. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and leave us a REVIEW so we can try to make the show better for everyone. ENJOY!!!!


Episode 73 " A casual chat with Bob Theriot"

Hey there, boys and girls! This week's guest is a two time author, the founder of Success Rocketing Marketing, and host of "The Q and A show." He is none other than, Bob Theriot. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram. Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, Like, and most importantly leave a review on our episodes. Thank you and ENJOY!!!!


Episode 72 "Cassandro Exotico"

On this week's episode, we were blessed to have 2 guests. We had our favorite brew master from the Old Sheepdog Brewery on to speak about a special beer they brewed in honor of pride month. Most importantly we had Luchador legend, Cassandro on to speak about his journey through life as an openly gay wrestler. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!!!! Don't forget to subscribe, review and ENJOY!!!!!!


Episode 71 "Welcome back Jules"

On this week's episode we focus on normality. We talk about Ghislaine Maxwell, Will Smith and other craziness. Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, REVIEW and most importantly tell ALL your friends. Enjoy!!!!


Episode 70 "An enlightened chat with Ryan Mattison"

Welcome back boys and girls, on this weeks episode we speak with former Army Staff Sergeant Ryan Mattison. We were able to dive a little into the mental psyche of a soldier, the petition to change the name of an elementary school here locally and of course his take on this crazy world. Please don't forget to like, subscribe and most importantly leave a review. ENJOY!!!


Episode 69 "Talking sex with an Angel"

EPISODE 69!!!!!! In honor of this special occasion we were lucky enough to get a chance to speak with Angel aka mind. She is a personal coach that helps men and women achieve that magical O in bed. We are able to dive a little into our own psyche when in comes to the world of sex. Please follow her on Instagram at mind and on only ENJOY!!!!!


Episode 68 "As the world burns"

On this week's episode Jules and Kujo keep examining the tension between police and the general public. They also speak about the new Seattle movement known as CHOP, formerly CHAZ. Remember to please subscribe, comment and review. ENJOY


Episode 67 "Conversation with a Cop"

Welcome back boys and girls. On this weeks episode we brought on our good friend Chris to chat with. Chris was a cop and swat team member for over 10 years. We decided to get a cops perspective on a number of different issues. PLEASE comment, like and subscribe. ENJOY!!!!