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Ep# 166 - Farewell LRTLK ,,, Hello McDojo Show

This week on the pod Walo, Chris, Miggy and Angel bid farewell to Locker Room Talk as the show transitions to The McDojo Show and they discuss some of the latest headlines from the MMA World


Ep# 165 - The Curse

Miggy and Walo discuss the off again Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov fight


Ep# 164 - House Arrest

This week on the pod Chris, Walo and Miggy discussed more on COVID 19, Jon Jones arrest, Joe Rogan not commentating on UFC 249, and other headlines from the MMA world. Just as reminder if you are bored at home not able to do jiu jitsu and need some instructional videos, Brandon "Bmac" McCaghren from 10th Planet Decatur is offering his triangle choke course completely FREE at


Ep# 163 - Everybody was Kung Flu fighting

This week on the pod Walo, Chris and Miggy discussed COVID-19 (the guys are not experts and anything you may have heard on the pod should not be taken as advise, for more information on COVID-19 please visit the CDC website) as well as some of the latest MMA news going on


Ep# 162 - SWAPCAST

This week Walo and Chtis did a swapcast with Brandon Brewer from the NEST Podcast, and they discussed UFC 248 as well as the COVID-19, tune in to the pod to make sure you don't get COVID-19 (fine print...neither podcast is responsible for any advise given on how to protect yourself from COVID-19, these guys are a bunch of goofs and should not be relied upon for medical advise)


Ep# 161 - The calm before half the storm

This week on the pod Walo and Chris discussed the upcoming co-main and main event for UFC 248, (WOW !!! how about that co main event?) they also talk about bad ref stoppages, Chuck Liddell calling it a day from MMA and possibly going to WWE? Felicia Spencer vs Amanda Nunes confirmed for UFC 250, and other MMA headlines


Ep# 160 - Take the "L"

This week on the podcast the guys discussed the excuses made by Deontay Wilder in his fight against Tyson Fury, the guys officially recognize the LA Dodgers as the 2017 World Series champions, they also discussed weed consumption and how it should not be considered a narcotic, and the low pay in MMA


Ep# 159 - Dog squad

This week on the pod we have nothing but gangsters, The Bulldog boxing squad joins us in studio, coach Matt Vona, Ramon "Fats" Taveras and LRTLK Alum the A-train, Austen Lane, we literally sat down and just shot the shit for 2 hours, we discussed Wilder vs Fury II, we talked #MMA, including the guys upcoming fights, Austen will be fighting on March 6 for the LFA promotion and you can catch that on #UFCFightpass, Fats is coming off an impressive KO victory in the #CombatNight promotion, we...


Ep #158 - Run it back !!!

This week on the podcast Chris and Walo take about rematches in MMA and they both have different opinions on the subject.


Ep# 157 - The McDojo Storm

This week on the pod Rob from The McDojoLife storms the podcast and doesn't hold back, he brought it so hard that at times he left Walo and Chris searching for words, this man is on fire, he is currently working on a documentary about fake martial artist, and explains how some of these fakes are able to gain the trust of people and make them believers. This will be the first documentary to infiltrate, film, and expose the world of fake martial arts! crowd funding is going on right now at...


Ep# 156 - Slim fatty

This week on the pod Walo and Chris are joined by part time co-host Miggy, and they discussed briefly the earthquakes in Puerto Rico, the Cowboy Cerrone rumors of him throwing the fight against Conor McGregor and other headlines from the MMA world.


Ep# 155 - extracurricular

This week on the pod Chris and Walo talk about their their 107 drone pilot license test and photography class projects, but they also discuss the up coming UFC 246 card.


Ep# 154 - Tin foil hat

This week on the pod Walo and Chris discussed some of the latest MMA headlines and Chris puts on his tin foil hat and talks about the Iran situation.


Ep# 152 - Jorge who?

This week on the pod Walo is joined by part time co-host Miggy and Zach Billings from The NEST podcast to discuss the latest headlines in the world of MMA, producer Chris is still on vacation and hopefully will be back next week


Ep# 151 - Podsquad

This week on the pod Walo and Miggy welcome Brandon Brewer and Zach Billings from the Nest podcast to discuss last week's UFC 245 card, producer Chris is on vacation so these guys hold it down while he enjoys time with his family. The guys also discussed the upcoming McGregor vs Cowboy fight and the UFC's decision to raise PPV prices.


Ep# 150 - Ready or not, here we come

This week on the pod Walo, Chris and Miggy try to make chicken soup out of chicken shit, the guys try to salvage an episode where computers crashed and streams were looking horrendous but nevertheless they talked some shit and some MMA


Ep# 149 - Gaming nerd

This week on the podcast Walo and Chris talked to Kru Giles Wiley from Jacksonville Muay Thai about their upcoming Muay Thai event on December 7, 2019. Kru Giles has over 30 years of experience in Muay Thai and is producing state and national champions here in Duuuuuuval … the guys also spoke to Jason Parrish who happens to have a scheduled fight at the Jacksonville Muay Thai event, Chris showed his gaming nerdomness by giving details of his Thursday night online battles, the guys also...


Ep# 148 - Thanksgiving 2019

This week on the pod Walo and Chris talked about their respective Thanksgiving day, they touch on Conor McGregor vs Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone as well and Khabib vs Tony Ferguson, Chris dives into the Mandalorian and how awful the recent Star Wars movies have been, they also talk about The Jags, Nick Foles and their favorite Jags QB Gardner Minshew


Ep# 147 - F**k YouTube

This week on the pod there was a full house, Walo and Chris welcomed The NEST podcast co-host Brandon Brewer and in an impromptu visit also on the pod, former co-host Miggy along his wife Karla as well as off an on co-host Shary, they discussed Star Wars / The Mandalorian, YouTube's new lame as policy and guidelines and they guys also spoke via phone to Dan Dalillo who had a YouTube channel with over 30 millions views and got the plug pulled by YouTube.


Ep# 146 - Cheaters and flannel

This week on the pod Walo and Chris discussed Chris' come up on a non Seattle flannel shirt, Disney+ sucking ass due to not been able to binge watch the Mandalorian, racist cartoons, The Houston Astros cheating scandal and of course we talked some MMA