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S4E9. Wicked T-Pains Never Die

Oblivion by T-Pain. Nathan courageously admits he can’t do 18 push-ups, Cameron pitches a movie reboot, and T-Pain is laid to rest. Learnin' Links: HieroglyphicsTeffWPA source recordings Listen along to Oblivion here! You can support us in several ways: Kick us a few bux on Patreon!Buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, and more at our merch page!


S4E8. Mark T-Wayne

Cameron eats problematically, Nathan comes up with a new breakout character, and T-Pain recruits someone to help him be shittier to women. Learnin' Links: HumorismOmnibus podcastKey & Peele DubstepJ. Robert OppenheimerHello From the Magic TavernDunning-Krueger Effectツ Listen along to T-Wayne here! You can support us in several ways: Kick us a few bux on Patreon!Buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, and more at our merch page!


S4E7. A Blapp Hole

Stoic by T-Pain. T-Pain returns after a few years of not making music, with his mixtape Stoic! It’s got some of his highest highs, but also some of his most defensive moments. And what was the deal with that Little Shop of Horrors song, anyway?? Learnin’ Links: An article on Stoicville in the New YorkerDick MoveKoosh ballsMonster Factory plays Knife DadJeffrey Tambor was a real piece of shit on the set of Transparent Listen along to Stoic here! You can support us in several...


S4E6. A New Train (-Wreck)

rEVOLVEr by T-Pain. We're trying out a new format this week! Surprise! We decided to focus less on comprehensiveness, and more on just being enjoyable and entertaining. That is, the old format was increasingly leading to perfunctory song discussions, and nobody wants that. Anyway, this week we talked about T-Pain's studio album Revolver. It's not as memorable as his earliest releases, but there's some solid stuff here. Some really frikken weird stuff, too, but some solid stuff...


S4E5. The Snatchies

Prevolver by T-Pain, part 2. T-Pain has a habit of releasing mixtapes to supplement his albums. This one is a predecessor to his 2011 album Revolver (no, not the Beatles one). Aaaaaaaand… it’s really super duper long. So we had to split it up into two episodes! Learnin' Links: CheesemakingNuvaRing and NuvoLudovico techniqueVitiligoMichael Richards’ anti-Semitism Listen along to Prevolver here! You can support us in several ways: Kick us a few bux on Patreon!Buy T-shirts, sweatshirts,...


s4E4. Fully-Clothed Patti LaBelle

Prevolver by T-Pain, part 1. T-Pain has a habit of releasing mixtapes to supplement his albums. This one is a predecessor to his 2011 album Revolver (no, not the Beatles one). Aaaaaaaand… it’s really super duper long. So we had to split it up into two episodes! In this episode, we cover the first 15 tracks. The whole thing has 30. But we keep things wholesome and definitely don’t use any salty language, especially when quoting Lil Wayne. Learnin' Links: Kendrick’s untitled...


S4E3. Make It Rain Fettuccini

Thr33 Ringz by T-Pain. Wait a minute, when did T-Pain become ICP? He rounds up his three-ring circus for this, his most Dark Carnival album yet! Unfortunately, he also manages to pick up some of ICP’s bad habits… Listen along to Thr33 Ringz here. Learnin' Links: Chris Brown beat RihannaBouncing cats beatboxingCiaraMadmen lawnmowerTeardrop tattoo“1234” song—which is Feist“Change the World” You can support us in several ways: Kick us a few bux on Patreon!Buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, and...


S4E2. Masculine Fantasy of Condensation

Epiphany by T-Pain. It's T-Pain's biggest album, or at least it has his biggest single "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')". It's a good album! Probably more consistent than Rappa Ternt Sanga, but T-Pain himself maybe doesn't seem as nice as he did on his first album. Listen along to Epiphany on Spotify here! Learnin' Links: Botulism, Honey—for Babies"Space Force"Pizza BrainLittle Baby'sSeeing White, from Scene on RadioPygmalionShawnna You can support us in several ways: Kick us a few...


S4E1. Alan Rickman Pillow Talk

Time for season 4, mothertruckers! We're back like scoliosis, with a discussion of T-Pain's first album Rappa Ternt Sanga. Yes, Cameron won the vote, with almost 60% of the vote for T-Pain. It's a fun album with great music… but it's sooooooo long. It's ICP-length. Listen along to Rappa Ternt Sanga on Spotify here! Learnin' Links: MegalodonThe Taíno peopleWarrant CanaryYo, Is This Racist?SprungMBMBAM's episode about the lady zooTeddy PendergrassLittle Debbie You can support us in...


Interlude: Kurt is Short for Shirley

It’s our last interlude episode for now! This week, Cameron tries to convince us all that Curtis Mayfield’s 1971 album Roots is really cool and interesting. It only has 7 songs, so Cameron has plenty of time to drone on and on—uh, I mean, we have plenty of time to go in-depth! Learnin' Links: Uber Got the DNew Yorkers and Merry Mary MarryCam’s transcriptionHit Parade’s episode on charity mega singlesCameron’s back on Twitter! Listen along to Roots on Spotify here! Also, listeners: we...


Interlude: The Blue Apron of Songs

Paris 1919 by John Cale. Are you ready? It's time for Nathan's English-Class Bullshit Time, the part of the show where Nathan tries to turn his podcast into an English class—because those are renowned for being soooooo entertaining! As part of their "playing" with their "format," Nathan and Cameron are taking a short break from exploring artists' back catalogs to talk about albums they already like. Nathan chose John Cale's 1973 magnum opus Paris 1919, which he still loves even though...


S3E8. Mommy Needs a Minute

Havoc and Bright Lights by Alanis Morrisette. It’s Alanis’ last album! 2012’s Havoc and Bright Lights sure is another Alanis album, continuing her collaboration with Guy Sigsworth. It’s kinda fun, and features some pretty good songs. But we manage stay off-topic, as always with Ally Cookies and #momparty. Learnin' Links: Who watches the watchmen?Carnival geeks and the geek showShape note singingPronunciation Manual on youtubsSNL skit with 50 ShadesThe many singularitiesIf you want to...


S3E7. Liberty Wind

Flavors of Entanglement by Alanis Morrisette. Hit the pause baton, because it's about to get deliciously spaghetti-tangled all up in here! Nathan and Cameron try to make sense of Alanis 2008 album Flavors of Entanglement with the help of Imaging Heap, the punk band Deaf Sieve, and Bryan Breynolds of the movie Breadpool and Breadpool 2. Listen along to Flavors of Entanglement on Spotify here! Learnin' Links: Derriére. NFSW, naturally. Unless you’re a butt doctor. Conversations with...


S3E6. Are We Heaven Fun Yet

So-Called Chaos by Alanis Morrisette. Alanis has some pretty damn good songs on this album. It's not quite as arresting as Jagged Little Pill, but some of the songwriting is very nuanced and mature. Plus, we get to talk about Sonic Adventures and Ryan Reynolds! What's not to love? And, post-music, we have a meta-discussion about how positive we want to be on the show! Our friends at Beyond the Box Set have inspired us to be a little more careful about our cheap jokes. Listen along to...


S3E5. Inconsistent Affectation Junkie

Under Rug Swept by Alanis Morrisette. Alanis' fifth album is a huge step up from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. There are some very good, very moving songs on this one—and thank god she decided to make it shorter than 27 songs. There are still things to quibble over here, and still some missteps, but this album definitely has some of the best songs Alanis has written to date. Listen along to Under Rug Swept on Spotify here! Learnin' Links was Allen Ginsberg's mottoRociprocityNYT...


S3E4. A Brezhnev of Freshness

Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie by Alanis Morissette. It's the Phantom Menace of Alanis albums! 1998's Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie was Alanis' followup to her massively successful Jagged Little Pill, and it's… not so good. I guess Alanis forgot how to write songs with meter? But at least Cameron gets feisty drunk in his cider-hole! And we become the first podcast ever, in history, to talk about Star Wars. Learnin' Links Kevin Smith’s gas station jeansCambridge's Mayor Maher,...


S3E3. The Song that Launched a Thousand Hacky Bits

It's finally here! Alanis Morissette's 1995 album Jagged Little Pill is not only the opening salvo of the New Alanis™ after her first few pop albums, it's also her most successful album to date. As if that weren't enough, it's also the #11 top-selling album of all time, ever, worldwide (according to this Wikipedia list). That said, it's a really good album. Almost certainly the best one we've listened to in more than 30 episodes of TOtBS. We did some nitpicking about the lyrics, and about...


S3E2. Animal Club

Alanis’ (Alanis’s?) second album Now Is the Time, from 1992, is a solid improvement on her first album. But it’s still the generic CanadaPop that Alanis would leave behind soon for her real career, with Jagged Little Pill. It was pretty fun, but ultimately mostly forgettable. Other topics covered include grass, a tight five on plain rice cakes, blue ears, and the #mewtwo movement. Listen along to Now Is the Time here. Learnin' Links Pizza in conesStrunk and White on possessives with or...


27. The Lost City of Alanis

Well here it is, our coverage of Alanis Morissette! We cover her first, and e-pony-mouth, album Alanis. It’s kinda generic pop, sort of Madonna-lite. We had fun, though, especially because we were joined by very special guest J. Rourke! J. brought the heat with the knowledge of video game music that we were sorely missing. Also, this episode features a whole slew of minor guest stars, including Paul McCartney, and a soon-to-be-breakout-character who—like Urkel—eventually usurps the...


26. Huffin' that Grumpy Weed

We've reached the end of history! Er, the end of ICP—and of season 2 of Think Outside the Box Set. Praise the Dark Carnival, we're done! The Marvelous Missing Link: Found from 2015 is the latest disappointment from ICP. It leans hard in the direction of Contemporary Christian Music, and it's worse than its companion Lost (at least, Nathan thinks so). But then again, Nathan's been getting pretty grumpy at ICP, even before he got into that grumpy weed. Up next is Alanis Morrissette! Until...