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S3E3. The Song that Launched a Thousand Hacky Bits

It's finally here! Alanis Morissette's 1995 album Jagged Little Pill is not only the opening salvo of the New Alanis™ after her first few pop albums, it's also her most successful album to date. As if that weren't enough, it's also the #11 top-selling album of all time, ever, worldwide (according to this Wikipedia list). That said, it's a really good album. Almost certainly the best one we've listened to in more than 30 episodes of TOtBS. We did some nitpicking about the lyrics, and about...


S3E2. Animal Club

Alanis’ (Alanis’s?) second album Now Is the Time, from 1992, is a solid improvement on her first album. But it’s still the generic CanadaPop that Alanis would leave behind soon for her real career, with Jagged Little Pill. It was pretty fun, but ultimately mostly forgettable. Other topics covered include grass, a tight five on plain rice cakes, blue ears, and the #mewtwo movement. Listen along to Now Is the Time here. Learnin' Links Pizza in conesStrunk and White on possessives with or...


27. The Lost City of Alanis

Well here it is, our coverage of Alanis Morissette! We cover her first, and e-pony-mouth, album Alanis. It’s kinda generic pop, sort of Madonna-lite. We had fun, though, especially because we were joined by very special guest J. Rourke! J. brought the heat with the knowledge of video game music that we were sorely missing. Also, this episode features a whole slew of minor guest stars, including Paul McCartney, and a soon-to-be-breakout-character who—like Urkel—eventually usurps the...


26. Huffin' that Grumpy Weed

We've reached the end of history! Er, the end of ICP—and of season 2 of Think Outside the Box Set. Praise the Dark Carnival, we're done! The Marvelous Missing Link: Found from 2015 is the latest disappointment from ICP. It leans hard in the direction of Contemporary Christian Music, and it's worse than its companion Lost (at least, Nathan thinks so). But then again, Nathan's been getting pretty grumpy at ICP, even before he got into that grumpy weed. Up next is Alanis Morrissette! Until...


25. I Peed on My Son

ICP’s The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost has Nathan raving: “it’s aggressively on the negative end of mediocre”! It’s not super bad, per se, but it’s just so boring… in fact, it’d be better if it were bad. Then there’d be anything to talk about. Listen along to The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost here. You can support us in several ways: Kick us a few bux on Patreon!Buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, and more at our merch page!


24. Underoos in Your Overalls

In 2012, ICP released their album The Mighty Death Poop, the second card in the second hand of Jokers Cards. It's not bad. There are a few good songs on The Mighty Beth Pop, but lots of them are kinda mediocre, and a couple are just straight up bad. Like that one that reminds us of the shitty movie Taken. The best song by far is the titular "The Mighty Death Plops," which you can listen to here. "Juggalo Juice" is pretty good, too. But the rest of The Mighty Red Pop is not super...


23. Drunk on Annoyance

Nathan's getting punchy this week, because he didn't really enjoy ICP's many versions of their 2009 album Bang! Pow! Boom!. It's not that it's bad, it's just… the shine is wearing off a little bit. ICP's been releasing these albums over almost 20 years, but we've been mainlining them for three months. Is Nathan finally starting to crack? Cameron didn't mind Bang! Pow! Boom! so much, though. Maybe it's better than Nathan gives it credit for, and there's at least one really good song. Plus,...


22. Haunted Rumps

ICP continues a string of more-or-less enjoyable albums with their 10th studio release The Tempest. Nathan had a great time listening to it and maintains that it's ICP's best album yet, while Cameron is unconvinced (and bored). Freed from their first hand of Jokers Cards, ICP cuts loose and has fun with this one. Mikey "E" Clark is back, too! It's a veritable Psychopatchic family reunion. But… what is the concept of this concept album, again? It's a hurricane, that's also a roller...


20. Prepare to Be Murdered On!

ICP released the second part of their The Wraith Joker's Card, which has… no Wraith in it? That's OK, though, because Cameron and Nathan still have plenty to talk about, including non-funky crows, Dr. Oz®'s patented Drano Cleanse™, and Cameron's highly erotic thigh-unveiling. We were warned about this album, but it's actually pretty good—especially the beats. The main problem is that ICP have mostly abandoned their social commentary by this point, and instead have become "family values"...


20. Butch Candles

Here it is: Insane Clown Posse’s holy testimony 🙏✝️🙏. ICP reveals that they’re secret Christians, the Dark Carnival is God, and that they’re not sorry if they tricked you. Just like that weird kid at school who tried to make friends with you only to ask you to something called “youth group”, ICP has apparently had an ulterior motive all long. But, as they say, “why should the devil get all the good music?” 2002’s The Wraith: Shangri-La is a pretty good album (much less women-hate), but...


19. Make Sure There’s No Crystal Lumps

ICP's 2000 album Bizzar is a return to form, but better! This is their best one so far, which makes it really fun to talk about. But for some reason, Cameron and Nathan still stall and digress into such topics as Amy Grant's slay rides, Digimon (digital monsters), and Archie's full-throated complaint that "JUGHEAD ATE ALL MY PIZZA." It's a real wild—wicked wild—romp that'll have you saying, "wicked clowns never die!" Whoop, whoop, indeed. Listen along to Bizzar on Spotify here. Learnin’...


18. Chekhov’s Waffle House

ICP strikes back! …into our hearts, with their 2000 album Bizaar. Yes, you read that right: not bazaar, and not bizarre, but Biza'ar! It's one part of their album duo Bizaar/Bizzar, which Cameron helpfully points out are neither "correct" spellings of any of those words. Cameron and Nathan tackle the difficult questions on this one, like: Is it a good thing to objectify overweight women? How long can you walk around with a heart-on before you need to seek medical attention? And what is a...


16. Grape Nuts Truther

Cameron and Nathan continue to investigate the music—nay, the phenomenon—of the Insane Clown Posse, with their 1997 album The Great Milenko. Along the way, they digress a lot, ending up talking about mom’s spaghetti and other fine foodstuffs. It's not so much that they don't like the album or anything, it's more that they find it very hard to remain on-topic. Learnin’ Links: GenmaichaNemo: Heart of IceCitizen Kane OrientalismFaygoA forum thread about the phrase “rode hard and put away...


15. Hallelujah! It’s Raining Blood!

Bonobo societies, Monster Mashes for the 90s, the Jokester of Dark Knight fame, and little juggalinos—it’s all a part of Cameron and Nathan’s discussion of Riddle Box, Insane Clown Posse’s third album! Join us as we wind the crank and see what kinds of songs play, and as we answer the big questions—like, is ICP the spiritual heir to French poet Charles Baudelaire? Probably not, but maybe! Learnin’ Links: Armin MeiwesThe Flowers of Evil Les Fleurs du Mal Bonobo sexual behavior and their...


14. The Ol' Flush 'n' Flesh

Nathan and Cameron listen to ICP’s second album, Cameron invents old-time ICP music, George Washington’s teeth fall out, and Theo has a juggalo birthday. It’s all part of the kooky karnival fun of The Ringmaster! The Ringmaster, Insane Clown Posse’s second album, is a big step up musically from The Carnival of Carnage. It has less misogyny, though there’s still a non-zero amount. It probably could’ve been shorter, though. Listen along to The Ringmaster on Spotify. Learnin'...


13. Crasscinating—Just Not on This Album

Well, here we are… the first Insane Clown Posse album! It’s… not great. We have a hard time maintaining enthusiasm (or staying awake) through the sheer misogyny and arrhythmic rapping. There are a few bright(er) spots, but overall, we’re left wondering: did we make a mistake in picking ICP? Also, will Cameron quit the podcast because Nathan used the word "Crasscinating" for the title of this episode? Learnin’ Links Leck mich im Arschalmost ICPAndy Kaufman, famed wrestlerTracie...


12. Go Tell It on the Merkin: A Very Garf Xmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! It's a very special heartwarming episode dedicated to Garf's very special Christmas album Beyond the Season. Recorded live in Chicago on Thanksgiving, Cameron and Nathan are joined by: Merry holidays and happy seasons to all! Sponsored by the OKVixen Corporation. Learnin' Links: Ryan Robison's awesome drawings!We did like the ChaseBanned in BostonBlack nativity Holiday Inn is racistSeth MartinTHIS You can support us in several ways: Kick us a few bux on...


Bonus #1: I See Pee

Say it with us, in a real real spoooOOOOoooky voice: "I WANNA PLAY A GAME." That's right! It's time to choose the artist we investigate after Garf, and what better way than with a horrifying, flesh-rending, gruesome carnival of carnage? Just call Nathan "Jigsaw," baby, cuz it's about to get all Saw up in here. Learnin' Links: Wu Tang Clan Name GeneratorYacht rockMeat Loaf's impressive filmographyR. Kelly's legal troublesRoman Polanski is a piece of human garbage from a toiletQueen of the...


11. Bouzouki Joseph

Garth's very last album forever: 2016's Gunslinger. We wish we could say it's a triumphant return to form… but it's more of a flaccid, bland return to form. At least it's not horribly offensive? This is our shortest episode ever! There isn't much to chew on here. Though we do manage to talk about more interesting things than these songs, like a movie that Cameron mysteriously calls Bang Bang Driver. Learnin’ Links: The album coverThe Ewok Adventureat least three successful plagiarism...


10. Feeble Little Throw of a Tiny Little Bone

Garth makes a not-at-all triumphant return after 13 years of hiatus with his album Man Against Machine. And boy does it stink to high heaven. Not only did Garf not appear to learn anything in his time away, it seems like he regressed in some important ways. For instance, it appears he's spent the better part of a decade in "the friendzone." We expected better from you, Garf. Learnin’ Links: The coming man against machine battleGhostTunesIt's "Ukraine," not "the Ukraine"—get it right,...


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