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Santiago Siri | Rethinking democracy, blockchain voting, destructive social media, + crypto talk

It’s episode 28 of This Strange Life Podcast and today the boys sit down with Santiago Siri, co-founder of Democracy Earth, to talk about a range of topics including liquid democracy, politics & corruption, the power of social media, fake news, and blockchain use cases. Santi has an interesting background, having grown up in Argentina and creating a political party at a young age. The party is called Partida de la Red and its in existence today. After that, Santi took an interest in...


Droop Mountain Child Trafficking Tunnels, Sarah Jeong, Chuckle Brothers & Peter Thiel | TSL Hangout

It’s episode 27 of THIS STRANGE LIFE and the boys are back today with another hangout. Topics today include the death of a Chuckle Brother (a childhood favorite of Mickey and Jimmy), Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib, are children being trafficked for sex underground in the Americas national parks aka Droop Mountain Tunnels conspiracy, and scientists discovering a brand new shape!! We go in depth on the Sarah Jeong & New York Times racism outrage. Can people of color be racist to white people? Should...


Hans Utter | Slave to the rhythm, CIA mind control, Weaponized sound & satanic imagery

Hans Utter | Slave to the rhythm, CIA mind control, Weaponized sound & satanic imagery It’s episode 28 of This Strange Life. Hans Utter is an ethnomusicologist, author, producer, and researcher. He joins the boys to discuss the recent history of sound and music, and how this can effect our physiology and psychology - and how this is used ‘against’ the masses. Human beings have evolved to react to certain sounds, in our quest for survival! How many times have we heard a song and been...


Bourdain’s last interview, plus size models, water on Mars & Mike’s new face tattoo | TSL Hangout

Episode 25 of This Strange Life is live! We’ve got a brief hangout today and we are talking all about the peculiar last interview that Anthony Bourdain gave and some of his interesting quotes about the Clintons and Weinstein. Mickey goes on to bring up has favorite plus size Instagram model GlitterandLazers — Willy and Jimmy give their take that this may just be a form of virtue signaling. We then dig in on Russian bots, Trump and the homeless/human-shit-on-the-street problem in San...


Jeff Kass | Columbine High Massacre — how it went down & American school shooting proliferation

It’s episode 24 of This Strange Life, the boys are joined with one of the first reporters at Columbine High School that fateful day in 1999 and author of “Columbine: A True Crime story” We start with a look into the perpetrators Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold AKA The trench coat mafia. What drove them to commit this heinous act? Who were they as people? What were some of the “butterfly effects” that could have prevented it? Outcasts at the school and medicated on Luvox, Klebold and Harris...


Gay Clones, drug smuggling, Midnight Express, McAfee, dropping out & Freddy Mercury | TSL Hangout

If you cloned yourself, would you get your clone to jerk you off? The boys ask this, and other important questions in today’s hangout. We start with the 2nd biggest drug haul off the coast of the UK, and progress into discussing the excellent Midnight Express movie, and Netflix’s Narcos. Silence PLEASE! In between lessons at school!! How crazy is that? We discuss how we are taught to deny our inner instincts to act like real human beings with energy. From there a discussion about...


DL Kline | Why do we fear death? Afterlife, spirituality, reincarnation & more!

We are back with episode 24 of This Strange Life and today we are joined by author DL Kline. DL self-admittedly lived an ordinary life until a past life regression opened a floodgate of psychic abilities. He brings up a load of interesting subjects on the pod including: his belief on reincarnation, near death experiences, his take on fear based religion and if our commonly-held, human feeling of fearing death is misguided. We also go on to touch on subjects like the importance of...


English World Cup Tears, Why We Hate Phone Calls And Terrifying Prisons - This Strange Life Hangout

It’s episode 23 of THIS STRANGE LIFE podcast and we are back with another hangout talking nonsense. This week the boys riff on a wild variety of subjects: England choking against the mighty Croatians, political correctness, social media and phone addictions, and hating phone calls. In the second half of the podcast we catch up on current events like Donal Trump visiting Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth — and the baby trump balloon that British people paid for. Mickey brings back one of our...


Debunking 911, Flat Earth & The NWO; Psychology, Conspiracies & Finding The Truth With Mick West

Mick West is the founder of Meta Bunk, a website & forum dedicated to the art and pastime of honest, polite, scientific investigating and debunking. He's appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, and is also the creative mind behind the Tony Hawk Skating video games. Mick will release a new book, "Escaping the Rabbit Hole: How to Debunk Conspiracy Theories Using Facts, Logic, and Reason", in September. The boys have been waiting a lifetime for this conspiracy theory show with Mick West...


Bestiality, Mr Hands, Chaos Magik, Reincarnation, Hitler & Religion Hangout#7

Bestiality, Mr Hands, Chaos Magik, Reincarnation, Hitler & Religion_Hangout#7 Its Mickey, Willy and Jimmy today, shooting the shit in a fans favourite “Hangout Episode”.. the list of topics they touch on is pretty diverse covering everything from the World Cup to getting fucked to death by stallions. Mickey regales us with his trip down a rabbit hole and gets us up to speed on Bestiality, Zoo’s (a community of people online who ‘love’ animals) and the legend that is Mr Hands and him...


Reframing the Paterno & Sandusky scandal - can we trust the mainstream media? w/ John Ziegler

It’s episode 18 of This Strange Life and on this episode the boys are joined by Jon Ziegler — Columnist, Talk Show Host, Filmmaker, TV guest, Conservative/Libertarian and expert on the Jerry Sandusky & Joe Paterno Penn State scandal. How did such a revered and iconic figure like Jerry Sandusky end up in prison having been charged with multiple cases sexual molestation? Could it be possible that Jerry is in fact innocent? John is an outspoken critic on the Sandusky/ Penn State molestation...


Going deeper with Hamid Hakha AKA Alchemist Mystique (Part 2)

It’s episode 17 (part 2) of This Strange Life & the boys are joined by Hamid Hakha aka Alchemyst Mystique — transformational journey guide, life coach, designer, improviser, aikido black belt, Daka, sensation player & burner. Hamid guides us down several emotional journeys as he delves into his thoughts on the human condition. We had moments of pure joy and discomfort as Hamid served up some harsh truths for Mickey, Willy and Jimmy as they examined their own lives and consciousness....


Harsh truths, life lessons & conscious journeys with Hamid Hakha aka Alchemyst Mystique (Part 1)

It’s episode 16 (part 1) of This Strange Life & the boys are joined by Hamid Hakha aka Alchemyst Mystique — transformational journey guide, life coach, designer, improviser, aikido black belt, Daka, sensation player & burner. Hamid guides us down several emotional journeys as he delves into his thoughts on the human condition. We had moments of pure joy and discomfort as Hamid served up some harsh truths for Mickey, Willy and Jimmy as they examined their own lives and consciousness....


Madeleine McCann: Disappearance or murder? Unsolved 11 years on with Anthony Bennett

It’s episode 15 of This Strange Life podcast the boys discuss the highly publicized Madeleine McCann disappearance that took place in Portugal in 2007 and remains as unsolved as it does controversial to this day. Ex-politician, lawyer, author, investigator and all round great guy Anthony Bennett joins the pod and challenges the main stream narrative that Madeleine was abducted the night of May 3rd, 2007 out of her vacation home while her parents and their friends — the so called “Tapas...


Finding Love with Suzie the Single Dating Diva: Relationships, Dating Tips & more...

It’s episode 14 of This Strange Life podcast & the boys are joined by Suzie the Dating Diva ( — a renowned and award-winning dating coach from Calgary. Suzie takes the audience to school on first date do’s and don’t, managing dating expectation, and the importance marketing yourself in today’s online dating scene. Suzie thinks communication between people is dwindling and that humans need to get back to their roots of face-to-face communication and chivalry....


Anthony Bourdain Suicide, Mental Health Stigma, Cockroach Milk, World Cup- THIS STRANGE LIFE HANGOUT

THIS STRANGE LIFE HANGOUT #5 12/06/2018 Anthony Bourdain Suicide -- RIP Tony! The boys discuss the Anthony Bourdain suicide and reminisce on his addictions, zest for life, family and his philosophies. Why did Anthony Bourdain commit suicide? Did he leave a note? Are we going to find out or is this going to be another unsolved mystery? Or could more sinister elements be at play and Anthony Bourdain's suicide grows into another one of the celebrity suicide conspiracy theories, especially...


BBC Pidgin English, LA Times Racist HIV & Planet of the Apes - THIS STRANGE LIFE podcast Hangout #5

This Strange Life Podcast Hangout #5 08/06/2018 BBC Pidgin English As usual the boys stumble their way through a range of topics, whilst giving us a dash of wit and big-boy gulp of ignorance. Is the BBC Pidgin site actually the world's best bit of politically-correct trolling? Who reads the site, and why? To say BBC Pidgin is written in vernacular terms is understatement, but the boys try to read the Pidgin articles without trying to culturally appropriate or sound racist. Who really reads...


Who murdered JonBenet Ramsey? M’Linda Kula presents evidence the media narrative is all wrong!

On episode 11 of This Strange life the boys welcome M’Linda Kula onto the podcast. M’Linda presents an alternative theory on who perpetrated this brutal rape and murder of 6 year old beauty pageant queen Jon Benet. M’Linda identifies Bill Ramsey, a man the mainstream media and police has completely ignored as a suspect. M’Linda had personal involvement with Bill, a love child of JonBenet’s dad Jon from his previous marriage. But to this day Bill Ramsey (known nowadays as Larry Rohn) has...


Google X, Tommy Robinson, UK Police State - Conspiracy Theories? Hangout with Mickey, Willy & Jimmy

This Strange Life Podcast Hangout #4 31/05/2018 Is Google X trying control our brains by tapping into our Selfish Gene with decision-making prompts? Or is this just another nefarious conspiracy theory? Time will tell if this is going to be another one life's unsolved mysteries or not, but the boys give their opinions anyway. Do UK Muslim rape gangs really exist or are they just another "conspiracy theory" too? The UK government, police force and mainstream media would have you believe we...


Smiley Face Killer, West Memphis Three & Pizzagate with William Ramsey

On episode 10 of This Strange Life, author and private investigator William Ramsey joins the boys to discuss The Smiley Face Killers, The West Memphis Three, Pizzagate, 9/11, Seth Rich, the Clinton body count and much much more! William Ramsey has authored several true crime books such as: Children of the Beast, Prophet of Evil and Abomination. He also created The Smiley Face Killers Documentary. Follow William Ramsey on Twitter: William Ramsey’s...