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Lights, Camera, Bangkok | James Newman & Matthew Rickard talk film making in Thailand

Another fun This Strange Life and we are joined by two Bangkok-based film makers — James Newman & Matthew Rickard. They dish on the projects they are working on now, the differences between Western and Thai audiences and then we get into out favorite movies and shows. We also hit on some usual #TSL topics like expat life and traveling. We hear some interesting perspectives as James has been in Thailand since ’01, while Matthew just arrived last year. Keep an eye out for some of their...


Donald Jefferies | Is the American Dream a myth? Corruption, Wealth disparity, conspiracies & more

Another delicious episode of This Strange Life. This time with an awesome guest, Donald Jefferies — author of “Survival of the Riches”, “Hidden History” and more. On this ‘sode we talk about the wealth disparity in the States and how the system is set up for keeping the rich, rich and the poor, poor. And it’s only getting worse. Why is this? We also dabble into recent politics and news. We get Donald Jefferies’ take on the rise of Trump. Check out Donald’s books on Amazon:...


Sarin the Mentalist | READING the MINDS of Mickey & Willy

This week on This Strange Life we are joined by Sarin Suriyakoon. Sarin is an app developer during the day — but by night he is a mentalist! He reads minds, makes predictions and is generally entertaining with his mental powers! Sarin was born and raised in Bangkok and performs regularly at a variety of clubs and venues around Sukhumvit. On the pod we discuss his background and how he got into being a mentalist. How it has changed his life from being a self-proclaimed “geek” to performing in...


Peter Vronsky | Serial Killer Special

Peter Vronsky | Serial Killer Special In today’s podcast the boys are joined by serial homicide historian, true crime author, and serial killer expert Peter Vronsky. Peter has written countless books on serial killers, and he takes Mickey & Willy through a harrowing hour of dark and twisted tales. We focus on Times Square torso ripper Richard Cottingham, discuss the psychology of a murderer and how female serial killers compare. You can catch Peter at Buy his...


Ole Dammegard | Shedding light on Conspiracies

This week the boys are joined by the one and only Ole Dammegard for a loose, free-wheeling episode talking about conspiracies and other fun stuff. This pod was an especially big moment for Mickey who’s paid close attention to Ole’s work for a long time now. We get into the weeds on the Norwegian mass-shooter Anders Breivik and the weirdness surrounding that story, we also discuss mind control and black operatives. We talk about the NWO, the Bush lineage and the template of how we’re drawn...


Bangkok Savage | From Comedy to Cum Rags w/ Blake & Chris

This week the boys are joined by Blake Sibbitt (Admin of Bangkok Expats and Owner of BKK BestLife Real Estate) & Chris Raufeisen (Founder of RAW Comedy, Stand-Up Comedian and Property Agent with BKK BestLife). Expect plenty of laughs and a few sighs as we settle in for a long, hot and filthy night at Check Inn 99. We go everywhere from life to death - how westerners views on the matter differ.. and from masturbating to moderation. The focus being on the former!! We hear about Chris’s...


Phil Pierce | Controlling the mind, finding happiness & taking care of our bodies!

This week the boys are joined by author, martial Artist and sports psychologist Phil Pierce. We discuss looking after your body and mind, the importance of positive thinking, minimalism, energy transfer, the circle of life, reincarnation, simulation theory and much much more! Why do we spend so much time looking after our cars, houses and possessions, but absolutely no time on our minds and bodies? What effect does climate and sunlight have on us? What drives us and truly makes us happy? We...


John W Brisson | Child Sex Trafficking | Pizzagate update, Finders, McMartins, Pedowood

We are back for episode 38 of This Strange Life podcast and today we are joined by RETURN guest John Brisson. John’s the author of “Fix Your Gut”. He’s also one of the best researched person we’ve had on #ThisStrangeLife and has an impeccable memory! On today’s episode we talk all about the Finders cult and related child sex trafficking topics. John’s got a ton of knowledge on this dark topic. We update on Pizza Gate and where that is at. Is there a scandal related to the famous Voodoo...


Julio Briones | Wrongful Conviction: Finding Positivity in hell

It’s episode 37 of This Strange Life and we are joined by Julio Briones. This episode is a deep dive into a few serious and interest topics: incarceration, wrongful conviction and what it’s like to come back from that. Julio now runs Answer Man Specialty Services — a personal crisis management company. In his youth, Julio got caught up in the wrong crowd and ended up in jail. Due to not understanding the system and hiring the wrong attorney, Julio was sentenced to 39 years in prison. Julio...


Chiang Mai Digital | Facebook censorship on the left? Digital nomadism & church exit w Jake Passi

It’s episode 36 of This Strange Life podcast and today the boys from Bangkok are joined by Jake Passi — founder of Collective Consciousness, & jet setting digital nomad based in Chiang Mai. We got Jake on the line to discuss a very hot-button topic -- social media censorship. Right wing & conspiracy publications such as Alex Jones’ Info Wars have been effected, but have left-leaning and progressive groups been dealing with it too? Apparently, yes! Passi’s Collective Conscious group — which...


Clive De Carle | Modern Medicine is KILLING US!

This week the boys are joined with Clive De Carle, consultant and pioneer for the new, alternative health movement. After a taking a doctor prescribed course of antibiotics with dire consequences, Clive was awoken to the sham that is modern medicine... introduced by the Rockerfeller family.. “With nutrient deficient food, toxic chemicals sprayed in our atmosphere, a tainted water supply, and the mainstream medical establishment flooding our system with prescription drugs- the quest for a...


Bangkok Confidential | Reforming Education, Psychedelics & Mental Health w/ Magda Kozlowska

In this weeks show the boys are joined by psychologist, counselor, and dive master, Magda Kozlowska. We discuss what it’s like being the child of Polish diplomats and how traveling the world effects the development of your mindset. How having wanderlust and the itch to travel compares to a traditional life - and can you have both? Magda is a psychologist and high school counselor, and we discuss the problems today’s kids have. Specifically the elite kids of international schools. If you’re a...


Bangkok Dangerous | Expat Life, Justin Bieber Strife & Dinner In The Sky w/ Mario & Friso

This week the boys are joined by Mario Zwepink & Friso Poldervaart, two awesome (and well-connected) Bangkok entrepreneurs. Being local lads, they join Mickey, Willy and Jimmy in the flesh at Check-Inn 99. The beer flowed as did the conversation, taking us to some super weird places – from Mario’s cock, to Justin Biebers hotel room. Friso brought the well-known ‘Dinner in the Sky’ to Bangkok (and soon to Pattaya). Not to be out-done, Mario brings Thailand some of the better known...


Story Hour: Terrifying Haunting, ghosts, skinwalkers, wendigo & Sasquatch | Cameron J Quinn

Expect goosebumps, in a very special 30th episode of This Strange Life as the boys are joined by author Cameron J Quinn. Cameron describes her altercations with entities that match the profile of ghosts, poltergeists, skinwalkers and wendigo. Cameron’s voice quivers, and there’s a catch in her throat as she relives some truly terrifying experiences with these demonic creatures. This left the lads with eyes watering and hair standing on end. Be sure to go and check out Cameron.. she's an...


Mandela Effect, Censoring Alex Jones, Muslim cults, Seattle plane thief & Bigfoot | Hangout

It’s episode 29 of THIS STRANGE LIFE podcast and we are back with another hangout episode talking sh*t. This week the boys open up with some Queen, and discuss the Mandela effect. Is this a glitch in the matrix.. or do people have bad memories? We discuss the censoring of Alex Jones and his social media presence getting wiped out by Silicon Valley. But Mickey wonders: is it a conspiracy that Jones has orchestrated to increase visibility? We hit news topics like the airport employee who stole...


Santiago Siri | Rethinking democracy, blockchain voting, destructive social media, + crypto talk

It’s episode 28 of This Strange Life Podcast and today the boys sit down with Santiago Siri, co-founder of Democracy Earth, to talk about a range of topics including liquid democracy, politics & corruption, the power of social media, fake news, and blockchain use cases. Santi has an interesting background, having grown up in Argentina and creating a political party at a young age. The party is called Partida de la Red and its in existence today. After that, Santi took an interest in...


Droop Mountain Child Trafficking Tunnels, Sarah Jeong, Chuckle Brothers & Peter Thiel | TSL Hangout

It’s episode 27 of THIS STRANGE LIFE and the boys are back today with another hangout. Topics today include the death of a Chuckle Brother (a childhood favorite of Mickey and Jimmy), Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib, are children being trafficked for sex underground in the Americas national parks aka Droop Mountain Tunnels conspiracy, and scientists discovering a brand new shape!! We go in depth on the Sarah Jeong & New York Times racism outrage. Can people of color be racist to white people? Should...


Hans Utter | Slave to the rhythm, CIA mind control, Weaponized sound & satanic imagery

Hans Utter | Slave to the rhythm, CIA mind control, Weaponized sound & satanic imagery It’s episode 28 of This Strange Life. Hans Utter is an ethnomusicologist, author, producer, and researcher. He joins the boys to discuss the recent history of sound and music, and how this can effect our physiology and psychology - and how this is used ‘against’ the masses. Human beings have evolved to react to certain sounds, in our quest for survival! How many times have we heard a song and been...


Bourdain’s last interview, plus size models, water on Mars & Mike’s new face tattoo | TSL Hangout

Episode 25 of This Strange Life is live! We’ve got a brief hangout today and we are talking all about the peculiar last interview that Anthony Bourdain gave and some of his interesting quotes about the Clintons and Weinstein. Mickey goes on to bring up has favorite plus size Instagram model GlitterandLazers — Willy and Jimmy give their take that this may just be a form of virtue signaling. We then dig in on Russian bots, Trump and the homeless/human-shit-on-the-street problem in San...


Jeff Kass | Columbine High Massacre — how it went down & American school shooting proliferation

It’s episode 24 of This Strange Life, the boys are joined with one of the first reporters at Columbine High School that fateful day in 1999 and author of “Columbine: A True Crime story” We start with a look into the perpetrators Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold AKA The trench coat mafia. What drove them to commit this heinous act? Who were they as people? What were some of the “butterfly effects” that could have prevented it? Outcasts at the school and medicated on Luvox, Klebold and Harris armed...