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You COULD watch a fictional show about comedians figuring out comedy OR you could listen to my podcast Too Sensitive for Comedy: No HBOgo password needed. Each Tuesday listen as I interview up and coming comedians about what its really like to pursue comedy.

You COULD watch a fictional show about comedians figuring out comedy OR you could listen to my podcast Too Sensitive for Comedy: No HBOgo password needed. Each Tuesday listen as I interview up and coming comedians about what its really like to pursue comedy.
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You COULD watch a fictional show about comedians figuring out comedy OR you could listen to my podcast Too Sensitive for Comedy: No HBOgo password needed. Each Tuesday listen as I interview up and coming comedians about what its really like to pursue comedy.






Kaycee Conlee: Lying on Stage

Kaycee Conlee started comedy in Los Angeles and has since moved to Florida. She talks about what it feels like to successfully run and be booked on shows while at the same time be rejected by comedy festivals. Kaycee came out in the midst of starting in comedy and shares about how coming out affected her journey in stand up. Also we are both VERY humble in this episode. Subscribe to the Patreon page to get access to bonus clips of the podcast Follow...


Noah Findling: What Am I Saying?

Noah Findling is hilarious, LA based stand-up comedian and he shares with me about the very real struggle of figuring out who you are on stage so that it works every time. Also listen to find out why Noah doesn't want you tell him how long it's been since you last saw him. In the Patreon bonus clip of this show Noah shares about how it came to be that he ended up choosing standup comedy over improv. Become a Patreon subscriber and you will be notified when the bonus clip is available!...


The LIVE Show!

This episode is from the live recording of the first ever Too Sensitive for Comedy Live show featuring conversations and stand-up comedy sets from Paige Weldon, Shanna Christmas and Daniel Rugg Webb. This episode features my full conversation with each of the comedians and a clip of my favorite jokes from their set. I think you'll love this one as much as our live audience did. If you are a fan of this show and are interested in hearing bonus clips of this and other episodes, then check out...


Arielle Isaac Norman: Repentant Food Blogger

Arielle Isaac Norman is an Austin stand-up comedian and podcaster. Arielle talks about getting into stand up after becoming a repentant food blogger and learning how to creating a full life doing many things and protecting her love and enjoyment of stand-up. Also listen to find out how she ended up doing her first mic on accident in her mom's car. Follow Arielle Check out her podcast Gender Fluids Follow Too Sensitive...


Stacy Rumaker: Afraid of the Unknown

Stacy is the kind of friend you hope you find in comedy. She has great and eclectic taste and strongly supports the comedians she believes in. She is also the host and executive producer of a very successful monthly live show called The Night Cap With Stacy Rumaker. Stacy opens up with me about the first time she quit comedy and how she came back to it. This is a very informative conversation that covers the career of someone who has seen a lot of sides of the business. Also listen to find...


Renee Percy: I Have to do WHAT?

Renée Percy is an LA based stand up comedian who started stand up in Canada. Renee tells me about the differences in the Canadian versus LA comedy scenes and about trying to break her arm as a child to get out of doing her first stand up set. Also listen to find out exactly why Renée was ultimately written out of her part on Degrassi. Get tickets to the live show April 24th: Follow Renée Percy...


Jana Schmieding: Next Level Hustle

Jana Schmieding is a writer, podcaster and up and coming stand up comedian who started in the improv world. A former educator, Jana has taken her passion for justice and representing marginalized groups an used it to create Woman of Size Pod. The podcast and the life comedy show of the same title put the talents of women with marginalized body types front and center. One of my favorite things though was discussing what it means to gear up for that next level of "hustle." Follow and listen to...


Madison Shepard: Feeling Invisible

Madison Shepard is a stand up comedian based in Los Angeles. Madison talks very openly about her uphill battle to be acknowledged by the industry while being a self described "fat, black and over thirty" woman. We talk a great deal about what it looks like to reach back and help people who are coming up behind us and sometimes feeling invisible to the people who are ahead of us. I should mention, too, that Madison is a bad ass who once had a general and continued pitching projects even as...


Jessica Sele: God Bless the Outcasts

Jessica Sele is a stand up comedian who grew up in the Bay Area comedy scene before moving to Los Angeles. Jessica almost quit stand-up early on prior to learning how to develop what became her own version of thick skin. She shares about the difficulties of moving scenes after becoming comfortable and how Arby's helped her cope with those difficulties. That's right. Arby's. Also listen to hear an impromptu Disney duet I think you'll enjoy. Also there are two more weeks left to win a FREE...


Nicole Aimee Schreiber: Just Get Funnier

Nicole Aimee Schreiber is a hilarious comedian who regularly performs in clubs all over the US. In our interview Nicole discusses the moments when she really began to feel like a comedian, her comedy rockbottom and how it is that she still manages to have success in spite of having a bad attitude. Also one of us was a "leash kid." Listen to find out who! Follow Nicole @nicoleaimee Follow the show @toosensitiveforcomedy Follow me @thedarkkristal To enter the raffle...


Justin Herman: New York vs. LA

Justin Herman is a super funny New York comedian visiting LA. We discuss the differences in the type of comedy and comedy personalities that come out of both scenes and why it helps in the beginning to be naturally good at failing. Justin has been able to travel outside the US to do comedy and he knows, first hand, how to handle a heckle from a Finnish audience member. Also listen to find out the one thing that both Justin and I cannot get away with on stage. Follow Justin @justinmherman...


Fielding Edlow: My Psychic's Here Tonight

Fielding Edlow is an awesome comedian and a great human being. We recorded this episode at her home in LA and she shared with about her crack level addition to gossip. We also talk about that one time in a green room when someone accused her of stealing their snack, we weigh in on whether or not its ever okay to bring notes on stage and how she learned to speak and think positively about herself after a rough show. Finally, one of us recently ran into an ex at a show. Listen to find out who!...


Shanti Charan: A Bunch of "No's"

Shanti Charan is Bay Area stand-up comedian and makes me laugh so hard both on and off stage. Shanti and I get really honest about being strung along by industry and the frustration of not knowing how to move up to the next level. Our discussion carried on so well we didn’t get time to get to any of the new segments but it’s a fun listen even without it. Follow Shanti on ig @shanticharan Follow the show on ig @toosensitiveforcomedy for show updates and hilarious memes inspired by the show...


Danielle Perez: Comedy is a Real Job

Danielle Perez is an LA based stand-up comedian and rising quickly in the comedy scene. In this interview she shares honestly about her feelings on comedy lists, fighting imposter syndrome and feeling like everyone is rooting for your failure. Listen, subscribe and share with other aspiring artists! Follow Danielle on Instagram @divadelux Follow the show on Instagram @toosensitiveforcomedy Follow Kristal on Instagram @thedarkkristal


Katy French: Only Quit After You Kill

Katy French is one of my true blue comedy friends. She is also an amazing stand-up comedian. In this episode she agreed to be my guinea pig in testing a new segment where I have guests take an online quiz to find out how sensitive they are. We also talk about self care, motivation and how women are treated when they date another comic. Subscribe and share with someone you know would like it!


Granison Crawford: Anybody Afraid of Death?

Granison Crawford is an up and coming stand-up comedian and he runs a great monthly comedy show in the Valley called the League of Comedy. We talk about unexpectedly performing under the influence, finding your “tribe” and performing stand-up in front of your 4th grade teacher. Oh and I may or may not have sung a full verse of a gospel song. This episode was a whole mood. Subscribe and tell your friends! Follow Granison on IG @instagranison Follow the show on IG @toosensitiveforcomedy Theme...


Erin Judge: Middling for Drag Queens

Erin Judge is an amazing stand-up comedian, novelist and the host and producer of one of the best stand-up comedy shows in Los Angeles called Romantic Comedy. I love Erin because she processes the different phases of her comedy career and her related decisions very thoroughly. We talk about "doing the road" and deciding to step away from it. Also everyone's favorite stand-up comedy moment should include a drag queen. Erin's does! Check out her monthly stand up comedy show in Culver City:...


My Mom's First Open Mic

No, my mom isn’t getting into stand up. But in all the years of doing comedy, I have never once taken my mom to an open mic with me (because I love her). Well, all of that changes starting now! In between bites of fudge, my mom hilariously recounts her first experience at an open mic during our visit to San Francisco.


Vision Boarding

Happy New Year! I'm back and I have some thoughts on vision boarding that have nothing to do with the laws of attraction! Also I want to make this podcast even more sensitive, which I'd love your help with. Send an email to with your ideas topics which you would like me and my future guests to discuss!


Lisa Chanoux: Comedy is a Sickness

Lisa Chanoux is an amazing stand-up comedian, writer and podcast co-host. In my opinion she is a must-see on the stage and a must-know on the scene. According to Lisa, being sensitive is an asset in comedy! Of course this isn't just a feeling, she backs it up with facts and real life examples. Listen to hear more about this and our discussion on what it's like to be angry and on stage while female. After you're done listing to this, check out her hit podcast What's Your Sign?