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Asking the most important people the least important questions. It's the show where hosts Elizabeth Laime and her husband, psychic Andy, invite a special guest into their home and hang out for an hour!

Asking the most important people the least important questions. It's the show where hosts Elizabeth Laime and her husband, psychic Andy, invite a special guest into their home and hang out for an hour!


Los Angeles, CA




Asking the most important people the least important questions. It's the show where hosts Elizabeth Laime and her husband, psychic Andy, invite a special guest into their home and hang out for an hour!




P.O. Box 1421 Los Angeles, CA 90078


Archive 056 - Kylebornheimer!

From the archives: Dreams come true guys! After being huge fans of actor KYLE BORNHEIMER’S from his hilarious role on Worst Week and now on NBC’s Perfect Couples, we would never have believed that we would hang with such a cool dude. Well, not only did that happen but he came over to our house, hung out with us for a hilarious hour and let us know that he is indeed super cool (for example: he would not like Hitler even if he were awesome in a dunk contest)! Enjoy. Original airdate:...


Archive 055 - Casey Wilson!

From the archives: The Nigerian Prince was right – CASEY WILSON from SNL and ABC’S upcoming Happy Endings is fun and cutie! Not only did she discuss prison love but she dove right into all things Oprah so you can only imagine how thrilled Elizabeth was! OH, and if any of the members of the band the DAVENPORTS are listening, your future wife’s email address is mentioned within so take good notes. Enjoy! Original airdate: FEBRUARY 20, 2011 Follow along with the...


Archive 054 - Pete Karinen & Sara Simmonds!

From the archives: Happy Valentine’s Day! For this here day of love, we discussed all things Valentine with comedy writer and performers PETE KARINEN and SARA SIMMONDS, who are ALSO LOVERS!!!! It’s all about LOVE ya’ll!! oh, and we also talk about the dirtiest thing Elizabeth has ever done. Ever. Enjoy! Original airdate: FEBRUARY 13, 2011 Follow along with the...


Archive 053 - Top 5 of 2010!

From the archives: Totally Laime is a second grader! For this special episode, Elizabeth and Psychic Andy take a look back of 5 of their favorite moments from their first year of podcasting. These include clips with hilarious guests MARC MARON, ZACH STEEL, ADAM PALLY, MIKE BURNS, and ELIZA SKINNER! Enjoy! Original airdate: FEBRUARY 6, 2011 Follow along with the...


Archive 052 - Patton Oswalt!

From the archives: 52 weeks. Holy Hell has it really been a year of podcasts? A YEAR!? Indeed it has. Happy Birthday to Us! To celebrate, we pulled off a miracle that we still don’t understand which is to say that we got PATTON (motherfuckin) OSWALT to come on our little show! Original airdate: JANUARY 30, 2011 Follow along with the...


Archive 051 - Kumail Nanjiani!

From the archives: Guys, you may think that stand up comedian KUMAIL NANJIANI is a hilariously funny, handsome fellow, and you would be correct. But what you probably don’t know is that he also has the secret cures to Cancer and not having fun. Listen here for all the answers! Enjoy. Original airdate: JANUARY 23, 2011. Follow along with the...


Archive 050 - Kimmy Gatewood!

From the archives: What a treat! The Apple Sister’s KIMMY GATEWOOD is hilarious and adorable but mostly she’s just a ginormous ray of sunshine! Even mention of Elizabeth’s butt mouth cannot tarnish her golden shine! Enjoy. Original airdate: JANUARY 16, 2011. Follow along with the show:


Archive 049 - Thomas Middleditch!

From the archives: He’s cute. He’s funny. He’s smart. and guys? He’s CANADIAN!!! oh yeah, and THOMAS MIDDLEDITCH is also insanely talented – in UCB’S Baby Wants Candy, and as the star of Splinterheads! Happy 2011. Enjoy. Original airdate: JANUARY 9, 2011. Follow along with the show:


Archive 048 - Shannon Hatch!

From the archives: Happy New Year! We saved an awesome one for last of 2010 – even though it’s a few weeks late, we know you’ll enjoy it because it’s with our special guest, stand up comedian SHANNON HATCH! She’s funny, she’s into cheez-its and guys? she’s a total slut (evidence: her twitter name is cheezitslut. So there.) As if that weren’t enough, she also tells one of the best rancid meat stories we’ve heard. EVER! Enjoy. Original airdate: DECEMBER 30, 2010. Follow along with the...


Archive 047 - Gil Ozeri!

From the archives: Merry Xmas Laimewads! As our gift to you, please enjoy this podcast with the hilarious GIL OZERI, comedy writer for ABC’s upcoming “Happy Endings” and also star of the amazing upcoming Comedy Central album featuring his legendary phone sex prank calls – one of which is featured here. And of course it’s the Jewish one because we can’t leave psychic Andy out. Happy Holidays and Enjoy! Original airdate: DECEMBER 23, 2010. Follow along with the...


Archive 046 - Stephen Ruddy!

From the archives: If you don’t find living on a cruise ship at Gauntanamo Bay interesting, or if you don’t like funny smart dudes, then you probably shouldn’t listen to this episode with Elizabeth’s new favorite colleague, STEPHEN RUDDY of UCB Theatre’s Gravid Water… But if you do like all of the above, then ENJOY! Original airdate: DECEMBER 16, 2010. Follow along with the...


Archive 045 - Paul Scheer!

From the archives: That’s right guys, PAUL SCHEER! Yes, the one and only from The League, from Children’s Hospital, from Human Giant. On. Our. Podcast. We’re not sure what we did right in our past life (cuz it definitely wasn’t something we’ve done this time around, oh!) but somehow the universe gave us the gift of the nicest, funniest, most likeable Comedians on the scene right now. Enjoy! Original airdate: DECEMBER 9, 2010. Follow along with the...


Archive 044 - Alison Becker!

From the archives: Guys, she’s super hot, she’s crazy talented and lucky you, you’re likely to see her frequently on your television as well as on this very special podcast! Comedy actress ALISON BECKER came over and made us swoon. All of us. Even mascot Ruby. ENJOY! Original airdate: DECEMBER 2, 2010. Follow along with the...


Archive 043 - Harris Wittels!

From the archives: Are ya’ll ready to fall in love? For Thanksgiving, Elizabeth and Psychic Andy thought we should give you, our beloved Laimewads, a glimpse inside a love connection – in this case with HARRIS WITTELS, writer for Parks and Recreation and the Sarah Silverman Program! He’s adorable. He’s hilarious. His cock shot is in Sarah Silverman’s book. Enough said. Enjoy! Donate to the Harris Wittels Fund: Original airdate: NOVEMBER 25,...


Archive 042 - Mike Burns!

From the archives: Stand up comedian MIKE BURNS is the kind of guy you want to hang out with all the time once you’ve met him because he makes everything FUN! Don’t just take our word for it – the proof is in the podcast, we’re especially excited about introducing laimewads to his character, GARY who is known for 2 things and 2 things only: 1) being a gentleman and 2) … well, you’ll just have to listen! Enjoy. Original airdate: NOVEMBER 18, 2010. Follow along with the...


Archive 041 - Lennon Parham!

From the archives: She keeps it real. She keeps it mother fuckin awesome. She keeps it inspirational for Elizabeth yo! From CBS’s “Accidentally On Purpose” and “Confessions Of A Shopoholic” LENNON PARHAM came on our lil show and made our day! Enjoy. Original airdate: NOVEMBER 11, 2010. Follow along with the...


Archive 040 - Megan Neuringer!

From the archives: Elizabeth has had a long time girl crush on our guest, comedy writer and actress MEGAN NEURINGER (whom you may know as the Mac girl from the Apple commercials and/or HBO’s Flight Of The Conchords) – so we were simply thrilled to find out that she was bringing her funny self out to LA to put up her hit show at UCB – LA and then peed in our pants thrilled that she came on our podcast! Enjoy. Original airdate: NOVEMBER 4, 2010. Follow along with the...


Archive 039 - The Turpster & Mike Schramm!

From the archives: If you’re into World of Warcraft or if you went to BLizzcon or listen to gaming podcasts at all then you surely are familiar with THE TURPSTER and MIKE SCHRAMM of The Incredible Podcast of Amazing Awesomeness! Even if you’re not into gaming, you’ll still likely fall deeply into some serious gaming geek love with this duo… we’re not gonna lie, we did. Because it’s really true… They’re totally incredible and amazingly awesome! Enjoy. Original airdate: OCTOBER 28,...


Archive 038 - Andrée Vermeulen!

From the archives: She’s fresh faced and fancy free and okay, she’s a bit of a comedy savant. And by a bit we do mean a TOTAL COMEDY GENIUS! Keep your eyes peeled for this one – ANDREE VERMULEN! Her impersonations are spot on hilarious, she has the face of an angel and she’s just moved to LA to make her mark! Enjoy. Original airdate: OCTOBER 21, 2010. Follow along with the...


Archive 037 - Sarah Burns!

From the archives: You know her from I Love You Man, Flight Of The Conchords, Life As We Know It, and lots of other things~ UCB’s hilarious, and talented SARAH BURNS came over and just adorabled the shit out of everything. Even “Flesh Dress” sounds appealing coming from her pert little mouth! Enjoy. Original airdate: OCTOBER 14, 2010. Follow along with the...