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Longtime friends from the middle of nothing talking about everything: nostalgia, paranormal, small town lore.

Longtime friends from the middle of nothing talking about everything: nostalgia, paranormal, small town lore.
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Longtime friends from the middle of nothing talking about everything: nostalgia, paranormal, small town lore.






#036: Robo Fever Dream

New ideas are volleyed amid Leprechaun and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse talk. The prospect of owning a restaurant is fantasized while Justin gives Chris too much to think about regarding sitcom one-offs. Also: more message board slaps and quality vs. quantity.

#035: Welcome To Boothworld Industries

Another creepy episode full of number stations, cursed phone numbers, and Dark Web conspiracies. Justin outlines his annoying exit from a Facebook group and his thoughts on drinking podcasts. Also: the Great Porn-Off of 2008.

#034: Rule 34

The boys sleepily get Nintendo-centric with ASMR, impulse buys, and a rundown of the new generation of Pokémon. Then: Chris helps the elderly as Justin entertains buying a boat. Rule 34 is lightly explained amidst a discussion about what qualifies as being a “snowflake.” Also: classic slasher movies are revisited.

#033: Fightin’ Over Loosies

The prospect of joining a slow-pitch softball league is entertained, followed by 90s drug PSA talk and Christian pizza restaurant awkwardness. Then: harrowing go-kart rescues and fireworks semantics. The ups and downs of Adam Sandler’s career are showcased. Also: non-Happy Meal toys and the struggles of bunkbed life.

#032: Backrubs and Boiler Rooms

Justin remembers a weird library memory from elementary school; Chris volleys back with one of his own. Also: the Men In Black dance, Snood, and bizarre custodial friendships. Then: we open up Justin’s journal again for another lackluster reading, followed swiftly by a cringeworthy would-you-rather. Oof.

#031: McGrilled Cheese

Justin calls a far-off McDonald’s and makes a unique request. More 90s movie talk. The likelihood of the plot to Blank Check is questioned. Then: Tootsie Pop urban legends and ghostly fight or flight instincts. Also: the most bizarre account involving roadkill ever told.

#030: Pinky Out

A dear friend clashes with Dracula in a bout of immortal combat. Justin showcases his desire for a particularly gut-busting dish. Also: Chris weighs the loss of a digit while revealing his fear of undercooked beef. Then: a hero rises from the ashes to face a dive-bombing cast of conspiring raptors.

#029: Handing Out Chelsea Grins

The boys enjoy a Saturday night at home like spinsters, eating candy and going on about badass hats. Also: 90s kids sports movies and the McDonald's kiosk “secret” menu. Then: Chris weighs the pros and cons of Volkswagen hypotheticals amidst dusty, Christian music festival reflections.

#028: My Sandwich Is All Soggy

In this frenzied gambit of bucket pull action: the origin of the TPA logo picture, Justin’s childhood hiking failure, and sleeping bag embarrassments. Also: top-shelf Ghostbusters toys and grueling Disney deathmatches. Then: Chris delivers a gut-punching, killer answer to a nightmarish hypothetical question.

#027: “Oh, What A Lovely Production!”

Clown fear and clown-esque pop culture gets mixed with a weird birthday party memory. Also: recurring ghost trains and monster hunts. Then: Justin’s favorite cemetery story finally gets told.

#026: Econofoods Radio

This week you get to hear hazy tales from a dead mall, pizzeria game room joy, and train-themed sandwich shop nostalgia. Also: mechanical penny horses, our first CDs, and the likelihood of talking sheep. Then: downhill scooter antics and adult autumn missteps into poison ivy.

#025: Lockdown

Justin ponders a real-life Yogi Bear. Chris talks about city animals then goes on about local Freemasonry. Middle school dodgeball, discipline, and bomb threats are examined. Also: mopeds, snowmobiles, and winter inactivity.

#024: Sweatpants, Hoodie, Mask

Hey, it’s a Halloween episode. In this jumbo-sized treat sack of a podcast, the boys discuss bad costumes, garbage candy, and rotten pumpkins. Oh, and more childhood shame stuff mixed with the triumphs of the past. So light a jack-o-lantern, bite into a popcorn ball, and put on Hocus Pocus, ‘cause we’re gettin’ festive.

#023: “My Office, NOW!!”

In this flashback to early ‘90s grade school life, Justin faces down his playground demons. Loyalties are questioned as we learn who spent more time in the principal’s office. A house blows up. The return of child fights. More Unsolved Mysteries. Scenic Drive and video stores. Finally: Chris’ teenage love letter skills are showcased.

#022: Bobbing For Burritos

The return of food talk. Family supper rituals are discussed. Chris outlines the rules and regulations surrounding the fabled “Tour de Food” challenge that he’s been offering up to Justin for a decade. Then: a theoretically endless food trough scenario is put on the table. Choose wisely.

#021: Gorilla Wasps

A genetically modified insect is pitted against a non-genetically modified father. Justin and Chris want to call a prison and interview a murderer. Also: neo-Jackass stunt people emerge. Then: comic book movies and a new Joker.

#020: The Murphysboro Mud Monster

Justin regails Chris with a 1970s-era monster story from downstate Illinois. Chris volleys back with a bizarre UFO story. Then the boys quote Tommy Boy to cleanse themselves of their fears.

#019: MSN Messenger Mayhem

Chris details his weapon for the wasteland. 1990s key parties. Justin declares his love for The Road Warrior. Then: the boys weigh the consequences of The Purge and point out its problems. This week’s foray into Justin’s Journals sees the return of a vintage TPA legend and the boys learn that their memories are, indeed, utter garbage.

#018: Swallow His Adam’s Apple

Justin tries to humanize God-like old people. Basement bar aesthetics. Playing cards vs. iPhones. Justin concludes that they are children and the adult experience is relative. Then: a potential ass-kicking at the hands of a karate kid. Also: a dad joke, drunk grandpas, and Chris’ first move in a fight.

#017: A Monkey With A Knife

Justin gives a Wizard World recap: Boy Meets World, elevator encounters, and the celebrity he almost got into a fight with. Yeesh. Then we dive deep into another frightening territory: Justin’s Journals. Chris provides a thought-provoking scenario involving armed primates. Then: indestructible flies vs. untied shoes.