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Little Mermaid Casting Controversy, Trump’s Big Dumb Parade, US Women’s Soccer Team, Jeffrey Epstein Deep Dive, Ice Cream Licker, Nintendo Announces New Console, Kinda... Weird Melania Statue, MORE Marianne Wiliamson Tweets, Swalwell Drops Out

* T I M E C O D E S * BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:15 US Women’s Soccer Team Ice Cream Licker Faced 20 Year Sentence? DEEP DIVE – JEFFREY EPSTEIN 27:13 POLITICS ROUNDUP 53:48 Trump’s Military Parade Trump’s Coconut Bonkers Tweets MORE Marianne Williamson Tweets TIDBITS 1:37:30 Nintendo Announces Switch Lite Eric Swalwell drops out Little Mermaid Casting Weird Melania Trump Statue WI-FIVE 1:48:38 OUTRO 1:50:42


Marianne Williamson Dramatic Reading, Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun, Democratic Debate No. 2, ‘Gamer Girl Bathwater,’ Charlottesville Car Killer Sentenced, Dalai Lama’s Douchey Take

BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:19 Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun POLITICS ROUNDUP 17:46 Marianne Williamson Dramatic Reading Democratic Debate No. 2 TIDBITS 54:55 Dalai Lama’s Douchey Take Charlottesville Car Attacker Sentenced Gamer Girl Bathwater


2020 Democratic Debate No. 1, Migrant Concentration Camps, Does CBD Cause Liver Damage?, Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau Engaged?, Trumpdate, Mueller Subpoenaed to Testify, Tiffany Cabàn, Eric Trump Spat On

TIMECODES: INTRO BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:58 Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau Engaged Does CBD Cause Liver Damage? POLITICS ROUNDUP 21:20 Migrant Concentration Camps Trumpdate Democratic Debate #1 Analysis TIDBITS 1:34:32 Mueller Subpoenaed to Testify Tiffany Cabàn Pulls an AOC Eric Trump Got Spat On, Lol WI-FIVE 1:38:27 OUTRO 1:39:52


F**k Max Landis, 2020 Democratic Debates, Facebook’s Cryptocurrency, To Impeach or Not to Impeach?, Stranger Things Kid’s Prank Show, Bill Cosby and OJ Simpson Twitter Madness, Harvard Refuses Parkland Survivor, Do Body Cams Solve Anything?

INTRO 0:27 BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:48 Stranger Things Kid’s Ill-Advised Prank Show F**k Max Landis POLITICS ROUNDUP 45:16 To Impeach or Not to Impeach? 2020 Democratic Debates Preview TIDBITS 1:06:35 Harvard Refuses Parkland Survivor Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Do Body Cams Actually Help? Bill Cosby and OJ Twitter Madness WI-FIVE 1:15:32 OUTRO 1:20:43


Straight Pride Parade, YouTube vs Steven Crowder, Man Steals Kamala’s Mic, Creepy Pastor Kenneth Copeland, Trump’s Week, Joe Biden vis a vis the Hyde Amendment, Co-Host Media Recommendations

INTRO 0:32 BEYOND THE HEADLINES 7:35 YouTube vs. Steven Crowder Creepy Pastor Kenneth Copeland Straight Pride Parade POLITICS ROUNDUP 56:26 Trumpdate Man Steals Kamala’s Mic Biden’s Take on Hyde Amendment TIDBITS 1:13:23 Delaney and Hickenlooper Booed Mercilessly Co-host Media Recommendations WI-FIVE 1:24:36 OUTRO 1:26:28


Robert Mueller SPEAKS!, New Harry Potter Books Coming, Louisiana ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban, John Wick 3, Faked Nancy Pelosi Video, Uber Booting Bad Riders, Shane Morris’s Dumb Lie, R Kelly, and Don’t Forget HOT PRIEST!

INTRO – 0:27 Travis is an Earthist Pro-Reality Bro Bevs Like These Travis's Back To The Future III Ted Talk Self Care Corner BEYOND THE HEADLINES – 19:27 Uber Will Boot Bad Riders John Wick 3 Hot Priest! POLITICS ROUNDUP – 47:57 The Nancy Pelosi ‘Deepfake’ Louisiana ‘Beartbeat’ Abortion Ban Mueller Time! … Is Technically Over TIDBITS – 1:10:19 JK Rowling Announces Future Potter Books Mitch McConnell: The Worst Hypocrite Shane Morris Lies About Stealing...


GoT Finale, Alabama Abortion Law, Courtney Dramatic Reading, New ‘Aladdin’ Clip, War With Iran Looming?, Natalie Portman and Moby, Elizabeth Warren Gets Serious, Taco Bell Hotel, Felicity Huffman Guilty, Robert Pattinson as Batman

INTRO 0:27 BEYOND THE HEADLINES 9:31 Will ‘Aladdin’ Remake Be Good? Dramatic Reading: ‘Blue Collar Millionaire’ Game of Thrones Finale SPOILERS FROM HERE TO 42:53 Natalie Portman and Moby POLITICS ROUNDUP 44:06 Elizabeth Warren Gets Serious Looming War With Iran? WTF Alabama?! TIDBITS 1:00:37 Taco Bell Hotel and Resort Felicity Huffman Pleads Guilty Robert Pattinson as Batman WI-FIVE 1:06:22 OUTRO 1:08:12 Mustin’s new album at


Trump Pulls Emergency Lever, Georgia’s Terrible Abortion Law, Trump’s Taxes Released, Jacob Wohl is a Big Ol’ Liar, Marijuana Breathalyzer, Facebook Co-Founder’s Surprising Opinion, How Andrew Yang Beats Bernie Sanders, James Cameron’s Weird Twe

*TIMECODES* INTRO - 0:27 BEYOND THE HEADLINES - 6:16 Jacob Wohl – S**thead Marijuana Breathalyzer Georgia’s Terrible Abortion Bill TRUMPDATE - 41:39 AG William Barr Held In Contempt Trump’s Taxes Partially Released Mueller Report Update TIDBITS - 59:19 Facebook Co-Founder Calls for Breaking it Up Andrew Yang Beats Bernie Sanders Kentucky Derby James Cameron’s Titanic Gaffe WI-FIVE – 1:08:12 OUTRO – 1:10:10


NEW Mueller Report Drama, Avengers: Endgame Discussion, Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Trailer, Caster Semenya Forced to Lower Testosterone, Chase Bank’s Terrible Tweet, Peter Mayhew, ‘Alien: The Play’

INTRO 0:24 BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:43 Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Trailer Caster Semenya Forced to Lower Testosterone AVENGERS: ENDGAME DISCUSSION (Spoilers!) 23:36 NEW MUELLER REPORT DRAMA 54:54 TIDBITS 1:04:40 Peter Mayhew Chase Bank's Terrible Tweet WI-FIVE 1:07:47 OUTRO 1:10:07


Mueller Report Released, Star Wars: Episode IX, Playstation 5 News, Bad Diet Worse Than Smoking?, Notre Dame Fire, $2000 Folding Phones Already Breaking, Writer’s Guild vs. Talent Agents, Bernie’s Tax Returns, Cernovich’s Bad Fashion Advice

*TIMECODES* INTRO 0:25 Douglas in Chile Hi, Vapor and Pure Energy Listeners Can’t Leave Out Those Ghosts Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:17 New Star Wars Title and Teaser Playstation 5 is Coming! Notre Dame Fire WGA/ATA Dispute Bad Diets Kill More Than Smoking? POLITICS ROUNDUP 36:15 Bernie Releases His Tax Returns Mueller Report [Mostly] Released TIDBITS 52:32 Mike Cernovich’s Fashion Advice Aunt Becky Update Alex Trebek Update Folding Phones Already...


Discrepancies With Michael Jackson Doc?, Superfungus Spreading, ‘Grease’ Prequel?, Bees Found Living in Woman’s Eyelids, College Bribery Scandal Update, CNBC’s Stupid Tips on Tipping, Black Hole Photo

INTRO 0:23 BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:25 Discrepancies in “Finding Neverland” Documentary? Bees Found in Woman’s Eyelids Superfungus Spreading TIDBITS 30:30 College Admissions Scandal Update Grease Prequel Fischer Price Rock n’ Play PSA CNBC’s Bad Tipping Tips WI-FIVE 50:21 OUTRO 52:03


Joe Biden’s Creepy Past, Jim Carrey vs. Mussolini, US Movie Review and Analysis, Mueller Report Update, A Truly Unholy Easter Mayonnaise, British News Apologizes to White People, 2020 Minute

*TIMECODES* INTRO BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:00 Jim Carrey Vs. Mussolini **SPOILER ALERT!!!** “Us” Movie Review and Analysis POLITICS ROUNDUP 51:02 Joe Biden’s Creepy Past Mueller Report Update TIDBITS 1:07:17 British News Apologizes to White People Cadbury Crème Egg… Mayo?! 2020 Minute WI-FIVE 16:53 OUTRO 1:19:38


Mueller Report Finished–What Now?, Jussie Smollet Charges Dropped?!, #Bagelgate, The Thanus of Thanos, Special Olympics Budget Cuts, Avenatti Arrested for Extortion, PrEP Users Contracting HIV, 2020 Minute

*TIMECODES* INTRO #MaxFunDrive Week 2 Bevs Like These Eating Healthy on Work Trips BEYOND THE HEADLINES 6:06 #Bagelgate Jussie Smollet Off The Hook?! Special Olympics Budget Cuts MUELLER REPORT 37:04 TIDBITS 51:00 Meghan McCain “You Were At My Wedding” Tweet Michael Avenatti Arrested for Extortion 2020 Minute Thanos’s Thanus PrEP Users Contracting HIV WI-FIVE 1:01:13 OUTRO 1:02:32 Don’t forget to go to Maximum Fun dot org slash donate! We mean you,...


Trump Tops all Tweet Tirades, Christchurch Shooting, Does Hot Tea Cause Cancer?, The Economist’s Anti-Trans Tweet, Jekyll & Hyde Movie Musical, Chick Fil-A Update, Brent’s 2020 Minute

TIMECODES: INTRO 0:27 A Visit From Mr. Fundrive! Bevs Like These John Wick 3 Trailer BEYOND THE HEADLINES 8:47 Hot Tea Causes Cancer? The Economists Anti-Trans Tweet Christchurch Shooting TRUMP’S TWITTER TIRADE 38:49 TIDBITS 55:40 They’re Makin’ a Dang Jekyll & Hyde Movie Brent’s 2020 Minute Chick Fil-a Never Stopped WI-FIVE 1:10:15 OUTRO 1:11:45


Mini-episode! For Real This Time! - #MaxFunDrive is here! Shane Dawson says I DID NOT F*** MY CAT, JK Rowling's New Gay Potter Lore, Brent's 2020 Minute

It's so mini, you don't even need the timecodes. Sit back, relax and enjoy, briefly! INTRO So This is Monday Bevs Like These SHANE DAWSON DENIES CAT HUMPING JK ROWLING'S UNNECESSARY GAY LORE BRENT'S 2020 MINUTE OUTRO #MaxFunDrive! Brent and Travis's Cincinnati Show! Courtney at C2E2!


Mini-episode! … OR IS IT??? Aunt Becky’s College Bribes, Shocking Tucker Carlson Audio (And Yet Somehow Not Shocking), Beto Announces 2020 Run, One Day at a Time Cancellation

INTRO 0:29 A Cozy, Not-So-Roomy Ep Unofficial National Days Bevs Like These We Got Some Opinions About Stuff BEYOND THE HEADLINE 8:37 Becky With the Good Intentions POLITIC ROUNDUP 27:57 Tucker Carlson’s Sexist Racist Islamophobic Audio TIDBITS 42:12 One Day at a Time Cancellation Beto Announces 2020 Run


Is Dr. Seuss Racist?, Trump Imploding, R. Kelly Loses It on TV, Captain Marvel Review, Greenpeace Founder Calls AOC a “Twit”?, Was Mister Rogers Bisexual?, Luke Perry, Alex Trebek

INTRO 0:37 Trends like THEYS Bevs Like These Travis Claims He Once Drank a Steak BEYOND THE HEADLINES 3:49 Is Dr. Seuss Racist? Captain Marvel Controversy Captain Marvel REVIEW R. Kelly Loses it in TV Interview POLITICS ROUNDUP 36:36 Meet the Candidate 2020: Jay Inslee Meet the Candidate 2020: John Hickenlooper Trump’s Terrible Week TIDBITS 51:19 RIP Luke Perry Mr. Rogers Was Bi? Alex Trebek’s Bad News WI-FIVE 59:45 OUTRO 1:02:01


Michael Cohen’s Bombshell Testimony, Oscars Highlights, New England Patriots Owner Scandal, Senator Feinstein Ambushed by Kids, Viagra Makers Ignored Effects on Women, Shocking Marriage Study DEBUNKED, Andrew Yang’s 2020 Campaign, Etsy’s Carbon Emis

INTRO 0:30 We Miss Courtney Oh No, We’re Ghostbusters! Bevs Like These Fizzgim! BEYOND THE HEADLINES 3:55 Oscars Highlights Robert Kraft Prostitution Scandal POLITICS ROUNDUP 20:21 Dianne Feinstein Ambushed by Kids Michael Cohen’s Bombshell Testimony TIDBITS 53:14 Shocking Marriage Study DEBUNKED Viagra’s Misogynistic Past Meet the Candidate 2020: Andrew Yang WI-FIVE 59:03 OUTRO 1:00:43


TRENDS LIKE THESE: ALL FEMALE REBOOT! Jussie Smollett, Meghan Trainor Dramatic Reading, Trump's National Emergency and Omelette Party, Bernie's Running, John Wayne

INTRO 0:26 We did it, we cancelled all the men. Toxic masculinity vs. questionable masculinity Drinking in solidarity with Malia SHE-YOND THE HEADLINES 4:56 Jussie Smollett Lesbian couple denied tax preparation Meghan Trainor PR email dramatic reading POLITICS ROUNDUP 22:41 Bernie vent sesh Trump's "national emergency" TIDBITS 29:28 John Wayne Don Cheadle's "Protect Trans Kids" shirt 11-year-old arrested for sitting for the Pledge of Allegiance Malia drinks rosé -...


THE RETURN OF TIDBLAST! Esquire Cover, Trump May Declare Emergency To Get His Wall, Jeff Bezos Blackmailed for D*ck Pics, Ilhan Omar, Self-Reflective Aziz Ansari, Candace Owens Defends Hitler, Chris Pratt’s Church, AOC Schools Us on Money in Politics, R

INTRO 0:26 Brent the Valentine’s Grump Bevs Like These TIDBLAST, PART ONE 7:27 Jeff Bezos and his D*ck Pics Self-reflective Aziz Ansari Candace Owens Defends Hitler Chris Pratt’s Church Esquire Cover TIDBLAST, PART TWO 44:49 AOC Calls Out Money in Politics Latest News on Trump and His Dumb Wall Ilhan Omar Apologizes for Tweet RIP Mars Rover NBC Drops “Hair: Live” WI-FIVE 1:22:43 OUTRO 1:24:45