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Troy Meets "Once in a Lifetime" - Ep. 20

Hello! Sebastian Crinkle joins Troy for a discussion on the music video for the 1981 song "Once in a Lifetime" by the Talking Heads! Join in and lmk what you think!


Troy Meets Stephanie Casola - Ep. 19

In this beautiful episode I talk with the lovely Stephanie Casola, founder of Prologue here in Detroit (! You can also find her on social media @prodetroit. We pretty much cover all of the most important questions in the universe, so that’s at least one more incentive for you to listen. You can also follow me on IG @troytond, and Twitter @troymeets_world! And don’t forget about the new ArtHouse 43 project, State of the Arts, our new...


The Last Jedi Roundtable -Ep. 18

Omg what a film! Chris Ramos and Sebastian Crinkle join Troy for all-The Last Jedi/Star Wars jerk-a-thon! PLUS they list their fave Star Wars films from best to worst! Get on it, nerf-herders! Remember that you can follow us on IG & FB @realtroymeetsworld and @troymeets_world on Twitter! Also follow the YouTube livestream version before it hits iTunes:! And support our new project:


Troy Meets Campendonk & Gottlieb at DIA

It’s my two current faves at the Detroit Institute of Arts by Campendonk ("In the Forest") and Gottlieb ("Fallen Star")! Listen to all the art play by play! Hot art action! (Also I will likely regret saying I didn't really like the Kandinsky in this video!) Remember that you can follow us on IG & FB @realtroymeetsworld and @troymeets_world on Twitter! Also follow the YouTube livestream version before it hits iTunes:! And support our new project:...


Troy Meets Last Jedi Chris Ramos - Ep. 16

Chris Ramos joins me on the night before the release of Star Wars, Ep. 8: The Last Jedi and WE DELVE DEEP! Remember that you can follow us on IG & FB @realtroymeetsworld and @troymeets_world on Twitter! Also follow the YouTube livestream version before it hits iTunes:! And support our new project:


Troy Meets Lady Bird - Ep. 15

On the first big snowstorm of 2017, Troy braves the snowy streets of Detroit to make it to Cinema Detroit to have a beautiful cinematic evening of Lady Bird, the latest and first film by the beautiful actress Greta Gerwig. Spoiler alert: this film is great! Don’t forget to follow on IG and FB @realtroymeetsworld and on Twitter @troymeets_world AND You can follow the YouTube live stream of this podcast when it happens, by subscribing to:!


Troy Meets Detroit Red Wings’ Crazy Ticket Prices - Ep. 14

On today’s episode I talk about the soaring prices of the tickets to see sports teams, particularly, the Detroit Red Wings, who play about six blocks from my house. Who deserves that kind of money?? And also, I am broadcasting episodes live on YouTube before they hit the podcast version on iTunes. If you want to follow all the action, subscribe on iTunes at! Also, we have a go fund me project and we’re trying to raise money for it because we got a matching grant...


Troy Meets Business Crushing Art - Ep. 13

In this episode we look at the Shinola hotel in downtown Detroit that is about to cover a part of a great Shepard Fairey mural that he painted two years ago. In other words, we talk about business versus art… Who will win!? Also, we have a go fund me project and we’re trying to raise money for it because we got a matching grant from the Battle Creek Community Foundation and we need to raise funds for the matching part of it. It’s a new podcast series that will look at the art scene in...


Troy Meets Detroit Sculpture Park - Ep. 12

This is the first video/audio podcast! We’re not gonna do this all the time, but I would like to do a live YouTube episode and then upload the audio to iTunes. I’m sorry you have to look at my adorable mug. Deal with it! In this episode I visit a local sculpture park in Detroit and talk about a variety of topics! Enjoy! Follow me @realtroymeetsworld on IG and FB and @troymeets_world on Twitter. And to support the show further, please visit


Troy Meets NY Times's Crush on Detroit

Every so often a new city becomes hot. Right now, that city is definitely Detroit. Why is it hot? And who is saying it’s hot? Well, the New York Times is one of those voices. What does that mean? Are they trying to create a playground for themselves? Or is it legit interest? And today show I’ll talk about the New York Times article posted a few days ago: Detroit: The Most Exciting City in America?...


Troy Meets Presdestination - Ep. #10

You’ll have to think back to 2014, Mr. Ethan Hawke and a fantastic time travel movie that flew under the radar. In this episode, I talk about it. I also talk about the shitty reviews I saw on YouTube, in a quest to find out what the hell happens in this movie. Please follow all the action on social media, as well, but going to: @realtroymeetsworld on Instagram and Facebook, and @troymeets_world on Twitter. I work hard to bring you episodes, whatever their quality, without sponsors. So...


Troy Meets Art vs. Politics - Ep. #9

Shepard Fairey has his first art show in Los Angeles in 10 years and in this episode I look at an article by the Guardian (UK) and the PC police are out to get him! Art mixed with politics? And don’t forget you can support the show by going to and! And follow me on social media: @realtroymeetsworld (IG & FB) and @troymeets_world on Twitter!


Troy Meets Detroit City - Ep. #8

This is a prequel episode to the upcoming series on my experience of living in and moving to Detroit. Curious about Detroit? Tune in! And don’t forget you can support the show by going to and! And follow me on social media: @realtroymeetsworld (IG & FB) and @troymeets_world on Twitter!


Troy Meets Stephanie Onderchanin - Ep. #7

From overthinking to comedy to the baby Jesus, we cover it all in this episode as Troy talks with Stephanie Onderchanin: a person, a comedian, a creative, an earthling like no other, from the great city of Lansing! You can find out more info on Stephanie here: You can also follow Troy on Instagram and Facebook @realtroymeetsworld and on Twitter @troymeets_world. And support the cause by visiting!


Troy Meets Stoned Ape Theory - Ep. #6

Ever wondered how consciousness started? Ever wondered why you can’t get unstuck in life? Well, you certainly don’t want to start here regarding looking for solutions. But you might find something interesting here. Maybe it’ll propel you towards the thing you need! This episode: panspermia, enlightenment via substances and the stoned ape theory! Follow me @realtroymeetsworld on Instagram and Facebook and @troymeets_world on Twitter. And to support the show, please visit...


Troy Meets H.P. Lovecraft's Ex Oblivione - Ep. #5

The short story: Ex Oblivione by H.P. Lovecraft. Follow me @realtroymeetsworld on Instagram and Facebook, @troymeets_world on Twitter and to support the show!


Troy Meets Stranger Things 2 - Ep. #4

I binged it! Spoiler alert: there will be spoilers in this Stranger Things 2 review. I will also speculate on some dumb ideas I have for what may happen in season three. So make sure you tune in for that, of course. Don’t forget to follow me on FB and IG: @realtroymeetsworld and @troymeets_world on Twitter. PLEASE Write me a review on iTunes, if you can! It helps so much! And you can visit for more information and to support the show!


Troy Meets Gangsters - Ep. #3

Hate big companies shoving you around? Hate re-buying software after you’ve already purchased it? Well this episode is for you, my little revolutionaries! This week, hear Troy take on the big monster: Apple. Follow him @realtroymeetsworld on IG and FB, @troymeets_world on Twitter and at


Troy Meets Comedian Jason Scholder - Ep. #2

Hello me it’s me again.. Troy! And this episode I’m joined by comedian Jason Scholder! Jason is based in Asheville and has his own podcast “Learning to Fail”, which you can find on iTunes and elsewhere. Our conversation, spoiler alert, covers and answers all the mysteries of the universe. Dig in! You can follow Jason on Twitter @MidLifeComic and you can also follow his podcast @LTFPodcast. Don’t forget you can follow me, your lovely host, @realtroymeetsworld on FB and IG, on Twitter...


Troy Meets the Queen of Siam #1 - Ep. #1

It's the first ever episode of Troy Meets World! And who else could be the first guest besides the lovely, the talented, the charming and darling Queen of Siam! We talk all things October, Halloween and even establish “Gloomslamming” as the national pastime of good old Portland, OR! Follow the Queen @thequeenofsiam! And follow us @realtroymeetsworld on IG & FB and @troymeets_world on Twitter. You can also find more info on the website! Please, please support the show...