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Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 23

Table of Nonsense: Intro: Austin Powers 1:30 – Chris wants to know if you can offset the neon pee coloring effects of asparagus by drinking a gallon of water beforehand. 4:00 - John is ready for the spring time and sauter wants to slaughter mother nature 7:50 - Chris is the mussolini of mosquitos and burns their children with bleach 13:50 – John is the stalin of flies and hunts them like crocodile dundee 17:30 - the dirty smelly vagina pussy trees of spring 20:00 - colonoscopies and...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 22

Table of Nonsense: Intro: Office Space 2:30 - 18 year old John working at Blockbuster & Best Buy 6:50 - Chris suggests a really shitty way to quit 7:50 - Divine gas 9:00 - John’s Best Buy interview 10:20 - Chris thinks he can make his farts smell like blueberries by eating 5 pounds of blueberries. 14:27 - “Bad Girls” takes over our podcast for 30 seconds 18:15 - Chris foolishly smashes his glasses with his size 13 foot. 20:08 – Chris foolishly disregards signs that his body is...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 21

Table of Nonsense: Intro: Freddie Got Fingered 2:00 - John rents a go cart and has an illegal adventure in NOLA 7:30 - Why is Tom Green jerking off a horse? 8:00 - Chris’s Fortune Teller from Royal street 10:00 - Chris and John get invited to join the New Orleans drug cartel 17:00 - WILDWOOD.. and the fire extinguisher fiasco 24:00 - Chris gets a chunk of his nose ripped off from a wildwood speedraft.. blood everywhere.. 24:35 - Why is Tom Green swinging a new born baby around by...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 20

Table of Nonsense: Intro: Road Trip 1:30 - John and VPOR 5:30 - John challenges Chris to name 10 football teams… oh boy. 10:00 - John challenges Chris to name 3 UFC fighters.. oh boy. 11:20 - Weird Swingers @ Razzo’s in NOLA 16:30 - John’s past interaction with the one and only Jenna Marbles 23:40 - Sex parties and swingers and chris’s sexual devience. 29:25 - Tom Green eats a mouse as Christopher squirms 35:30 - Our wacked out culture 38:10 - Chris loves Bob Ross 40:30 -...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 19

Table of Nonsense: Intro: Inglorious Bastards 3:25 - Gook in the pop filter 4:00 - John makes out with a girl in new orleans… or does he. 9:00 - Hotdog Santa Clause 10:26 - John reminisces about how many women he’s made out with, and wonders.. if any of them were actually dudes. 13:30 - The colossal risks of riding a mechanical bull. 15:00 - Staten Island doesn’t actually suck, despite all you’ve been lead to believe. 20:50 - John saves a snapping turtle with a racist 27:40 -...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 18

Table of Nonsense: Intro: Scary Movie 1 3:00- John tries to call Niece Waidhofer… AGAIN 4:10 - John meets dominican 8 year old whore baby 9:15 - John’s Magnificent Beard 11:20- Chris’s Magnificent Bush 12:00- (Interlude) John sings a Borrat song 22:35 - Chris’s X’s tells her family about his bush 23:45 - Ass Man or Boob Man 27:30 - Fully naked bodies aren’t as sexy as half naked bodies 34:00 - John’s solution to people farting on planes 36:20 - Chris doesn’t use touch ID on his...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 17 “Nuclear Winter”

Insta: @twobumblingidiots SPECIAL “NUCLEAR WINTER” game Episode featuring our Ragent & Gaygent - Cuntie & TJ, and John’s Princess Kristie.


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 16

instagram: @twobumblingidiots @_unknowinglee_ Table of Nonsense: Intro: Superbad 0:45 - Guest introduction: Brooke Lyn Night. 3:40 - Brooke’s Book: Moon Chaser: running from the sun 6:50 - Reading #1 9:45 - Retroactive Jealousy 11:45 - Chris’s sexual prime was completely wasted. No sex from age 18 to 23. 6 entire years. 18:20 - back to the book 22:30: Reading #2 27:50: Chris cold reading 28:50: John cold reading 31:00 - DID YOU FORGET JESUS? 34:30 - Rainbow Parties 37:00 -...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 15

Instagram: @twobumblingidiots Table of Nonsense: Intro: Ace Ventura 2:50 - Yes, two 32 year old men can still have sleep overs 5:50 - Rave cruise girl grinds on a sleeping mans face and the double standard discussion begins 14:10 - Chris gives you his yawn 14:40 - Acai… Asaieee… Akai… Asaiayyyy WHICH ONE GOD DAMMIT 19:25 - 1 bumbing notebook question: “Would you rather accidently kill an innocent person and get away from it, or get blamed for killing a known terrorist and go to...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 14

Table of Nonsense: Intro: Napoleon Dynamite 1:35 – if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? 5:35 - Chris’s Pokemon glory 8:15 – Chris WHISTLES for the 2 time in his life! 9:00 - MY SISTA LIVES HERE 14:40 – john observes teenagers hitting on one another in the wild 18:50 - Chris’s official street meat recommendation 20:20 - Chris microwaves lettuce.. debate: is that gross? 25:30 - Cuntie clubs down another caveman 30:40 - The art of courting a woman has been obliterated...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 13

Table Of Nonsense: 0:00 - Intro: Ghostbusters, and the intoxicated podcast that will never be. 1:40: 2004 trip to the sex store results in fake vagina disaster at John’s home 5:00: chris has a chris moment and is afraid to offend amish people with a podcast they’ll never listen to, on the internet they don’t even know exists 9:40 - 2007 trip to costco for condoms results in Chris asking the stupidest questionn of his life 12:20 - Chris gives you his yawn 12:30 - Rock hard cumdumpster...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 12

Instagram: @twobumblingidiots Table of Nonsense: 0:00 - Intro - Old School 3:15 - John’s Shanghai Sham Job 8:37 - Chris hates counterfeit merchandise 12:15 - Once again john mistreats Siri and reduces his chances of receiving chris’s imaginary apple kindness award 13:20 - Chris’s Counterfeit stories: Monster Turbine Pro Copper edition earbuds & Shure Beta 58a microphone 19:30 - Chris spends $5500 on his dream microphone for his 30th birthday and gets SCAMMED. 27:00 - John’s ebay...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 11

Follow us on instagram/facebook for additional media: @twobumblingidiots Table of Nonsense: 0:00 - Intro: True Lies 1:25 - Chris’s official Holiday cake recommendation 5:20 – Now introducing: Psychedelic Dave 6:20 - Emotionally Disturbed close encounters 9:45 - The frightening false alarm Hawaii received about impending doom 15:00- Question of the hour – Kim Jong Un 18:00 – Tide pod challenge, cinnamon challenge, all these stupid challenges 21:50 – Chris thinks Apple is planning...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 10

Table of nonsense: 0:00- intro - your last moments on earth 2:50- john drops something into the toilet besides fecal matter 4:15 - chris interrupts john’s story with a makeshift ASMR session 6:00 - john’s toilet bowl story continues… almost 7:05- nick interrupts john’s story with a call 9:15- ok, NOW john’s story continues until completion 12:40- chris almost cracks his tooth 13:40 - john’s master-ass wiping tips 15:50- Ghost Attack 3: mysterious jazz music 17:50 - chris’s...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 9

Table of nonsense: Intro: Westworld 2:50 - What pisses John off 5:30 – The concept of hibernation befuddles chris’s brain 7:30 – More stuff that pisses John off 10:00 – Guest Caller: “Cuntie” our resident rage analyst 11:00 John’s foodcart fiasco 14:20- Cuntie’s crosswalk conundrum 21:55 – Chris’s Sesame chicken shitshow 32:00 - Chris’s Pork Bone Assault 41:30 - John almost gets stabbed in the sinus 46:20 - The Brolic Best Buy woman that john almost fights 54:17 – RAGEFUL SONG:...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 8

Table of nonsense: 2:00- Chris’s brags and goes on a rant about not getting sick yet this winter 4:35- Chris ponders breast implants and wonder if they can move around the body and get lost in the skin 7:30- Chris almost gets beat up by a stranger twice. 8:50 – if ISIS opened up an Ices shop, what would their ice cream flavors be 20:40 - chris is going to reduce his perceived homosexuality in the new year by doing pullups 29:00 - The breaking point of rage and how chris threw a lawn...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 7

Episode 7 Table of Contents: 0:00 - Abortion of an intro 2:10 - who is “John the Bum” 7:50 - john gets a shoe thrown at him in bed with a girl 9:00- chris gets a banana thrown at him while losing virginity 10:15: don’t hate the game, hate john matland 11:50 the secret sex society called the “non virgin club” that Chris believed actually existed 17:50- aaaaand yet another woman thinks chris is gay 23:40 - chris and john drink way too much and get one sip away from alcohol...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 6

Table of contents: Intro: John performs unintentional dildo prank 2:30- John’s Sex Nightmare and interpretation of said sex nightmare 8:00 - debate: if you’re having a very wild orgy and you accidentally participate in homosexual activity, does that make you gay. (with guest: TeeJay Martin) 13:07 - is chris 2% gay? 20:05 - college chris learns about female ejaculation the hard way 22:15 - John’s condolences to pokemon community about Niantic Christmas Ex-Raid cancellations 22:50 –...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 5

Table of contents: 1:00 - new star wars movie (no spoilers) 2:45 - chris the defenseless princess 5:00 - chris falls through a fucking table 8:25 - chris can’t have sex dreams 13:00 - chris finally has a sex dream (almost) 21:17 - are you a relationship guy or a fuck boy 27:00 - john’s amazing makeout story 32:40 - john’s makeout to sex ratio 35:15 - people’s ego’s & relationships & masks we hide behind 42:45 - kids or no kids 47:10 - john gets hit with a tornado of shit 56:36...


Two Bumbling Idiots EP. 4

1:00 - Dunkin Donuts Pokemon Go accident 5:06 - Chris’ stupid NYC mouth accident (Part 1) 9:10 - Chris’ stupid NOLA mouth accident (Part 2) 21:45 - Boring lap dances and awesome lap dances 28:28 - Chris almost has New Zealand anal sex 30:30 - John hosts lap dances for every woman in the bar 40:30 - If you have sex with John, he will record your consent to prove he’s not a sexual predator. 43:20 - Chris explains why he has no swag. 44:50 - Random streetwalker accuses John of being a...


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