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131 | S9E16 | The Storm

Remember to email us at if you want to send us a voice memo/email/video to be a part of our final-ish episode. We're accepting submissions until April 18, 2019. And now... The season 9 finale of The Walking Dead walked 500 miles to be one of the whelmiest finales we've experienced. Hop in the car and go with us as we pretend to be surprised that: a) a flea market with rugs, CPR lessons and wooden tokens doesn't provide the necessary resources to combat the rot,...


130 | S9E15 | The Calm Before

On the penultimate episode of season 9 of The Walking Dead, we finally arrived at the fair or whatever this was. We watched in amazement as Alpha infiltrated the fair and then magically changed day to night and filthy to clean in a matter of mere moments. We also watched as Alpha impersonated a regular person named ‘Debbie’ and learned that normal just ain’t a life Alpha is gonna be living. We had a lot of losses during this episode…..or did we? We didn’t recognize seven of the ten pike...


129 | S9E14 | Scars [with Tai Gooden]

OK. Where do we begin with this long-awaited episode of The Walking Dead? Our friend Tai Gooden helps us break this down. What started as excitement to see our main woman, Michonne (Danai Gurira), step into the spotlight turned to horror over what we were watching. The kids? Eff them kids. Yes, they deserved to die and we hope they burn in hell! No, we were more than a little disgusted to see Michonne brutalized again. Tussling with the Governor's men? Check. Savage fight with the actual...


128 | S9E13 | Chokepoint

What in the actual hell was that, The Walking Dead? Henry and Lydia are the worst. Doesn't Dog need a snack or something? Somebody come get these kids. Meanwhile, The Highway Men are super stoked to watch Die Hard and so naturally The Kang and Queen Carol invite them to the fair because all of this seems like a great idea. Darth Beta is doing the most to say the least. Who talks like this? And survives a fall down a whole elevator shaft and can actually GET UP?! This dude. Donnie is...


127 | S9E12 | Guardians

On this episode of The Walking Dead, Aaron Bae and his robocop arm stan a Queen and he now recognizes that, as we all know, Michonne is always right. Father Gabriel and Siddiq still don’t get it, but sure, go on to the fair to watch Die Hard while there are people literally running around WEARING DEAD PEOPLE’S FACES. Y’all deserve whatever storm is coming your way! Speaking of storms, how about that Rosita/Father G/Siddiq/Eugene love square? Negan is really trying to convince us he has been...


126 | S9E11 | Bounty [with Lise from Take Off Your Cool podcast]

The greatest episode of The Walking Dead since Rick's death? We think not, new friend Brandon Davis. While not horrible, it was…fine. We're joined by our internet cousin (your internet auntie) Lise to discuss what she calls the dullest episode of the season. We talk about what special kink you need to have to wear walker masks during sex, how she actually likes Jersey (she even calls him by his real name) and we dig into Alpha a little bit. Where is she from? Is she the biggest bad...


125 | S9E10 | Omega

Hey, remember season 8's episode 10 where we had those powerful, post-Carl's death performances by Andy and Danai? Or season 7's episode 10 where we had Rick giving Michonne her anniversary cat? Or season 6's episode 10 where we ascended forever when we got Richonne? Yeah. Nothing like that happened here. We're not gonna say we hated this episode of The Walking Dead (there was too much Daryl the Super Sleuth and Henry to make it truly great) but we managed. The lack of Michonne was truly...


124 | S9E9 | Adaptation

Guess who's back/back again/we are back/tell a friend. I'm almost positive we've used that in episode notes before, but this is where we are. Season 9 of The Walking Dead, otherwise known as the last full season we'll acknowledge, rolls on and we're here for it. We did not mind this mid-season premiere at all, save for our usual Daryl and Negan disdain. "You were right, Michonne." HALLELU!!!! We were tired of Rick being the only one putting some respect on her name. Keep that same...


123 | S9E8 | Evolution

The Walking Dead's mid-season finale brought some serious old school horror vibes to the official introduction of The Whisperers. Heard of them? Don't know how you could have missed it since everyone from the executive producers on down have teased this intro since San Diego Comic Con. We get it. Kia is joined by TWD super(ish) fans, Keyan and Kenneth, to discuss what worked and what didn't. What didn't? Whatever is going on with the rest of the groups against Michonne. It's tired....


122 | S9E7 | Stradivarius

Welcome to Michael Cudlitz' directorial debut on The Walking Dead and the episode was a little all over the place. I guess we were supposed to forget that Michonne was the target of an assassination attempt just one episode ago and wonder why she's still being so hard. Don't worry Michonne; we remember. We get a little subtle confirmation that Yumiko and Magna are a couple, we find out a little (or a lot) about what makes Luke tick and we find out that Connie has super vibration senses...


121 | S9E6 | Who Are You Now?

Like Michonne, we can find beacons of light shining through this post-Rick Grimes version of The Walking Dead, but man oh man, we sure felt his absence. Kicking off six (6) whole, entire, full years after Rick's presumed death, we find our remaining mains in much different spaces emotionally than when we left them: Daryl walked into the abyss of his man pain, Carol has embraced the change her love for Ezekiel and Henry has brought into her life and Michonne? Well, she's still having a...


120 | S9E5 | What Comes After

Welp. We’re a little all over the place and ramble-y in this week’s episode because: what? The end came and went. And we aren’t too sure how we feel about it. Maybe a little like some dynamite that’s been randomly abandoned on a bridge just waiting for Rick Grimes to light up our lives. But with the end of this episode of The Walking Dead came the reveal that Andrew Lincoln will reprise his role as Rick Grimes in three made for tv movies about what comes after for him. So…is it possible...


119 | S9E4 | The Obliged [with Ashley Jordan]

We knew it was coming. But nothing could have truly prepared us for Rick Grimes’ penultimate episode, and the penultimate episode of our lives, really. The Walking Dead wants to make sure we know that glimmer of hope we felt that Daryl might have grown as a character was squashed by the fact that yet once again, because of Daryl’s bad decisions, Rick’s life is in peril. Sure, Daryl. Go on with your useless ass. Rick can take care of these herds ALL BY HIMSELF on this random ass white horse...


118 | S9E3 | Warning Signs

When The Walking Dead gives us the goods, they give us the damn goods! Just moments into the episode we’re talking about building the future which is code for making a Richonne baby. With the flick of a pencil, our ovaries exploded. And honestly, we think a lot of Grimes babies are gonna be born about 9 months from now… 'cause didn’t we all just get pregnant from that? Naturally the actual process of building said future was cut from the episode, but we were treated to a Grimes Family Fun...


117 | S9E2 | The Bridge

It's 35 days later and we get both an actual timeline to connect episodes with and we know what season we're in! Will wonders never cease on The Walking Dead? Just kidding. They'll definitely cease in 3 episodes. But while we're here, we see how Rick and Michonne approach their respective solutions to the disharmony they see between the communities (but really, it's just between the Saviors and everyone else, like always). Rick is determined to force harmony on everyone, despite the many...


116 | S9E1 | A New Beginning

The dead are back to walk another day as the show kicks off its ninth season. There's a new showrunner, an 18 month time jump and the shadow of Andrew Lincoln's fastly approaching departure looming over us. We're not ready, but here we are. We talk a little about The Walking Dead's New York Comic Con panel and then we dig into the new threats of this season. Let's do this! Subscribe to get the newest episodes: Apple | Stitcher | Google Podcasts | Spotify | search "Two Dead Chicks"...


Bonus: How's it going, RossBae? [with Ross Marquand]

Was it the power of persistence that paid off or did we just bewilder a super busy man - riding high during his busiest year ever! - into sitting down with us? Doesn't matter! Ross Marquand is chatting with ya girls and if you took on the mantle of reaching out to Ross via social media to nudge him along, a special thank you to you! Fun fact: Melissa asked him about coming on our show for the first time exactly one year ago to the day that this interview took place. We hoped to get him on...


Bonus: The Many Ways We Love Richonne [with Erin Qualey, Ashley Jordan and Bim Adewunmi]

Happy mid-The Walking Dead hiatus! It’s been three months since we saw the last episode of season 8 and it will be another three months until season 9 starts. San Diego Comic Con is next week, and along with that comes a trailer and premiere date for season 9. Also, it’s 7/12. Also, it’s our two year anniversary! So what better way to celebrate than to talk about the love that keeps us going: the love between Rick Grimes and Michonne. Let’s say it all together now: Richonne! We sat...


Bonus: Season 8 Wrap Up [with TDCPod Extreme Fan winner Noetta H.]

Guys. We made it. With the quality of the show and the ratings declining, it’s been an interesting time to be a part of the TWD fandom. But we made it through together. We are joined by our #TDCPod Extreme Fan contest winner NettaBear (@nettabear13), contributing writer for Geek Girl Authority, to discuss the highs and lows of The Walking Dead’s 8th season. We list our Top 5 moments of the season and talk about the direction we hope the show is going in under new showrunner Angela...


115 | S8E16 | Wrath

After being in battle for approximately 84 years, "All Out War" ended in the most anticlimactic season finale in the history of The Walking Dead. Eugene helped save the day with his bullet sabotage even if we aren’t entirely sure that’s how guns work. Can we all agree this isn’t enough to allow him back into the fold? Because he was definitely ready to bust a cap in everybody’s ass yesterday. Also, it’s a good thing Aaron formerly known as BAE flopped around in the mud so the ladies of...