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Bonus: The Many Ways We Love Richonne [with Erin Qualey, Ashley Jordan and Bim Adewunmi]

Happy mid-The Walking Dead hiatus! It’s been three months since we saw the last episode of season 8 and it will be another three months until season 9 starts. San Diego Comic Con is next week, and along with that comes a trailer and premiere date for season 9. Also, it’s 7/12. Also, it’s our two year anniversary! So what better way to celebrate than to talk about the love that keeps us going: the love between Rick Grimes and Michonne. Let’s say it all together now: Richonne! We sat...


Bonus: Season 8 Wrap Up

Guys. We made it. With the quality of the show and the ratings declining, it’s been an interesting time to be a part of the TWD fandom. But we made it through together. We are joined by our #TDCPod Extreme Fan contest winner NettaBear (@nettabear13), contributing writer for Geek Girl Authority, to discuss the highs and lows of The Walking Dead’s 8th season. We list our Top 5 moments of the season and talk about the direction we hope the show is going in under new showrunner Angela...


115 | S8E16 | Wrath

After being in battle for approximately 84 years, "All Out War" ended in the most anticlimactic season finale in the history of The Walking Dead. Eugene helped save the day with his bullet sabotage even if we aren’t entirely sure that’s how guns work. Can we all agree this isn’t enough to allow him back into the fold? Because he was definitely ready to bust a cap in everybody’s ass yesterday. Also, it’s a good thing Aaron formerly known as BAE flopped around in the mud so the ladies of...


081 | S6E14 | Twice As Far

We will completely handwave some things on The Walking Dead (like backing a truck up to the edge of a lake for no reason) when dreams come true at the end of the episode. This one? You took the only doctor out on a pointless mission and she got murdered. Sounds about right and everyone involved is an idiot (we're looking at you, Daryl and Rosita). Speaking of idiots, Eugene seems like he's cruising for a bruising when he decides that he can treat Abe, who risked life and limb for...


114 | S8E15 | Worth

In the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead’s eighth season, we bid farewell to the wrong villain. Boss Savior deserved more. We all did. But alas, Simon went out in a questionably choreographed fight to the death after planning a mutiny in broad daylight in the freaking courtyard. Because that makes sense. Speaking of things that don’t make sense, what was Aaron doing? How long has he been out here? Long enough for Dwight to become a triple crosser and get caught! Poor Dwighty boy...


080 | S6E13 | The Same Boat

In one of our shortest episodes to date, we discuss our mutual dislike for Alicia Witt and this episode. Maggie and Carol battle second hand smoke while trying to escape the clutches of the super annoying redhead and her besties. Carol, the chameleon of The Walking Dead, begins to break down. But not before taking out all of the lady Negan’s at this outpost. After reuniting with our group, she is visibly shaken. There’s a little Caryl love reunion at the end of the episode that made...


113 | S8E14 | Still Gotta Mean Something

Three great episodes and our long awaited ‘I love you’?! What a time to be alive! The Walking Dead delivered some emotional gut punches this week and some real *gasp* character growth. With callbacks to Andre, Duane, "Clear," Sophia and Carl we witnessed some of our group grapple with what it means to lose a child. For Carol, it meant facing her fears and heading out in search of Henry the Avenger who she feared to be dead. Upon finding him very much alive she apologized to him, and...


076 | S6E9 | No Way Out

Excuse us while we cackle... ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Whew. We needed that. We're (re)joined by friend of the podcast and recapper extraordinaire Erin Qualey (@miffedcupcake), editor at Hidden Remote to talk the action packed mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead's sixth season. We talk about Denise's redemption arc, the ridiculous way this show tried to play up Rick's projection of his psychosis onto Jessie and Michonne's palpable terror when the lives of either of those...


112 | S8E13 | Do Not Send Us Astray

Two enjoyable episodes of The Walking Dead, back to back? Will wonders never cease? We clearly need more of Maggie because her last minute plans seem to be more put together than whatever is happening with Rick. However, as long as Rick is in slaughter mode, we'll accept it. The leather jacket of power has transferred to Simon and we quite enjoyed that shootout; the fights at Hilltop are kinda top notch. We talk about Carol & Tobin, Rick & Michonne, Henry, Maggie and their parts...


075 | S6E8 | Start to Finish

On this midseason finale of The Walking Dead, Alexandria is in trouble as the tower falls allowing a sea of walkers to pour in. Morgan and Carol go head to head in the Battle of The Teen Wolf, but as far as we can see, there are no winners here. Except maybe Teen Wolf who now has our only doctor, Denise, hostage. Mom of the Year, aka Jessie, doesn’t bother to comfort her very terrified son, Sam. Instead she opts to let him listen from his room as chaos ensues and walkers invade their...


111 | S8E12 | The Key

We've been had! We've been took! We've been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led Astray! Run amok! This is what he does. Yeah, we're talking about you, Nicotero. What did we ever do to you but want our Richonne content?! Despite the deception, this episode of The Walking Dead was, frankly, fun fun fun. We knew Negan was crazy about his bat, but we didn't know he was literally insane. Not really sure how the Saviors follow this dude who starts snarling "Don't you touch her" anytime someone even...


074 | S6E7 | Heads Up

Glenn survived The Walking Dead’s Dumpster Gate 2015 only to find Enid, who appears to have a major case of the dark and twisties. Because…..oh, wait. We have no idea why. For every positive thing Glenn tells her, she has some rebuttal as to why everything is awful. Of course, our little ray of sunshine Glenn will not be deterred by her bullshit, and he ultimately convinces her to return to help everyone back home in Alexandria. Did you know that green balloons are the universal sign...


110 | S8E11 | Dead or Alive or

Can we all agree that we want Tara dead? Just dead. Not dead or alive or. This girl spent the entire episode plotting Dwight’s death. Good thing for him, almost completely blind Father Gabriel, shoots better than she does. Speaking of Father Gabriel, we were both here for his spiritual awakening/new super powers. Seth Gilliam is brilliant to watch, though we can do without the Father G eye cam action. We were actually sad to see Dr. Carson go, but alas, there can only be one doctor on...


073 | S6E6 | Always Accountable

In the latest installment of Things We Did Not Ask For, Daryl gets hoodwinked by a guy named Dwight and his lady friends. We still aren’t entirely sure how (or why) that happened seeing how they didn’t seem to be the sharpest tools in the shed. Sorry, Daryl! Your recruiting skills are lacking a bit. Then, The Walking Dead decided that Sasha and Abraham caught feelings for each other… overnight??? Did we miss something? We guess Mr. Dolphin Smooth was a whole lot smoother than we gave...


109 | S8E10 | The Lost and the Plunderers

While Richonne copes with the devastating blow of losing Carl, Jadis suffers the loss of literally everyone she ever knew when Simon (aka Boss Savior) takes out the trash. Blinded by grief, she changes into a white nightie and begins speaking in complete sentences. Grief really does crazy things to people. We are intrigued by the power struggle dynamic between Simon and Negan, but we don’t give a flying flip about what’s going on with Enid and Aaron. Cyndie agrees to let them live in...


072 | S6E5 | Now

Trigger warning: there's something that happens at the end of this episode of The Walking Dead that is just too ghastly to speak of. And yet, speak of it we must. Second episode without knowing the fate of Glenn, but at least we found out that Rick got away. How? The world may never know. The Alexandrians have been hit with the 1-2 punch of the Wolf and walker attacks and it's just starting to hit them how crazy this world is. The episode is a little slow, but it seems realistic to...


108 | S8E9 | Honor

Carl got bit. Fever hit. This storyline is shit. Gimple needs to quit. But yet here we are, The Walking Dead. Actually, we’re really here for Grimes Family 2.0, but you just had to go and mess that up, too. We see that Michael Myers aka Morgan the Ninja Turtle has decided that all life is not precious afterall. In fact, he has gone full on clear mode. We now have a Ninja Turtle in training in little Henry, who we pretty much don’t care about. What we do care about (sorta) is that that...


077 | S6E10 | The Next World

Richonne. Richonne is what brings us together today. Richonne, that blessed arrangement, that dream within a dream… And love, true love, will follow them forever… So treasure their love. The time has come for The Walking Dead to finally make good on the carrot they've been dangling in front of us since season 3 in the form of a romantic relationship between Rick and Michonne. And boy, did they make good. We loved seeing these verbal and physical validations of everything we already...


071 | S6E4 | Here's Not Here

Hey, thanks, The Walking Dead! We always wanted to know how Morgan learned his Ninja Turtle ways, especially the week after Glenn's presumed death. And in an extended episode. Listen, spending an episode with Lennie James is never a bad idea, but finding out how he adopted his "All Life Is Precious" has us scratching our heads a little. All we're saying is that the very specific situation that Eastman found himself in doesn't seem like it should be applied that broadly. We discuss...


070 | S6E3 | Thank You

The Walking Dead, you are so disrespectful! This is how you're gonna do our sweet cinnamon bun, Glenn? We can't even right now! But let's talk about Michonne a little bit: we loved how she seems to be coming into her own here. She handled Heath's attitude and distrust firmly, but with finesse (almost like she's drippin' in it...), she was the one Glenn put his faith into, telling her that she was the one who could lead and she may have gotten a little bee in her bonnet about love and...