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Two Morons Talking #20

We're back....episode #20 already? Wow, time is flying by! Sorry we're late again this week. It'll be worth it! Wait til you hear about T's Diarrhea, how's that for excitement? We also talked about 1 October. But, a good portion of this show was talking about breaking into the casino biz. Hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter ( @2Casinomorons )


Two Morons Talking #19

Very superstitious, the people playing our best Stevie Wonder voices. With T back from Hawaii we finally got episode #19 in the can. Sorry to be late kiddies. We'll take the 1/2 point and suck it up like men. But, if in 6 months we aren't late again that 1/2 point drops off! This week we talked about T's trip to Hawaii which naturally(eventually) led to us talking about superstitious people in the casino. Thanks so much for listening! Subscribe for new weekly episodes!! Find us...


Two Morons Talking #18

Episode #18 is here. We talked about our horrible Fantasy Football teams, strip clubs, paying wrong bets in the casino, the way people dress today in the casino...and much more. Subscribe for new episodes every week! Thanks as always for listening.


Two Morons Talking #17

What kind of music do they play in your casino? This week we talked about what we've heard in our casinos. We touched on the first week of football, the start of T-Bags name, different types of players that exist in the casino and a bunch more. Have fun w/ it and let us know what ya think.