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Two Morons Talking #50

Swell, neato, nifty...a few ways to describe Ep. #50. The slow times of summer are upon us. Closing on a whole year very fast, thanks to everyone for sticking around. This week we blabbed about: The Piercing Convention Casino Hosts Spike's wife back in the hospital Service-Old Vegas vs New Vegas Next thing ya know, an hour's gone by, crazy right? Anyways, hope everyone is having a good week so far! Have a few laughs and let us know what's on your mind on Twitter @2Casinomorons or on...


Two Morons Talking #49

Be kind, rewind AND listen to Ep. #49. And.....we're back. T's back from his cruise in paradise and we're back at it. Moronisms found their place throughout the show this week as we talked about: T's cruise Rockin a Mankini Dealers wages around the country A slap happy guest A fond farewell to a great boss Yatta, yatta, yatta we flew through another hour. How does time go by faster and faster every week? Thanks as always for listening. Hard to believe it's been almost a years worth of...


Two Morons Talking #48

Hate the Playa, don't hate Ep. #48. Just to be clear, the threat of " I'm never comin' back to this casino." never works if you're an a$$hole. We'd actually prefer if you don't come back if you're an a$$hole. So, think about that the next time you make that threat. Besides talking about those people this week, we talked about: Dealers (casino and other types) MGM 2020 Dogs T's Cruise next week Concerts in the casino Smokers Add a dash of this and that and another hour flew by. Thanks so much...


Two Morons Talking #47

Comin' out, Seven, Eleven and Ep. #47. Winter is upon us (well, in the casino biz in Vegas, summer is the Winter). It's tax time and that slows things down as well. This week we talked about: EDR blues Summer is here Watering down the drinks Game of Thrones Cutting people off Touring casinos of the World A side of this and that and boom, another hours flown by. Hope ya liked it, thanks so much for listening. Let us know what's on your mind on Twitter @2casinomorons and on Facebook: Two...


Two Morons Talking #46

Two MC's in the mix, here's Ep. #46. It's Spring Break and we're back in the bedroom (naked of course). We tried, I mean, try being the keyword, to keep it more casino this week. And we were sorta successful at it, sorta. But gosh darn it, we had fun! We talked about: The awesome(and not) players from last week Tipping Jackpots in the Casino Celebrities Taking shots at the casino Spike's PJ fire and more,more, more.... Please subscribe for new shows every week. Let us know what you think...


Two Morons Talking #45

Need some Fresh Jive?? Here's Ep. #45. Not all nicknames are great in public as we find out this week. Are all players created equal, listen and find out. Bouncing around as always is our signature move. Thanks so much for giving us a chance. Subscribe for new episodes every week. Hit us up on Twitter @2casinomorons and on Facebook: Two Morons Talking About Casinos and Stuff


Two Morons Talking #44

It's Friday and we're kinda late...but Ep. 44 is here and it's really...OK? With busy weeks for both Morons we had to push this episode back, sorry everyone. March Madness is winding down and the casinos are starting to get slow again. We found ourselves drifting into Stuffville a lot this week: Skydiving The lil Runaway Shart week Cocktails Messin' w/ players Thanks as always for listening. Subscribe for new weekly episodes. Hit us up on Twitter @2casinomorons and on Facebook: Two Morons...


Two Morons Talking #43

Big woopee here's #43. Over the river and through the woods into your ears it goes. March Madness was in full effect this week. The Morons are fully wiped out from all the hoopla. Workin' 7 in a row took it's toll, so here's the show..... Awesome Bros reliving their college days(not) Mississippi Stud Playing the progressive bonus Roulette Trends Losing our tempers Side of this and that to round it out Thanks as always for clogging up your brain with our useless nonsense!.We're having too...


Two Morons Talking #42

Stop feelin' blue, here's #42! Ok it seems March Madness is actually going to happen this week(not last week?), so there's that. With T and I working overtime we still managed to get together and babble for an hour. This week it went something like this: Casino paparazzi The Go-Go dancers Pit Clerks Starbucks peeps Players Expectations Old school casino style This, that and the other thing too.... Thanks so much for listening. Don't forget to like us and subscribe for new weekly episodes....


Two Morons Talking #41

Ep. #41 Moron Time has begun. With a lull in the casino this week (as well as a lack of planning...let's be honest), we found ourselves rambling along in Stuffland. We babbled about: Old TV shows Kids venturing out into the world Messing with nature T's fun adventure in high limit Working different shifts and... and... get the idea. Thanks so much for listening. Subscribe for new episodes every week. Find us on Twitter @2casinomorons and on Facebook: Two Morons Talking About Casinos...


Two Morons Talking #40

Lordy, Lordy,'s Ep. #40! As always comin' at ya at the speed of sound. If you had $500 and only 10 minutes....what game would you play to win the most money? Wanna know what we'll have to listen. Oh and we also talked about: Tank Being fooled by a transperson Being smacked by a lesbian Last week in the casino and blah, blah, blah..... or maybe yatta, yatta, yatta?? Thanks as always for listening. Subscribe for new episodes every week. Find us on Twitter @2casinomorons...


Two Morons Talking #39

#39 and holding....Almost 40 episodes already? Wow! Bouncing around as always, this week you'll hear about: Tipping Video Games Holding cheques in your hand while you play Those who only wanna be paid in one color And so much more. Have fun with this weeks ramblings. Subscribe for new episodes every week. Please, is what we meant to say. Find us on Twitter @2Casinomorons and Facebook: Two Morons Talking About Casinos and Stuff


Two Morons Talking #38

#38 Special's flying through space at the speed of sound and into your earholes, brace yourself! We start off this week like distinguished gentlemen. The topic of the conversation: Farts and quiffes. It only got more sophisticated from there....we also talked about: Hitting the back wall in Craps Spilling drinks on the table Traffic in Vegas A surprise for Spike Just listen already, you know you wanna! Subscribe for new episodes every week. Thanks everyone for all the messages and comments....


Two Morons Talking #37

It's a Moron's Heaven, Ep. #37! xīn nián kuài lè (it's Chinese New Year 2019. In this weeks ramblings, we babbled on about: Chinese New Year Your buddies porn movies College life Finding Two Morons on Alexa NBA All Star Weekend '07 And all kinds of other mumblings.... Thanks for listening! Subscribe for new weekly episodes. Hit us up on Twitter @2CasinoMorons and you can find us on Facebook: Two Morons Talking About Casinos and Stuff.


Two Morons Talking #36

#36 is here for your podcast fix! We know you NEED it!! OK, well maybe we don't KNOW that, but we wish it was true! With the Superbowl last week we talked about that and all that it brings to Vegas. We talked about tipping the dealers and how it affects your rating. Like always we bounced all around, so you'll just have to listen! Thanks as always for listening. Subscribe for new episodes every week! Find us on Twitter @2Casinomorons and on Facebook: Two Morons Talking About Casinos and Stuff


Two Morons Talking #35

Johnny #5 loves Ep. #35 and you will too! As usual we bounced around all over the place. Here's just a few things we talked about: Playing Video Poker the right way? Strip Clubs for breakfast Superbowl parties in the casino Lucky new shooters You wanna know more? Guess you're gonna have to listen...Push the subscribe button, you know you want to, new episodes every week! Hit us up on Twitter @2casinomorons or on Facebook: Two Morons Talking About Casinos and Stuff


Two Morons Talking #34

#34's knockin' at your door! Time's flying by, already almost the Superbowl. W/ the Patriots going, of course we talked about the playoffs and the upcoming Superbowl. Gave some shout outs to some of our Moron Army that found us this week. One in particular brought an awesome present for us. We bounced around a lot, but as usual we had fun! Thanks for listening, you guys rock! Subscribe for new weekly episodes. Hit us up on Twitter @2casinomorons and find us on Facebook: Two Morons Talking...


Two Morons Talking #33

Episode #33 comin' at ya on a rainy day here in Vegas. We fell deep into stuff this week. From strip clubs to karaoke, we were all over the place. Casino stories made it in there in between sometimes too, we promise. Thanks as always for listening. Find us on Twitter @2casinomorons if you've got something to say!


Two Morons Talking #32

#32 comin' straight outta the barrel into your ear holes! Out of the bedroom and live from the studio(or kitchen, whatever you wanna call it). Kids are back in school and we're back on schedule. This week we talked about people walking into the pits, those who just can't understand how to play games no matter how many different ways you say it, we rambled on and on about nothing and ended talking about making tokes. Thanks as always for listening! Subscribe for new episodes every week. Find...


Two Morons Talking #31

Happy New Year everyone! Episode #31 comin' in hot to start your year off right! Sorry we missed last week, with the holidays and life getting in the way it just wasn't going to happen. But, here we are, back at it. This show was pretty much dedicated to working New Years and the holidays and everything that comes along with it. Obviously we rambled off in all different directions along the way. Thanks so much for listening everyone! All of you have been so nice to us and we've been...