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A weekly podcast that has about as much to do with sheep as it does swimming pools. Take a listen to Ben & James ramble about topics that they're almost definitely not qualified to talk about. As long as your not a Shepard or a life guard you most likely won't be disappointed.

A weekly podcast that has about as much to do with sheep as it does swimming pools. Take a listen to Ben & James ramble about topics that they're almost definitely not qualified to talk about. As long as your not a Shepard or a life guard you most likely won't be disappointed.
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A weekly podcast that has about as much to do with sheep as it does swimming pools. Take a listen to Ben & James ramble about topics that they're almost definitely not qualified to talk about. As long as your not a Shepard or a life guard you most likely won't be disappointed.




#35 Coffee & Black Mirror

This week, we move into a new recording space, James experiences a break in, we read lots of twitter and then discuss season 5 of Black Mirror. 0:00 Start of the show 3:47 Coffee 5:46 The book of mormon 8:18 Multiple complaints 13:26 News Bleat 26:15 Fake News Or Not? 30:31 Wool I Recommend 33:02 Black Mirror (SPOILERS) 36:25 Episode 3 'Striking Vipers' 43:27 Episode 2 'Smithereens' 50:48 Episode 1 'Rachel, Jack & Ashley Too'


#34 Carpets & Cheese

This week it's international cheese day! Ben get's some new carpets, and has a very weird encounter, James enjoys some scones, then we both talk about everything cheese related. 0:00 Start of the show 3:31 Drug trials 12:57 Ben's weird encounter 20:34 Scones 22:46 Bowling 28:42 News Bleat 38:20 Fake News Or Not? 44:27 Wool I Recommend? 46:47 Everything Cheese Related 1:08:20 Cheese Facts


#33 Birthdays & Sports

This episode, Ben has a birthday and has a love hate relationship with paint. James happens upon a fish on his way to work. We finally get around to talking about Game Of Thrones final season. Then we talk a bit about some sports, not any sports in particular really, just a bit about some sports. 5:07 Ben's complaint 8:38 News Bleat 17:59 James finds a fish 20:26 Fake News or Not? 23:48 Game Of Thrones GOT SPOILERS: 24:44 - 32:17 32:22 Sports


#32 More Tea Bags & Moving House

This episode: We discuss how to put a seatbelt on, how annoying petitions are, is the Eurovision a joke? Fake news or not has an overhaul, we mis-hear some lyrics and then talk about moving house. 0:00 Start of the show 2:57 James still hates smoking 5:17 Seatbelts 8:46 Yet again, even more tea bags... 9:30 News Bleat 22:13 Fake News or Not? 28:12 An intro to moving house 39:08 What would you save in a fire? 41:47 Ben talks about guitars


#31 Acupuncture & Quiz Part Two

Ben gets some Acupuncture, James hates smoking, Jeremy Kyle gets cancelled?! And, we continue to test our knowledge in what seems like the worlds longest quiz... Thankfully we get to the end of it this episode! The Quiz: 0:00 Start of the show 2:49 Acupuncture 8:17 James' complaint 13:44 News Bleat 18:43 Fake News Or Not? 25:32 The quiz continues...


#30 Geese & General Knowledge

This week we receive a glowing review. We have a discussion about some geese, James has some strong feelings towards foamy shower gel. Then, we find out exactly how dumb we are by taking a general knowledge quiz. Play along with the quiz: 0:00 Start of the show 4:05 Geese 10:33 A Poem 14:31 Wool I Recommend? 16:43 Avengers Endgame SPOILERS (16:55 - 23:32) 23:32 News Bleat 26:36 Fake News Or Not? 32:21 The Quiz


#29 Marvel & Endgame

This week we're talking everything Marvel. We talk our thoughts and predictions going into the film as well as all the movies in the MCU so far and finish off with our thoughts straight after watching at 3AM. (Spoilers for all the MCU. Especially endgame, timecodes below) 0:00 Start of the show 2:59 Pillow complaint 8:53 News Bleat 17:43 Fake News Or Not? 25:55 Wool I Recommend? 32:21 Marvel talk 39:45 Favourite Marvel film? 43:53 Endgame predictions *ENDGAME SPOILERS* 50:29...


#28 Licking Doorbells & A Florida Man

This episode we try to find out exactly what goes on in Florida. From a man armed with an alligator looking for beer, to a man leading a turtle army, we take a look at the strangest news headlines from Florida. 0:00 Start of the show 2:58 James' Complaint 5:12 Follow up on our phone challenge 15:18 Billie Eilish 19:44 News Bleat 23:23 Fake News or Not? 28:24 Wool I Recommend? 34:20 A Florida Man 1:07:17 Marvel Excitement


#27 Cramping & Technology

Lots of cramping... Would we fight to the death for money? Is social media bad? Out of the two of us who spends the most time on their phone? And, we discuss the etiquette of using a phone in public. This week, we're talking about technology. 0:00 Start of the show 1:08 James' Complaint 7:02 News Bleat 15:44 Fake News Or Not? 23:21 Wool I Recommend 28:56 An intro to tech 35:14 Advertising 42:47 Who spends more time on their phone? 1:00:24 Tech for dating 1:08:23 What's the best...


#26 eBay Bidding & Superpowers

We have a heated debate about bidding on eBay. James get's bothered by a tea bag. TGI's comes under fire for fake potatoes. Find out which is best: Flying, being invisible, living forever, farting on demand or time travel? This week, we're talking about Superpowers. 0:00 Start of the show 2:08 eBay 6:40 James' Complaints 10:32 News Bleat 18:02 Fake News Or Not? 25:36 Wool I Recommend 28:34 An introduction to superpowers 37:53 Most useless superheroes 48:14 James' useless...


#25 Toast & Madeleine McCann

This episode: The two sheep actually find themselves in a pool. We discover how to correctly cut toast. Is one singular sheep a shoop? We have a run in with a bird and discuss Netflix's new documentary. This week, were talking about Netflix's 'The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann.' 0:00 Start of the show 5:19 Toast talk 8:07 Shoop & Sheep 9:58 Ben's story 13:26 News Bleat 17:25 Fake news or not 23:22 Intro to main topic 26:22 Was the documentary good? 34:20 The media 42:58 The...


#24 Wool, Wood & Being Self Employed

James gets beaten up, loses a flamingo and takes issue with JK Rowling after we discover that wizards poop in the street. We review 'After Life,' Brexit & 'Steal the Stars.' And then decide whether being your own boss is any good. This week, we're talking about being self employed. 0:00 Start of the show 3:32 James gets beaten up 5:26 Flamingos 6:46 JK Rowling 13:50 James Gunn is back 15:57 Johnny Depp & Amber Heard 19:12 Fake News or Not? 28:54 Wool I Enjoy It? 31:42 (STEAL THE...


#23 Custard & Lawsuits

James finds a flamingo, Ben encounters a moron, the internet has a birthday, is Captain Marvel any good? Can you get sued over baking cookies? And, we discuss an incident involving custard. This week, we're talking ridiculous lawsuits. 0:00 Start of the show 2:16 Crufts 9:35 A flamingo 12:47 Ben's complaint 21:33 News Bleat 28:25 Fake News or Not? 39:19 A cookie incident 46:20 A ghost incident 56:20 A custard incident 1:08:36 A hugging incident


#22 Cutlery & Shrek (Retold)

Ben has some vibrating cutlery, James can't say cutlery. We talk about getting spanked on a unicycle. Does Steven Spielberg hate Netflix? Then we talk about an ogre for a bit. This week, we're talking Shrek (Retold) 0:00 Start of the show 2:20 James' complaint about being bad 5:20 News Bleat 19:29 Fake news or not 27:56 Pancake Day 30:57 Steven Spielberg hates Netflix 33:56 Everything Shrek


#21 Toilet Seats & Interesting People

James talks about toilet seats and has some sad news. Oppy says goodbye to the world. We very accurately predict at least two categories from the Oscars. Then, we find out who the most interesting person (or bear) in the world is. This week we're talking very interesting people. 0:00 Start of the show 2:08 James hates toilets 6:20 James' sad news 9:21 News Bleat 12:06 Oscars 17:32 Fake news or not? 21:13 Intro to interesting people 23:17 Dorothy Killgallen 34:50 Ernest...


#20 Shmoopie & Valentines Day

Youtube bans conspiracy theories, Ben infiltrates the illuminati, James' new name is Schmoopie. And, we finally find out what type of couple Ben & James are. This week, we're talking Valentines Day! 0:00 Start of the show 3:48 News Bleat 23:04 Fake News or Not? 27:06 An intro to Valentines Day 28:19 What type of couple are you quiz 40:41 How well do you know your lover quiz


#19 One Star Reviews & Poop

Was the super bowl boring? We have a heated discussion about chocolate, James smashes a jug, a lack of zebras is found to be very disappointing and Ben does a dramatic reading about Gummi Bears. This week, we're talking one star reviews. 0:00 Start of the show & Super Bowl LIII 11:22 News Bleat 17:00 Fake News Or Not? 21:36 James' complaint 28:46 An intro to one star reviews 35:04 A lot of one star reviews 1:09:48 A dramatic reading on Gummi Bears


#18 Defrosting Mince & Bandersnatch

Are mini cheddar's really heroin? A rogue digger causes a ruckus, James struggles with a 'tong' twister, the boys have an 80's adventure and defrost some mince along the way. This week, we're talking Bandersnatch. (Spoiler Alert!) 0:00 Start of the show 2:50 News Bleat 12:09 Fake News Or Not 15:33 An introduction to Bandersnatch **SPOILERS THROUGHOUT** 18:57 Criticisms 27:28 Main endings 36:18 Adventure books 49:33 Secret ending


#17 Spies & Spires

Is Donald Trump a time traveler? An egg is more popular than the Kardashians, what's the best Bond movie? Could Ben & James kill someone & also would they make good spies? This week, we're talking espionage. 0:00 Start of the show 1:51 Never ask for Happy Birthday 10:01 Listener mail 21:17 News Bleat 31:18 An introduction to espionage 40:39 Best Bond? 47:13 Secret agent quiz 1:04:50 What if your parents were spies?


#16 Conspiracies Part Two! & Hitler Dolphin

Back by popular demand is the second installment in Two Sheep's dive down the conspiracy rabbit hole. Does Finland exist? Was Hitler actually a dolphin? Is Denver Airport the most evil place on earth? And is CERN really trying to destroy the planet? This week, we're talking conspiracies! 0:00 Start of the show 4:47 Ben's complaint 8:23 News Bleat 10:48 Conspiracy Or Is The Conspiracy A Conspiracy? 21:09 James' conspiracy 28:23 Finnish vs Japanese language 33:23 Real map of...