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Little House on the Left w/ Kirby Howell-Baptiste & Ego Nwodim

In this investigative lifestyle special, Matt & Scot meet with famed Swedish micro realtor & tiny movement enthusiat Helveticä NüRoman (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) & her newest client, renown voice-actress Chartreuse Jenkins (Ego Nwodim). Featured music: "Brand New Cadillac" by The Clash, "Our House" by Madness


Royal Fumble w/ Dan Black & Alex Newman

In this sports entertainment investigative speical, Matt meets with former professional wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (Alex Newman) & his live-in life coach & best friend Rich "The Fish" Santiello (Dan Black). Matt learns of Steves life post-retirement, the unique relationship with Rich, and more. Featured music: Probot - I Am the Warlock, Rollins Band - What's the Matter Man, Patty Smyth - The Warrior, Chris Stapleton - Tennese Whiskey


Daze of Futures Past w/ Rich Fulcher

In this political analytical special, Matt travels to Washington DC to speak with political forecaster & professional handicapper Don Ready (Rich Fulcher) about his unique approach to election predictions Featured music: Opportunities by Pep Shop Boys, The Royal Scam by Steely Dan


Bonus Episode: Uglies in the Outfield w/ Paul F. Tompkins

As part of our Investigative Baseball Special, Matt & Scot spent time at Citi Fields with Mr. Met (Paul F. Tompkins) to discuss the particulars of his unique physical condition & the life of an MLB Mascot.


The Met-churian Candidate w/ Paul F. Tompkins

In this grassroots baseball special, Matt & Scot spend time with renown baseball mascot & fledging politician, Mr. Met (Paul F. Tompkins). They learn how Mr. Met’s unique physical condition has affected his life, what it takes to be a good mascot, & his unique approach to grassroots campaigning. Featured music: “Living for the City” by Stevie Wonder, “Piano Man” by Billy Joel


Pig Hero 6 w/ Dan Lippert & Jon Mackey

In this Southern gasto special, Matt & Scot head to Coloumbia, NC to talk with renown BBQ pit masters Chet & Daniel Brickhouse (Dan Lippert & Jon Mackey) of the Brickhouse BBQ dynasty. We learn the secrets of rearing pigs, cooking the perfect roast, and more. Featured music: "Got My Mojo Working" by Muddy Waters, "Down to the Waterline" by Dire Straits


Bonus Episde: The History of Brainwarp w/ Eric Hoffman & Jay Johnston

In this special bonus episode, Matt chats with long time friends Jay Johnston (Mr. Show, Bob's Burgers) & Eric Hoffman (Mr. Show, Girlfriend’s Day) about their comedy roots, coming up in Chicago, their early days in LA, as well as Eric & Jay's latest project: a graphic novel dedicated to Guy Suavé: Homicidal Spy. Check out the GoFundMe page for Guy Suavé here: https://www.gofundme.com/guy-suave-graphic-novel View the Bean Can Tour sketch at the Annoyance theater from 1992:...


The Lying King w/ Jacquis Neal & Edgar Momplaisir

In this NBA All Star Special Matt & Scot travel to Branson, MO to meet NBA Hall-of-Famer Dikembe Mutombo (Jacquis Neal) & raising star Serge Ibaka (Edgar Momplaisir) for the opening night of their one-man show. Afterward, the Congolese combo offer Matt & Scot insight into their artist influences as well as the subtle differences between American & African pop-culture. Featured music: Creedence Clearwater Reviival "Proud Mary", Kenny ROgers "The Gambler", The Turles "Happy Together".


Audio Speedwagon (w/ Will Hines)

In this captivating audio special, Matt & Scot talk with renown audio historian & sound preservationist Kyle Mestner (Will Hines) for an in-depth look at the art of saving & archiving the sounds of nature. Featuring: Anosh McAdam Featured music - "Sounds of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkle, "Southern Accent" by Johnny Cash


A River Ruins Through It (w/ Sam Richardson)

In this in depth Hollywood special, Matt & Scot track down failed NFL draft pick & former Sizzler’s night manager JaJohn Wenfry (Sam Richardson) at his latest venture as a profession film colorist. Matt & Scot follow JaJohn as he ramps up for award seasons and get caught up with how his experience at Sizzler’s influences his artist endeavors. Featured music: "Fame" by Davie Bowie & "Only the Lonely" by Roy Orbson


Live at the Frugal Muse (w/ Brad Morris, Claudia Wallace, & Holly Laurent)

Recorded live at the Frugal Muse book store in Chicago, Matt sits down with 3 renown authors to talk their process, influences, and how they discovered their love for the written word.


What about Blotch?

In this behind-the-scenes conflict-resolution special, Matt & Scot air out their grievances with one another along side therapist, physician, & couples' consoler Dr. Alexander Blotch (Jason Mantzoukas). Dr. Blotch seeks out what caused the divide between Matt & Scot as well as what experimental practices they can use to mend it. Featured music: “Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment” & Psycho Therapy” by The Ramones


Bonus Episode: Jim McMahon

In this ’85 Chicago Bears Special, Matt & Scot travel to the NFL Hall of Fame to interview two-time Super Bowl winner Jim McMahon.


Any Gifting Sunday

In this Super Bowl LII special, Matt travels to St. Paul Minnesota to meet with renown actress, producer, and director Jodie Foster (Haley Mancini) for a whirlwind celebrity gifting tour sponsored by the NFL and curated by head-NFL product laison Brad Hanford (Owen Burke). Featured music: Cheer up Charlie, Autumn Leaves, & Winter Song by Leslie Odom Jr., NFL Theme song, The Lombardi Trophy (Reprise) by David Robidoux


Ball is Life(w/ Carl Tart)

In this embedded sports special, Matt & Scot head on location with renown businessman & sports figure LaVar Ball (Carl Tart) for an exclusive inside look into what keeps his Big Baller Brand empire and the demanding requirements of being a father of 3 rising basketball stars. featured music: "School Days" by Chuck Berry, "Basketball" by Bow Wow


Best of '17 Vol. 2

UCB Sports & Leisure's Matt Walsh & Scot Armstrong celebrate the holidays & the past year by curating a collection of some of their favorite interviews from 2017. Sit back, relax, & welcome in the holidays by enjoying UCBS&L's Greatest Hits of 2017 Vol. 2. In order of appearance: Rob Huebel Lauren Lapkus Dan Troy Ryan Stanger Jon Gabrus Horatio Sanz Joe Nunez Anne Lane Drew Tarver Brad Morris James Underdown


Best of '17 Vol. 1

UCB Sports & Leisure's Matt Walsh & Scot Armstrong celebrate the holidays & the past year by curating a collection of some of their favorite interviews from 2017. Sit back, relax, & welcome in the holidays by enjoying UCBS&L's Greatest Hits of 2017 Vol. 1 In order of appearance: Dan Van Kirk Brad Morris Madeline Wager Drew Tarver Brennan Lee Mulligan Matt Besser Andy Daly Madeline Walter


A New Dope (w/ Bobby Moynihan)

In this investigative entertainment special, UCBSL’s Matt & Scot head to Skywalker Ranch for an exclusive interview with Star Wars super collector & official Skywalker Ranch museum docent Ken Gentle (Bobby Moynihan) in preparation of for the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Additional voice: Cody Ziglar Featured music: Star Wars Theme, Cantina Theme, and Duel of Fates by John Williams


Walk On Podcast Pilot: Katy Sullivan

The UCB Comedy Podcast Network is excited to announce that throughout November we’ll be releasing three diversity based podcast pilots. You can do your part by tuning in and listening to these hilarious underrepresented voices in comedy! Walk On Podcast w/ Joseph Kibler is dedicated to shared stories of those who have overcome their disability; both within the film industry and outside. Joseph interviews comedians, actors, producers, and athletes, all with disabilities, allowing them to...


Replays of the Condor (w/ Matt Besser)

In this embedded investigative football special, Matt & Scot head on location to New York City to speak with Instant Replay Specialist, Keith Prevett (Matt Besser) to get a hands on demonstration of the NFL’s instant replay technology. After a tense start, Matt & Scot learn of an alternative application of Keith’s skillset; offering his services by making real-time play-by-play judgement calls on the conflicts & problems of everyday Americans. Check out Matt Besser’s Stolen Idea Premium...