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Dresden Files, Book 7- Chapters 7, 8, & 9

Hey there, you wonderful listeners you. I feel sure that I've used the art for this post before, but it's hard to find good fanart of Billy & Georgia, and the many of the Butters illustrations have spoilers. So please forgive me if I'm recycling. These three chapters are mostly Butters-free, because Harry drops the little guy off at his stronghold of an apartment (not exactly the fortress RoShawn was expecting) and goes to Bock Ordered Books to find a copy of a book that Grevane was tapping...


Dresden Files, Book 7- Dead Beat, Chapters 3, 4, & 5

BUTTERS! I think we can all agree that Butters is one of the most loveable dorks ever, and I also think we can all agree that Harry better protect this little dweeb with everything he's got or we are all going to be majorly pissed. These three chapters all concern Butters and his sudden involvement in the plot, because this is no "Oh geez I got accidentally caught up on the periphery of Harry's adventure" kind of situation. Nope, it was pure dumb luck that Harry was at the morgue at all,...


The Dresden Files, Book 7- Dead Beat, Chapters 1, 2, & 3

IT IS FINALLY HERE! Y'all I am so excited about it! And how great is this illustration of Harry being super irritated with Thomas while Thomas just lounges nonchalantly next to a pair of forgotten black lace panties? These opening chapters are chock full of good stuff. First, Harry wants to murder Thomas, just a teensy bit. Then, Murphy announces to Harry that she's gonna go bang the shit out of Kincaid and asks him to water her plants. How coy. How sexy. Then, of course, is the whole...


The Dresden Files, Book 6- Blood Rites. Chapters 40, 41, 42

Hey there, you beautiful, patient, good-hearted people. I'm here with the final episode of Blood Rites and I'm ready to bounce off the walls with excitement that Dead Beat is about to start. Don't mind me it's just that when [redacted] does that thing with [redacted] and we finally [redacted][redacted] it's SO GOOD. Okay so these chapters. Harry manages to get one over on Lord Raith, with a trick that's such a slow burn it's almost mean. Basically Harry doesn't need to beat Lord Raith, he...


The Dresden Files, Book 6- Blood Ties, Chapters 37, 38, & 39

Alright, listeners, it's almost the end of the 6th book in the series, and our valiant heroes are in some really deep shit. These 3 chapters are kind of just a series of unfortunate events. Harry and Karen get caught up in a gun fight that injures two people and causes Lara to have to clean up a mess instead of playing backup. Then he and Murphy get headed off by other bodyguards and Harry has to use a ton of energy to flip a car. Is it an amazing and awesome scene? Yes, absolutely. But...


Blood Rites- Chapters 34, 35, & 36

Hey there, do you need something to distract you from the terrible trash-fire that is our current existence? Here you go.


Blood Rites- Chapters 31, 32, 33

I am so late on this one, guys, and I'm so sorry. I edited the whole episode and then stopped to record Harry Potter live, and totally forgot to ever post it. I suck! Blerg. Anyway, I hope that you can all forgive me, and that you enjoy listening to RoShawn and I talk about the incredible fight scene between our quartet of good guys and the scourge of vamps. It's a pretty intense scene, with a strange peek into Harry's Sight which makes RoShawn question everything about Kincaid. In the end,...


Blood Rites- Chapters 28, 29, & 30

Hi there, my lovelies! I'm comin at ya with the three chapters that set the table for our trio (well, quartet if you count the wheel man) of heroes to attack the scourge hiding in a homeless shelter. But first, we have some family drama to deal with as Murphy finds out her little sister is going to be marrying her ex-husband. Which really truly is SOME SHIT. RoShawn and I talk at length about how very not-okay that is, and how Murphy's mom is defending the baby sister way too much, but...


Blood Rites- Chapters 25, 26 & 27

I'm so delighted to find this work from deviantART user Mollinda! It fits perfectly with what I thought was the most fascinating part of this trio of chapters, and that is the information that Bob relays to Harry after going out exploring in Mister's body. There isn't a lot of art out there featuring Bob and Mister, so if you see any others, be sure to send them my way! First things first: Harry gets a tiny bit framed for murder in these chapters. It's kind of infuriating, because there's...


Blood Rites- Chapters 22, 23, & 23

Hey everyone! I think that the last post I did with an illustration of Kincaid, someone commented that they had been picturing him as a ginger while the illustration showed him as a blonde. I'm pretty sure they're right about how he's originally described, and this is a closer approximation of how I picture him than the last one. Younger, more clean-cut, and almost bored. These chapters are the ones where Harry introduces Murphy and Kincaid for the first time, and when he starts to realize...


Blood Rites- Chapters 19, 20 & 21

IT'S THE FIRST DRESDEN-FILES LIVE-READ EPISODE! I'm so excited about this one, you guys. Can I tell you the gods-honest truth? The first time I got to this reveal, I didn't care. Not even kidding. I hate secret-sibling reveals almost always, and while I didn't hate this, I just managed to stay neutral. I should have cared, because it matters a whole lot, but I didn't. I think you will all be glad to hear that RoShawn doesn't react the way that I did. She really cares, and she starts...


Dresden Files, Book 6- Blood Rites, Chapters 16, 17, & 18

Hi there, everyone! For those of you who have read these books before, we've finally gotten to a part that I'm sure many of your were excited for: the one with the frozen turkey. This is one of those moments where you are just dying to ask Butcher where the hell the idea came into his head. Was this a true freak accident he'd read about somewhere? Did he have a strange dream? Did he read about some kind of bizarre phobia in which people are terrified of being crushed by frozen turkeys? Or...


Blood Rites- Chapters 13, 14, & 15

Hi everyone! RoShawn and I are back with another installment of Blood Rites, and this is the part where someone pulls a gun on Harry. Wait, I mean the part where someone tries to shoot Harry. Wait, I mean the part where someone succeeds at shooting Harry. You know what? None of this is helpful. Harry gets shot at, and even successfully shot, a lot. These are the chapters where Harry spots Thomas watching him from the shadows, and chases him down to question him, only to have Lara Raith...


The Dresden Files, Book 6- Blood Rites Chapters 10, 11, & 12

I'm delighted to bring you this episode with an illustration of Kincaid, who sounds hot as hell and I wish there was more fanart of him. Someone do me a favor and get on that, because he deserves a little more love from the fandom, in my opinion. In this trio of chapters, Kincaid is the one who backed Harry into a corner with a sleep mask over his eyes and a magic circle of salt around him to contain his power. Because he doesn't trust anyone, and he knows that Harry can really throw...


Dresden Files, Book 6- Blood Rites, Chapters 7, 8, & 9

I mentioned the artwork I'm using for this post in last week's episode, and it turns out that this is the artwork used on the Dresden Wiki! James Marsters very much works for me as Harry, and I would like to submit a motion to have his face on all the fanart, please and thank you. This episode is the one where the malocchio comes for its first victims that Harry witnesses. He manages to jump in and save them, but it's a near thing, and the girl who is hurt the worst is going to have scars...


Blood Rites- Chapters 4, 5, & 6

I'm sorry this episode is late! Normally I do a bunch of recording on Saturday but I had THREE recordings scheduled that day and I wasn't able to squeeze in any editing. I'm here now, though, and we're starting to get into the main plot of this book. I'm excited because now RoShawn knows just what kind of director Arturo is. Heh. These three chapters focus mainly on the set-up of Harry meeting Arturo, finding out about the case and possible people who could want him to fail, and pow-wowing...


Blood Rites- Chapters 1, 2, & 3

Woot wooooooot! We're getting started on the next installment of The Dresden Files and I'm so excited! I have my reservations about this book (more on that in the episode) but there's still some great shit coming up and I'm excited to get to it all. This book starts of with Harry running for his life from some literal flying monkeys while saving a basket full of puppies. It's the most quintessential Harry Dresden Moment so far in the series, to be honest, and RoShawn is totally here for...


Working For Bigfoot, Restoration Of Faith, Vignette

So I'm finally able to post this episode after re-recording it with RoShawn, and I'm happy to say that it was just as much fun to record the second time as it was the first time. Which I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting. There are three stories covered in this episode, one of which is so short that it's not really a story at all, hence its title: Vignette. Then there's A Restoration Of Faith, and Working For Bigfoot, which are longer and the only stories in either collection that we...


Death Masks- Chapters 31, 32, & 33

This is the finale episode of Death Masks, and RoShawn is very concerned about how this book ends. Her concern is understandable. The Knights treats the coins like they're radioactive, and say that touching one is a contract you never get out of, and here Harry goes slapping his hand over one. Was it for a good reason (to protect a child)? Sure. But like, come on dude, you couldn't have stepped on it with your boot instead? Tsk tsk. There's a lot of little surprises in these last three,...


Death Masks- Chapters 28, 29, & 30

I'm very happy to have reached this trio of chapters because it contains some of my favorite reveals and surprises in the book. And one of them RoShawn is still kind of confused about when we start recording, so we talk it out until it makes sense. The main thing that we didn't see coming was that Father Vincent is actually a Denarian in disguise. The Denarian gives up his coin and uses the Mercy Loophole (TM) to get out of being executed by Sanya and Michael, and Harry CAN. NOT. HANDLE....