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Uncle (the broadcast) first live show, UtP#091

What was once Uncle (the podcast) has now grown to become Uncle (the broadcast). This is the first ever live version of the show. topics include: live radio, The Commuter, dollar store beer review, Skype, live results, international, Beavis and Butthead, notebook of ideas, daily life, movies, Chuck Ochelli, live stage performance, wrestling


Strink and Steak, Utp#090

Aaron and Uncle have a harder time than usual understanding one another. That doesn't stop them from doing their broadcast thing. topics include: Skype interviews, strink and steak, dollar store beer review, Tap Room 21 Copper Lager, Broad Museum, art, Los Angeles, Meltdown Comics shutting down, strip clubs, lots of shout outs, new format of The Listening Party Podcast, Patreon, Snapchat, Facebook going down


Belgian Freedom and Dutch Anarchy, Utp#089

Aaron tells Uncle a little bit about his trip to the Netherlands and Belgium. topics include: Aaron’s vacation to Amsterdam and Belgium, languages, Belgian beer, trains, freedom, cannabis, coffeeshops, prostitution, Red Light District, California dispensaries, bicycles, dollar store beer review, Manila Light, the Philippines


Speed Cars, Utp#088

Uncle and Aaron drink Beer Beer and do another broadcast. topics include: listener mail, speed cars, reaction to new Speak N Eye song, dollar store beer review, Beer na Beer, Asia Brewery Inc, Philippines


Joshua Brookshire impromptu interview, Utp#087

Uncle and Aaron took to Twitter in search of a Skype guest and Joshua Brookshire answered the call. Here, they talk about his band Speak N Eye among other things. topics include: Joshua Brookshire, Twitter, calling for interviews, Skype, Speak N Eye, music production, computers, transhumanism, cell phones, social media, Chuck Ochelli, sports, seeing hockey games live, NHL, bands


Super Bowl 52 Inspection Check, Utp#086

Uncle lives his dream of being a sports broadcaster as he reviews Super Bowl 52. topics include: Super Bowl 52, Philadelphia Eagles, how to beat New England Patriots, underdogs usually win, Tom Brady the goat, defense, Foles Cinderella story, Bill Belichick, getting touchdowns, Miami Dolphins don’t draft properly, Pederson, dangers of frying hot wings in oil on stove, sports broadcasting


Ryan Seaquest and Uncle, Utp#085

Uncle and Aaron have their annual New Year's celebration on the podcast. topics include: Thanksgiving, The Listening Party Podcast, new year, New Year’s Eve, Dick Clark, Ryan Seacrest, Sea Quest, K Pop, ears, changes with the show, analytics, listeners, live radio


Bring Back Dark Vader's Helmet, Utp#084

Uncle and Aaron bring you a quick little holiday podcast which features a review of Star Wars the Last Jedi. topics include: holidays, possible New Year’s Skype recording with Bum Wine Bob, sick from dollar store wine, wine crossroads, Thanksgiving, bone broth, Star Wars the Last Jedi, Kylo Ren not as good as Darth Vader, Darth Vader’s mask, Elon Musk’s Space X rocket, lots of shout outs


Bumming with Bobcat, Uncle brings the dollar store Santa Wine, 12-19-2017

Uncle and Aaron are guests on the Bumming with Bobcat podcast. They bring a dollar store wine to drink and review.


Rod and Denise of the Listening Party Podcast interview, Utp#083

Uncle and Aaron host their very first in studio guests, and it is none other than the Party People. Rod and Denise host The Listening Party Podcast. Here, they talk a bit about their upcoming format change which will be taking effect on the LPP in two episodes time. topics include: The Listening Party Podcast, first in studio guests, Mascot Diaries, LPP format change, passing through Uncle, team mascots, Uncle lost in the neighborhood, dollar store beer review, Los Dudes cerveza, Mexican...


Winston Conrad, conversation on Chef and My Fridge Utp#082

Winston Conrad returns to the broadcast to discuss one of his favorite shows, Chef and My Fridge. The program is a unique foodie style program from South Korea. topics include: Winston Conrad, television, Chef and My Fridge, South Korea, boom shaka lake, Taeyang, G Dragon, Big Bang, K Pop, graphics, making noodles, translations, becoming a gluttony, watching TV in foreign countries, red wine in refrigerator, bum wine, review everything, not repaired, Oh My Gato, nato, fermented soybeans,...


The Falling, Uncle reviews Transformers 2, Utp#081

Uncle gives an impassioned review of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. No stone is left unturned in this incredibly detailed review. Uncle and Aaron also find time to do another dollar store beer review to cap off the show. topics include: Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen, dollar store beer review, The Dude’s Wiser Dude Pilsner


Bum Wine Bob, interview and MD 20/20 Wine Review, Utp#080

Bum Wine Bob is the guest on this episode of Uncle (the podcast). One of Bob's favorite bum wines is MD 20/20, and so he brings it along on the show to review with Uncle and Aaron. Listen to Bumming With Bobcat to hear more of Bob's analysis of this much maligned niche of the wine world. topics include: Bum Wine Bob, Bumming With Bobcat, bum wine, malt liquor, bottom shelf drinks, MD 20/20 Electric Melon, wine review, lemonade, marketing to youth, Steel Reserve, saving drinks for podcast...


Cooley Digital 5.0 interview, Utp#079

Cooley Digital 5.0 is Aaron's old friend from Ohio. Here he gets to meet Uncle and tell him all about demolition derby, the Wustang, and who Mop Top is. topics include: Cooley Digital 5.0, Ohio, old videos, Wustang, demolition derby, teal trailer, snow in OH, Wutang, fires, Moptop, the Green Man, beer review, Facebook page, social media, ADDTV part 2, monster trucks, Grave Digger, Uncle Kracker, Minor Infractions, Jake the Snake from Peter Lake, favorite wrestlers, Chapman University,...


Chuck Ochelli interview, Dollar Store French Fries, Utp078

Chuck Ochelli, host of the Ochelli Effect, gets to meet Uncle for the very first time as a guest on the broadcast. A fun trial by fire that even included an unplanned dollar store french fry review. topics include: Chuck Ochelli, The Ochelli Effect, revelation through conversation, mystery stories, something out of something, classic radio, Uncle’s notepad, live radio, ideas, dollar store survival, dollar store french fries review, punk rock, GG Allin, Uncle angry at home, ex wives, kids...


Maximum Overdrive, Utp#077

Uncle and Aaron discuss the recent wildfires in Anaheim, do a movie review of Maximum Overdrive, and taste test a dollar store beer. topics include: The Mind Renewed, CA wildfires, Anaheim Hills, Orange, Napa Valley, natural disasters, door alarms, Maximum Overdrive, ACDC, dollar store beer review, Hite Extra Cold, ice beer, mixing beer and wine, 72 shots of whiskey, pro taste testers


The Mind Renewed 184 - interview with Uncle and Aaron

Julian Charles, host of The Mind Renewed, interviews Uncle and Aaron. Be sure to listen to this very fun show aimed at explaining the enigma that is Uncle (the podcast).


Top Gun movie review with guests Tom Secker & Pearse Redmond, Utp#076

Tom Secker of Spyculture.com and Pearse Redmond of PorkinsPolicyReview.com join us again for a movie review. The 1986 classic Top Gun is looked over with a fine toothed comb. Be sure to listen to this podcast to learn more about the movie than you ever knew before. topics include: Top Gun, Tom Secker, Pearse Redmond, military, riled up, action, drama, Tom Cruise, Kenny Loggins, Jerry Bruckheimer, music, You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling, bets, competition, love story, Christine Fox, Goose,...


The Uncle Show, Utp#075

Uncle (the podcast) gets back to basics and focuses on Uncle. topics include: problems with the sound system, Uncle’s show, interviews, best and worst things, interviews on other shows, meeting people from other countries, food, hobbies, mountains, weather in Riverside, cold towel on head, doing things right, language barrier, inspiration, audience participation, Star Wars, Tarzan, colleagues


Patreon For Our Customers, Utp#074

Uncle and Aaron discuss their brand new Patreon campaign. topics include: What Patreon is, fair, who is the audience, commercial free show, podcasts like punk rock, Dr Dog,dollar store beer review, 24 pack, Rockdale Light, Tom Brown, Jelly Belly draft beer flavored jelly beans, diabetes, palate messed up, white bread, phone problems, Name That Tune, Instagram, goal of live show, Executive Producer’s Club, cross promotion


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