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Survivalist Camping Tips From Sunshine, Utp#113

Uncle starts the show off with a typical dollar store beer review, and moves on to a rousing conversation with his favorite caller, SunshineOn. Uncle and Aaron learn that they have a lot to do before they go out on their next camping trip. topics include: Baja Brewing Co Blonde Ale, dollar store, camping, wildfires in Malibu, the desert, survivalist skills, trapping jackrabbits, California, Ed McMahon, Vince McMahon


Sand Sheff interview, Eclipse Miracle, Utp#112

Uncle welcomes author and musician Sand Sheff to the broadcast. A fun night complete with music and a call from Mailman Ed ensues. topics include: Sand Sheff, country music, cell phones, LA Dodgers, National League teams, writing books, making music, eclipses, sun and moon the same size, astronomy, Eclipse Miracle, religion


Winston Conrad interview, Black Tie Affairs, Utp#111

Winston Conrad returns to the show to field all of Uncle’s interview questions. Serious conversation is engaged, but not a single argument was to be heard, even when talking about whether or not draft beer is better than bottled. topics include: tuxedos, weddings, computer brains, baseball, sports rivalries, dollar store beer review, vodka and soda, mead, problems with draft beer, enzymes in tubes, underground tunnels, earthquakes, discussion vs argument, enjoyment of broadcasting


MLB Post Season Report, Utp#110

Uncle gives a thorough report of the MLB post-season action going on now. topics include: baseball, Angels, Dodgers, Brewers, Red Sox, Yankees, Marlins, Miami Florida, California, NLCS, switching teams


Anglophile Hurricanes and Artisanal Box Flavor Infused Pizza, Utp#109

The phone lines heat up as Uncle takes calls from two of his customers. X Blox and Danny are on the line for a wacky conversation about potentially racist tropical storms. Uncle lets everyone know all about the weather people. topics include: taking phone calls, electric cars, Hurricane Michael, anglophile storm names, Hurricane Ali, Florida, work vs radio personalities, racism, progressive values, pizza, pizza boxes, artisanal cooking, infused flavors, Poppa Chelli


Electric Range Anxiety In the Land of Hills, Utp#108

Uncle tells his customers about his very recent dental work. He also talks about his love of life in the hills. topics include: dentists, getting teeth pulled, marketing, Sisyphus, electric cars, range anxiety, hills, flat land, Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Ryan Seacrest, NFL, football


Alien vs Predator vs Uncle, Utp#107

Uncle talks a bit about his trip to the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center before detailing the many rigors of making salad in the kitchen of a popular restaurant. topics include: live show, Ed, cacti, Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center, horticulture, dollar store wine review, plastic wine glass, Bum Wine Bob, live calls, audio mixers, Predator 2, Tyler in Vallejo, Alien vs Predator, Gary Busey, Predator ethics, salads, working in a restaurant, spicy food, onions, job referrals, soup, pho,...


Richard Spence interview, Masons vs Knights of Columbus, Utp#106

Professor Richard B Spence is the guest on this episode of the podcast. Uncle gets a chance to ask him a few questions about secret societies. We learn a bit more about the ages old beef between Freemasons and the Knights of Columbus. Life isn’t a movie, but sometimes it is hard to tell which is more real than the other. topics include: Richard B Spence, secret societies, Knights of Columbus, Freemasonry, Catholic Church, networking, cell phones, artificial intelligence, secrecy,...


Holy FIre, Batman. It's Uncle! Utp#105

Uncle, Aaron, and Chuck have a fun time on the show trying to get live callers. Uncle and Aaron give some Southern California gardening tips. topics include: call in number 252-301-2255, working, salad, food, home tooth pain remedies, multitasking, listeners in the UK, dollar store beer review, New Tattoo Double IPA, pale ales, Holy Fire, CA wildfires, inmate firefighters, dryness versus moisture, rain, fruit trees, weeding, drip irrigation, objective truth, philosophy, avocado trees,...


Climbing Straight Up the Fence, Utp#104

Uncle and Aaron coax customers into the idea of calling into the show live on Friday nights. Later, they discuss the most interesting thing in the world. topics include: live broadcasts, vacations, listener engagement, live calls, the voice, the show, true to life, Aaron talks to his wife off mic, religion, free will, climbing the fence, judgement, religious denominations


Going Up the Skyscraper, Utp#103

Uncle and Aaron prerecord a show to play live. Uncle gives a review of Skyscraper, which turns out to be a lot like Die Hard. Listeners are thanked and encouraged to call in live on Friday nights when it airs on Ochelli.com topics include: live broadcast, callers, dollar store beer review, Revolution Harbor Amber Ale, Skyscraper movie review, Die Hard, action movies, knobs, microphones, podcast feed, evolution of the show, ideas for the show, ADDTV, 10 Gauge band, Buckethead


Paranormal Out of Body Experiences and Classic Cartoons, Utp#102

Uncle and Aaron have a lively conversation about cartoons, Norse mythology and out of body experiences. This is a true podcasters podcast as a plethora of pop culture is analyzed in the way that only Uncle could do. topics include: cartoons, cartoon characters, Tazmanian Devil, Disney, Disneyland, intellectual property, comics, Norse mythology, Thor, movies, super heroes, out of body experiences, paranormal, Batman, Superman 3, Richard Pryor, Gene Hackman, Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze, Bat Girl,...


Feeding the Homeless Never-Ending Salad, Utp#101

Uncle and Aaron have a relaxed conversation this week between themselves. Uncle's newly acquired power of creating never-ending salad is not something to scoff at. topics include: live show, chatroom, bank card troubles, Uncle’s new job, performing on stage, callers, dollar store beer review, Day of the Dead Pay the Ferryman Porter, public speaking, never-ending saiad, Summer heat, feeding the homeless, Santa Ana river bed tent city, Orange County, juggalos, facial recognition technology,...


Uncle's 100th Episode Extravaganza, Utp#100

This episode is a true milestone in the history of the broadcast. It is the 100’th installment of Uncle (the podcast), a point which Uncle has long been counting up toward. The occasion is shared with two great callers, SunshineOn and Joshua Brookshire. topics include: reflecting, knobs, SunshineOn, baking alchemy, plants, audio equipment, religion, Joshua Brookshire, Speak N Eye, Pepe the Frog, Pepe Le Pew, Speedy Gonzalez, The Wizard of Oz


Larry Woods interview, Saving the Universe with Magnets, Utp#099

Larry Woods comes on the Uncle show to help him devise a way to save the universe via magnetic power production. topics include: Larry Woods, uncle voices, fishing, boats, Missouri, New Madrid Fault, magnets, Elon Musk, electric cars, batteries, trains, energy problems, inefficient wind power, jobs, oil, natural disasters, cell phones, standing on real earth, frequency, ancient plasma mining sites, Asteroid Belt, loadstones, natural healing, heavy metals, inventing, magnetic generator,...


Pearse Redmond interview, Protein Style Steam Punk Jet Lag, Utp#098

From Trans Resister Radio, guest Pearse Redmond is quickly transported to Uncle (the broadcast). topics include: Pearse Redmond, Top Gun 2, movie reviews, dollar store beer review, Campari and soda, Mexico trip, mini refrigerator, Diesel Punk Pilsner, steam punk, In N Out Burger by LAX, eating, protein style, landing planes, Lufthansa mineral water, Patreon


Tim Will Hunting interview, Utp#097

Uncle welcomes Tim Will Hunting, author of The Custodian Chronicles, to the broadcast. topics include: Tim Will Hunting, custodial work, trains, Instagram, playing guitar, the Ear, Los Angeles, lack of public transportation, outlaw, Uncle’s hour to talk, beer tests, cannabis, hemp oils, medical marijuana, headache cure, legalization, them, cleaning bathrooms, men’s and women’s bathrooms cleanliness, wearing gloves, drug tests, Twitter, shout outs, Yucca Valley, high desert, Joshua Trees,...


Artisan Loaf interview, Elon Musk Needs a Vacuum Cleaner Factory, Utp#096

Uncle welcomes Nick, who goes by @ArtisanLoaf on Twitter, and has a serious discussion about Elon Musk. Will Musk finally be able to put those gas people out of business? Why do car batteries keep combusting? Uncle also goes about solving a big problem on the production end of things for Tesla. Listen to find out what it is. topics include: not Aaron’s show, @ArtisanLoaf, Elon Musk, Tesla, electric cars, putting gas people out of business, Hyperlink, diesel fuel, trains, public transit,...


Joseph Flatley interview ft Sunshine On, Utp#095

Uncle welcomes his guest, author Joseph L Flatley to the show. He then welcomes a long-awaited call from Sunshine On. Producer, Chuck Ochelli joins the mix to make this a five-way talk about Joseph's novel, cannabis, and Amish rockers. topics include: Pennsylvania, Joseph L Flatley, book promotion, conspiracy theory, news, transit, cannabis, cults, make America great again, religion, Amish rockers, Greyhound buses, Amish scooters, Mexico, international medicine, vacations, take out your...


Bum Wine Bob interview, Malt Liquor May and Review of Mickeys, Utp#094

Bum Wine Bob returns to the broadcast to celebrate Malt Liquor May with Uncle. Mickeys' malt liquor gets the review treatment. topics include: live radio, Bum Wine Bob, cheap booze, malt liquor, wine, sick from drinking, Malt Liquor May, New Year’s Revolution, Mickeys, 40 oz, plastic vs glass bottles, 6 pack of grenades, drink review, carryout vs dollar store alcohols, 24 oz can, wide mouth, The Shape of Water, bee logo, hangovers, live broadcasting, New Jersey, MD 20/20, shout outs