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Join Uncle John and nephew-in-law Aaron for a hilarious, and at times incoherent, conversation about anything and everything. Featuring special guests and audio taken from daily life, this podcast is unlike anything you've ever heard.

Join Uncle John and nephew-in-law Aaron for a hilarious, and at times incoherent, conversation about anything and everything. Featuring special guests and audio taken from daily life, this podcast is unlike anything you've ever heard.


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Join Uncle John and nephew-in-law Aaron for a hilarious, and at times incoherent, conversation about anything and everything. Featuring special guests and audio taken from daily life, this podcast is unlike anything you've ever heard.




Bumming with Bobcat guest appearance from Uncle, Hammsgiving 2020

Uncle and Aaron make their annual return to the Bumming with Bobcat podcast, with their friend Bum Wine Bob. This was an early holiday show for everyone coming in at Thanksgiving. This year, Bob is celebrating Hammsgiving. For the show, Uncle and Aaron bring a Belgian beer they got from the dollar store. Bob beer tours Europe along with them with a Polish beer.


Pearse Redmond guest, Resolving Attitude Problems, Utp#203

With Pearse Redmond as his guest, Uncle has to work out some family quarrels with side kick. The broadcast is a great forum to resolve issues of all sorts. topics include: problems, attitude, anger, astrological signs, living in the same house, metal shows


Dollar Store Guac De Mole and Beer, Utp#202

Uncle reviews a dollar store beer for the first time in awhile. There is another special dollar store beer waiting in the refrigerator for an upcoming show with friend Bum Wine Bob. topics include: dollar store, Friday the 13th, Jacques De Molay, Name That Tune game on Instagram, Cass Fresh, South Korea, lager, drafts, Bum Wine Bob, Belgian beers, liquor in the grocery store, PA beer distributors, rural New York, Maine, New England, ghost, Moose Lodge, NYE, Freemasons vs Knights of Columbus


Sef the Poet guest, Cutting Through Tough Times, Utp#201

Sef the Poet returns to the show a new man. Another aspect of Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution is planned, which will be part two of Sef and Chuck’s spoken word battle. topics include: being thankful, poetry, community service, faith, sword shop, katana blades, 2020, better times ahead, election, new beginnings, Inland Empire, Riverside CA


Uncle's 200'th Broadcast, Utp#200

Uncle celebrates 200 episodes of the broadcast. The show is filled with callers, and some old clips from daily life are brought out of the vault. There are more great shows to come, so be sure to keep listening in the future. topics include: Dr Dog, Jack O Lantern, Halloween, Dunkin Donuts drive through, iced coffee, party people, DTLA, mascots, microwave popcorn, Resurrection Ertugrul, Dodgers win World Series, Barack Obama, Yoda toy, government weather


Pearse Redmond guest, Attack of the Celebrity Robots, Utp#199

Uncle welcomes back Pearse Redmond, the policy man, back to the show. Bobby Vaughn also joins the conversations as things come dangerously close to son-in-law’s hour. topics include: brains, artificial intelligence, Boston Dynamics Spot, Big Dog, Hanson Robotics, Ben Goertzel, Sophia the Robot, Jeffrey Epstein, Top Gun 2, Tom Cruise official Naval airman


Don't Train Indoors, Utp#198

Living in quarantine might just be the best of times, and not the worst. It’s certainly a good time to pick up a new hobby like building guitars. topics include: Josie J, presidential election, Trump careless, the Apocalypse, the virus, wearing masks, building a guitar from a kit, New Year’s Revolution, Cobra Kai, don’t train indoors, sword show, Austin Powers, Top Gun 2, black cowboys, video games, Riveside CA, Joshua Tree seed pods


Idears For New Years, Utp#197

For the first time in a long time, Uncle has trouble thinking of what to say. However, that doesn’t stop him from saying something anyway. topics include: sword show, Donald Trump, election, new year revolution, Instagram, idears, Landers CA, Halloween, video games, Mario


Winston Conrad guest, Switch It Up, Utp#196

Winston Conrad makes a triumphant return to the Uncle show. As per usual he takes the opportunity to talk about all the important issues with Uncle. topics include: Dennis the Menace, video games, Donkey Kong, swords, social media, Donald Trump contracting Corona Virus, rock rap, Washington DC, cough medicine, forklifts, caricature dilemma, comics, archery, Turkey, Turkish language, bae, China, shout outs


Year of the DJ, Utp#195

Uncle talks to regular caller, Robin. Preparations for the Revolution are now being made. Listeners take note, be there for the live show on New Year’s Eve. topics include: almost 200 episodes, sword show, Netflix, media, streaming, year of the DJ, Strange Brew, Rick Moranis, Second City, presidential debate, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Florida is now a super spreader event


Upholding American Justice, Utp#194

Uncle returns and the show gets back to business. Sword talk, digging in the mail bag, and a call from super juror Ed all make for a fun episode. topics include: swords, Resurrection Ertugrul, binge watching shows, Masonic bibles, death metal, postcards, jury duty, American justice system, Phantom Patriot, B, Corona Virus


Uncle Sans Uncle, Utp#193

The Uncle show without Uncle. Is it even possible to do such a thing without the voice? topics include: no Uncle, impersonations, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, James Woods


Uncle Dudikoff is the Purple Ninja, Utp#192

The identity of Uncle’s sword show is revealed. Callers weigh in on which color ninja is the best. topics include: Resurrection Ertugrul, historical fiction, Game of Thrones, fantasy, swords, American Ninja, ninja suits, Australia, desert, taekwondo


Sword Clans From Faraway Lands, Utp#191

Uncle talks to Desert Man Zach Miller, and later tells us all about his Reflex sword show. What a life it would be, as a member of a nomadic sword clan at war with Knights Templars. topics include: guest on the line, Zach Miller, Dr Dog, life before Corona Virus, New Year’s Revolution coming soon, Pat Finnerty, Dave Grohl, music, swords, Pure Blades, Netflix series about swords, knights, nomadic clans, Knights Templar, beheadings, men and women is separate tents, Birdman, Wesley Willis...


Nephew-in-law guest spot on Dad Sh!t Podcast, 8-25-2020

Dave and Justin, cohosts of the Dad Sh*t Podcast, have Aaron on their show as their first guest. The show gets into the history and motivations behind Uncle (the podcast) as well as very serious global issues. Be sure to listen to this episode, subscribe to Dad Sh!t, and add them to your podcast listening roster. topics include: living with your in laws, Uncle's show, Covid19, podcasting, comedy, Inland Empire, Riverside CA, art school, Ohio, contemplating mortality, monetizing podcasts,...


Bannon Billionaire Buddy Yacht, Utp#190

The American public will not sit by idly as Donald Trump plans to unleash a sword wielding band of jack booted thugs to enforce his own personal martial law. Uncle tells the people what they can do in the face of this tyranny. topics include: swords, big download numbers on the podcast, Top Gun the only one not released, comics, politics, 2020 election, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Donald Trump, face masks, cowboy hats, the people, social media voting, Steve Bannon, living on a yacht, holding...


Flying Straight Out Of The Theaters, Utp#189

Uncle recently got to rewatch Top Gun One. What exciting surprises will Top Gun Two have to offer us upon release? Are movie theaters a thing of the past? Should the street cream put a cardboard cutout in the stands of Angels Stadium? So many questions on this broadcast. topics include: Top Gun, Maverick, bald guy, love interest, Goose, AMC Theaters, film industry, media, MLB, exhibition games, sports during Corona Virus, swords, aliens, bonsai


Navajo Star Love Story, Utp#188

Bobby Vaughn returns on the phone this week to tell us his tale of true life romance. topics include: nuclear waste processing, Honeywell, ConverDyn, Navajo and Hopi tribes, Netflix, vintage Nintendo games


Bobby Vaughn Issues Another Call To Actions, Utp#187

Bobby Vaughn is on the line to help Uncle navigate a world without movie theaters. It is hard to know where the world will go next after this call to actions. topics include: krypton, nuclear power, Metropolis IL, new room, Uncle’s face, Creative Accidents visit, bonsai trees, aliens, the desert, movies, Top Gun Maverick, film industry, Corona Virus, streaming services, watching parties, time, Skype, technology, Tom Cruise, movie trailers


Jon Gold guest, 9/11 By the Numbers, Utp#186

Jon Gold is on Uncle (the podcast) to talk about 9/11. Uncle takes a good long look at the numbers, and they do not add up. topics include: September 11th, Howard Stern, the soldiers, NORAD, lies, media, the government, politics, timeline, 9/11 Commission, Twin Towers falling, WTC7, Corona Virus, worldwide listeners, Russia Gate, money bombs, Tea Party history, Truth Movement, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, End the Fed