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​Underwhelmed is a brand new weekly podcast hosted by the extremely relatable and occasionally funny thirty-somethings, Nicole Kokinos and Christie Wheeler. Underwhelmed is the perfect podcast for mildly inappropriate people that occasionally cross the line in their quest to be semi-successful adults.

​Underwhelmed is a brand new weekly podcast hosted by the extremely relatable and occasionally funny thirty-somethings, Nicole Kokinos and Christie Wheeler. Underwhelmed is the perfect podcast for mildly inappropriate people that occasionally cross the line in their quest to be semi-successful adults.
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​Underwhelmed is a brand new weekly podcast hosted by the extremely relatable and occasionally funny thirty-somethings, Nicole Kokinos and Christie Wheeler. Underwhelmed is the perfect podcast for mildly inappropriate people that occasionally cross the line in their quest to be semi-successful adults.




28: Kelly Molloy Sater is Funny

is week, Christie and Nicole are joined by former sorority sister and current writer and comedian, Kelly Molloy Sater. The dynamic duo reconnects with Kelly and learns about her experiences in the comedy industry, life in New York, and how she balances her career with her three young children at home. Christie and Nicole quickly learn that Kelly has done a lot in the past decade since they've spoken with her! Kelly’s work has appeared in her blog (Lazy Baby Mama), the Huffington Post,...


27: Technologically Dazed & Confused

During an unapologetically basic conversation inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony and Khloe Kardashian’s cheating baby daddy, Christie and Nicole attempt to understand some people’s “misuse” of technology. While the Dynamic Duo may be overwhelmed by technology, at least they aren’t confused by it like Anthony Weiner. Other topics include Nicole’s trip to an exclusive Outhouse Speakeasy and Christie’s upcoming appearance on The Bachelorette. Like us on Facebook so...


26: In Memory of Toys R Us

Saddened by the recent announcement that Toys R Us will be shutting its doors forever, Christie and Nicole have decided to take this opportunity to honor the stores and brands of yesteryear that have succumbed to similar unfortunate fates. In loving memory of: Toys R Us Babies R Us Kids R Us KB Toys FAO Schwartz Noodle Kidoodle Discovery Zone Zany Brainy Warner Brothers Store Caldor Bradly’s Aimes Gadzooks Limited Too The Limited Delias Contempo...


25: Spring Break 2K18

It's SPRING BREAK!!!!...season that is. Unfortunately, only Nicole has something that resembles a spring break this year. Luckily, over a decade ago the dynamic duo was able to experience a true Spring Break or two so they aren't bitter about being adults or anything. To celebrate those lucky enough to have a real spring break, Christie and Nicole are reminiscing about their favorite Spring Break highlights together. In doing so, they come to the realization that they may actually be more...


24: Samurai Swords and Scorned Lovers

This week Christie and Nicole were inspired by the woman that attacked her avid gamer boyfriend with a samurai sword after learning that he downloaded Tinder to his phone and may or may not have been cheating on her. Was his gaming too much or was her reaction? The Dynamic Duo weighs in. From there, the ladies share stories of scorned lovers and the crazy things they have done in the heat of the moment. These traumatic tales include, but are not limited to: · The guy that ghosted on...


23: Trendy Time Travel

This week Christie and Nicole discuss underwhelming fashion trends that they have and have not, but mostly have, participated in throughout their lifetime. The dynamic duo travel in time through the 1990s, 2000s, and current day, discussing many styles that were super cool...at the time. Did your parents dress you in matching windbreaker track suits? Or were you more of a Juicy Couture tracksuit type of teen? How high were your Steve Madden platforms? And was the choker really all...


22: Bar Fights and Yoga

** Please excuse the sound issues as we work to provide you with the best Underwhelming experience possible! ** This week the dynamic duo are in the Baltimore "studio" together! Christie visits Nicole's hometown to celebrate many birthdays. However, an innocent 32nd birthday brunch takes a turn when the girls and their friends somehow find themselves un-involved in good old fashioned bar fight. While Christie and Nicole are moderately traumatized by the incident, they know the show must...


21: Underwhelming Cults

This week Christie and Nicole discuss a variety of things that are considered to have cult followings, yet they continue to only slightly enthuse (at most) the Dynamic Duo. While both ladies agree that they could potentially get into some of them, they aren’t there quite yet due to a lack of knowledge, time, or energy (or all three). SPOILERS: What are some Underwhelming Cults? Game of Thrones (Star Wars, Star Trek, and Harry Potter are also brought into the conversation as a...


20: Let Us Underwhelm You

In celebration of their 20 episode, Christie and Nicole wanted to introduce themselves and Underwhelmed Podcast to newer listeners! They each compiled a list of five things that they are almost always underwhelmed by and revealed their selections to each other during this fabulous episode. SPILER ALERT: Nicole is underwhelmed by The Academy Awards, Preakness, New Years Eve, Highlights, and Graduation. Christie is underwhelmed by Superhero Movies, BYOB Parties, Clubs and EDM,...


19: You Can't Be Anything You Want To Be When You Grow Up

In this episode, Christie and Nicole draw parallels between dating and the process of finding and interviewing for jobs. As women in their thirties, who have both worked within different companies and industries, they have a lot to say about the process. Christie and Nicole are both disappointed to find that they were lied to as children and they can’t actually be anything they want to be. Other topics discussed are the dynamic duo’s underwhelming valentine’s days, Jennifer Aniston’s...


18: Underwhelmed by Online Dating

This week Christie and Nicole‘s friend and previous guest, Heather Preston, joins them to discuss the both overwhelming and underwhelming world of online dating. The trio discusses the tedious process, the different apps available to singles (especially Raya and Luxy), the ideas they have that might improve the process, and something they once watched called “Dating on Demand”. Additionally, although she is married and not looking to fill her calendar with dates, Christie explains to the...


17: An Underwhelming Farrago

Christie and Nicole are coming at you this week with an eclectic assortment of updates and recently relevant topics that have peaked their interest. The Dynamic Duo previously joked about Ancestry DNA, Christie forgot her mom was adopted while doing so and now has some major life updates to share as a result of her mom’s Ancestry DNA kit. While on the topic of adoption, the ladies also chat a bit about surrogacy and their lack of desire to be one. Switching gears, Christie and Nicole...


Episode Sixteen: Disney World- Where Suenos Come True

Christie has just returned from Disney World and has a lot to share with Nicole, so the Dynamic Duo decided to dedicate this week’s episode to everything that is Disney World. Both ladies have traveled to this magical land many times and are excited to chat about their experiences and observations. Their in-depth and comical discussion includes advice on how to avoid the same transportation troubles Christie experienced, Nicole’s fancy work trip to Disney, the stress of the fastpass...


Episode Fifteen: Michael Berran and Some Sirius Stories

This week Christie and Nicole have a special guest, Christie’s “fake cousin”, Michael Berran. Michael is a Promotions Assistant for SiriusXM Radio, which means that he is one of the people that is responsible for getting things ready when a celeb comes to town! Michael shares what it was like to intern for Andy Cohen, work with people like Taylor Swift, and how he occasionally has people scream at him when he calls to tell them they won a grand prize. Michael's mom, Aunt Trish, was also...


Episode Fourteen: Rachael O'Brien and the Serious World of Comedy

Christie and Nicole were extremely excited to have had the opportunity to chat with comedian, podcaster (Be Here Awhile), and reality TV background character on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, Rachael O’Brien! Rachael provides the Dynamic Duo with insight into the world of comedy and and the path that brought her to where she is today. The trio also discusses a variety of other things including what’s next for Rachael, her experience on Vanderpump Rules as a serious comedian, and how dating in...


Episode Thirteen: Embracing 2018 and the Reality TV Love It Has to Offer

It is officially a new year, but Christie and Nicole are still the same Dynamic Duo. The ladies of Underwhelmed are committed to embracing everything the 2018 has to offer – especially the brand new seasons of multiple reality dating TV shows! Before jumping into an in-depth discussion of this very important topic, Christie and Nicole share some equally important life updates about Nicole’s snub from her school librarian’s squad and Christie’s quest to know for sure whether or not Marvin...


Episode Twelve: New Year's Eve is Definitely Underwhelming, but this Episode is Not

With 2018 on the horizon, Christie and Nicole discuss the fact that there are few things more underwhelming than New Year’s Eve. They have both experienced some hilariously underwhelming past NYE celebrations that have included things like camcorders, cars being towed, swingers, James Bond, and Christie being left at a party. The Dynamic Duo also discusses their dislike for New Years Resolutions, and how you should set New Year’s goals instead. Nicole also shares how carrying around a...


Episode Eleven: Christmas Trinkets and Tangents

This week, prior to heading out to their individual Christmas festivities, Christie and Nicole set out to record a short episode to share their feelings on Christmas shopping and Christmas gifts. As it turns out, the Dynamic Duo also has a lot of semi-related thoughts and stories to share as well, and thus ends up recording a full, regular length episode. In addition to their feelings on Christmas gifts, they discuss Boxing Day, Nicole’s fear of becoming a hoarder, Christie's future...


Episode Ten: Why Run Outside For Free When You Can Pay To?

In this week's episode, Christie and Nicole take a break from the official Underwhelmed Podcast Christmas Party in Richmond, VA to chat with their friend Lisa Iker about running, races, and running culture. Christie and Lisa ran the Columbus, OH Marathon in 2013, but you already know this if you are related to, friends with, briefly met, or randomly passed by either one of them. Nicole has also run her fair share of races since it is the basic thing to do. With their past experiences in...


Episode Nine: Way After the 90 Days...

This week the Dynamic Duo chats with one of Christie’s former coworkers, Rob Volpe, about his international love story and real life 90 Day Fiancé experience. Rob met his now wife, Paola, while living in Columbia and brought her back to the United States through the K-1 visa program. During this process the couple learned about the TLC show 90 Day Fiancé and began the casting process, however, they ultimately decided against moving forward for various reasons. This adorable couple is now...


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