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​Underwhelmed is a brand new weekly podcast hosted by the extremely relatable and occasionally funny thirty-somethings, Nicole Kokinos and Christie Wheeler. Underwhelmed is the perfect podcast for mildly inappropriate people that occasionally cross the line in their quest to be semi-successful adults.

​Underwhelmed is a brand new weekly podcast hosted by the extremely relatable and occasionally funny thirty-somethings, Nicole Kokinos and Christie Wheeler. Underwhelmed is the perfect podcast for mildly inappropriate people that occasionally cross the line in their quest to be semi-successful adults.
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​Underwhelmed is a brand new weekly podcast hosted by the extremely relatable and occasionally funny thirty-somethings, Nicole Kokinos and Christie Wheeler. Underwhelmed is the perfect podcast for mildly inappropriate people that occasionally cross the line in their quest to be semi-successful adults.




Understanding Reality TV & Getting to Know Alex

This week Christie is excited to be joined by her first guest cohost that has come from the Underwhelmed Podcast Cohost Search, Alex Heller! Join Christie and Alex as they get to know one another a little bit better during a discussion about all things Reality TV. Topics include early Reality TV, the pros and cons of being a Reality TV Star, how to be a successful Reality TV star, and all their other feelings on the topic! Alex can be found at...


Surviving With More Than One Chid

This week Christie is excited to be joined by her longtime friend from college, Kelly. Christie has solicited Kelly to share the truth about what she can expect if she does have a second child. The conversation takes a couple turns and is sure to be one that both parents and non-parents will both enjoy. ** Word to the wise- the best part is at the very end. You’re welcome. Kelly does not want to be followed, so don’t try and find her. Want to be a guest cohost?!? Find out more...


How To Meet A Celebrity

This week Mike Berran makes his second appearance on Underwhelmed Podcast! Since his last appearance, Mike has both received a promotion at SiriusXM that has allowed him to meet and work with even more celebrities, as well as gotten himself a girlfriend! During their discussion about the do’s and don’ts of meeting famous people, Mike’s mom, Aunt Trish, is also sure to throw her two cents in. Be sure to tune in to find out what celebs are overwhelming... and which ones are underwhelming....


Bitcoin for Dummies

This week Christie is excited to be joined by her husband, Kevin, as he makes his debut on Underwhelmed Podcast! Kevin is more than happy to sit down and talk about an extremely hot and exciting topic- Bitcoin and crypto currency. Christie was sure to make this conversation a lively one, even though it that included time spent talking about things like decentralization and the block chain. All joking aside, this is a great episode for anyone that is a complete idiot when it comes to...


How To Be a Maid of Honor

This week Christie is joined by her sister, Kim, and best friend, Kerri, for a discussion about how to not only be a Maid of Honor, but the best Maid of Honor ever! The ladies discuss the responsibilities (and costs) that come with this prestigious title, as well as how their personal experiences differ. Topics include: wedding planning, bridal shower, bachelorette parties, bridal party costs, and the wedding day events and a Maid of Honor’s role. Kim can be found at...


Job Search: What They Don't Tell You

In the very first episode of the new chapter of Underwhelmed Podcast, Christie is joined by her friends and former coworkers, Lisa and Alli. All three of the ladies currently work in some area of recruiting and are here to share their inside tips and tricks when it comes to job hunting during this lighthearted conversation. Get excited, because these are the things nobody tells you! Topics discussed include: how to make your resume more appealing; resume content; things you should and...


44: Farewell Nicole

This week Christie and Nicole have a very important announcement to share- Nicole is leaving the podcast. Don’t worry though, your favorite podcast, Underwhelmed, isn’t going anywhere! In this mini-episode, the ladies are happy to answer your FAQ’s and Christie discusses her plans to continue on “Kelly Ripa Style”. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on the next chapter of Underwhelmed and how you can potentially be one of her rotating guest cohosts! All of this info can be found...


43: Peter Madrigal

This week Christie and Nicole talk to Peter Madrigal from Vanderpump Rules! Don’t be fooled though, Peter is more than a pretty face. Aside from managing SUR in West Hollywood, CA, he is also the co owner a hair product line, Hairo Styling Products, and is the ambassador for a new casino customer service app, Casino Scouts. The ladies are happy to learn that Peter also supports the notion of serving four Goat Cheese Balls instead of three, and they all agree that it is important that a...


42: London is Calling

Once again, Underwhelmed proves to be your best source for travel recommendations, tips, and tricks. This week Nicole shares the details of her recent trip to London and Christie isn’t shy to chime in with her tips from the time she spent in London a mere 15 years ago. Topics of their in-depth discussion include: London’s Traffic, The London Eye, Red Eye Flights, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, Big Ben, Hop On Hop Off Bus, Changing of the Royal Guards, Sparking Water, Airport Lounges,...


41: How To Improve Education

Last month Christie and Nicole attempted to have a discussion about what they wish they would have learned in school with Christie’s sister-in-law, Colleen (aka Colleen from Potomac with the small kitchen), while Christie and Colleen were on the Wheeler family vacation. Unfortunately, the Dynamic Duo experienced a myriad of issues ranging from screaming children to problems with the audio. However, a new day has come! What once was known as “the lost episode” is no longer lost! Please...


40: Underwhelmed In LA- Part Two

Well, you've been on the edge of your seat waiting to hear all about the end of the LA trip. Wait no longer! In this episode the dynamic duo discusses their last night in the City of Angels and their BIG celebrity sighting in Part Two of their LA Recap! An outing to a fancy LA establishment did leave Christie and Nicole with an unexpected question about artichoke consumption. In true theme of the podcast, the end of a vacation and the transition to normal everyday life is about as...


39: Underwhelmed In LA- Part One

If you are thinking about planning a trip to LA, look no further! This week, Christie and Nicole are recording from their Airbnb in West Hollywood during their jammed packed weekend in the City of Angels. In the first part of this two-part recap, Dynamic Duo provides a detailed summary of the first two days of their three-night trip. They also decide whether each experience they have had thus far has been Overwhelming or Underwhelming and share their recommendations and tips for a weekend...


38: Part Two of the DecantDC / Underwhelmed Crossover: Four Wines and Some New Friends

This is Part Two of our very first crossover podcast with DecantDC! Part One can be found at- https://apple.co/2tRgPlD. This week Nicole and Christie teamed up with Dana and Sarah from DecantDC to try out four different wines and discuss how exactly one makes friends as an adult. The ladies chat about the different ways they have tried to make new friends during different points in their lives- whether they were living in the same place they grew up in, alone in a city they just moved to,...


37: Underwhelmed or Overwhelmed with Danny Pellegrino

Get excited for a very special two segment episode! Part One: Christie and Nicole, aka "The Podcast Bandits", sit down from yet another random location in our Nation's Capital, Le Diplomat, to discuss some of life's more important questions over lunch. This Dynamic Duo has known each other for over a decade but that won't stop them from learning new things about each other every day! Are you curious as to Christie's thoughts on Chrissy Teigen, field days, vow renewals, and the surge in...


36: When did that become a thing?

Statistics show that since 2015 there has been a dramatic surge in the number of random national holidays, rose wine consumption, and over the top gender reveal parties. Shocking trends like these had Christie and Nicole asking themselves the age old question, "When did this become a thing?" Armed with very little research and mostly their own personal thoughts and feelings, the Dynamic Duo set out to understand when things like Pinterest crafts, nitro cold brew, and being vegan became...


35: Everyone's Annoying... Including Us

Have you ever found yourself in a public setting thinking "Wow, people that I don't know can be annoying?" Have you ever felt bothered when you're forced to overhear someone else's life updates while waiting for a fitting room at the Old Navy outlet? Have you ever rolled your eyes as you watch a fellow airplane passenger deplane first despite the fact that they were seated in row 24? Do you ever cringe while in a crowded bar and you're forced to touch people just to maneuver yourself to get...


34: A Tale of Two Memorial Days

This Memorial Day Christie and Nicole give their listeners the gift of time travel. In order to keep the podcasts coming during holiday weekend travel, the dynamic duo pre-pre-recorded this week’s conversation (since we guess each week is technically pre-recorded until we go live). Christie and Nicole discuss tales of shared Memorial weekends past and their upcoming travel plans. Nicole is having a basic holiday at the beach while Christie has chosen the more hipster getaway inland. Oh my,...


33: Royal Wedding Recap Part Two

In Part Two of their Royal Wedding Recap, the Dynamic Duo does a deep dive into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding ceremony and reception. They cover everything from their favorite moments to the guest list, flowers, and elderflower lemon wedding cake. The ladies also share their thoughts on the Givenchy (ceremony) and Stella McCartney (reception) dresses Meghan wore and discuss the naughty speech Prince William gave during the intimate reception. Cheers to the newlyweds! Be sure to...


32: Royal Wedding Recap Part One

Prince Harry and Megan Markle have officially tied the knot and there is a lot to recap! Join the Dynamic Duo for Part One of their Royal Wedding Recap, where the ladies dive into all the events leading up to the big day! Be sure to stay Underwhelmed but in the loop by liking us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/underwhelmedpodcast/ and following us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/underwhelmedpodcast. We have also been recently persuaded to go to the dark side for the good...


31: Washington DC Vacation Recap

Celebrity podcasters often recap tales of their exotic vacations and glamorous tours. So why shouldn’t Christie and Nicole!? The dynamic duo went on the very anticipated one-day vacation to the capital of the free world- Washington DC! They visited no historic sights (unless you count the hotel wallpaper) and walked into zero museums- there simply wasn’t time! Christie and Nicole did, however, meet the hilarious duo Heather McDonald and Chris Franjola, somehow managed to be underwhelmed by...