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Episode 10: "No Features"

For my 10th episode I decided to change it up a little bit. As a lot of people may know I see the world through different lens and I wanted to bring the things I say on snapchat and instagram on to a full length episode where I don't have to worry about time or being inturrpted . On this episode i'm discussing - why women shouldn't be the only ones critiquing sex on social media - Are you really "worth it" - How life is suppose to be hard. - And why announcing your an "Educated black male/...


Episode 9: "So I hit her wit the spin move" feat. @Thequeenscircle

On this episode of me and the Fellas(Fresh & Rob)welcome Mikaya aka (spicy kaya) & Kalika of The Queens Circle Podcast up to the show for a healthy debate thats end up turing into another episode of The Battle of the Sexes when our surprise guest (Rapper/Director) Harlem's own Gdott walks in lol. 2 bottles of wine, Hennssey, and a LeBron loss later..... we have a two part podcast. We started talking about the recent cardi beef, social media brainwashing, do all men cheat, do women have men...


Episode 8: Consistently Inconsistent

On this Episode like every other episode I got my honorary co-host Fresh & Rob in the building to talk shit wit wit our special guest Ms. Moody, Drama Queen, and our homie Yote. We talking about whats happening with Fab, Me Too movement, Stephon Clark, Meek Mill, Takashi 69, being constantly inconsistent, and dating younger. Then we end off the show playing an old game with a new twist where we taking all the women that took L's the past 2 weeks and we deciding who would(fuck, marry, or...


Episode 7: "Welcome to Church on the Hill"

On this Episode I got the Flow, Teddy, Kay, & Boogz of the "Church on the Hill" podcast to have good old fashion chillin in front of the corner store talk full of plenty jokes and laughs. We talk being faithful if you rich, postin ya chick all over social media, females cheating, and another addition of my podcast game "ballin on a budget". This episode got very spicy as we shared stories of past experiences and YES WE AIRING CHICKS OUT BY NAME!!! Check out there Podcast "Church on the...


Episode 6: "Battle of the Sexes"

Finally after listening to your request and constantly hearing off air about the stuff I've said. I finally got 2 females to join the show!!! On this episode I got the homies Africa and Tawanna along with fresh and rob to talk about our opinions on black panther, side dudes/chicks, getting cheated on, what the ladies want vs what they need from men, the great debate about dating women with kids continued, and another game of "Balling on a Budget". Follow us on IG: @Roc_B_Wylin @Sweett143...


Episode 5: "Lovers Quarrel but NO LOVE 4 COLLEGE"

On this episode I went a lil "conscious". I had my friends Danni and T.J. of the "Lovers Quarrel" podcast to discuss is College really important in this day and age, using the internet to become successful, what makes a male/ female a bum, and I introduced my newest segment called balling on a budget. A lot of real life talk in the beginning but regular old me towards the end lol. Make sure you tune in to the podcast "Lovers Quarrel" available on iTunes, podbean, and google play. You can...


Episode 4: "Living Her Best Life"

On this episode I had my Loop Squad bros and speical guest @Presidentkev join me for another addition of "Hennythings Possible". Today we discuss Kim K's bad rep, does a chicks hoeness get deleted, why its not necessarily a bad idea to go on vacation with a thotty chick, and we really think its necessary that a chick we are dating is classy? Follow me on all social media platforms: IG/ Twitter: Roc_B_Wylin Snapchat: RocBWylin Please like, Drop 5 stars, and leave a comment if you like the...


Episode 3: "Jupitr Ascending"

On this episode I invited singer, song writer, & acctress @sheisjupitr on the podcast to talk about the effects social media on todays world. But it wouldn't be "unpopular opinion" if we didn't talk about the everyday BS too lol. Using men for free food, should you only invite women out to the club when you have bottle service?, dating men with money, gender roles, etc. If I was to have a co-host it would definitely be her lmao! Follow her on all social media outlets @sheisjupitr


Episode 2 "Loop Squad: All's well that ends well"

On this episode invited my boys Fresh & Rob of the Loop Squad to do a 2017 rap up discussion..... well at least thats how it started anyway. But a bottle of Henny later we ended up having a entirely different and better conversation. We ended up speaking about relationships, dating women with kids, dating older women vs younger women, instagram models, and much more. Follow them on IG @lsfresh & @intheloopitrust


Episode 1 "So you think your entitled to this huh?"

On this episode of Unpopular Opinion I invited my home girl Kasha (Co-host of the "Take that, Take that" podcast) to discuss why "baddies" feel it's OK to have bunch of requirements in order to date them. We also talk about Instagram models, gold diggers, and consequences of getting the man they want.