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A podcast, verily not about octopi nor singing. Irene and Jacob discuss time travel, aliens, mythology and anything with a hard science-fictional analysis of the world.

A podcast, verily not about octopi nor singing. Irene and Jacob discuss time travel, aliens, mythology and anything with a hard science-fictional analysis of the world.
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A podcast, verily not about octopi nor singing. Irene and Jacob discuss time travel, aliens, mythology and anything with a hard science-fictional analysis of the world.




Poetry about Pesto

Hit that like button and subscribe, because today we talk about social media. What was the first ever social medium? Why was Jacob involved in a hug party? And what gems are hidden in 9 years of Irene on twitter? Listen to this verily new episode to find out!


Bad vs Evil

This is The Octopus, singing to you from beyond the grave. In the scariest episode so far, we talk about the most horrible insect, the sanatorium Jacob went to school in, the classism in not wanting to be a werepuppy and why Irene would make a terrible ghost. If you have had enough, visit and let us know about your supernatural experiences on Facebook: and Twitter


Intertimensional conference

You are invited to the most awesome conference in the history of the solar system. We have selected the best speakers with the most interesting topics, there is going to be entertainment and food and you are going to get so much merch in your gift bags that you will have to get some cargo pants to get all of it home. And the tickets are going to be so expensive. Keep yourself up-to-date by following us on Twitter and...


Your personal traits are deadly sins

Seven days a week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven continents and seven seas. All good things come in sevens, so for our 14th episode, Jacob and Irene will talk about the number 7. What are the seven wonders of the internet? What animals are the seven deadly sins? Join us for the exploration of the largest single digit prime.


Bohemian splashody

122 days after the apocalypse, Irene and Jacob manage to find some recording equipment. This gives them the chance to gather their thoughts on what happened, share some advice on how to stay alive and reminisce about life before they arrived. But the dark threat is always nearby... If you find this, please share it with whomever you might meet. If you, like us, have had enough, visit There used to be a Facebook page at


Half a t-shirt

Sit up straight, eat with knife and fork and always say "Please" and "Thank you"! This week Jacob and Irene talk about etiquette: Why do the dutch never laugh? How was the unit length Ångström discovered? What should you never say to a demon? Get educated on these etiquette rules and much more!


A narwhal with braces

Jacob has returned from the South American tribe and Irene is back from studying penguins in the Arctic! The result: a very insightful discussion about things beneath 71% of the Earth's surface. How fun is it really to be a whale? How cute do octopi get? Should we worry about the plastic pollution? What can be done about the ecological catastrophy that is the Black Sea? And what is the best way to cook jellyfish? And you know what? If you've had enough, visit...


He doesn't use his nose for good

What do Sigurd Fafnersbane, Jesus and the man with the worlds biggest nose have in common? They are all superheroes! In this episode, we investigate the world of superheroes: what would a proper marxist hero be like, which human powers would animals want, and where do we find superheroes in the real world? And the most important thing: Irene reveals her own superpowers and secret (and very practical) identity! And you know what? If you've had enough, visit...


The Big Bulb Conspiracy

Forget time travelling: Verily, Octopi Sing is stuck in the past. We learn about lighthouses of the past, how the light bulb manufacturers stopped an invasion of England, why you can't trust Mesopotamian merchants and how to swindle Angola's economy into blooming. We also rewrite history: in reverse. And you know what? If you've had enough, visit or follow us on Facebook and...


I had to sneeze, but I snoped

Today we talk about everything language. We discuss what nitpickers do with ants, how Shakespeare would program and what a mlatnop is. Join us while we explore the ins and outs of our languages! And remember: Have you had enough? Visit! or follow us on Facebook and Twitter


Have you had enough?

You listeners sent us a lot of great ideas for promoting our pod, and we now have a lot of work to do: we must found a monastery, visit the Mariana trench and get Earth a few new moons. All to get publicity for the pod. And also, if we have some spare time, we must record a few new episodes. Also: stickers and plushies! And you know what? If you've had enough, visit or follow us on Facebook and...


A three-headed dachshund

Hey, remember us? Irene and Jacob is back, and we have made a very special episode for you. We talk about stories we like, including the ones about tiny witches born from eggs, magical rings forged from cursed gold, land-walking septipodes, love, passion and death. We also discover why you should not bring flightless birds on a raft. We want to ask you listeners for a big favour: if you have any ideas or tips about how to make this podcast reach out to a bigger audience, by some wacky...


Animals don't exist

Hm, yeah... Irene is away, and I am might be going a bit crazy from loneliness... We have not been able to record any episode this week, but if you can't laugh at us, why don't laugh with us? I am sorry if this episode is a bit... mental... /Jacob P.S. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and we will tell you when we start recording the next regular episode. It might be something interesting, who knows?


A head with a human horse

This is the episode where we do as the Romans (and the Greeks, yes) do: combine different animals to create beasts so fierce that Hercules would shiver. It is also the episode where we learn how Komodo dragons offend people, how many sticks you need to throw to Cerberus and we explain how this podcast got it's name. Don't miss out on Things We Do! Follow us on Facebook: and maybe also on Twitter:


Belgian space triangles

Is there intelligent life on other planets? If so, why would they cross the gulf of space to bring us recipes for pollen health drinks? How do you haggle to make them give you their body parts? And why do they keep messing with the Belgians? Irene and Jacob discuss extraterrestrials, what theremin concertos we would play for them and how to exploit their lack of understanding of our humor. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with Verily news: and see...


No-one died from a little creepy

One nice thing with kids is that they are very gullible. This episode is all about different ways to fool children into behaving the way their parents want them to. We talk about things we used to believe in when we were kids, and invent a few new myths for the children of the future to fear. Follow us on Twitter: and on Facebook:


Five miles in prison

Time travel raises a lot of legal issues: how do you insure a time machine, how much goods are you allowed to import from another time, when do you get prosecuted if you commit a crime? Luckily, Irene and Jacob solve most of these problems, and also throw in some facts about the swear words of the future. (The title refers to the Scandinavian mile, which is 10 km. This pod only uses units included in, or based on units included in the International System of Units).