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Ever watch a serious episode of a funny sitcom and wonder – "What were they thinking?!?" We sure as hell did! Join us each week as we watch and discuss the "Very Special" episodes of your favorite sitcoms from the 80s and 90s and tear them apart (and maybe learn a lesson or two in the process)! The Best Men: Chris, David, Jose, and Peter get their funny on with new weekly content – for your listening pleasure. Welcome to Very Special Television.

Ever watch a serious episode of a funny sitcom and wonder – "What were they thinking?!?" We sure as hell did! Join us each week as we watch and discuss the "Very Special" episodes of your favorite sitcoms from the 80s and 90s and tear them apart (and maybe learn a lesson or two in the process)! The Best Men: Chris, David, Jose, and Peter get their funny on with new weekly content – for your listening pleasure. Welcome to Very Special Television.


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Ever watch a serious episode of a funny sitcom and wonder – "What were they thinking?!?" We sure as hell did! Join us each week as we watch and discuss the "Very Special" episodes of your favorite sitcoms from the 80s and 90s and tear them apart (and maybe learn a lesson or two in the process)! The Best Men: Chris, David, Jose, and Peter get their funny on with new weekly content – for your listening pleasure. Welcome to Very Special Television.






Ep. 24: Diff'rent Strokes - "The Bicycle Man - Part 2" with very special guest Mike Limata

“The Bicycle Man: Part 2” February 12, 1983 We’re joined by friend of the show Mike Limata to finish out the Tragedy of The Bicycle Man: Part 2. We last left Arnold (Gary Coleman) and Dudley (Shavar Ross) in the clutches of the vile Bicycle Store owner Mr. Horton (Gordon Jump). Little does Horton know that Mr. Drummond (Conrad Bain) has secretly gone to the bike shop to settle up for Arnold's bike. The boys make their daring escape only to be caught by Kimberly (Dana Plato) and Willis (Todd...


Ep. 23: Diff'rent Strokes - "The Bicycle Man - Part 1"

Diff'rent Strokes The Bicycle Man: Part 1 - February 5, 1983 We hemmed and hawed and dragged our feet until we could drag no longer. We watched The Bicycle Man: Part 1 and I think I need a drink. This "classic" episode of Diff'rent Strokes is one that we here at VSTV get asked about regularly so we reviewed it just for you. For the unfamiliar, Diff'rent Strokes follows Arnold (Gary Coleman) and Willis Jackson (Todd Bridges) - two brothers from Harlem taken in by wealthy Manhattan businessman...


Ep. 22: The Drew Carey Show - "A Very Special Drew"

The Drew Carey Show A Very Special Drew - May 17, 2000 Remember The Drew Carey Show? It was like a less attractive, less glamorous Friends. Some would argue less funny. We here at VSTV would like to take this time to prove that hypothesis. In the year 2000 the folks over at The Drew Carey Show took it upon themselves to skewer this little theme of "very special" episodes with their own entry titled "A Very Special Drew." See the show had never won any Emmy's so they decided to throw in every...


Ep. 21: Walker, Texas Ranger - "Lucas - Part 2" with very special guest Jennifer Mrazek

Walker Texas Ranger Lucas Part 2 - October 18, 1997 We’re finally back with part two of this wack-job of an episode. We’re joined by our favorite Texan Jennifer Mrazek to review the second half of Walker Texas Ranger episode Lucas - otherwise known as the one where the kid from Sixth Sense has AIDS. In case you were wondering, this episode is just as full of child endangerment as the last - more so! Lucas is still having night terrors about the people that tortured him his entire life and...


Ep. 20: Walker, Texas Ranger - "Lucas - Part 1" with very special guest Jordan Vena

Lucas: Part 1 October 11, 1997 We've watched some doozies over the past two seasons but this episode, by far, ranks among the most hilariously over the top spectacles we've had the pleasure of reviewing. We watched Walker Texas Ranger with VSTV AllStar Jordan Vena and we are all better people for it. This episode opens the way some of the best 80's action movies closed - with a huge shootout on the grounds of a lavish mansion/drug den. Walker (Chuck Norris) and his band of Texas Rangers...


Ep. 19: Who's the Boss - "Samantha's Growing Up"

Samantha’s Growing Up - January 8, 1985 We’ve attempted to answer the age old question once, but we’re back to dig a little deeper to try and find out... Who’s the Boss? It looks like Samanther (Alyssa Milano) is growing up and Tony (Tony Danza) has to man up and buy her a training brassiere. Angeler (Judith Light) buys Sam a fancy dress for Sam’s 12th birthday party and Tony flips - he cant bare to see Sam growing up! Tony needs to decide on his birthday gift for Sam - a new baseball glove...


Ep. 18: Murphy Brown - "You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato" with very special guest Kelly Hardy

You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato (Parts 1 & 2), September 21, 1992 It’s the summer of re-boot-mania and Very Special Television is getting in on the action. We spent some time with the very funny Kelly Hardy to watch 90’s workplace political satire, Murphy Brown. If you’re not familiar, Murphy Brown followed the news team at FYI, a fictional news program led by Murphy Brown (Candace Bergen) a tough-talking recovering alcoholic, take-no-prisoners investigative reporter. Now follow along with me...


Ep. 17: The Golden Girls - "High Anxiety" with very special guests Rob Heintz and Kelly Hardy

“High Anxiety” March 25, 1989 We’re spending a little more time on the lanai and revisiting the Golden Girls, this time with friends of the show Rob Heintz and Kelly Hardy. In this weeks installment we see ever-cheerful Rose, played by America's Nan Betty White, finally lose her cool. Sophia (Estelle Getty) drops some pills down the sink and Rose isn’t worried about her glaucoma - she’s coming down man - and she needs a fix! Turns out sweet, naive, dumb as a box of rocks Rose has been hooked...


Ep. 16: Dawson's Creek - "Reunited" with very special guest Jessica Boyle

Dawson's Creek “Reunited” May 12, 1999 We’re joined by very special guest, and friend of the podcast, the very funny Jessica Boyle to watch quintessential 90’s teen-angst drama Dawson’s Creek. This weeks episode finds Andie (Meredith Monroe) seeing ghostly images of her dead brother Tim (Scott Denny) around Capeside. Pacey (Joshua Jackson) is struggling with a girlfriend in the throes of mental health crisis but we the audience get saddled with some Parent Trap-esque farce by way of Dawson...


Ep. 15: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "Beer Bad" with very special guest Autumn Lé Brannon

“Beer Bad” November 2, 1999 We’re joined by most excellent friend of the podcast Autumn Brannon to watch the infamous Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode Beer Bad. In case during the early 2000’s you were living under a rock, in a drunken haze or a... millennial - Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and her fast-talking teen pals were tasked with saving their hometown of Sunnydale (and the world) from various mythical creatures of lore. Vampires being the sexiest monsters got to be in the title but...


Ep. 14: Blossom - "Meat" with very special guest Jeff Adams

Blossom “Meat” (January 24th, 1994) This week, friend of the show Jeff Adams joins us to watch a bonkers episode of Blossom. As you know Blossom was the 90’s smash sitcom about the exploits of a precocious teenager, Blossom Russo (Mayim Bialik) and her bumbling, but well-intentioned family. Do you remember the time when Blossom and her father went “vegetarian”? Or the time Blossom kinda stepped out on her boyfriend then yelled at him for it? Or the time Tony (Michael Stoyanov) and Shelly...


Ep. 13: Seventh Heaven - "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" with very special guest Steve Eulenberg

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” November 3, 1997 Comedian Steven Eulenberg joined us to watch 7th Heaven and all of us ungodly heathens are better for it. This saccharine sweet family drama revolves around the Camden family and their wholesome / boring adventures navigating late 90s turmoil. This weeks episode finds younger son Simon (David Gallagher) and his skittish friend Stanley (Zachary Brown) trying really hard to hide the fact that Stan’s sister Karen (Shiri Appleby) is in a local...


Ep. 12: Growing Pains - "Thank God It's Friday" with very special guest Scott Youngbauer

“Thank God It’s Friday” February 10, 1987 Returning VSTV all-star Scott Youngbauer is back to watch this weeks episode. We sat through Growing Pains episode titled Thank God It’s Friday and I still don’t know how that titled relates. Mike (Kirk Cameron) and his buddies are trying to figure out something to do with their night when they run across one of the coolest upperclassmen in their school. Somehow they get him to tell them where the party is and they immediately stick out like sore...


Ep. 11: Doogie Howser, M.D. - "The Cheese Stands Alone" with guests Ben Nelson and Whitney Barncord

“The Cheese Stands Alone” October 23, 1991 We’re joined by the awesome Ben Nelson and Whitney Barncord to watch 90’s classic Doogie Howser, M.D. In this weeks episode, America’s favorite squeaky voiced teen M.D. (Neil Patrick Harris) and tiny Italian stereotype Vinnie (Max Casella) are on a mission to get Vinnie some tail. When Janine (Lucy Boryer) declines Vinnie takes it a slight to his manhood. We soon find out Janine is still affected by a past trauma. Meanwhile, Vinnie is taking an...


Ep. 10: Mr. Belvedere - "Wesley's Friend" with special guest Nick Perry

"Wesley's Friend" January 31, 1986 We're joined by friend of the show Nick Perry for an episode handpicked from VSTV superfan Danny Meyers, we watched the classic Mr. Belvedere episode "Wesley's Friend." Wesley (Brice Beckham) gets bumped up from President Taft to Honest Abe Lincoln in the school President's Day Pageant when his titular friend Danny (Ian Fried) is taken out of school as he has been diagnosed with AIDS and its still 1986. Wesley gets some questionable information on what AIDS...


Ep. 09: Smart Guy - "Strangers on the Net" with special guest Jordan Vena

Strangers on the Net March 4, 1998 Jordan Vena lends us his voice this week as we watched Smart Guy. This late 90s WB entry deals with the titular “smart guy” T.J. (Tahj Mowry) and his adventures as a genius 10 year old navigating the waters of high school. In this episode T.J. nearly gets his “smart guy”card revoked as he and his friend Karen (Cerita Bicklemann) arrange to meet an internet stranger IRL to buy some bootleg video games. The stranger turns out to be a weirdo adult who lures...


Ep. 08: Boy Meets World - "If You Can't Be With The One You Love" with special guest Shane Leary

“If You Can’t Be With The One You Love...” March 6, 1998 We’re joined by friend of the podcast Shane Leary to watch the much requested, too-hot-for-TV Boy Meets World causal-alcoholism episode. Corey (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) are broken up and their codependency is in full effect. Corey gets himself liquored up and brings Shawn (Rider Strong) along for the ride. Corey learns the folly of booze after one evening but Shawn takes alcoholism on as a hobby and all Hell breaks...


Ep. 07: Kate & Allie - "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime" with special guest Michael Morgan

Kate and Allie w/ Michael Morgan “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” October 15, 1987 This week we’re joined by the very funny Michael Morgan to review the classic 1980’s Mom-Com Kate and Allie. Susan Saint James and Jane Curtin star as the titular Kate and Allie, two best friend divorcees who combine their mom powers and move in together to raise their kids. In this weeks episode, Allie (Curtin) leaves her purse in a cab and has to make her way though the mean streets of 1980’s Manhattan with...


Ep. 06: Gimme a Break - "Joey's Train"

“Joey’s Train “ September 14, 1985 It’s just family this week - the special guest is you the listener! We watched Gimme Break starring Nell Carter as Nell the sassy live-in housekeeper/surrogate mother to the Kanisky clan. The Chief (Dolph Sweet) just died and no one has moved on fully yet - Nell least of which. Joey (Joey Lawrence) receives a birthday gift and plays with it in the Chief’s old room and the audience is treated to a case of “shaken-Joey-syndrome” a-la Nell. After screaming,...


Ep. 05: Home Improvement - "The Longest Day" with special guest Jeff Miller

Home Improvement w/ Jeff Miller “The Longest Day” April 2, 1996 We’re joined by Jeff Miller (Black Crystal Wolf Kids, Trip Testers) to watch the classic Home Improvement episode where the Taylors take a break from all the power-tool related humor to give American families what they really wanted in 1990’s ABC sitcoms - realism. That’s right - its the one where Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) has a cancer scare - and the jokes come rolling in! We learn that it could either be a gland thing -...