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Emily Dean takes some of her friends for a walk with their dogs. They talk about the weird, the wonderful, the funny and the extraordinary.

Emily Dean takes some of her friends for a walk with their dogs. They talk about the weird, the wonderful, the funny and the extraordinary.
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Emily Dean takes some of her friends for a walk with their dogs. They talk about the weird, the wonderful, the funny and the extraordinary.




Adam Hills - Walking The Dog Episode 23

Emily and her dog Raymond went for a summer walk in Regents Park with comic and Last Leg host Adam Hills. They talked about his childhood in Australia, writing wedding speeches with Ross Noble and his ‘hairy godfather’ figure Billy Connolly. Adam also told Emily all about his brand new book Best Foot Forward.


Rob Beckett - Walking The Dog Episode 22

Emily goes out with comedian Rob Beckett and Goose, a dachshund who was rehomed via the Dog’s Trust. Rob chats about growing up in South East London and takes Emily for a stroll past his childhood home, they also talk about the family atmosphere that sparked his comedy career, and the importance of mindfulness.


Rob Brydon - Walking The Dog Episode 21

This week Emily goes out for a walk with Rob Brydon and Patience, a golden retriever from The Dog’s Trust. They talk about Rob’s childhood in Wales, his friendship with Steve Coogan, his extraordinarily successful career and he gives Emily a burst of his Hugh Grant, his Anthony Hopkins and of course, his Tom Jones. He also tells Emily all about his new movie Swimming with Men!


Sara Pascoe - Walking The Dog Episode 20

Emily takes her Shih-Tzu Raymond out for a stroll with comic Sara Pascoe. They talk about growing up in Essex and dreaming of running away with Take That, her thoughts on love and family and her friendship with Katherine Ryan who named a cat in her honour. She also chats about going on the road for her upcoming 2018 tour LadsLadsLads.


David Gandy - Walking The Dog Episode 19

This week Emily goes out for a walk with model and fashion icon David Gandy and his dog Dora who was adopted from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. They chat about shyness, going to number 10 Downing Street in the wrong clothes, and disasters with dog poo bags! David also takes Emily to meet some of the dogs at Battersea and talks about his role as ambassador for the charity battersea.org.uk


Frank Skinner - Walking The Dog Episode 18

For the start of a brand new series Emily goes out for a walk with legendary comic Frank Skinner and Peanut - a Terrier Cross who was successfully re-homed by the Dog’s Trust a few years ago. Frank talks about his childhood dogs Shep and Cal, his early years in comedy, the first time he met a young fellow comic called David Baddiel and his more recent adventures in parenthood. He also introduces Emily to the local park ranger and points out a very special comedy landmark... For more info...


David Baddiel - Walking The Dog Episode 17

This week Emily goes out with comic, writer and confirmed cat lover David Baddiel who tries out his dog compatibility with Jimmy, a rescue greyhound from The Dogs Trust. They discuss fame, his brilliant partnership with Frank Skinner, the extraordinary family David grew up in as well as his current tour and becoming a hugely successful children’s author - also featuring David’s brother who calls him halfway through! For more information, head to www.thetimes.co.uk


Dynamo - Walking The Dog Episode 16

Emily goes for a walk and a talk with magician Dynamo and his Newfoundland puppy Bunty - they chat about the challenges he faced growing up, the magical great-grandfather who kick started his career, the woman who keeps him grounded and they bump into a fellow celebrity dog walker on their travels! For more information, head to www.thetimes.co.uk


Best Bits - Walking The Dog

Emily revisits some of the highlights of all of her walks with celebrity pals and their dogs this year - and brings you some incredibly funny, revealing and touching off duty moments. A stroll with Gary Lineker and his Labrador Snoop, a wander through the woods with Alan Carr and his English setters, a ramble on Hampstead Heath with Jonathan Ross and his French bulldog Snowball as well as a long walk and talk with Sarah Millican and her dog Tuvok. And that’s before we’ve even got to...


Lee Mack - Walking The Dog Episode 15

Emily goes out to Bushy Park in London with comic Lee Mack and a rescue dog from The Dog’s Trust - a beautiful 3 year old collie cross called Livvy. Lee talks about growing up in a pub, meeting his wife Tara, becoming a comic, having ADHD and his first job as a stable boy for Red Rum. For more information, head to www.thetimes.co.uk


Russell Howard - Walking The Dog Episode 14

Emily goes out for a walk with comic Russell Howard and his Parson Jack Russell terrier, Archie. They talk about the thing that really makes him angry, why he can never wear a suit, inventing a voice for his dog, why he stopped working out and that time he tried therapy.


Matt Lucas - Walking The Dog Episode 13

Emily goes out for a stroll with comedian Matt Lucas and his two Labradors Milo and Hob - they talk about Matt’s childhood and the moment he realised he was going to be a comic, coming out, avoiding the red carpet, and why he’s not a fan of dogs on the bed! Discover more at www.thetimes.co.uk


Larry and George Lamb - Walking The Dog Episode 12

Emily goes out for a walk on Hampstead Heath with her Shih-Tzu puppy Raymond and guests Larry Lamb and his son George Lamb. They talk about the secret to being a good dad, the power of therapy, Jeremy Corbyn, what it feels like when you're told you're handsome, and George's secret message to Larry when he was in I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. For more information, visit www.thetimes.co.uk


Sarah Millican - Walking The Dog Episode 11

Emily goes out for a stroll in the park with comic Sarah Millican and her Schnoodle, Commander Tuvok. The pair discuss the power of starting your life over, why it's good to have a little cry, the importance of therapy and Sarah's brilliantly bizarre childhood imaginary dog! Discover more at www.thetimes.co.uk Music by www.richjarman.co.uk


Jimmy Carr - Walking The Dog Episode 10

Emily heads out for a summer stroll in north London with Jimmy Carr and his super-cute Yorkshire Terrier. The pair discuss the comedian's early family life, his thoughts on fame, and the secret to happiness. We also discover that when it comes to shoes, Jimmy knows his Louboutins from his Miu Miu's. Discover more at www.thetimes.co.uk Music by www.richjarman.co.uk


Jonathan Ross - Walking The Dog Episode 9

Emily goes out for a stroll on Hampstead Heath with Jonathan Ross and his French bulldog Professor Snowball. The pair discuss the joys and pitfalls of being dog owners, what it's like growing up in a large family, the realities of fame, and accepting compliments. Discover more at www.thetimes.co.uk Music by www.richjarman.co.uk


Adam Buxton - Walking The Dog Episode 8

Emily visits comedian, actor and certified podcast royalty Adam Buxton at his home in Norfolk to take his whippet poodle cross, Rosie, out for a walk. He talks about dealing with criticism and insecurities, an embarrassing incident back in the '90s, the changing dynamic of his partnership with Joe Cornish, and he and Emily do their best Louis Theroux impressions. Dog tip: Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen. Translation: You know it's 2017? Can we move on from this whole...


Gary Lineker - Walking The Dog Episode 7

Emily visits England legend, TV supremo and all round national treasure Gary Lineker at his home in London to take his Yellow Labrador Snoop out for a walk. He talks about what makes him cry, why he doesn't want to go on Question Time, his friendship with ex-wife Danielle and what it really feels like to take a penalty for England. Dog tip: be the person your dog thinks you are. That’s someone who spends all day picking up poo! Discover more at www.thetimes.co.uk Music by www.richjarman.com


John Bradley - Walking The Dog Episode 5

Emily takes her Shih-Tzu puppy Ray out with Game of Thrones star John Bradley to help him conquer his dog fear. They talk about starring in one of the most successful TV shows ever made, why he doesn’t drink, and a plane journey with David Beckham. They also have an encounter with some hungry pugs.


Russell Kane - Walking The Dog Episode 4

This week we head to Manchester for a walk with comedian Russell Kane and his pug Colin. Russell tells us how he found love in the front row of one of his shows, reveals why he’s finally coming clean about his age and explains why dogs never sleep on the bed.