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We Don't Play is a paranormal game & ritual podcast brought to you by Sass & Screams with a little paranormal history thrown in. If games of the Witching or Devil's hour bring out the Screamer or Sass within, welcome friends!

We Don't Play is a paranormal game & ritual podcast brought to you by Sass & Screams with a little paranormal history thrown in. If games of the Witching or Devil's hour bring out the Screamer or Sass within, welcome friends!
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We Don't Play is a paranormal game & ritual podcast brought to you by Sass & Screams with a little paranormal history thrown in. If games of the Witching or Devil's hour bring out the Screamer or Sass within, welcome friends!




So Mote It Be

A body of power, speed and strength. The animalistic instincts and senses of a perfect hunter in a pure state of abandon. So many of you admire and crave a life of this intensity. Allow Screams to teach the ways of “How To Become A Werewolf”, giving you the opportunity to release your true nature. By full moon or not, to run free into the hunt is life and night is home. ★Music Credit: ♦Scary Dark Horror Bells Hip Hop Beat Rap Instrumental 2017 - FIFTY VINC - House Of Horror...


Either It's Me or the Other

Is your significant other to be trusted with your love and devotion? Does the “Other” have a chance to severe the deeply rooted union between the two of you? Sass is going to test you the foundational strength of your relationship with “The Maiden’s Gamble”. ★Music Credit: Immersion - Sexy Dark Ambient Instrumental SoundTrack by DenisPimp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4voy60TKo9w https://soundcloud.com/denispimp


Ride, Treat or Nightmare Of A$$

We’re gonna flip the script for this week. Last week, a major portion of our subject was concerning veganism. This week, however, the diet is the polar opposite. Endo cannibalism is a ritualistic practice, encompassed in spirituality, that is still performed to this day. And with this, Screams really throws Sass for a loop. ★Music Credit: Scary Horror Cinematic Music https://www.youtube.com/c/NCMEpicMusic Inspiration: By Ender Güney Instagram: egmusic16 https://twitter.com/freemusiceg16...


Homage To The 9 Homies

Every religion has its own symbols and acts of devotion. This includes abstinence, fasting, chanting and in some cases, self-mutilation. It’s time for Sass to teach you a little something about the annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival. Our guest star, for this episode, is the beloved Victoria Rose. ★ Music Credit: Music provided by Rujay. Instrumental: "Nightmare" by Odece. Video: https://youtu.be/lBkMywMTkFU.


Three Card Huh?

Ya`ll know playing cards are meant for fun and making a little extra cash right? But, noooooo. Some one decided they’d be great for contacting spirits! Welp, Screams would rather play her favorite game, Poker, for the rest of life than “The Playing Card Game”. Also, the only spirits we approve of are the holy spirit, Guardian Angels, tequila and whiskey. ★Music Credit: Creepy Waltz by www.georgedownesmedia.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2lTrkKgTgQ...


That's So Scrying

Wanna sharpen that eyeliner? Mirror. Gotta brush them waves into sexiness, right? Mirror. Wanna find out if you're gonna get fired from your job? Mirror? How about when you’re gonna die? Ummm…Mirror? So many questions and Sass is gonna teach you how to answer them with “How To See Your Future In A Mirror”. ★Music Credit: https://youtu.be/7Sm8Mc8rVmc Hidden by INMTT


Birthdays & Baby Babies

After a short break, the podcast returns for a special day. The day our lovable, sailor-mouthed Sass came into the world. Although her mind somehow formulates a way to laugh at the darkest of things, Screams still gave her more darkness. Screams goes into a Japanese legend of a young woman with only half a body, "Teki Teki” just for Sass’s birthday. ★Music Credit: • Track Title: Uncomfortable • Available at: https://youtu.be/yy1nLkDCABU • Beat by Chris Hayes Music Twitter...


Break Time

Heyyyyy!!! The podcast is taking a break for week and will resume on March 11th, 2019. We're just trying to become better for you guys!


Baby Thug Night

Everyone wants their baby to be as blessed as possible. We all have our ways of doing this for the kiddies. Some even use…devils?! For purification, no less? We’ll just let you listen to Screams and figure out what that means. ★Music Credit: High Def by 1st Official https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84UssWfIdY4 Contact Info: dallen@1stofficial.com


Back The Heka Up

And now, for part two of the We Don’t Podcast Black History Month special. We return to ancient Egypt to reinvestigate the Book of the Dead. Our journey will also take us through the mummification process and the alleged, most feared curse in ancient Egyptian history. ★Music Credit: Aztec Drum, Cold, Soft Horror Song - Savvun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpSWIwA6DCE Waiting - No Copyright Sounds For YouTube Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL09yAT1jgg&t=43s



Human history is filled with trial and error of many kinds, especially in the field of medicine. We’ve tried a number of treatments and cures that seem predated and unethical in current medicine. The ancient medicinal practice of Mellification is one of them. A human cadaver steeped in honey for years? As medicine? But…how? ★Music Credit: Abduction - Creepy Paranormal Rap Beat - Free Hip Hop Instrumental by Teknetek Beats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63lNulmcfkM


Tunnel of Messy Love

It’s Valentine’s Day and we all want to know that somebody loves us. That there’s someone out there willing to accept the love we have for them. Screams found a way with the “ Love Me Game”. Sass, on the other hand, found a way for you to get some of that phantasmal action. She calls it “Ghost Love”. Warning: Screams said “kill it with fire” when it came to Sass’ part of the episode. So, yeah! Sass was being herself…again... ★Music Credit: Immersion - Sexy Dark Ambient Instrumental...


I Bait You

Most people use binoculars to look at birds, landscapes or just to see into the distance. Unfortunately, it turns out that people try to use binoculars to see what’s past the plane of existence we all share. Screams will tell you what someone might see in “The Binoculars Game”. ★Music Credit: Sweet Little Lullaby by Darren Curtis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzAC_6_CmZY&t=19s


Tiptoe Outtahere

We truly love our classic childhood games, don’t we? The gleeful simplicity of them all gave us the fun we needed. But, something always has to come along and ruin what made us happy as children. This time, the culprit is “Musical Chairs Alone” and Sass will be the bringer of destruction to your childhoods. ★Music Credit: Hidden by INMTT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Sm8Mc8rVmc Tip Toe Thru' The Tulips With Me by Tiny Tim...


Heka Of A Time To Celebrate

Thousands of years ago, for a great many dynasties, the pharaohs of ancient Egypt reigned when both the Upper & Lower Kingdoms were present and when they were united. They, however, were not rulers without belief in magic. Many utilized the talents and abilities of priest in the art of Heka. Sass comes to you for Black History Month with just a portion of the great spiritual past of ancient Black people. ★Music Credit: Aztec Drum, Cold, Soft Horror Song by Savvun...


Mama Needs A New Pair Of Shoes

On a frequent basis, supernatural games and rituals produce nothing but danger, with or without a reward. However, there is one that has shown a different face to the believers. Although there are still risks involved, Screams brings to you “The Shoebox Telephone”. A game of patience and possible closure. ★Music Credit: The End Is Always Near - Myuu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV-P1xa8rGI


Punk Birthday Devils & Daddies

We’ve got another opportunity for you to advance your knowledge. However, there are always some major possible consequences. Mayhem, possession, mind control, etc. Ya know, the usual! Sass brings you the instructions in “The Little Devil”. Also, don’t forget to give a warm Happy Birthday to Screams! This episode is dedicated to her for her special day! ★Music provided by No Copyright Music: https://www.youtube.com/c/royaltyfree... Music used: Dark Walk by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)...


The Red Book Novela

Why read a book when you could talk to one and ask it as many questions as you want? Well… Porque? Tell us why, because we just don’t get the appeal of it. Screams will display just how much we don’t get it with “El Juego Libro Del Rojo” or “The Red Book Game”. ★Music Credit: (1) Fine Spanish Guitar - Masterpiece Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEBHgHsRg1U (2) Silence never lies - EliteProducciones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzVSmnsf-pY


Demon Said Knock You Out

You hear a knock on the door and being the polite person you are, you go to the door to greet your visitor. You open the door, but there’s no one there. There was definitely a knock, but no visitor? Or so you think… Screams is going to introduce you to your visitor with “The Psychic Knock Game”. ☆Reddit Credit: "Never play the Snapchat game 'Psychic Knock'." by Capon-breath


New Year; New Screams

As the new year 2019 claws its way into our lives, we welcome it with New Year’s traditions from different nations and eras. As for our future presentation, forget about that “...new me…” nonsense. How about New Year; New Knowledge? Our lady of terror, Screams, will be gracing us with an opportunity to expand our minds with “The Japanese New Year Ritual”. Just to bring it on home, we had two reddit stories depicting some rather unfortunate New Year’s experiences. Enjoy, my pretty little...